Nikon’s interviews at Photokina

Interview with Florian Schulz & Salomon Schulz:

Interview with Sandro Miller & Anthony Arendt:

Interview with Danie van Jaarsveld:

Interview with Rainer Eder:

Interview with Ursula Meissner:

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  • fjfjjj

    Ursula Meissner is a badass. What a cool lady.

  • Robert

    I do not understand the English language, but if someone said “Nikon has finally made an auto-focus super fast and accurate for all your new lenses” and “a new FF body will come until next year. ‘I’ll be very happy with nikon

  • Ron

    Has anybody from Nikon (or otherwise) addressed the issue with the D600 in that it is outputting a 1080p or 720p signal signal at 95% physical size, therefore creating a black frame around all of the footage when captured to an external recorder such as the Ninja 2?

    I know Atomos is “working with Nikon on this”, but I can’t tell if this is Nikon’s problem, Atomos’ problem, or both. I do know one thing — the HDMI output size setting option found in the D800’s HDMI menu is not present in the D600 menus.

    I’m really hoping this is a simple oversight. I am looking for anybody else who owns an external recording device and the D600 to either match my results or get their own that contradict mine. Otherwise, this $2,100 purchase feels a lot more pricey with the crippled video mode – especially considering the lack of manual aperture control in video. Nikon, why do you tease us so?!?!

    • Aldo

      I went to a best buy yesterday to handle the d600… they are not kidding when they say the focusing is fast (although most points are in the center). I shot some pictures around the store at ISO 6400 and oh man… The noise is relatively low even zoomed in, especially when compared to the D800 ( I know res etc etc factors in). The auto white balance seems better on the D600 also… warmer colors no green tint (more like canon). It sucks to hear about the limitations on the video mode though. I hope they get this figured out for you. Good luck. I’m still thinking about switching from the D800…

    • Darkness

      Stop trolling here with your numbnuts links to moaners and call Nikon perhaps?

    • Enlight

      Thanks for letting us know about that.
      Please, keep us updated.

  • So I suppose the airplane that was doing the flyover of these guys was remote control too? How can they say it was only a two man crew? What about all the locations, logistics, planning, and other things? You mean to tell me Nikon had nothing to do with that? Do we look stupid? It’s a nice camera, but a little honesty goes a long way.

    • fordstr

      There is a making of video where they talk about the plane, flown by a friend of theirs who is a bush pilot. It does look like the majority of the video is just them, hence why they needed 3 cameras (1 for each, and 1 as their setup camera to record them) as opposed to a dozen.

  • desmo

    it appears your problem is in the HDMI to Outboard device, As you know HDMI is heavily copyprotected, either the recorder doesn’t recognize the recently released camera as legitimate or vica versa , end result it will only pass preview signal not HiDef.
    I had a similar problem with first batch of NEF raw files I downloaded thru card reader to ViewNX2 on my laptop. transfer 2 trnsfered the entire raw files , but ViewNx would only read the thumbnails. thenext day i loaded a card with some test shots in NEF raw and transfer 2 went online updated and the raw files transfered correctly in all their 24mp low noise splendor.

    Your video glitch is probably a simple software fix by either the recorder company, NIKON or both.
    I have yet to shoot video, but based on the paces I put mine through shooting photos in varied light conditions including low light hi ISO,,,
    The D600 ROCKS!!!!

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