For tomorrow: Nikon D3200, WU-1a and maybe a new lens (or lenses)

The announcement of the Nikon D3200, the WU-1a Wi-Fi module and maybe a new lens (or lenses) should take place on April 19th. For all US readers, the official press release should be published online tomorrow (Wednesday) around midnight.

Nikon may also announce the previous leaked Nikon AF-S DX 18-300mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR or maybe even the 16-85mm DX and/or the 28mm f/1.8G FX lenses - I am just not sure at that point.

The previously leaked Nikon AF-S DX 18-300mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR lens

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  • 24MP DX eh? Should be interesting…

    • Merv

      I suppose that if they want to iron out any small issues or optimize this 24MP sensor before it arrives on any possible D7000 update or D300 update, the D3200 is the way they are doing it.

      • They would not use the same sensor that is in the entry level (3200) in a 7100.

        • D400

          D40x, D60, D3000, D80, D200, 10.2mp
          D5100, D7000, 16.2mp
          D300, D90, D5000, 12.3mp
          D50, D40, D70, D70s 6.1mp

          • SoftonDemand

            You my friend are offending almost everyone who owns a DX camera which includes me. I want to see how pro you are.

            • Tahir

              I think the OP was just listing out the list of models that shared the same sensor, not calling them garbage.

            • Alfredo

              DX may not be as good for some things as FX, but theyre not garbage. If youre getting bad shots with any of those camera, we know whos fault it is 😉

            • ^this!

              When your camera goes pro (goes out and gets a job of it’s own) lemme know.

            • vertigo

              Feeling self conscious with your cheap cameras? I think he was saying that it was nonsense that a pro sensor wouldn’t be in a cheap camera. He seems to have forgotten that they usually start out in pro bodies and work their way down. But that’s beside the point, which is that he wasn’t saying your camera is garbage.

            • D400

              Puuleeeez. The context of a comment is very important in understanding what the comment is saying.
              And I use a d7ooo. Fantastic camera.

              Also read the comment by @vertigo. He (or she, or it) actually reads the context, and therefore perfectly understands what I was saying.

            • SoftonDemand

              ^ Well D400 not everyone understands your proficient english. If we all understood eachother, then wars wouldn’t be fought and there would be word peace. Stop being immature and finding people who support you. I’m not insecure with my cameras, I have a D800 + MD-B12 (which i doubt you even have yours yet), D3s and D5100. But I do want to see your photos tho

            • Calibrator

              “If we all understood eachother, then wars wouldn’t be fought and there would be word peace.”

              Wars are fought because of other things but not “love” and “understanding”.

            • SoftonDemand

              ^ Why don’t you enlighten use then?

          • vertigo

            You seem to be forgetting that those sensors came out in pro cameras first before they got recycled numerous times into cheaper cameras, and you’ve listed most of them backwards reflecting the opposite of their evolution, except with the D300, which you listed correctly, except I was told one of the D2 cameras had a similar 12 MP sensor to the D300, but wasn’t sure.

            • D400

              hmm yes, you are right.
              But still, the d3200 is going to be 24 mp, so does that mean that the d7100, and the d400 cannot be 24mp?
              24mp will be fantastic markating value to the d3200 target market imo.
              The D2x (12.2mp) did not have the same sensor as the d300 (12.3mp), although it may have been a similar design.

        • Michael

          Not true. A sensor used in NEX-7 is considered entry level?

          • yes

            • Nikonnut

              Also the a77 and the a67

            • Joe

              Have a look a the Nex-7 review at dpreview: “probably the best image quality in any APS-C sensor to date”, and I suppose the D3200 has the same sensor. Also a lot of pros use a Nex as their lightweight camera.

        • Jabs

          To All:
          Lest we fail to realize that Nikon is fighting on several fronts.
          P&S are at 16megapixels and now smartphones are about to go to a 20megapixel sensor.
          The perception then is that Nikon needs to now start all their consumer DSLR’s above 20megs (not the Pro bodies, as we know better -lol) to differentiate them from their competitors to CONSUMERS, hence Nikon DSLR’s probably will be differentiated by features while using the same sensors. Here’s how I see it coming up?

          DX Line eventually:
          D3200 = Entry level with Wi-Fi
          D5200 = One step up with swivel screen added, but similar build quality
          D7100 0r D7200 = One step up with magnesium alloy body and more solid Video features (maybe clean HDMI output too)
          D400 = DX equivalent of D4 in scope with faster speeds, rugged sealed body and Pro Video features added like clean HDMI output – Nikon’s top of the line DX body (D300s replacement)

          FX Line eventually:
          D4 = High speed Pro body – 16 megapixels, great Video plus Pro Tethering – already released for London Olympics use
          D700 Replacement (not sure of name) = 16 megapixel body looking like a mini D4 or even using the D800 body structure but fewer features
          D800 = 36 megapixel Pro body with lower frame rate and no Pro Tethering – already released for London Olympics use
          D4X = 36megapixel Pro body with a form factor like the D4 and with Pro tethering plus faster framing rates than D800, 4K Video and a price around $9-10,000.00 US dollars for the body. Nikon might use two QXD cards in this body to handle RAW video and/or 4K video throughput.

          • bjrichus


            That sounds like a good “jab” at what I think Nikon might be doing….

            • Jabs

              @bjrichus – LOL

              Jabs is a shortened version of my real name and some say that I JAB them here – oh well.

              Nikon is on a roll for sure and leaving all others in their dust like in the F3 and FA film days.

          • Not sure there will be a D700 replacement. Why?

            D400, I think will be 24mp DX

            D4X will be 54MP which is the same pixel pitch as 24MP DX.

            • Jabs

              @Mike – not sure of the NAME of the D700 replacement and not whether or not it will be replaced soon with something other than a D800 = my point, so reread.

          • Jack

            I agree with your assessment Jabs. Canon put the the same sensor in most of its APS-C line to save costs, and after a disastrous 2011 I’m sure Nikon will follow suit. However, since the real upgrade of the D5100 over the D3100 is the sensor, a D5200 with only minor upgrades (swivel screen, bracketing, IR sensor) over the D3200 would be a tough sell IMO.

            • Jabs

              @Jack – The problem now is that costs are driving the price plus innovation in cameras, as they become a commodity item. Canon sells well from reusing sensors BUT the problem is that their Tech is severely outdated by Nikon. While Sony manufacturers some of Nikon’s sensors, the equivalent Nikon competing body embarrasses Sony and thus camera making experience by both Canon and Nikon show in their products.

              There is not much difference between say a D5100 and a D7100 but yes, there was a difference between the D3100 and the D5100 sensor-wise. Now, I don’t know what Nikon will put in the newer upmarket bodies but features seem to now take priority over megapixel specs, perhaps. Just sort of analyzing the Market and Nikon in particular as Nikon shooter and lover – lol.

              We all can be right or wrong, but I like technical analyses even when wrong!

      • Matthew

        It’s actually rare that they decide to debut a new sensor with an entry level camera. It used to be the case where a sensor trickles down from DX00 series to D80/90 then to D40/60 series. But now they’re using the bottom up method.

        High chance imo that the new generation DX will all use the same sensor

        • Jabs

          @Matthew – yeah, it seems that way now. How times have changed as this new D3200 came out of nowhere and surprised me in particular. Never saw that coming either!

  • juju

    Yeah! A 16-85! Cannot be a 14-85? Still no news of the D900??

    • Alfredo

      d900 really?

    • willy wonka

      that made me smile 🙂

    • Boing Wronkwell


      Got three bodies on pre-order from Adorama and a fourth from B&H.

      Great value at *only* $4,000 each. I should be able to resell them on eBay for at least $6k a pop. Maybe only 1 in every 10 buyers has a genuine need for them and the rest won’t see much of a difference in the pics they take. As for cropping down from the 60MP image size, if they did the job properly in the first place by composing properly, they wouldn’t need to. Ah yes, the D900.

      Should all be like Ken R. and either use film or a Leica as nothing else beats them.


      • You, sir, made me smile.

      • Jabs

        LOL at your comment – BUT I owned plus used both slide film and Leica’s and even a D5100 beats all that easily.

        Only the Leica S2 which uses a Kodak sensor represents anything with the Leica name that I would care to buy or use today, as NOT lost in the past. Owned Leica plus F3’s and the F3’s were and are still superior.

        Leica has a few exemplary lenses left and NO really great bodies anymore, as they live by reputation or re-branding of their name on Panasonic or other products now in 2012.

        Reality today!

  • Maynard

    If I wanted to make a marketing splash, I’d introduce the 18-300mm lens with the D3200. Sell a ton of these and you expand the DX customer base some more and hopefully justify the introduction of wide angle DX primes in 16mm and 24mm.

    As a photographer, I’d rather see the 16-85 f/4. After all, the current version is on backorder at Adorama and B&H.

    • biho

      It would be a good idea to have it as the kit lens but the problem is that 18-300 will be much more expensive than the body!

      • Nikonhead

        I can’t see the 18-300mm VR being more expensive than the Nikkor 28-300mm VR full framer. Afew months back they had the D7000 bundled with the 28-300 which knocked off $300 from the lens. Unless the distortion is very well controlled I’ll sacrifice the 10mm at the wide end and go for the 28-300mm VR

  • Teo

    Any ideas if the WU-1a could work with the D800 ?

    • Dormant

      No. (It won’t work, not I don’t have an idea.)

      The D800 uses the old-style WT-4 only.

      • Teo

        Thanks 🙂
        i might just keep using the wires then hahaha

  • Nokin

    Pre-order now to get it for Christmas!

    • Val Thor

      Christmas 2013.

  • SoftonDemand

    I can’t wait to be the first to preorder the 28mm 1.8g .. ! hoping for the price to be less than 24mm and 35mm 1.4g

    • sukiyaki12

      Well given that the Canon 28/1.8 is around $500, we can expect Nikon’s to be around that if not somewhat a bit more expensive. I would venture to guess it’ll be $600 but not above $800.

      • SoftonDemand

        Yeah but Canon is Canon not to mention the Canon 28 f/1.8 is not even a L lens. Not to be a hater but Canon lenses are more affordable compared to the more expensive Nikkor. This lens could be expensive because of the Nano coating technology (which ain’t cheap) and 2 aspherical elements. I hope what you’re saying is true, but wishful thinking.

        • lolly

          Have you seen Canon’s recently introduced lenses like the 24-70 f2.8L II and the 70-200 f2.8L II IS ? … compare the prices 😛

          • Jabs


            Yup – lol
            Sticker shock.

  • Nikonokin

    the d7000 and d300 update will use the samsung 20 mp to show sony that they don’t always need them for most of their stuff! :-p

    • Rommyes

      If they put anything from Korean or Chinese manufacturer I will switch from Nikon to Canon or other brand…

      I hope Nikon will not have any faults, like with D7000 (oil leaking and AF problems).

  • I hope it’s an updated Nkkor 135mm. That’d go nicely with all of the new 35mm sensor cameras they’re selling now.

    • SoftonDemand

      Just wondering what wrong with the current 135mm? The DC is awesome and IQ is pretty sharp! Only thing worth complaining is the slow AF but I thought 135mm is for portraits..

      • NoFunBen

        i could use VR

        • John Richardson

          Your camera has built in VR, it’s called a TRI-POD mount.

          We didn’t seem to have these vibration issues when we were shooting Kodachrome ASA(ISO)24 slide film, or Agfa ASA(ISO) 50 either.

          • Michael

            They are very practical to bring around and convenient! VR is a marvelous technology.

          • Photdog

            Hey John,
            you’re basically right. BUT back in the film days people were more open towards photography. Setting up a tripod in our days in inner city realms means more often than not asking for trouble. Thus you gotta shoot from the hip and act quickly! In these situations VR is helpful.

          • Zeke

            We certainly did. Motion blur isn’t a recent invention.

            The solution, more often than not, wasn’t to schlep a tripod everywhere (otherwise, having lost the portability advantage of 35mm, you might as well be shooting medium format), but to hold your breath and lean against door jambs and live with soft photos.

        • SoftonDemand

          Why do you need VR when the lens is f/2? other than the telephoto nikkor lenses, don’t you notice that most lenses at f/2.8 don’t have VR? Im sure nikon has their reasons but tbh i don’t think the 135 needs VR. It would be heavier and im guessing that alot of other people are satisfied with the DC.

    • Bob the Builder

      My understanding is the D400 will have a dx sensor of 16.n Mb and have high ISO similar to D700

      • D400 fan

        That will be wonderful! Just wait for D400 for upgrading from D90.

        I wish Nikon can output more DX prime lense, like DX 35 mm 1.8G, DX 40 mm 2.8G Micro before. More wide angle primes, please.

      • D400

        I hope you are right. And with 18fps !!

      • SoftonDemand

        I wonder how much would a D400 cost.. if the price is almost the same price as the d700 wouldn’t it be better to get the fx instead?

      • GeoffK

        16MP ? ugh, I was hoping for 20-24

        I’ll go D800 if the D400 is only 16MP

  • biho

    I hope Nikon starts to update their AF lenses to AF-S like the 80-400, 135, etc

    • D400

      It makes no sense that the 80-400 is not AF-S. The majority of the budget (crop sensor) market have cameras that don’t have the screw drive, so can’t use the 80-400. So they have to spend upwards of five grand, or stick with 70-300. Or, just buy sigma. Like I did.

      • SoftonDemand

        why not the 28-300?

        • photo-Jack

          Well, the 28-300 isn’t bad for particular applications. In middle distances it is tack sharp. But in close ups 300 is in fact only about 90 – 100 mm focal length and the images are way softer than with the 105mm. 300mm at infinity isn’t exact what I would call really sharp either.
          Furthermore, moving around the front element of the lens travels towards the 300mm position on its own. This can be quite a bit annoying.

          • longzoom

            Having a REAL experience with 28-300, I should say that you are wrong. The lens is sharp at almost any settings, especially at minimal distance at 300mm, where it is about 140mm. Yes, the lens is a bit softer at 300mm at infinity, but even so, it is better than, say, 70-300. Do not ignore the fact that inside Japan Nikon is selling D800 + 28-300 as a kit. It means the lens is covering 36MP sensor.

  • Boyan

    Specs look better than the D800: higher frame rate, higher pixel density, same ISO range, built-in WiFi as opposed to a $1k addon… maybe I cancel my D800 pre-order and go for the 3200 instead? 🙂

    • SoftonDemand

      DO ITTTT…… DO ITTTT….. you’ll be doing a big favor for so many NR readers!!

  • C. Norris

    How many percent is this?

  • happysnapper63

    Mmm, so we have the D800 and D4, and a rumour that they will launch 3 more this year. So which model is it that they do not want to sell anymore or alternatively which sector so they not want to play in?

    So D3200 @24 mp and 4fps.

    May be a D7n00 as above better AF frame rate, etc.

    So if they launch the D300S replacement as the 3rd then the D5100 will be unsellable.

    If they refresh the D5100 as above, then there would seem to be insuffient room for, D3200, D5200 and D7n00 unless the D7100 is the D300S replacement and this signals an end to that kind of body with a DX sensor. As I have suspected and stated for 18 months or so, leaving the D400 to be FX and relating to the D800 in that the number ranges would then align by sesnor size.

    So I will hold off on my glass investment (300 2.8 VR and 2 x converter) until I know whether Nikon is going to be serious about DX with a high performance and controllable body as I constantly switch between AF-S and AF-C shot by shot and like wise metering area and my D7000 has to take a back seat to the D300S in that mode. I would be very happy with the D300S body 8fps without grip and D7000 sensor, but I doubt we will see that.

    • Photdog

      Looks like, as if Nikon is about to change line up / numbering as we could see with the D800 not being the D700 successor. So predictions being based on the old numbering could be off.
      Given that the D3200 comes with the 24 MP sensor the next D5xxx will probably too. Maybe that means Nikon have played their cards concerning the 24MP sensor. It could well be that the next D7xxx will be the D300s successor. However, the interesting question is, whether the top-of-the-line DX will also use the 24 MP sensor – and my guess is NO. Leaving us with the question, what Nikon will actually use.
      As the likely announcement won’t be earlier than Photokina, Sony may introduce a DX sensor with even higher MP. But I would out too much on this, since Nikon haven’t made any experience yet, how the 24 MP sensor fares in a DSLR. Thus I rather think, that Nikon will go the opposite route – with lesser MP. In this case I’d love Nikon to acquire the 16 MP sensor from the Fuji X1 Pro and excel it with their processing engines and 51 point AF etc.

      I never could really comprehend the call for DX primes -wide primes in particular-, since all AF-S FX lenses can be used on any DX body – but not vice versa. Due to the crop factor the basic application for DX to me is telephoto. The 135/1.8 gives you a 200/1.8 equivalent. That’s really something.
      The 28/1.8 in contrast is pointless to me, as in DX its a 42mm and even in FX its somehow boring – I’d personally always prefer whether a good 35mm or a 24mm.

      • Hakan

        “The 135/1.8 gives you a 200/1.8 equivalent. That’s really something.”

        Not really, 135mm f/1.8 on FX gives you aprox. 200mm f/2.8 on DX. You are loosing a full stop and 1/3.

        • Crocodilo

          Say what?!

        • Fenasi

          No, aperture values do not change with sensor size.

          • legion

            Physically, aperture values do not change with sensor size as they are a property of the lens and not the camera.

            However, I think Hakan is referring to an identically composed shot, with the same lens, on both a DX and FX body. For the DX shot to be the same composition as the FX shot you have to increase subject distance and therefore you have a decreased depth of field.

            • legion

              ^^^ Apologies for the error. I meant “increased depth of field”.

      • wanderer

        Maybe it’s that so many point-and-shoot cameras are about 28mm equivalent, or that 28mm makes it so easy to get a scene into a photo that we don’t put enough effort into composition. I don’t know if 28mm is inherently boring, but my photos at 28mm are generally more boring than the ones at 35mm. It might be great on the D800 at 1.2x or 4×5 or square, or at FX with some room to correct perspective after the fact.

      • I reckon, the D400 will be the new low light king with moderate megapixels, maybe after the olympics so Nikon dont lose sales with the D4, as they did with the D3 when the D700.

        The D7100 will most likely be a the Flagship DX Lowlight high speed camera.

        The D5200 will build on video as the D5100 did, and the D3200 will be high megapixel entry level ideal to please.

  • Jim64

    I wish Nikon would release more affordable, fast DX primes- like the 35mm. And include VR for those who are into video.

  • Chase

    How about a 24-70 2.8 with VR. Tamron is rolling one out, Sigma will probably as well.

    • photo-Jack

      I also waiting for an update with increased quality in the corners AND with internal zoom!!!

  • FYI
    got my D800E just now.
    no NPS member, ordered 4 weeks ago
    €3099.- + MB12 €349


  • T.I.M

    Is the D700’s price now at $2100 ? (out of stock anyway)

  • Wouldn’t you think the 28mm f/1.8 would release with a consumer FX body? 28mm on a DX body is hardly a ‘wide angle,’ and if they are going to do 28mm FX rather than 24mm DX, it just seems weird top release the lens with an entry level DX body…

    • it is not meant to be wide, but to give you normal lens for DX.
      still a failure, as 42mm won’t make me want it.
      i would prefer more like 20 – 24 max

    • GeofFx

      Brandon, That’s what most people would think, but if you look at the history of what lenses have been released with which bodies, and it has never made much sense.

  • NikonGear

    I manage to place a pre order on a 24-70mm VR len, they told me it VRII and not the ED version, it AUD$ 300 more expensive than the normal ED version.

  • Stexano

    and D400 ???!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Curious George

    So Nikon keeps releasing stuff, but hasn’t been shipping any of it?

    • They are shipping, they just can’t keep up with demand. Which is a problem that I feel like they aren’t taking as seriously as they should be. If they need to increase production with new factories to meet demand, then they need to get on that. But they are shipping. I finally got my 85mm f/1.8 and I have to say – it is the apple of my eye. I always absolutely loved the optics of my 85mm f/1.8D, but when the G lenses started dominating my bag, the super inferior autofocus of the 85mm D in comparison to the rest of my bag made it unusable. It killed me that my sharpest lens was my least used lens because the autofocus was just useless.

      Anyways, yeah, they are getting gear out. Slowly but surely. And when it gets out – it is the best there is.

  • D700guy

    I have a D4 on pre-order which I pre-ordered from Adorama on Jan 6th, and a D800E on pre-order which was placed on Feb 7th. I am guessing the D4 wont show up for another year from now, after the election, Olympics and superbowl have all come and gone, and that the D800 will arrive a couple months sooner.
    I’m so pissed off about the whole thing tat the prospect of another Nikon product announcement just repulses me.

  • Peter Courtney

    When oh when oh when is Nikon going to replace their 80-400? It is antiquated and AF is way too slow. Canon’s 100-400 is fantastic. I shoot sports and I’m tired of having to use the 200-400 f4 all the time, or the 70-200 f2.8 with a 2.0x tele.

    I think a replacement for the 80-400 is long overdue.

    • Chris P

      +1 on this. I bought a Sigma 120-400 over two years ago as what I thought would be a short term substitute while waiting for an updated 80-400. I’m still waiting!

      My worry is that if Nikon do introduce a replacement they will do what they did with the 24-120 and build it down to a price instead of up to a standard.

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