New Sunex 5.6mm f/5.6 Super Fisheye lens with Nikon F-mount

A new version of the Sunex 5.6mm f/5.6 Super Fisheye lens with Nikon F-mount for APS-C type (DX) cameras was announced few weeks ago. The lens has fixed aperture and focus, provides 185° angle of view and can get a complete panorama made with two shots. The previous version had a price tag of $799.


  • Angle of view: 185°
  • Focal length: 5.6mm (fixed)
  • Aperture: f/5.6 (fixed)
  • Image circle: 14.5mm
  • Depth of field: 50cm - infinity
  • Dimensions: 70mm x 90mm (length x diameter)
  • Weight: 470g
  • Mount: Canon and Nikon DSLR
  • Includes stitching software
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  • Jay

    Would go nice on a D400 =D

    • das zebra

      would go even nixer on a fx like d800 !

      • Matt_XVI

        Not sure if you noticed but it’s an APS-C (DX) lens so you won’t get any extra width out of an FX sensor.

        • Teo

          Yea but you would get some cool circle

          any news on a super wide fisheye FX for the D800 ?

          • Landscape Photo

            Sigma 8mm or Nikkor 10.5mm (fixed hood shaven off) are the best options that exist.

            They give a full image circle on FX, covering about 180°.

            • Teo

              Got the sigma already,
              all it does is a cool looking blackness around it
              might try to shave it off hehe
              thanks for the tip
              have you got any picture with the 8mm shaven off ?

            • Teo

              sorry I meant samyang 8mm (really cheap)
              any idea how a picture will look shaven off ?

          • Teun

            this lens already gives a full circle on aps-c. The circle would just be smaller on fx. All you gain is blackness.

  • Way too expensive.

  • Looks like one of those cheapo fisheye lenses you put in a door to see who is on the other side. . .

    • FIXITT

      …and that’s why it’s also available at Home Depot!

  • I use the older one on D7000 (before with D300) and you can get perfect panoramas with 3 (or 2) shots only if you take the Sunex head too.
    It’s a perfect lens.

  • josh

    I can think of a perfect use for this toy… Las Vegas Casino, they can use it on the security cameras complete with a red dume.

  • Tom

    Why would I want this over the much less expensive 10.5 2/8 fisheye DX with 180 deg view?

    • mcammer

      The Sunex is a circular fisheye and will make a circular image completely within the DX frame. The Nikkor is a diagonal fisheye; it will fill a DX frame. Two different effects.

      • Gohf

        The 10.5 retails for $699 on B&H … looks like it is only about a hundred bucks off the Sunex – although I got mine for $450 used.

        Having owned both, they’re very different lenses for very different purposes.

        Virtual Tours, for example, with the Sunex are done in 3 shots, and with the rotator they sell for the Sunex, it’s incredibly quick (especially with Stitcher, which has a built in lens profile for the sunex.) The 10.5 requires 5 to 6 shots, and is a longer editing process, with larger files. Higher quality, but a different end result.

    • Dave

      This lens is 185 degrees in all directions, creating a perfectly circular image (as already mentioned). The 10.5 is a rectangular image that is 180 degrees only on diagonal corners.

  • Dave

    Spend a hundred more dollars and get one that focuses and gives you a choice of aperture settings:

    • Sigma herring

      On their own website, Sigma has an FX circular fisheye as well, at more or less the same price, I guess. The DX version has their HSM auto-focus motor which is usually pretty good. The FX version doesn’t.

    • Gohf

      Focus isn’t really a big deal on these lenses. Everything after a few inches is pretty much in focus. The Sunex has very good optics, if I recall better than the Sigma, is locked to the ‘best’ focal and f-stop, and has a wider field of view. For doing virtual tours, the less fiddling that you do the better. This is more like the Coastal Optics or iPix lenses than a general purpose carry around lens.

      It is surprising they have a new one, perhaps they’ve worked out the slight shimmy between it and the rotator. The rotator was actually the weakest link in my experience.

      • Dave

        I have been shooting fisheyes for 15 years, I’ve owned 3, and I would not want to give up the ability to focus (or choose aperture). The key to their effectiveness is to get as close as you can to the subject and at times like that, sharp foreground and soft background can really look nice. Impossible with the above lens. Not all images are better with everything in focus. I would also be interested in any documentation showing this lens is sharper than the Sigma. It would be a pity for someone to just throw that information out there without any facts. I looked for lens tests comparing these lenses and couldn’t find any, so I didn’t ‘suggest’ anything.

        • GOHF

          Hah! Over a year later and I saw this thread again. I suppose I’ve only been shooting with fisheyes since 2003, so that only gives me 10 years to your 15. I have had about a dozen fisheye lenses, so I’ve got you there. (4 different Nikon ones, the Sunex one, a few russian knock offs, and even further back a variety of one shot devices, etc)

          I didn’t say “The Sigma sucks”… I said that if I recall, the Sunex has great optics, even better than the Sigma. I didn’t cite anything because that’s a waste of time – anyone who is going to buy this needs to do their own research.

          You shoot very different things than I do with Fisheyes. This lens is/was not really designed for wandering around and shooting things up close. (I know one of the engineers who worked on the lens, and one of the software developers who built the custom profiles for this lens at Stitcher before AutoDesk bought them, so I know why it was made.) It is a custom purposed device that is really built to make Virtual Tours quickly, easily and consistently. It does a fantastic job at this, and the Sigma, any of the nikons etc all add time and complexity to the workflow that just isn’t needed.

          Enjoy your Sigma, I’ll stick with my Sunex.

  • marv

    10.5 f2.8 =150 degrees vs 185

  • Landscape Photo

    I want a 360° spherical lens with a spherical sensor in the center 🙂

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