Nikon D3200 to be announced on April 19th?

The first unconfirmed reports about a Nikon press conference on April 19th, 2012 started to come in. The expected announcement is for the Nikon D3200 and maybe even the already leaked Nikkor AF-S 18-300mm f/3.5-5.6G ED DX VR lens.

The April 19th date makes sense for new product(s) introduction because the biggest photo show in China (China P&E) starts on April 20th and Nikon will be able to display their new product(s).

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  • T.I.M

    YES !!!
    I have it !!!!!!
    I just received it, my D800e………..battery !

    It’s made in China (cells are made in Japan) $60 is too much money for that.

    • jim

      When are u going to get the 800E ?

      • T.I.M

        I ordered my D800e the first hour when avalaible for pre-orders at B&H (paid cash), I should get it between 18-20 April.

        If I’m not in the first batch it may take longer……much longer.
        I don’t expect the D800/e to be “in stock” before september-october.

        • Spock

          So T.I.M ….you “paid Cash”……does this make a difference? Or does this just make you feel better to brag about your purchase?

          I paid in Gold….. geez

          • Roadie

            I paid my leg.

            • Andrew

              Don’t talk like that, you might think you are joking, but words are powerful. It is not just psychology, but words are a form of conscious programming. Look up neuropsychology if you think this is some “hocus pocus”. It is possible that many accidents are nothing more than the fulfillment of some reckless words spoken over and over again. There are people who do not have legs, that is a terrible condition to be in. Again, I know you are only joking, and I do not want to get too serious on you, but please think twice next time before you cut off one of your limbs with your mouth. Cheers.

            • enesunkie

              I was told it was an arm AND a leg!

            • badburro

              @enesunkie – you were over charged… you got ripped off ::pun intended::

          • T.I.M

            I have no evidences, but I think B&H is taking more seriously the pre-orders paid cash (debit card, Paypal, check, cash at the store).

            If they receive the D800e in very limited suply, I think the pre-orders paid “cash” will have priority vs credit cards orders.

            Again, I have no evidences of that, but if I had a photo business I will process that way, specialy on $3300.00 pre-orders.

            If they look at my account they will also notice that I am a 12 years long customer, not a “multi pre-orders credit card game player”.


            • Louie

              I dont think so cause I paid for my D4 in cash @ the NY store and still have no camera or info on when I’ll get it.


            • TT


              In today’s economic environment, the majority of customers are going to pay for a $3,000+ purchase on credit. We have been a “plastic” society for many years, and most vendors understand and accepts the risks of offering merchant/credit card services. In fact, one way many vendors protect themselves is by running an authorization on credit card purchases to ensure the buyer has sufficient credit. Additionally, many vendors works with merchant providers who will offer reimbursement for instances of fraudulent transactions.

              Lastly, many vendors do not feel comfortable accumulating significant amounts of cash on their premises. Business with stacks of cash on hands are potential targets.

              Sounds like you are really excited about your D800 and you trying to convince yourself that by paying cash you will get your camera sooner than those that paid on credit. You are officially a Nikon-holic and I am sure there is a 12 step program out there to help you….lol. Enjoy your D800.

            • Nikon Shooter


              Wow. Seriously. Get a clue.

              I’m sorry to wipe that smug off your face, but just because average joes like you never have more than $20 in their wallet and try to pay with credit cards even at a laundromat, doesn’t make the cash somehow inferior.

              What you obviously have no clue about, which really surprises me since you claim to be a part of the “plastic society”, is the fact that it costs vendors a lot of money to let you use your credit card. Usually 1.5-3% on the whole amount of your purchase. Plus there are chargebacks and disputes that also cost a lot of money and probably end up costing a large business like B&H tens of thousands of dollars each year if not more.

              There are many other reasons why business prefer doing cash transactions that you can try googling.

              Cash is king my little friend and you’re always the preferred customer if you have it.

              Smart move on your part T.I.M. As far as I know B&H is very likely to have put you on their priority list. Hope you’ve asked for a manager when making this purchase.

            • Val Thor

              This is bogus. My aunt has worked in accounting at B&H for years and orders are filled in the order received, regardless of payment method. In fact, the large retailers actually prefer credit cards because it simplifies processing. I doubt you sent actual cash through the mail so when you say cash you probably mean check or money order etc. which takes more time and is more trouble than credit cards.

          • Dan

            You jealous?

            • TT

              @ Nikon Shooter

              Poor like guy…gonna play the “average joe” victim card while posting about the purchase of a $3,000 camera?

              You sound like a guy that doesn’t have much cash and is a little oversensitive.

              We are talking about the purchase of a $3,000 piece of equipment, most folks are going to make that type of purchase in cash for a variety of reasons ranging from earning miles or points on your card to establishing a paper trail of their purchases.

              For every retailer you know that loves cash there are 2 or 3 that will tell you that having large amounts of cash on hand can be dangerous. That’s why you see many retail establishments that have signs on their windows or doors that state “we only have “$x” of cash on hand”. These retailers understand that having cash on hand can make them a target.

              Nobody said cash was” inferior” genius…that’s your inferiority complex kicking in. Oh and by the way I there are various fees associated with retailers offering credit credit. I spent my entire career in banking, and in fact I actually had to sell merchant/credit card services to various client (including retailers genius). If the extent of your real knowledge regarding the credit card/terminal fees involves Googling the topic, keep your mouth shut when the grown ups are talking about matters you know nothing about.

          • Common, give the guy a break. Paying up front is a legitimate point to be made when assigning priority. (rather than just saying “put me on the list”) If B&H is giving D800’s to others before him, he has a right to complain. (NPS doesn’t count as it comes from a different channel)
            Cash is just a general phrase. As far as B&H is concerned, it’s the same thing as a credit card or check.
            “Put me on the list” is worth, well, a pice of paper.

            D3200’s should arrive in bigger numbers as they are not as complicated to make.

            • T.I.M

              @Steven Georges
              Yes, the D3200 should be in stock with no problems, it will not be made in Japan.

          • Anti-Sarcasm

            Hey Mr. Spock…

            What was the purpose of the sarcastic remark about paying cash? Are you feeling so inadequate in your life that you have to run your mouth off with such intelligent statements and mock someone?
            Next time, do yourself a favor and delete before you post.

    • ShaoLynx

      I already have a D800 battery since a long time, even since before it was originally announced… It came with my 1V1.

      • karl

        mine came with the D7000 even before yours 😛

    • Jon D

      I already have 5. LOL Bought them a while back for my D7000. Think that’s enough?

      • rhlpetrus

        I have only 3 🙁

        • T.I.M

          I have 2 and my wife says she can’t handel more……

  • rich in tx

    Awesome. more cameras coming out. blah blah blah.

    Comon B&H, get off your duff!

    just kidding I know it’s not their fault. But seriously, their customer service blows chunks

    • T.I.M

      Call my Friend Richard in Texas, he will get you one in no time !

    • St.

      My D800 was shipped last night from Adorama. It’s out for delivery today.
      I ordered there one day AFTER (Feb 7) I ordered on Amazon (Feb 6).
      Amazon pushed me back to April 13-April 30th.
      Can’t wait to go home and see my new baby tonight…

  • FX DX

    I am so glad I ordered my D800 on Amazon minutes after Amazon started to take pre-orders. I got mine on Monday. I hope you all will get yours soon.

    Also, don’t be stupid and pay $4K for D800 on eBay. It will only encourage hoarders to hoard more D800 and sell them at unreasonable profits. You also don’t get Nikon warranty or anything on private eBay purchases (not by Nikon authorized dealers). D800 is too new to take this risk.

    • T.I.M

      @FX DX
      So, how do you like your D800 ?
      What about a mini-review for NR readers ?

      • St.

        I’m expecting mine tonight. I’ll make some kind of review + may be some unboxing videos, etc.
        It (will) came right on time, before a shooting event tomorrow.

      • FX DX

        TIM, I would review it for sure, but there are already dozens of reviews online on D800. I love my D800 and it is the best camera I have ever owned (it is even better than my D700). All in all, I am very happy with it.

  • Anshuman

    When is the d400 coming admin,
    dont you have any update on the camera…..???

    • T.I.M

      Again, NO D400, Nikon pro cameras are now only FX format.

      Anyway, the D7000 is better than the D300s !

      You may get a D8000 with 24MP by the end of the year (great year so far !)

    • spock

      Admin……. can you at least predict a D400 may exist in the future? or is it D8000 the best we will see in a DX format?

      • I don’t want to “predict” without any reliable intel – I will loose credibility 🙂

        • ano102

          per haps have you an opinion about the strategic choice of nikon

          the margin on 3200 is greater that the margin on d300s ?
          is it the reason that justify that the d300 is not on the top list of priorty for nikon ?

          • Mike M

            I’d imagine margin is lower on a D3200, but volume is exponentially higher which is why they can run it at much lower margin.

          • jacob

            The D300s replacement will be released in October 2010. It will be called D7000. This is from a very reliable source.

            • KnightPhoto

              “The D300s replacement will be released in October 2010. It will be called D7000. This is from a very reliable source”

              I don’t agree with you but still I had to LOL 😉

              (D400 DX 24mp available Sep 2012 is my prediction).

        • Jim W

          you’ll “lose” credibility spelling it “loose”….


        • btdown

          This is a rumors site…holding back on intel because you might lose credibility defeats the purpose of this site. If you’re holding out on stuff, THATS when you’ll lose credibility.

      • T.I.M

        The fact that Nikon does not release pro DX lenses show that all Nikon efforts are made for FX format.

        Keep in mind that the DX format exist only because there was no FX 24x36mm sensor available at that time, or else the D100 would have a FX sensor.

        I believe that in 5-10 years Nikon will only offer FX format in DSLR cameras, but they will be cheaper (starting at around $800).

        DX format will still exist but only for compact point-and-shoot cameras.

        • FX DX

          An average consumer doesn’t now the difference between FX format and DX format. FX sensor production cost 10 times more than DX sensor production. I don’t think DX is going anywhere. It will be around for years (more than 10 years for sure). For 98% of the users DX is good enough. Not everyone spends thousand of dollars on cameras and lenses like us.

          • Shawn

            @FX DX


            I know casual DSLR owners and they wouldn’t want or need FX. They couldn’t handle FX. They really need the extra DOF they get from DX for the same framing.

            There’s the fact that there are too many DX lenses on the market for there to be any real hint of eliminating DX. Also most current FX lenses aren’t priced at “consumer friendly” levels.

            I’m not even sure that I would ever want FX for myself, I also enjoy the extra DOF at close focus distances in low light. Yes, if someone gave me a free FX camera with the same capabilities of my current camera I would use it, but not for everything – just to go wider and for cleaner low light shots.

            But on the other side there is a concern that casual photographers don’t need SLRs or even interchangeable lens cameras. They don’t use any of the features of their SLR and are happy with the pictures from their cell phones.

            DX might die because of starvation, not because it would be intentionally replaced by FX.

            • Andrew

              I would not say that “casual photographers don’t need SLRs (i.e. DSLR)”. They just do not like the hassle of tweaking their camera for every so number of shots or delving into some complicated menu. There are so many automated smarts built into SLRs that these cameras can take superior pictures by simply pointing and shooting. In fact, holding a smartphone to take a picture just does not seem right, though many will do it for the convenience. But when they go on vacation or want to take pictures of their kids, many will go to the store to pickup that Nikon D3200 24 MP camera.

              Consumers wielding smart phones, shopping on the web, chatting online, viewing online product reviews, using their tablet PC, and so on are much more sophisticated than the consumers of yesterday. Many of the things consumers buy has nothing to do with need, it’s all about wants!

        • Christian

          If Nikon does not intend to produce a D400 or whatever they might call it, would it be too much asking of them to say so, allowing people to make decisions accordingly instead of waiting ?

          • Andrew

            Nikon will be releasing three more DSLRs this year, all you need is a little bit of patience to see what models they come out with. We know they are coming out with the D3200, so that leaves two other models. They might come out with the D7100 and then most likely one more professional model. Who knows, it might be the D400.

          • Sports

            A very good point, indeed. We need to know, if we should keep waiting or find another solution. We might even buy a different Nikon instead. But we won’t buy one as long as we’re waiting for something that we still expect to see eventually.

      • Srini

        Nikon recently announced a cash back on D3100, D5100 and D7000. We are expecting D3200. The next ones are probably D5200 and D7100?

        • Sports

          The 5100 is a very new model. Nikon never replaces cameras this new.
          Or do they …. 😉

          • Srini

            May be it is not selling as much as they thought it would…..why cash back on the fantastic d7000? did the demand run out after the initial euphoria or is Nikon planning to push new lines that improves D5100 and D7000?

  • Tzeki

    What other photo events are coming this year where Nikon may want to unveil new gear? Would it be likely that they announce new DSLRs without an event to promote them at? I am very happy with my D90 & D3000, but I am ready for an upgrade and have been debating between the D300s and the D7000. I’ve sat on my laurels so long that I think it’s best to wait to see what is coming this year. However I now have a three week trip to Hawaii coming in October and would like to have a new camera for that trip. Any chance either the “D400” or “D7200” will be announced/released before October? With the Olympics coming this summer, I am hopeful the “D400” will be announced first.

  • nick

    Got it ! Creta Greece…yes we can have one D8oo yet….:)

    Compatible with Sony’s CLM-V55 monitor only in 1080i output res.

  • Who cares

    Ugh, who cares. Get on with announcing the D400 already!

    • doug

      Who cares, i wanted to know about the D900 already, its been too long and im already bored to death with my D800 and the D4

  • Gotter

    Would someone at Nikon please get off your duff and leak some D400 info!

  • T.I.M

    ***** TAKE A LOOK AT THIS *****
    a guy on Ebay is selling a “D800” for $4278 but it’s a D700 photoshoped !!!!!
    incredible !!!!!!

    • D700 with D3 prism and without pop-up flash. Nice. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      And check his feedback… he already has three D800 sales each at $3978!!! Crazy eh????

      • T.I.M

        The 3 feedbacks for D800 may be fake, that happen often, specialy for expensive items.

        I won’t buy a D800/e on Ebay (but you sure can get great deals on used cameras/lens)

    • jorg

      he is selling the package. old trick…

  • Ren Kockwell

    I ordered my D800 at B&H on the second day of pre-orders. No word at all on when mine will come. I’m still getting the boilerplate e-mail.

  • whisky

    assuming nikon’s entry level DSLR of 24mp is now the baseline of sensors to come, we can anticipate not only will there be bigger and faster flash memory upgrades, but also more network storage, and power processing upgrades required.

    it also begs the question … what could a D400 dx upgrade possibly offer that the 3xxx, 5xxx, 7xxxx, and nikon 1 series don’t already offer their respective markets?

    • Krait

      In my mind the main differentiation would have been to go all out with pro DX, D4 level body with DX sensor. I was thinking this was the direction Nikon was heading, with the up-scaling of the D7000 vs the D90. A D4 DX makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. But I don’t think it will happen. The D7000 was meant to replace both the D90 and D300s, similar to the position the old Canon 50D, 40D, etc had in their lineup…faster more rugged than the D80/D90, not quite as advanced/rugged as the D200/D300 cameras. With used and close out D700’s being in new pro DX price territory, the only other factor would be lenses. The 17-55, 12-24, and 10.5 fisheye are not really cheaper enough and smaller enough than their FX counterparts to be worth arguing the size/price factor anymore. And if you want small size, well the D7000 is already there anyways. That leaves the main argument for ‘pro’ DX, ‘reach’. Which is a very real and tangible reason. But not enough anymore to be worth it to Nikon anymore.

      I find it odd that so many people argue pro DX is for the wildlife photographers. Well, amateur wildlifers maybe. I don’t know many professional wildlife photographers that use the crop format, in fact of all the ones I follow and study, use FX. Just a thought.

  • Krait

    As far as I can tell, the D300s line is dead. The upcoming slr’s will most likely be the D3200, D5200, and D7200. Or whatever they call them. Whether or not the D7200 will be bigger and faster and equivalent to a ‘D400’, who knows. The 17-55 and 12-24 are carryovers from the age of Nikon pro DX. I would love to see a proper D400, heck I would love to see a D4 size DX camera. But deep down I believe that line is over.

    D3200, D5200, D7200 for DX.
    D800/D800e, D4 for FX.

    Maybe an entry level FX at some point, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for long. Lean, mean, simplified, and aggressive is what Nikon seems to be shooting for these days.

    • Anonymous

      I think the D400 (or whatever it is called) will be an entry level FX. The DX line will be the 3, 5 and 7000 series. So, in the dSLR group, Nikon will maintain 6 separate model/series.

      • Krait

        Maybe. I doubt that will happen anytime this year tho, but Nikon is extremely aggressive and unpredictable right now. Who knows, but I don’t see the costs at a point yet where a new tech $2000 FX camera is there. Too many features would have to be stripped for it to reach that price point. Personally I would rather have a robust fast full featured DX, but many people would rather a stripped down lower tech FX. I am in a niche market, so I doubt my wishes will come true.

        The D7000 is great. But its small and doesn’t have the speed of the larger bodies, and I don’t just mean frames/second. Shutter lag, buffer lag, buffer size, etc are all a tad slower. Not a big deal for most.

        The time of the pro DX is slowly coming to an end, whether some people like it/realize it/accept it, or not. I don’t particularly like it, but times change and we move on. FX is slowly getting to a point where if your ‘pro’ (such a loose meaning to that term), then shooting FX shouldn’t be a big deal. In Germany, a 17-55 is roughly 1300 euro, 24-70 is roughly 1400 euro. 12-24 F4, 1100 euro, 16-35 F4, 980 euro. With closeout prices and used prices of D700’s around the $2000 mark, there just isn’t a price argument anymore for pro level DX. The D700 will deliver high ISO quality on level or better than a 24mp DX sensor any D7000/D300s replacement might have, in my opinion.

        We can argue this matter until the wee hours of the night but at the end of the day, the lack of info about any D300s replacement and with the D7000 replacement being slotted for sometime this fall, are telling signs that ‘pro’ DX is over, or at least being shifted in focus down somewhat.

        • btdown

          All I want to know is when the d700 replacement will be out…and it is NOT the d800.

          • Rob

            There won’t be one.

        • Sports

          You are kind of right, because what we see is two completely different demands.
          1) Fast, pro, inexpensive … that has to be DX.
          2) Entry-level FX
          The D400 cannot be both. Option 2 is useless to option 1 shooters, and option 1 is useless to those that want a “real” D700 successor.
          Who says that Nikon will not make both? They publically announced that they wanted to gain market share. So they have to build both…. I hope 🙂
          Just don’t expect option 2 for a while, because it would take quite a few customers from D800.

  • vsved

    I too ordered a D800E in the am PST, from B&H. I might have to order one of these D3200 just to keep me from going crazy waiting for the E. I think now the D3200 might even come sooner? I have been waiting many years for a DSLR to come out that is like the D800E. I have been shooting Nikon SLR, & DSLRs from 1990->>>, would like something lighter then my medium format and large formate cameras. hiking and shooting landscape, in old growth by foot and bike. My take on the D400 is it will be DX, and a little like the D4, but DX,. We might still see another FX, in the $2000 range next year maybe?

    • T.I.M

      If you can, get a D7000, it will make an excellent 2nd body for your D800E .
      Also, the D7000 have a large bright 100% viewfinder (like Nikon pro cameras).
      I have a D5100, the viewfinder is CRAPY, a real pain !

      • vsved

        I agree, I like the D7000 also. It would be a good second, light camera body.
        The D3200 would be for my wife, maybe in a cool color. I like the D300 line, but with the innovations of the carbon fiber D4 and the quality if the sensor of the D800 it will be interesting to see what the new replacements for the D7000, and D300s will be,. The new 24mp from Sony in a rugged “motor drive” battery pack built in, a little smaller lighter DX then a D4x . I am not sure if I subscribe to will there actually ever be a true $1500 FX D700 replacement. It seems Nikon is covering price points every $250-$500. then the $1000 jumps at FX. They might down the road to bring in more money. I think after we see this 18 month DSLR revamp. Nikon will really push into more 1 line and cell phone R&D, & WI-fi.

  • rb

    When do you think it will be available to purchase if it is indeed launched on April 19?

  • Phr3dly

    My D800 is supposed to be here on 4/20 — Should I just cancel that order and get the D3200 instead???

    • T.I.M

      If you’re asking that question, then you DON’T NEED a D800.
      Get a D7000, and save your money for cool lenses and a 13×19 Epson printer.

      • Phr3dly

        No, I definitely need at least the D800, but the D3200 should be about 4x better, right?

        Also, can you help me decide which Opteka lens I should get for my D800? I want to take pictures of the sky, and the 2600mm Opteka costs $265 but my friend will sell me his 500mm for only $50, so that’s less money per mm, this will be my primary lens for the D800 so I want to get the right one!

        • T.I.M

          Are you trying to be more funny than The Invisible Man ?
          You’re doing great so far !

        • Sports

          I’m selling my D4.
          The D3200 will be 800 times as good, I make it.

  • SeenItAll

    So how long will that new camera make us happy?

    I was such a happy guy with my D40x until my asshole neighbor brought along his D7000 holiday snapshots and changed my view on the world.
    When I’m finaly going to dish out 1k+ for a new body end of this year I will never ever (never ever ever) look at images from new camera bodies again.

    But then, how much can image quality really improve further from the current consumer models. I like to tell myself that this is the end of the line and I can hold off to my next purchase for the next 10 years or so until they introduce a real game changer in photography,

    like this baby here

    • VcBabis

      OMG! You cannot be serious about the lytro camera.
      And you shoot a DSLR for how long? 5 years since the D4ox came out?
      And you saw pictures from the D7000 and still mention the lytro?
      Somebody kill me please…!

    • T.I.M

      I don’t know about you but the D800e will last me for ever.

      I was waiting that camera for now 10 years, I still use 25 years old lenses that do the job perfectly, but the D800e is the DSLLR I needed.

      Of course if there is valuable improvements (moiré, Hi ISO, HD video at 120 fps) I will probably upgrade my D800e, but I’m sure to be happy with it for many years to come.

      • doug

        Weren’t you suppose to die this month T.I.M ?

        • T.I.M


        • T.I.M

          I had an extra day because of February 29th this year.

  • Brian Davis

    D3200 in April? Whatever. Probably can’t buy one until August. I ordered my D4 in January…still waiting.

    • 808D4

      ordered mine the day after announcement from Ritz and enjoying it for a week now.

  • D400

    Oh YES!!!!!!!!!!
    Where’s my D3200?? I have been waiting for it sooooo long!!!!


  • El Aura

    I am a bit wary of this if it is the NEX-7 sensor. While for the central part of an image, this is a great sensor, it is very clear that the NEX-7 sensor has an off-axis problem. All lenses tested on different resolution sensors (eg, on the Nikon D200 and D7000) produce a higher resolution for all apertures and positions in the image. The NEX-7 is the exception in that it does so only in center and does the worst wide-open in the corners where the light rays come in the most off-axis.

    • Sahaja

      I think that problem is due to the extremely short mount to sensor distance on the NEX. An F-mount DSLR ,with a much greater mount to sensor distance, shouldn’t have the same problems with that sensor.

      • El Aura

        Yes, you are right, the problem will be less in a DSLR (or SLT). This can be seen in the test of the (DSLR) lens Sony 16-50 mm f/2.8 which was tested by photozone both on the 12 MP A700 and the 24 MP NEX-7. It still shows relative weakness wide-open at the borders (again, the situation with the most oblique light rays) but otherwise does ok. The center resolution is 30 to 35% better on the NEX-7 (it would be 44% if it scaled directly with sensor resolution). Whereas the border resolution is only 20 to 30% better, except for wide-open where it is only 4% higher.

        So, the border/corner effect is still there but much reduced. I would bet that the 85 mm f/1.4 lens would fare better, in absolute terms, wide-open at the border/corner on a NEX-5N than on NEX-7. But we might find that acceptable since the center area resolution will be higher on the NEX-7.

        • El Aura

          Correction: I meant the Sony ZA 85 mm f/1.4 when I said 16-50 mm.

  • Fishyindenmark

    Haha Admin. You really got us on that one! Gosh!! I fell for that like you wouldn’t believe!! -Love always – Nikon Engineer

  • Samas

    Hey – I see lot of lovers and haters here. But when the heck Adorama going to send my D800? Mum’s the word until now. Oh well, not “mum”, but, “we are the mercy of the manufacturer; blah-de-blah-de-blah”. And come to think of it, they are going to close down to observe passover starting next Saturday. Amen, for them. But what about me and my D800?

  • Herege

    Not talking about the specific D800 post’s, but this is the second D3200 post and what we talk? D800, D800, D800, D400, D800,D800,D800, D400, D800, D800,D800, D400, D800, D800,D800, D800, D400, D800,D800, D800, D400, D800,D800, D800, D400, D800,D800, D800, D800, D800,D800, D800, D400, D800,D800, D800, D400D800,D800, D800, D300, D800,D800, D800, D400, D800,D800…
    Already I am beginning to feel sorry for the users of 3200 🙂


  • doug

    Amazon should make available the pre order of the D900 is they want to keep up with demand in 3 years time

  • RR

    Mmm I love Nikon, but I dont like this megapixel race, they are the only ones racing..

    It reminds me why I hated Canon in the old days so much, those rebels that had tons of MP, I wonder if an amateur photographer is trule going to take advantage of those 24MP ? Or does he know that he must buy a pretty good computer plus tons of storage space hard drives…?

    -I can feel the bashing coming, but what the heck.. Those are my thoughts-

    Bring it on trolls!

  • ZoetMB

    This is actually a bit disappointing, if accurate. I know Nikon needs the low-end to push mass units, but is there really anyone in the market for that level of camera who wouldn’t buy the existing 3100 but would buy a new 3200?

    The D300s (released in August 09) is a year older than the D3100, which was released in December of 2010, and that was only a small upgrade to the D300, which was released in November of 2007 (announced in August 07). They should have put their resources into getting the D400 (whether it’s DX or FX) first.

    • Gab

      “This is actually a bit disappointing, if accurate. I know Nikon needs the low-end to push mass units, but is there really anyone in the market for that level of camera who wouldn’t buy the existing 3100 but would buy a new 3200?”

      There are ppl that will sell their d3100 cameras to buy a new 3200 for the higher pixel count and also Nikon is making the choice easy between the Eos 1100d and d3200 🙂 If they use the same sensor as in the nex7, that will be pretty ok.

  • Steve

    I really like DX cameras. I own a D40 and loved the ergonomics that are built around my mini nikon. I use to use rebels on the job and found they were very unconferable but still wanted one because that was the only camera I ever used at the time. Untell I tried the D40. From that moment on I was a Nikon guy. I still like using the D40 now but it is a little long in the teeth and looking for a new primary camera and use the D40 as a back up. I think it could be a D5100, or D5200 when ever that pops up. I dont think I like the size on the D7000 and dont have a want to move up in size but I dont like the D5100s buton placement and haphazerd liveview. Good things come to those who wait. I dont NEED a camera right now so why rush it.

  • Alberto Nikoni

    too many idiots here. There is no D7000 replacement this year. They only update this line every 2 years. also there will be a D300s replacement. The D700o is missing important D300s features.

    • Tuomas

      You should check the facts before calling others idiots. Yes, the D7000’s line is expected to update in 2 year cycles. The cycle is closing this fall.

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