Aptina releases new 1 inch sensor (for future Nikon 1 cameras?)

Aptina announced a new 1" sensor (AR1011HS) that will probably be used in future Nikon 1 mirrorless cameras (V2 maybe?), here are the basic specs:

  • Still 10MP resolution
  • 3.4 micron pixels
  • Video: 10MP resolution at 60fps, including broadcast quality quad high definition, oversampled 1080p for True HD resolution, 1080p video at 120 frames per second and additional high frame rate modes for slow motion playback.
The sensor inside the current Nikon 1 models are made by Aptina. Few months ago there were rumors that Aptina is developing a full frame sensor.

Press release:

Aptina Introduces High Performance Camera Sensor To Bridge And Mirrorless Cameras Market

San Jose, CA and Cologne, Germany, September 18, 2012 - Aptina, a global provider of CMOS imaging solutions enabling Imaging Everywhere™, announced today the release of the AR1011HS digital camera image sensor. The new 1-inch optical format sensor is ideal for enabling high quality bridge and mirrorless cameras and targets Tier-1 camera OEMs. The sensor provides 10-megapixel (MP) resolution, 3.4-micron pixels, with Aptina’s DR-Pix™ technology, delivering uncompromised low light and bright light scene image quality. The AR1011HS high-speed sensor architecture is capable of reading full 10MP resolution at 60fps, and enables a variety of video modes, including broadcast quality quad high definition (HD), oversampled 1080p for True HD resolution, 1080p video at 120 frames per second, and additional high frame rate modes for slow motion playback.

“The AR1011HS image sensor is a great match for the performance-oriented bridge and mirrorless camera market,” said Sandor Barna, Vice President and General Manager of Aptina’s Consumer Camera business. “Image quality and speed are the two things this market cannot compromise on. Tier-1 OEMs competing in this market are looking for increasingly versatile solutions to meet the demand for speed and performance, and this sensor provides both.”

Integrating Aptina’s DR-Pix™ technology, the AR1011HS delivers both high-pixel sensitivity for low-light imaging, and high-pixel capacity for bright outdoor scenes. The combination of this outstanding pixel performance and high-speed readout technologies enables fast, vivid broadcast quality video and high-end still image capture quality in a single sensor solution.

The AR1011HS uses Aptina’s advanced 24-lane HiSPi™ High Speed Serial Pixel Interface for fast data transfer. HiSPi is an open access, scalable technology that enables 1080p/120 fps performance (and beyond) and has been adopted by many of Aptina’s business partners to meet the challenges of high-speed, low-power consumption data transfer.

Aptina’s AR1011HS image sensor is currently sampling in limited volumes and will be in mass production in Q1CY13.

About DR-Pix Technology
DR-Pix technology combines two modes of operation in one pixel design – low conversion gain mode for large charge handling capacity in bright scenes and a high conversion gain mode with increased sensitivity and low read noise for low-light scenes. The result is a sensor that offers the best possible noise performance over all ISO speed conditions.

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  • Ron

    I may just have to get me a Nikon 1 if these video modes see the light of day. Aptina seems like a pretty impressive little outfit!

    • steve

      I’d get one if they do an ultrawide zoom, but I’d rather get a dx-m .

    • PHB

      Looks to me as if this is an incremental improvement on the old sensor to make it more attractive for better than HD video. It can support some 4K modes at full resolution but the main use would likely be to support HD capture with enough overhead to allow editing.

      The CX format is far better for video with interchangeable lenses than the FX or DX. Or at least it will be when mature. Low light noise can be cancelled out in video by processing multiple frames.

      What I really want to see though is a 3D stereo camera on the CX mount. Now that would be mega-cool.

  • Nikon is a joke.

    Yet another crucial part of a camera that Nikon can’t make themselves… What a shame.

    • Iris Chrome

      What a shame! The trolls are not even trying anymore :-/

      • jake

        these days , all new coming trolls sound so retarded .

        anyway, it is good for Nikon to go all Aptina in very near future and slowly cut off all Sony influence from entire FX line.
        I really hate the fact that Nikon uses Sony chips , I much prefer Aptina or Nikon’s own chips.

        • Robert

          so far the best “sensor nikon” still called super ccd fujifilm. nikon and fuji, yes this would be the ideal partner for the production of sensors.but developing Aptina sensors observing the unique characteristics mainly nikon lens, I think it is better than the competitor Sony

    • Ron

      Making your own sensors doesn’t guarantee anything. For example, take a look at Canon’s sensors and you’ll see that for a camera company, producing your own sensors can actually be a liability. That Nikon uses the best sensors available is a credit to them IMO.

      • Nikon tries hard…

        How are Canon sensors a liability? Canon outsells all of their DSLR competition 3:1 because they offer superior products. Don’t put to much stock in DXO Mark… They rate the D3200 the same as the 5D Mark III HAHAHA. Canon has been, and always will be the better camera AND glass maker. Take a look at the Olympics, or watch an NFL game. 90% Canon for a reason. What good is a high sensor score if you can’t even include a functioning auto focus system? Did I have to pay extra to get the left side working? When you compare the 5D3 to the D800, 1dX to the D4, the 7D to the D7000 or the rebels to the the x100 series… Canon always wins. ALWAYS.

        • Plug

          Shout loud enough and you will start to believe yourself. 😉

          • Wow…

            He is incredibly obnoxious, but I have to agree with him.

            • enesunkie

              No you don’t. None of us do.

          • You’re an idiot

            You are a prime example of why some people just shouldn’t breed…

            Your post started with, “all facts c—bag,” so how exactly is “the D800 can’t touch the 5d3” a fact?

            When/if you ever learn to debate a point intelligently, then we can try this again.

          • Plug

            I expected an unintelligent, ranting reaction but this certainly exceeds my wildest expectations. When he looks in the mirror, what on earth does he see? Poor chap!

          • 5th column

            Somebody is making a big effort trying to end the free posting format of this site.

            • I will not change because some @$&^$* teenager is bored at home when mommy and daddy are out.

            • Arkasai

              @Admin What about all the astro-turfing that goes on here? Generic wordy posts about the D800’s focus issues that are posted not only here but on amazon and other comments sections.

              How about something to at least ensure there aren’t bots posting here? It would be very easy to bot these comments with the way the site works currently. When I see three posts with the same grammar, word choices, and complaints appear within a minute of each other I always suspect a bot. Hell they could just be randomly posting negative reviews from amazon in the comments here.

            • This is a tough one – I have deleted many AF comments, but on the other side those conversations are relevant to what are we discussing here and I cannot just start deleting all of the AF related comments.

            • jodjac

              @ Admin, in my humble opinion, the forum these days is much improved over the squabbling/trolling that was taking over after the D800 came out. Much improved and I thank you. Love this site.

            • Around announcement time, weird creatures come out of the woods and start commenting. They disappear (or are blocked) few days later.
              Also, sometimes if you see a comment that should not be here, I am probably sleeping and will take care of it.

        • Canon tries hard too

          If the Nikon D3200 gets the same scores as the Canon 5D Mark III, then Canon users should be crying, not laughing…

          The left-side auto-focus issue for Nikon was unfortunate… So is the light-leak issue for Canon’s 5D Mark III. At least I can always focus manually; if the built-in meter is off due to a light leak, and you don’t have a separate light meter, then you’re just guessing at exposure.

          1D X, *slightly* faster (but not necessarily more accurate) auto-focus… D4, *slightly* more pleasing skin tones, etc.

          Personally, I have never been a fan of Canon’s designs; I find Nikon’s ergonomics to be much more comfortable. Nikon bodies fit my hand very comfortably and the controls fall under my fingers perfectly, versus Canon bodies where I have to conform my hand to the control layout, and I just find Canon’s buttons and dials to be uncomfortable to work with. With Nikon I rarely have to dig through a menu to change a setting, meaning that all of the buttons and dials I need are at my fingertips; I can’t say the same for any Canon body that I have ever tried. I WILL say that the 2 front buttons on the 1D X that are duplicated in vertical/portrait orientation are brilliant.

          All in all… THEY’RE PRETTY MUCH THE SAME. Both are excellent brands, which is why they’ve been at the top together for so long. People who bash “the other brand” are typically either jealous or compensating for something else. There’s no point in splitting hairs. Both brands have made some mistakes recently, but both brands are also producing really amazing gear; just think about what we were all shooting with 10 years ago. If you’re not going to be happy until you have the PERFECT camera, then you’re NEVER going to be happy.

          Go out and enjoy your camera and lenses, and I’ll go out and enjoy mine.


          • Andrew

            Yes I agree with you that both Nikon and Canon are amazing brands, but from what I have seen, the level of excitement for the D800 and D600 has been unprecedented. Canon at the moment has not generated the same level of excitement with their cameras. Their new cameras were just another release with incremental improvements.

            The D800 was not just incremental, it was revolutionary. Many photographers in this blog lamented the fact that it had an extremely high megapixel (i.e. 36 MP) and how they needed an ISO performance that was at least on a par with the D700. Yet Nikon proved that their engineering was up to the task with the D800’s impressive high ISO performance.

            The one area where Nikon needed to catch up was in the video capability of their cameras and the D800 and most likely the D600 are finally addressing that shortcoming. And yet Nikon is still not done, they are expected to come out with the D700, D300, D7000, and D5100 replacements. And while we are anticipating those cameras, there is new rumor about the new Aptina 1 inch sensor being released with a respectable 10 MP resolution and much enhanced video performance which might find its way in the Nikon 2. This level of anticipation and excitement is what is driving heightened interest in Nikon products.

            The announcement for the new Aptina 1″ sensor seems impressive, especially for video moms who want to take high resolution movies of their kids playing soccer and not being limited by frame rate. It will be interesting though to see what measurable enhancements they (i.e. Aptina) have made to the low light performance of the previous generation sensor. Overall, great news!

            • jec6613

              This is the sensor already used in the Nikon 1 cameras, with the Nikon proprietary stuff stripped out. The dual Expeed 3’s can’t keep up with what the sensor can output.

            • Alan

              Nikon 1 J2. lol.

            • Andrew

              Jec6613, you are providing an interesting bit of information. Thanks for the feedback.

          • Erica

            I’m with you. Both Canon and Nikon are great brands. I have Nikon myself for the same reasons as you. The ergonomics of Nikon are better for my hands. And if Canon’s first DSLR wasn’t as big as it was, I might have bought a Canon, eventhough I had an analog Nikon slr. But not much later Nikon came out with the D70 and D50 (which I bought) and I still have Nikon. But a lot of friends of mine have Canon camera’. I allways tell people who ask me what camera to buy the following: go to a good shop and feel the ergonomics of the camera. If the Nikon feels good, get the Nikon, if Canon feels good for you, get a Canon, if you like a Sony, get that one. After all you are the one that uses it and if you’re happy with it, you have the best camera for you.

            I can’t understand why people keep bashing the “other” brand. I have/had camera’s from other companies too (like Fuji, Casio, Leica, Panasonic, Sony, etc) and they all have their quirks and all have great things.

            So I hope Canon, Nikon, Sony (and also the other brands) keep making good camera’s.

            • toad

              I allways tell people who ask me what camera to buy the following: go to a good shop and feel the ergonomics of the camera…

              Exactly right.

              Claiming that either Canon or Nikon is inherently superior to the other is just ridiculous. They both make excellent products and no doubt each has the superior version in some instances. Buy the one that’s most comfortable to use.

              All the people hurling lab test results at each other are being silly. The fundamental thing to remember is that it’s wildly unlikely that your equipment is the binding constraint on the quality of your photography.

        • Roberto

          This is even true and Nikon have to run to get closer to Canon, this way the nikon only gain sympathy of the young enthusiast photographer DxO lab.

        • Spacedog

          I don´t like the kind of communication in this forum. try to imagine standing face to face to the person you talking to: would you really say the same words? I don´t believe so! Respect is a point that should also exist online, not only in real life! But back to work 90% shoot Canon at the Olympics? You want to know why? Canin pays the equipment! Since many years Canon “sponsors” the Pro equipment and this is also the main reason for the grey Finishing of the Lenses: “Look out, it´s a Canon!” And about the quality:
          A few years ago we had a “shoot out” at my photo dealer between Canon and Nikon: We used the equivalent Pro-Lenses and Bodys, didnt´t make any post-producton and printed them 13×18 cm. The results are the reason i ended up with Nikon…

        • jake

          you are getting boring , used to be a bit better more intersting trolling there, you sound really retarded.

        • Jabs

          Nikon has been giving Canon fits lately and reminds me of when the F3hp and FA came out in the film era and the D3/D700/D300 first came out in the digital era and then were joined by the D3X and D3s.

          Canon has a real problem and that is low Dynamic Range, lots of banding and even odd colors, especially RED channel which they seem to have improved in their newer cameras but they still trail Nikon there.

          In the NFL, Pro Golf and many Sports Leagues Canon SPONSORS them as the Official Camera brand excluding most others, yet Nikon has made gains on them from the D4 while the 1DX has been missing in action. Video is another place that Nikon has clobbered Canon, as Canon focuses on a high-end and high priced Video line above their DSLR’s and that has been foolish, as RED wipes the floor with them.

          Canon had its heyday in the days prior to the D3 series and has been behind ever since and worse now with the D4, D800, D800E, D3200, D600 – so Canon users come here trying to sabotage this Web site, but you need cameras with a digital pipeline and SENSORS that are better than Nikon to be able to make your claims. Nikon will probably outsell Canon’s OLD DSLR body line now, as Canon has slipped behind even Sony in bodies, but has a great advantage in lenses over Sony.

          When Canon can produce a D7000 or a D5100 DX body and give us digital Expeed 3, XQD cards, a working Flash system like Nikon, clean HDMI output and the buffer depth of Nikon Pro bodies – THEN we can talk.

          When they have illuminated body function buttons, the wireless and wired possibilities of even a cheap D3200 and not the level of the D4, then again we can talk. Canon is generations behind Nikon and getting worse every time Nikon introduces a new body. Time for Canon to perhaps go BUY some new modern sensors from maybe Aptina or Sony.

        • Tiger1050Rider

          Here, fixed it for you.
          Canon outsells all of their DSLR competition 3:1 because they offer more highly advertised products.

          Please don’t tell me that the D4/D800/D800E and now the D600 are inferior to competing products from Canon. They aren’t. Even the Canon fans I know admit that the images produced by my D800 beat anything their Canon systems can output. We did a comparitive test a few weekends ago, shooting a loco on the Ffestiniog railway against the light. The shadow detail and contast handling ability of the D800 beat anything that their 7D/5D2 etc could produce.

        • umesh

          Canon always wins? You are talking of the past my dear . See NOW.
          As for as outselling 3:1 goes , canon is like sony. Hammer your ads long and massively enough and all ignorant ones eill be convinced it is good enough. Which Btw are 3:1 in ratio to intelligent ones.

        • bello

          since when is canon making the own lense glass 😀 70 % in Olympics London was Nikon the rest was canon and other brands.


      Pity for Canon they cant say the same

    • iamlucky13

      Few companies that makes a substantially complicated product makes all their parts. Those that do usually focus on the part making over the product making. Consider Sony, for example – they make tons of sensors, but the cameras themselves are almost a side-business for them (and they contract out a lot of their lenses, instead).

      Lockheed builds the most advanced fighter jets in the world. They buy the engines that make them go from Pratt and Whitney.

      Dell, Samsung, and Apple buy processors from Intel, AMD, and ARM, and displays from companies like Sony.

      The auto industry tends to reverse it from everyone else. They usually build their own engines, which is the most complicated part, but source a lot of the simpler pieces from independent suppliers.

      That’s the way things tend as the world becomes specialized. Instead of trying to repeat all the R&D someone else has done, you buy the part from the person who has done the work, make it worth with parts other people make, maybe a few of your own, and create something new.

    • nawab

      nikon never made film rolls either

      • The Doctor

        That is an excellent point, nawab!! 🙂

      • Worminator

        You don’t even have to be so abstract, even: its obvious. Nikon and Canon and the rest design cameras, and assemble them in their factories from components. Some of these components are custom ordered: the sensor, sometimes, and the processing chip, usually. And many are off the shelf, resistors, capacitors, all kinds of secondary integrated circuits. Who knows, even the shutter mechanism and so forth may be subcontracted.

        It. Does. Not. Matter. In. The. Least.

    • Scurvy hesh

      Sounds like you are unfamiliar with how and what goes into electronics. You should check out Chipworks tear downs. They are interesting and informative. Open your eyes friend.

    • Ghoma

      Yes, we all see how much better self made canon sensors are.

      You are ridiculous. Partnerships with sony/aptina grant nikon to have updated sensors all the time and this is good for us, who cares which company makes the sensor….

    • Rudi

      It’s funny. These Canon trolls do not even have the slightest clue of how business is working 😉 I guess they still think that Canon is able to produce each part of it’s own.

      At least the trolls show us that they are green with envy that they have to post here 😉

      • Worminator

        They do however have a good idea how the business of trolling works.

        Every anti-Nikon post, no matter how stupid, is guaranteed to generate 10+ replies from fanboys who should really know better.

  • Dimitrii1130

    The Fullframe rumor was from june 2011, so i believe that this sensor is in the D4.

  • Joe

    For what it’s worth, unlike the sensor in the current Nikon 1 cameras, this new sensor lacks embedded phase detect autofocus sensors.

    • fjfjjj

      That phase detect technology is Nikon IP so it’s not going to be included in the part Aptina sells on the open market. Doesn’t mean the Nikon part won’t be based on the new Aptina part.

  • znsel

    No mention of on-chip phase-detection, interesting…

  • TaoTeJared

    If Nikon could get the size of the J/V series to be smaller than the m4/3 or get the “look” to something appealing, I think they could really have a winner with that sensor. For a good “walk” around camera it fits the bill well. I just can’t stand the way the look and are too big for a sensor that small.

    The modern look was in style 5 years ago, its now modern vintage that sells.

  • Plug

    Most of the advances seem to be in the video area. Perhaps Nikon ought to produce a body in the form of a camcorder with superior audio, akin to a smaller version of a NEX VG30.

  • vFunct

    Please don’t use the 1″ terminology.

    That has nothing to do with the actual sensor size, and roughly corresponds with nonstandard sizes of a video tube from the 50’s if the sensor were the size of the video tube.


    Seriously can’t believe the industry still uses the terminology.

    The actual sensor size is 15.86mm.

    • Jabs

      Nikon ‘1’ refers to the branding of this Nikon System and it is close to the 1 inch CCTV standard but not the reason for the ‘1’.
      Nikon FX = full frame sensor
      Nikon DX = cropped sensor
      Nikon CX = the sensor size of this smaller camera system.

  • jec6613

    Erm, this is the Nikon 1’s sensor, with the Nikon proprietary PDAF and other technology removed removed, sold by Aptina for third parties.

    The video specifications we already more or less knew about, Nikon admitted that the N1′ sensor can do 2k vide, after all. See here: https://nikonrumors.com/2012/01/31/interview-with-nikon-on-the-future-of-the-nikon-1-system.aspx/

    • RichST

      Exactly what I was thinking, the burst mode on the 1 is 60fps already.

    • Jabs

      Perhaps you reconsider as the Nikon 1 System cameras all have their AF on chip and not on a separate module, so this could not be the same plus this is a new sensor chip.

  • amien

    could be a great sensor for a dedicated compact Nikon Video camera, just be sure to ad proper controls, a large LCD, crisp sound and ND filters.

    • jec6613

      Check out the V1 with 10-100 mm powered zoom lens, it’s mostly there already. You just need to add a faster processor to handle the video, as Nikon’s already admitted to requiring. Perhaps in a V2 model? That would make it an astoundingly good video rig (and it’s already very good to start with).

      • Plug


  • IMO, a 1″ sensor is more appropriate for an enthusiast compact like Sony’s RX100 than a system camera like the Nikon 1 with its open ended investment in lenses. I honestly believe the Nikon 1 system is going nowhere fast. The V1 is currently on sale for under $600, a 33% markdown. That should tell you something.

    It is pretty clear that Nikon was afraid to cannibalize sales of entry level DX cameras with a mirrorless camera line. However, Sony did just that and has a winner with the NEX series. Any sensor smaller than 4/3 belongs in a compact.

    • jimbo

      They may not cannibalize their DSLR sales, but clearly there are a lot of us who laugh at the Nikon 1 and defect to m43 and NEX. When they go, they buy lenses and accessories from other manufacturers.. further putting the hurt on Nikon. I’m one of those people. I have bought more m43 lenses than I ever did with the Nikon and my last DSLR is a d5100 i’m considering unloading soon.

    • jec6613

      The Nikon J1 is roughly the same size as the RX100 (smaller body, larger lens), at $200 less than the RX100. The RX100 has a higher resolution, and the J1 has PDAF. The Nikon V1 adds an EVF and still comes in at $50 less than the RX100.

      Assuming you treat the J1 or V1 like a compact camera and never take the kit lens off, where would you want to spend your money for a small take everwhere camera? is $200 worth the 40% increase in linear resolution, and stripping out of a PDAF system to you?

      I know for me, the EVF and PDAF is worth paying about $200 more, and instead I’d pay $50 less for it.

      • The problem with a Nikon 1 is that most lenses are too big for it to be pocket sized. Actually, what this world really needs is a pancake 20mm or 24mm DX lens at least as fast as f/2.8 with AF. that would turn Nikon (or Canon) low end DX cameras into pocket size street machines.

        What do I know? Time to shoot the living piss out of my D800.

    • Mike

      NEX is not a winner. It competes with Nikon DX because the lenses are the same size as DX lenses. NEX is not very intelligent at all: it combines the bulk of DSLR lenses with the ergonomics of compact cameras. And the lens selection is poor.

      • Some of the lenses are the same size and some are slightly larger for NEX. However, for NEX there is a 16mm pancake from Sony and a compact 30mm f/2.8 from Sigma. For DX the smallest lenses are going to be FX lenses without AF and at twice the price from Voightlander. Sony also has a collapsible 16-50 zoom hitting the market soon that is very small.

        So much for your argument, Mike.

  • Fishnose

    This chip is actually far more interesting as a video chip. Excellent 4K capability and 1080p @120fps… dang.

    • tharealmb

      i’d buy it in a heartbeat if it had 120fps @ 1080p. great camcorder!

  • stormwatch

    The only thing which Canon really has is a huge mob of idiotic fanboys who would buy all the crap which comes from Canon even if it’s written and pictured “shit” on it. Other Canons “advantages” simply doesn’t exist, since that company is in terms of technical achievements such a miserable fail and a shame for the whole industry. Even the 5D MKIII sensor is nothing but an old crap from 2006. with a few micro improvements. On the other side NIKON is working hardly to make every new body much better than the previous one because they know that the army NIKON users is much more professional and critical towards them. Nikon did it again!

  • Otaku

    Aptina writes about video quality, hope the image quality id also good.

    The Nikon 1system is a result of Nikons fear to bite away a piece of the DSLR cake, so they are self castrating like Canon always does, now again with the 6D.

    Since Canon is not optimizing their Sensors any more and instead sell the outdated stuff again and again in their new cameras i had to switch all to Nikon, but everybody who has some sensitivity knows that the times for big DSLRs is over – small, mirorrless, full frame, 3layer Sensors, that is the future and if Nikon is making a rediculous 1 System, somebody else will be innovative.

    Least innovative company recently is Canon, Sony gets better every month.

  • Why?

    How come every time I see a camera on TV or at an important event it is a Canon? Does Nikon not make good enough equipment to be used by people that can afford to use any camera system?

    • niKON

      I would say it’s because Canon is not only the better company, but they are also the company that does things first. I mean just look at the 5D… it took Nikon until 2007 to release their first full frame DSLR (D3). Canon had 3 available by then. If you can’t afford to buy the best then go with Nikon, but it you want to be taken seriously as a photographer, go with Canon (That is why you see 90% Canon at sporting events, NatGeo, Discovery etc. when you see a DSLR on TV) More class, better glass.

      • umesh

        Bots at work I suppose ? With a different name perhaps?

    • Jabs

      Don’t let idiots or fakers here fool you.

      Canon made themselves the Official Sponsors for much of sports in America via their size but Nikon still beats them in the Pro ranks where it outsells them. America is NOT the world!!!

      Canon bought the sponsorship and locked in people to exclusively using their gear = the problem, but it does not make you better.

      Ask McDonald’s and Hardees – lol.

    • John Richardson

      Why? Because their equipment is usually less expensive. Meaning that departments make an effort to save money even if it will be a capital write off in the long run.

      Cannon outsells due to price, much like PC and Mac, in reality most clones are as good as a Mac, but since Mac is more expensive they sell less. Computers like cameras are tools and spending less on equipment to get the job done make accounting departments happy.

  • d3c

    Time and numbers. Nikon D800 only just appeared. Time and numbers will tell which brand dominates at a later time, give it a year. In the near term I just want to know it the purveyors of the left side focus issue return with any answers on the issue they push from Photokina.

  • `/1nc3nt

    The 1 series is a product of technology trend. It’s a miniaturization of devices and tools without sacrificing it’s very own purpose.

    Camera making is a delicate design and manufacturing process which involves a lot of variables. If you fixate the sensor size as non-developing technology then your assumption that sensor size matters is correct. But it’s not the case.

    Sensor evolves, lens constructions evolves and so the software. In not a very long time technically you are able to make pictures with 1 series dimension in a quality of medium format digital.

    You can argue anything here but the fact will tells you different story, and that’s is the rationale that Nikon R&D also has.

  • T.I.M

    So, basicaly it’s a HD camcorder that can also take pictures ?

  • canon rocks


    they have the biggest market.. all amateurs shoot canon! all pros shoot canon! and I ask them why choose canon: “because it’s canon! everybody uses canon!” “the best camera brand ever” “…they said the pic is cleaner and more wonderful” “trendy” “cheaper” etc

    when I ask Nikon users: “accurate colors” “quiet operation” (some canon users hate nikon because they don’t produce clackity clack sound when opening flash, pressing shutter button, etc–less manly and less pro-feel.) “smaller raw files” “more shooting-oriented controls” etc.

    1. who needs accurate color! we edit them anyways!
    2. quiet?? gay (and too girly, yes)
    3. small raw? gay, or you’re too poor to get a harddisk.
    4. shooting-oriented controls are just nonsense. canons provide more beautiful and foolproof interface, rather than nikon’s old-look display with fake 7-segment numbers.
    5. more expensive. who are stupid enough to waste money on nikons!


    • Spy Black

      I love to come here for entertainment…

      • BartyL

        I find it inspiring. Not everybody could learn to type again after such a severe brain injury.

      • blubbeli


    • John

      I just want to know why there are Canon fan boys on a Nikon site? I’m guessing they just want to make themselves feel good about their insecure decisions in buying into Canon.

    • Fishnose

      All the hysterical Canon trolling I see here makes me smile – it’s a clear indication that Canon really are in trouble, and Nikon have advanced.
      There are Canon people out there that are terrified that the balance may change. So, in desperation, they have to resort to idiocy to try and balance things out by spreading bullshit.

      An indication of how bad things are: on NR the Forums are filled with people discussing their amazing Nikons and what they can do with them.
      In the CR Forums, a lot of discussion revolves around Canon’s bad marketing decisions and failing technology.

      Fascinating reading.

    • JohnMc

      Quote “pressing shutter button, etc–less manly
      quiet?? gay (and too girly, yes)
      small raw? gay”
      When a poster suggests sexuality is linked to the camera you use, you know that their argument is well and truly lost as well as being insulting to approx 50% of the world’s population. It also suggests that the poster has some serious personal/personality issues about their own orientation.

  • Alan


    Go back under your rock, I’m sorry Canon gives you $5 every time you post about them.

  • goldaccess

    One bigger issue with this sensor, though: it does NOT have phase-detection AF on the sensor…

  • ACS

    MY CAMERA BRAND MUST AND WILL DOMINATE THE WORLD AND SEND CONTENDERS TO OBLIVION! Seriously guys, who gives a fuck in real life? Brandwhores.

    • John Richardson

      So … Ford or Chevy???

      • Big J

        Ford is more complicated to fix, Chevy’s have always been easier, all you need is a hammer and elbow grease. Just kidding….. Wouldn’t choose neither, hurts the wallet the gas-guzzlers I own Land Rovers.

      • Acs

        So, John, men or women?

  • Dig

    Sourcing parts is quite common in the camera industry. Many camera brands use the Copal Square shutter. And not only Nikon, but also manufacturers such as Leitz, Pentax, Mamiya, Konica etc. are using of the products of Copal.

  • ageha

    This isn’t a new sensor, it’s just the stripped down version of the 1″ sensor they produced for Nikon already last year. They simply added it to their catalog and make it available for other vendors. Totally false alarm.

  • Ala’a

    While visiting Photokina, I dropped at the Aptina booth and talked to their representative (a Mr. Max Wilson). The gentleman was confident about their technology, and even demonstrated a keen fondness for smaller sensors.
    When I asked him about which brands will outfit their products with Aptina technology, and if they can demand exclusivity for use of the sensors, he smiled and replied that is not for his company to announce at this stage, but confirmed that several manufacturers are either committed or in negotiation to use their chips.

  • mark

    If canon is so great why does NASA use Nikon for their space program?

    • MB

      Excuse me but you sound so desperate about this.
      It really does not matter and is not about the greatness it is about you as a user and what camera you are filling most comfortable with while taking pictures because that is the purpose of the camera and then you will be able to tell the difference for yourself.

  • MB

    I remember when Nikon was developing D7000 there were some rumors that they will use Aptina sensor but Nikon at the end decided to go for Sony and Aptina start sampling 16MPix APS sensor (they still are because nobody use it). I suspected then that maybe Aptina really was working with Nikon on a new sensor and after Nikon decided not to go Aptina decided not to waste the development time and try to sell the sensor on the market.
    It seems to me that this is something similar, Nikon was maybe negotiating with Aptina about new and improved sensor for new CX camera but decided to go for Sony 24Mpix one (megapixels sell much better than IQ nowadays) so Aptina announced this one by themselves.

  • Didnt read

    has anyone yet commented on the aptina sensor that is the subject of this post? the sony sensor for rx100 seems like it kills it. all nikon needs to do is get that sensor, fire designers of the fisher price toy known as the nikon one system, and release some more primes including a 24mm equiv. there is no point to the zooms they have released. both standard zooms are overwhelmingly irrelevant, and the long zooms make the nikon 1 look like the clown car of cameras

    • jec6613

      Of course we have, several times.

      The RX100 sensor, resolution aside, performs exactly the same as this one. Go look at DxO, and you’ll see that the N1’s sensor (seen here) and the RX100 have nearly indistinguishable curves.

      That brings us to the issue with the Sony RX100 sensor: it’s slow. It has 40% higher linear resolution, but isn’t nearly fast enough for the video modes and PDAF used by the N1. So Nikon would be increasing resolution, but decreasing speed and AF. I’ll take the AF speed any day, and 20 Megapixels isn’t needed for what I’d be shooting with a camera in that size range.

      Maybe the next generation sensor will be 20 MP, but personally I’d rather them stick at 10 or 12 MP and keep adding features.

  • Bob Dickens

    So what are the odds Aptina is bought out by another company within the next couple of years?

  • Peter

    This 1″ sensor is the same as what Nikon uses in their Nikon 1 series? I thought Nikon 1’s sensor is smaller.

    • ageha

      Right, one has a diagonal of 1″ and the other one has a diagonal of 1″. Sounds very different to me.

  • xcm

    Hi, sorry for my stupid quesion: Does quad high definition mean 4K?
    Thanks for help

    • MB

      Short answer YES.
      Actually it means 4 times more pixels and twice the resolution (lpi) or 2160 HD video.

      • xcm

        Thanks 🙂
        so we are talking about nikon J2 removable 4K camera 🙂
        but 1″ inch is bigger than curent sensor, will nikon 1 objective still enough to cover it? by the way I do not care nikon 1 objectives, I am using C mount lenses (Kern Paillard, 16mm ) but I am afraid they wont cover 1″
        Anyway, nikon J2 4K camera will be my pocket for sure just do know when….

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