First Nikon D800E cameras already received in the US, gets promptly unboxed on video

The first Nikon D800E cameras were already received in the US - here is the first unboxing video which makes it all official πŸ™‚ The US version will NOT include a free copy of the Capture NX2 software.

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  • Jabs

    I wish that was my Nikon D800E – awesome camera and waiting to see how it does compared to the already stunning D800 and D4.

    Go Nikon – on with the D3200, D5200, D7100 and of course the D400.

    Yeah – to dream.

  • texajoe

    The serial # Added to much weight and raised shipping cost so Nikon dropped it…

    • PeterO

      Actually texajoe, watching this got me thinking about how much all the extra bits that come with the camera actually cost. Obviously they take this into consideration when pricing it.

    • BenH

      Good thing that on bittorrent, no one worries about shipping costs! >:)

      • BenH

        Just kidding!

  • iamnomad

    Who started this whole video unboxing trend?
    I want to slap them.

    • shawnino

      Some NPS dirtbag, likely.

      • Foolishcfo

        Nah. The NPS videos show you how to order several cameras and sell most of them on eBay with big premiums.

      • Andrew

        You sir are uncivilized.

        • Foolishcfo

          Enough with the political correctness. Everyone is so sensitive these days. He’s jealous like a lot of us that he has to wait.

    • The same person who started the trend of radio ads with two guys arguing endlessly as a way to promote a product πŸ™‚

      • Banned

        True, there was this extremely irritating ad for this BS website freeipad or some such crap. The 2 guys were arguing for what seemed to be 10 minutes over the spelling of said website.

    • Al.ban

      Thank you,may I indulge too?

    • Al.ban

      Thank you,may I indulge too? Like those surpise clown coming out boxes , a slap comes out as the camera is being unboxed

    • Andrew

      Why the unnecessary remark; if you can provide something better for us to view and enjoy, then maybe your video (if you have one) may have been selected for such an audience as this.

      I think this unboxing video is quite pleasant. The presenter is humorous and pleasant. This is the most enjoyable unboxing video I have ever seen. This video was a great selection – I give it an A+.

      • wut

        Don’t ever put so much nerd into one post again, especially one with bad semicolons.

        • Andrew

          My apologies; read all my posts, I am consistent. The way I write is the way I speak, is it nerdy to be natural? I have one semicolon, how come you said “semicolons”? Don’t let your emotions get in the way of sound reasoning.

          • Teo

            Stop feeding the trolls.

    • Ren Kockwell

      Great, so apparently Shecky Green got his D800 and decided to lambast us with his schtick. Man I hate this trope.

      • Ren! Shecky Green?! I am still laughing at your comment. Great start to a Friday!

    • FIXITT

      Geeks who still live in their parents’ basement like this one.

  • Rex

    The battery charger is the same one as the D7000, which means you can turn the plug around and straight into the wall. Also, the battery will ALWAYS have some charge coming out of the factory, otherwise it’s impossible to recharge. Rather unfair of Nikon to send cameras preferentially, I have seen reviews of people using their cameras for nearly a month now, and I am still waiting for mine to even come out of the factory.

  • PeterO

    Ha, just like the good ole days: spit on the lens, wipe it with your shirt and off you go. I almost expected him to do that to that sensor!

    As for the unboxing thing, it’s obviously part of the youtube generation – watch me, watch me!

    • D800E to the idiots

      There’s a video somewhere where he advocates breathing on (fogging) the sensor before cleaning it. So you’re not wrong.

      This guy is an idiot.

  • GAP

    No Capture NX2 in the USA … that sucks!
    A lot of people were expecting it and will be dissapointed by Nikon changing their mind!?

    • Banned

      You know… They can rip us off all they want with overpriced hardware… When it comes to software… Let’s just say we compensate πŸ™‚

    • Gary


      “Nikon changing their mind”

      I missed that – please post to a link to where Nikon ever said they would include CNX2with the D800E in the USA.


      • Alex

        Often in these treads, writers merely say “Nikon” when complaining, but we all must remember that Nikon-USA is different from, Nikon-UK, Nikon-Germany, etc. So, unless the parent company in Japan decides to make NX a common part of the whole package, we will see this kind of variation.

        What I really would like to see is the creation of a better policy for repairs and warranty coverage. I can follow the reasoning behind the present system (Nikon-XXXXX will not service a body purchased from another Nikon affiliate in a different country), but in this day of globalized service, it is rather feudal.

    • Ralph

      Nikon SW really isn’t great, I’d call it Beta at best, I suggest you familiarize yourself with torrent.

  • ShaoLynx

    To the maker of this video: on the charger: there’s a slider button right next to the power plug, so you can rotate the plug head 90 degrees. Just in case you hadn’t figured it out already.

  • D800 Donkey

    Who cares about the unboxing of a camera?!!!! Spend the time learning how to make good photos instead. That’s what cameras are for.

  • T.I.M

    Strange, he is from Florida, just like me, maybe we are special people who deserve to get the D800e first !

    • Andrew

      Do you have to be so vile? Let me guess, people can’t stand you!

      Next time you look at your face in the mirror, ask yourself the question – what turned me into the person I am? Word of advise, it is not too late to change. Normal people do not characterize other people the way you do. Your behavior is a reflection of how you think, the types of movies you like to watch, the types of music you listen to, the people you like hanging around, etc. etc. Imagine a prospective employer profiling you on the web, would your conduct cause you to lose that dream job? Dignity cannot be faked, sooner or later, your true nature will reveal itself in the most inauspicious time. You will call it a mistake, but others will take note and arrive at a different conclusion.

      • enesunkie

        Those are good words. I hope you don’t mind that I copy and pasted them to look at again in the future.

        • You may, just

        • Andrew

          You may, just give appropriate credit – in About Us page. Thanks.

      • T.I.M

        He is probably upset because he is waiting for the D800/D800e without any informations on how long it will take.

        • KenTi

          You’ve been quiet today… did you get your camera? I want an un-boxing video and an in depth discussion on exactly how a USB 3.0 cable looks like an HDMI cable. πŸ™‚

    • David K

      Actually, he seems like a sweet, good natured guy. You, on the other hand…

  • Art

    Wow! This is great! I was starting to think the D800E was a figment of my imagination.

    Dreams sometimes DO come true!

  • Jason

    Late D800 whining is much less… did it ship or folks gave up?

    its Feb 7, from b&h… Gave up on ‘eagerly waiting’; now its like: whenever-you-ship-it-dude, its sucks to sulk about it. so on with life with d700

    • Foolishcfo

      I just got tired of waiting and bought a pink Coolpix. Not!

  • Joseph

    What vendor did he get it from???

    I am nonplussed about NPS guys getting preferential ordering. I ordered mine the minute it was available at B&H. I talked to them today and they said they don’t even have any D800E’s, nor do they know when they are coming, so why would any other vendor have them yet??? They also gave me some BS line about NPS orders getting drop shipped, rather than going through them.

    • vinman

      You don’t seem realize that NPS is not some sort of “club”. It’s a service offered by Nikon provided to PROFESSIONAL shooter’s who earn a significant portion of their income via photography. In other words, if you aren’t an NPS member, you probably don’t need a D800E or otherwise – you simply want one. If you truly need one, go through the qualification process to join NPS. I want my pre-ordered 800E, too, but I’m still happily shooting away with my 700. I’m also not whining about it.

      • Myles

        I make all my money through photography.

        I’m sold my d700 8 days before d800 announcement.

        I’m not nps.

        I’d like my order. Thanks.

        • Rob

          I could sell my car because I think a better one is coming out next year, but unlike you I realize I couldn’t actually get to work in the meantime. If you are going to get rid of a tool required to perform your profession you wait until AFTER you have the replacement tool in your possession. Selling it when you think a replacement is about to be announced just wreaks of stupidity.

        • Jan

          Fixed it for ya:

          “I make all my money through photography.

          I’m sold my d700 8 days before d800 announcement.

          I’m not nps.

          I’m a flaming idiot because I sold all the tools I need to have an income before the new tool was even announced.

          • BartyL


        • Maybe you have other cameras at your work but I will just assume that you only had a D700 sense that is all you claim. But you must truly not be a professional who makes all your money in photography if you sold your money maker. What you do sound like is a little baby who prematurely made a impulse move that seems to have impacted your business. Also, check into what it takes to be an NPS member before you start to think you might be special and of a higher caliber then anyone else. I just want all the self-absorbed whiners to stop whining cause it isn’t going to change the fact that Nikon has an elite level that you just haven’t been able to achieve.
          Plus once you get your camera you will probably whine and complain about something else you thought the camera or Nikon should have added or not even thought of putting on this camera. People are never happy when they get what want.

      • Joseph

        I don’t care what NPS is, we live in a capitalist society and this shouldn’t be allowed. First come, first serve.

        • ATM

          And it works – NPS members comes first

      • Ralph

        I’m pretty sure the clients that paid for pro shots before the D800 came out probably have no idea that the D800 even exists and are just as willing to buy photos from the previous gen of cameras. The NPS guys needing the D800 is a load of BS.

  • T.I.M

    Probably not from B&H, they always send it UPS or USPS, never Fedex (at least to me).

    • non-NPS

      NPS can get their cameras directly shipped from Nikon (at their own cost), no matter which vendor you selected. If his prefer vendor is B&H then yes B&H will get him a shipping notice, but B&H will not be the one who ship it.

  • Foolishcfo

    So I’m assuming they shut down the D800 line to get the D800E’s out? Come on Nikon, pay some overtime and get us our cameras!

    • T.I.M

      how can you pay overtime Japanese employes ?
      They already work 24/24h seven days a week !

      • Foolishcfo

        Lets only hope they are working 24/7!

      • benji 2505

        if that’s not enough they shoud work nights πŸ™‚

    • Andrew

      Do you want your camera assembled in the overtime shift when the workers are tired? Maybe not a good idea after all.

  • T.I.M

    I am thinking about doing an unboxing also thursday, it will depend on what time UPS truck will come, after 3PM I have to take care of my 3 little monsters.

    • Vin

      Well now you have to due an unboxing video, must include the little monsters too. You sound like me. If UPS shows up after 3pm it gets crazy & no more pic.s. Unless they are in them! Actually it might be manditory, you are only allowed to recive a D800 or “E” if you do an unpacking video. Please bring a little flar, to it! We are photographers here?

  • Brian

    Got my D800E yesterday from my local dealer last night. Wow! I was photographing airplanes today and can see the rivets in the plane. Amazing resolution.

    • Dud

      You were standing next to said planes right?

  • Ebvette

    I received an email from Nikon USA today and since I am not allowed to reprint their exact words the email stated the D800 has shipped and has been provided to several retailers, no more info can be given at this time. The delay is due ot the overwhelming response and they do not have any confirmation of delays caused by an production or flaws with the Camera.

    information immediately available. This delay is due to the overwhelming response the camera has received. We do not have confirmation of reports regarding any production flaws.

  • Spellguy

    Do you guys think it would be possible, one day not so far, that americans will learn how to pronounce NIKON correctly? Nobody can stand NAIKON pronounce. Nobody in the world would spell it otherways than the correct way which is NIKON.


    • T.I.M

      who cares ?
      I’m in America for now 12 years and I still can’t spell heart correctly !
      What’s important is no the way it sound but the way it feel.

      • Spellguy

        Sorry T.I.M. but if after 12 years in the US you still don’t know that “it sound” and “it feel” just don’t work this way, there’s no opinion about language I could take in consideration from you.


    • PronounceGuy

      So then can you tell us how to pronounce Nike too? From what country are you that there is only one way to pronounce a name used world wide?

      • Spellguy

        Problem is, americans or new-americans, tha NIKON has to be pronounced knee-kon, and guess why? because the japs who created it spell it like this.

        Or do you say pie-zza instead of pee-zza (pizza)?

        come on

        • Art

          Actually, I say: Peat-Za.

          Pee-zza is a city with a tower that a guy with one leg shorter than the other built. It worked for him but most nobody else.

          • Spellguy

            Yes, this is a good one. Peat-za. Good one!

            So right: peat-za, not pie-zza.

            Thus, knee-kon.

            • T.I.M

              In South France there is a big city called Nice (neess), in US everyone say it Nice (like pretty, friendly).

              They are both right because Nice is Nice !

        • ????

          Did you really just say “Japs”..? .. really… not sure if we need to hear from you., what are you really having a problem with?

          • Nikonmacro150

            Out of all that you heard JAPS.
            My IQ compared to yours has tripled. thanks
            Like you have never shortened ethnics or called someone of different color or race some other name. If you can I would like you to look yourself in a mirror and slap yourself really hard while recording it using a D800. Cause I won’t take anything less in quality like you put out. Go to bed you person with a small brain.

        • Rob

          The hypocrisy is killing me. You critique others for mispronouncing a word that you yourself mispronounce. It’s not “CON/KON” like con man. it’s “CONE/KONE” like ice cream cone, but with a shorter N at the end.

          • ζ—₯本人

            You don’t pronounce KON in Japanese with a long drawn out Oh sound. It is between con and cone in pronunciation. Slighty favoring “con”. Especially when the British pronounce con

      • FIXITT

        My jap friend pronounces it as knee-kong, as you will hear from the earlier commercials. Now even our japanese friends pronounce it the westernized way — knee-kon, as in the newer commercials. No, no, don’t thank me, just doing my job — nothing to do here in my parent’s basement.

        • Gordon

          I watched those early Nikon commercials, I could only hear Nik-on, did not sound like Knee-kong even with the Japanese language being used.

          The Nikon name itself is a derivative of Nippon (meaning Japan) which is pronounced Nip-pon.

          Anyway, I’m still waiting for my Nik-on D800E πŸ™

    • Jim W

      Sorry to say, but there’s about 358403984503984509384 people in North America who pronounce it “Nigh-kon”.. you might just have to get used to it πŸ™‚

      • Spellguy

        Yes, worldwide is pronounced knee-kon, and the good old english people know this.

        american man in a London, UK photography shop:

        Am:- “hey yo, got tha new NAIKON D800 in its golden bugs (for box)?
        En:- ” whaaaat?”


        • Barnswallow T Duck

          Sorry to disagree but a British reviewer of the D800 kept pronouncing it Nick On. I just prounce it “not here yet and don’t know when it will be.” That in any language is disappointment.

        • the pronounciator

          Englishman in an NYC camera shop.

          Eg: Blimey mate, you have one of those KNEE-CON D800s? I’m a
          bugger with camera fetish.

          Am: #$%(^ $$#! &*^*&, no.

          • Rob

            Sorry but he’s right again. It’s pronounced similarly to NICK ON in the UK.

        • Andrew

          In a camera shop, you simply ask – “do you have the D800?” They should know what you are talking about, shouldn’t they?

    • GregS

      The joke is that you think there’s only one correct way to pronounce Nikon.

    • enesunkie

      If they wanted us to pronounce it Knee – con, wouldn’t you think they would advertise it that way!

      • haha

        Darn! I always thought it was pronounced Nik-on (nick – on).

      • Truth

        Apparently Nikon tried to re-educate the Americans but when they tried the Americans just looked at them confused, so they gave up and just let you guys keep pronouncing it wrong.

  • Larry

    He looks happier than a pedophile in Thailand.

    • D700guy

      nothing is that happy

      • Jim W

        just wow

      • Larry

        That dude looks “that happy” if you catch my drift.

        • Banksie

          Forget the camera, I want to know who his interior decorator is πŸ™‚

          • Andrew

            Some folks don’t like him because he has the camera they are dreaming about. Other folks don’t like him because he looks reasonably affluent. And yet more folks don’t like him because he looks pretty happy and joyful. Wow, it is amazing what people don’t like!

            • BartyL

              I don’t like him for all those reasons.

            • Foggy

              I don’t like him because he tells people breathing on a sensor (fogging it) is a good way to get it ready for cleaning.

              Right now this guy is breathing directly into a D800 bro!

  • screw the US consumer with the lack of Capture NX2 software we have more money to spend i know what you will say the US prices are cheaper so you can spend the money

    • Andrew

      American consumers spend every last dime they have, that is what makes us Americans. The world loves us for that. Once the money is spent, we turn to the credit cards, and then spend more. When all is spent, we file for bankruptcy and the cycle starts all over again.

  • Mr D

    HDMI to USB cable? I think you’ll find it’s a USB3.0 cable and has nothing to do with HDMI.

  • D700guy

    I noticed one very disturbing aspect to that video, and its that I’m not in it unboxing a D800E.

  • Dweeb

    Suck it up Yanks, dump the ancient NX2 and try LR4. See what a modern interface looks like.

    • iamnomad


  • mikils

    Come on, you lucky guys! Whoever now has both the models, please set a tripod on your balcony and just shoot a comparison of D800 vs D800e; Same lenses, same tripod, same subject, same Iso, same stops, same time… you know! we want to see it and decide whether the D800e is worth the price.

    • To AA or not to AA

      +1! Yes please real world comparisons.

  • PronounceGuy

    I’m not sure but KneeCon just doesn’t sit well over here, maybe you guys are pronouncing it wrong πŸ™‚

    • Uncle Sam

      It proves how cool we are.

  • Ignacio Felation

    What? No Capture NX2? You mean I’ll have to download it illegally? Oh the humanity!!!

  • Ken Elliott

    Keep in mind that NPS members are – in effect – beta testers for the cameras. If any issues erupt, Nikon is much more likely to listen to professionals (NPS members). This gets us into the first firmware update a lot faster.

    So there is benefit to normal folks for Nikon to do things this way.

    (No – I’m pro but not a NPS member. So I’m still waiting for my D800 and D800E just like you guys. Still loving my D700’s.)

    • benji 2505


    • Foolishcfo

      That makes sense in principle. Why do they need several bodies to beta test though?

    • John


  • Ads

    For those who complained about NPS members getting a preferential treatment, is there a reason why you aren’t one? Because you don’t……… qualify?

    There are 365million people in the US that say Naikon, but there are definitely more around the WORLD that says Kneekon.

    American are complaining about NOT getting a FREE NX2 software? You guys get great products with the LOWEST price in the world and still complaining?

    • Gordon

      Heh? What’s this Knee-kon gibberish? Its Nik-on.

      • Vin

        I 2nd that, ha ha. I will not fault the rest of the world, but do look it up. Look up Porsche, and a few other Names, that are also Names for things. Also how do you pronounce California, Oregon, and Washington? Out here on the west coast?

        Is Nike not? made in Oregon, named after a Greek God? By Phil Knight? Not Night?

        Nikon..knee-con? Darn good cameras…like Porsche, good quality cars, but I guess we can fight about that too,

        I think we all want our new Nikon 100%.


    OMG OMG OMG. So happy that I saw that “unboxing” video. Super relevant, and the host was quite spry as well. Can’t wait to get my Nikon D800E sensor in the mail… This is exactly why I have a job… I can afford to upgrade to new sensors, and my ex-wife can’t tell me no. HA HA HA. Yes! The Odyssey is gassed up, and I’m ready to test the sharpness of my new sensor. It totally beats medium format. Film is useless and ugly and makes people look horrible. Digital looks more natural and sharper with less noise. H AHA HA HA HA. I’m awesome. Can’t wait for my D800!!!!! Can’t wait to read about it on! I’m going to sit at Barnes & Noble with my D800E in my lap while I read it about it on! On my iPad 3!!!!!! iPad! Go products! I love products!

    • Ryan

      I know how you feel. I’m pissed about all this too.

    • Funnnny

      Funniest thing I’ve read on here for a while.

      MOAR PRODUCTS!!!!!!!!!11

  • jason

    is so funny that all of the comments here have nothing to do with cameras or photography lol
    this website is to funny sometimes. makes it really enjoyable.
    i vote Nigh-konn for pronunciation. only ever heard people off N.A. say knee-con
    also why does everyone bitch about NPS getting cameras faster? of course they should get them before you. They NEED them, you WANT them. do you really think that you should get GPS priority over u.s. army? no…. you will all get your camera eventually.

  • VoteforMe

    I hate these unboxing videos…it is like someone slowly cutting a juicy american pie and you know you will not have a share of it πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • Simon Haskell

    not klingon enough

    • Hash

      lol well played fine sir.

  • euro goal

    What? Are we FOR ONCE getting something in europe that the US crowd won’t get? Next rumour: nikon is working on flying pigs.

  • PeterO

    It seems obvious to me that corporate Nikon (pronouced in your own way) has decided that the world be split up into smaller Nikon units, and that each of these units be autonomous enough to include (or not include) extra goodies like NX2. This also leads me to the conclusion that they have decided to leave the pronunciation of the name ‘Nikon’ up to the individual units as well. When I phone Nikon Canada, they answer: Good morning, Nigh-kon Canada. When someone from on high at Nikon Headquarters in Japan finally tells us exactly how to pronouce their name, we will then know. I don’t think they give a rat’s ass about how you pronounce it, as long as you buy it.

  • OsoSolitario

    I just bougth a pair of white briefs this morning. I’m also tinking about to make an unboxing video about that!

    GUYS…… who really care about a (camera, hifi, briefs,………anything) unboxing video???????

  • RvF

    Now…that is what a happy man looks like!! Not sure about the all unwrapping business though!!

  • I love how this guy is cleaning his lens !

  • KW

    DigitalRev TV does a better job and he better looking too…. This guy needs to learn a few tricks from Kai W on how to present on you tube.

  • Hom Thogan

    LOL… These videos are beyond stupid… the box contents are listed in every damn store in the net… But even more stupid are the people who like unboxing videos.

    Both (the ones making them and those who like them) should be bitch slapped with a D3+70-200mm f/2.8 VR until they become normal again.

  • Nathan Lucking

    I had a 6 thousand (EU) serial D800 but it was broken on delivery so I’m now waiting for it to come back on the market to re order it.

  • Still Waiting

    It is 4/27/12 and I pre-ordered the Nikon D800E February 8th from B&H. As of today, still nothing–no word as to when they are getting them, the number they will receive or when it will ship. What kind of way is that to do business? I think Nikon has really dropped the ball this time. How hard would it be to keep us all informed? Even a reason for the delay would be somewhat soothing. One old man opening up his camera box is hardly reassuring on YouTube is hardly reassuring.

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