Nikon announced new FSB-UC bracket for attaching Coolpix cameras to fieldscopes

Nikon announced a new FSB-UC bracket that will allow you to attach Coolpix cameras to Nikon fieldscopes and it will cost $249.95. Nikon already has an adapter for attaching DSLRs. Similar to the previous FSB-8 model, the new bracket will work also with the Fabre Photo EX portable stereoscopic microscope.

Key Features:

  • Universal digital camera bracket for digiscoping which connects a wide variety of COOLPIX compact digital cameras to Nikon Fieldscopes, and Fieldmicroscope EZ-Micro
  • The new design allows the replacement of batteries and recording media while the camera is attached to a Fieldscope, or Fieldmicroscope (this is not possible with some COOLPIX models)
  • Includes a light shielding rubber sheet that minimizes harmful, incoming rays and glare
  • Includes cable release (approx. 50cm) which prevents camera shake during shooting
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  • burgerman

    I am whelmed.

    • wublili

      I’m disappointed how ignorant people here can be.

      If the new product isn’t the top of the line camera then it’s always worthless shit.

      Not everthing revolves around D4, you know guys.

      Even if most of us here do have DSLR or few of them, not everyone is interesting having one and especially to carry one.

      Excellent pick from admin for the news. Digiscoping is a big thing in birding and astronomy. Using compact cameras (as well as video cameras) is everyday life in it. And using compact cameras, video, and even cellphones needs adapters. (and even DSLRs does, but it’s much easier to make one for them)

      Nikon knows this, and this is NOT their first adapter ! They have had UBK adapter for ages ! The only new in this adapter is that it’s designed to work well with most of the Coolpix cameras. This does well what old UBK does somehow. Also the new one ads wire triggering, and is much more versatile (can be used with many other cameras also, not just with Coolpix. Of course Nikon won’t advertise that feature but people with brain can figure it out by themselves). The competion in the field is hard and there is lots and lots of different kind of adapters available. It’s good business sense from Nikon to keep up with the scene and show that they still haven’t forgotten their customers.

      So, why not you people get your head out of the butt and look around for awhile. You might discover a brand new world.

      • wublili

        Just to show the wide variety of digiscope adapters these days :

        • Mock Kenwell

          Okay, so there are times when you don’t want to lug around your D4. I get that. So you replace it with what? This giant plumbing fixture? You’ve just replaced one beast with another. That’s what I don’t get. I carry a compact camera (LX5) with me everywhere because it’s compact, not so I can carry a steamer trunk full of accessories.

      • Oh

        So what you’re saying is you disagree with burgerman?

        • wublili

          No, I just replied to his post because it was the first one. So even the laziest D4 owner sees it.

      • Chilled Out Dude

        Relax. Take your meds. Get on your X-Box and save the princess man….

        • crispy_bacon

          well said lol.

    • Michael

      This is Nikon Rumors, not Nikon Dxxx and Nikon Dx Rumors. Not everyone is interested in those high end cameras. I like to see those cameras being released and dream of it, but I can’t afford it. I am more interested in a D400/D7100 the same way how some are interested in DigiScoping.

  • PeterO

    Obviously there’s a huge demand for these brackets, and just in time for the Olympics too. Phew! Oh wait, we’re talking about a coolpix here. Hmmm, lemme see: $150 camera, $1,800 scope + good tripod + $250 custom bracket. Yup that makes a sense. I’m good to go. 🙂

    • Nikon Shooter

      My thoughts exactly.

      It must also work with Nikon 1, otherwise it’s the silliest accessory ever.

  • jake

    im glad to see they are finally adding to their coolpix line. now if they would just add more coolpix models and colors.

    • PeterO

      Ah, but be careful what colour you buy. It clearly states: “this is not possible with some COOLPIX models”.

      • jake

        hahaha. thanks for the heads up man. you may have saved me a couple thousand on my hundred dollar camera.

      • Shawnino

        Yeah, I guess it doesn’t work with the Blue ones. And the Fashion Police will ticket you in you use a Green one.

  • Hermann Kloeti

    Does it work with my Lomo?

  • D700guy

    Oh for cryin out loud!

    • PeterO

      You can cry all you want but you have no idea the huge profit margins these things generate. There’s such a huge pent up demand out from all the coolpix owners that it dwarfs the number of customers demanding a D400. 🙂

      Just imagine the meeting in which this was approved. “Forget those damn lens updates and hold the production on the D800’s. These brackets get top priority!”

      I’m lovin’ this one.

  • jake

    someone pulled the trigger too early. april 1st is 2 days away.

  • Dweeb

    Let’s see, can’t make a decent 300 f4 collar and foot but they can grind out this shizz?

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  • doug

    Wow, Nikon is going mental, it seems that the Nuclear leakage was worst then we thought.

  • B!

    But can it blend?

  • Dormant

    I just love the use of an old-fashioned cable release.

    • Discontinued

      Fuji X10 takes old fashioned cable releases. I like that camera. I never carry tripod for it though. Somehow it would defeat the purpose of a compact.

  • It’s not an accessory for a Coolpix, it’s an accessory for their fieldscopes.
    “Look honey, I NEED this fieldscope. Look what I can do with it!”

    • doug

      She might be interested if it has a expanding option.

  • Duke of Edinburgh

    I say, does it also make tea?

    • Discontinued

      only earl grey with a drop of fresh lemon juice. no sugar.

  • Chimphappyhour

    It comes with a rubber sheet. Very kinky Nikon, very kinky.

  • jason

    Is this rig better, or a tele-converter?

    • Depends on what lens you will use with the teleconverter and what you are shooting.
      70-200mm f2.8/300 f2.8/200-400 f4 are all great lens to use with TC’s.
      80-400mm f/4.5-5, not so much.
      Are you shooting buildings, birds in a tree, or moving soccer players?

      • BerdNerd

        Field & Spotting scopes have mega-magnification that goes well beyond what you can do with a teleconverter. There is a sacrifice of optical quality, since they’re primarily made for the human eye, which can’t zoom in on 24 megapixel images. I can’t speak for Nikon, since I don’t have one of theirs, but Bushnell’s scopes aren’t going to get you a resolution that you can use for anything beyond id photos or somewhat soft hd video.

        Also, if you’re choosing between a teleconverter and this, then I’m assuming you already have an SLR? In which case, it would cost the same or less to get the slr adapter ($379) than the coolpix adapter and a low end coolpix camera. The price point on this rig is pretty ridiculous, but I guess it’s what the market will bear. Stupid market.

  • Ren Kockwell

    Thank God!

  • T.I.M

    Will it blend ?

  • Ron Kenwell

    My neighbors will never know.

  • Ah nice.

    Will report soon once I got the demo unit from Nikon Malaysia 🙂

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