Nikon D600 price drop in the UK, Germany

The originally announced price of the Nikon D600 in the UK was insanely high. Today Amazon UK started selling the D600 for £1,613. That's over £300 less than the original £1,974.44 (around $3,200) for body only (the D600 kit currently sells for £2,204.76, down from £2,467.26):

The price of of the Nikon D600 also went down EUR 150 in Germany:

The D600 price on Amazon Germany is currently EUR 1,999:

Nikon D800 has a 320 EUR discount on Amazon Germany:

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  • starsc

    Sorry “Pierre in CHeeseland”
    Could you gimme one clue more?
    I don’t understand german and I’m tryin’ with google translate, but it’s not easy searching in many sites..

    • GoogleTranslate?

      most of the swiss pages exist in three versions … german, french and english … on this page the buttons to change language are on the right upper corner 😉

      • starsc

        Obviously ALL the sites that has the English version are not a problem, like toppreise.. I have to use Google translate in the others, and searching for sending methods and capabilities from german is not always so simple, have a try..
        No political, just for understanding what I mean 😉

  • benji2505

    that’s how you manage the initial demand of a camera, after the mediocre experience with the D800 and the D4:
    You have some stock on hand when you announce it, then you set the price a healthy chunk above the price you’re aiming for when you launch in order to fend off the first wave. Then you lower prices when things have normalized. I would not be surprised if the price ends up to be where the initial rumors were – around the $1,500 mark.

  • Jabs
    • KnightPhoto

      And on that top-sellers DSLR list 8 of the top 10 are Nikon’s!

      In recent years worldwide DSLR Canon and Nikon were close in sales. I’d have to think Nikon will overtake this year.

  • karl

    still overpriced.
    Let me know when it’s $2000 = €1550

    • Matt

      Check out digitalrev

  • Michael Laing

    Looks like the price of the D600 has gone up to £1775.90 with Amazon themselves charging 1£885.86

  • Erogenous Zone

    Looks like the Amazon price is up and down like a fiddlers elbow, depending on the TP seller. £1.5~k here:

  • Camera Man

    It is an awesome sensor in an enthusiastic/consumer/overpriced camera.

    When will Nikon release the D400?

  • Martin

    A price drop… which is only fair cause the D700 sold for 1800 EUR. As an “entry level” FX camera the D600 should really be less than the D700, otherwise what’s the hype all about. I’ll buy it for 1500 EUR not more. Thank you :-p

    • Erogenous Zone

      Inflation my friend, inflation.

      The D700 sold for £2000 in 2008, thats nearer £2200 in todays money, so its much ‘cheaper’ than the D700 at launch.

      The D600 is around £1600-£1700 at current UK prices.

      • francis

        Over the last 5 years, increases in salaries combined with inflation have lead to a decrease in purchasing power for the average consumer.

        The price for the D600 really should have been around 1500 Euro, cause now it’s not more affordable than the D700, which was the appraised target for this camera, wasn’t it?!

  • Kiki

    In short order the D600 price drops in the UK and Germany.

    That makes me pause from purchasing here in the USA to wait and see.

  • Mars

    I did a quick search of the cheapest Swiss Internet shops and there’s at least one who ships abroad:

    With pre-payment you have to pay 2012.35 SFr. = 2168$ = 1669 €. They even deduct 7.6 % Swiss consumer tax from the price but you’ll have to pay your country’s consumer tax and probably a government tax (customs duty) upon import.
    And yes, the site’s in English also 😉
    And yes, I’m in no way affiliated with it 😉

  • ericnl

    €1949,- here in Amsterdam now…

    and for that price they include warranty extended from 2 to 5 years, a lowepro slingbag (€59), a free “check&clean”, and a €100,- discount on your next full frame lens purchase.

    • ericnl

      and two days later it’s back up to €2049,-

      should have jumped on it, but I’m not convinced yet that the reduced focus point surface will work for me. especially when it comes to concert photography where there is only very local light and focus, and you only have micro seconds to get that deciding shot, so no time to focus and recompose…

      the D800, although with a larger focus point area, is not an option because of the file size and the lack of user settings, I find myself switching between the two user settings and manual mode a lot on my current camera. especially while composing street shots.

      why oh why did Nikon have to cripple the D600 on that point?
      all the rest of the camera I could live with, easily. even at the almost D800 price point it is at now.

      I guess there is no hope for a D750 which has the D700 body, the D600 internals, and the D800 focus system????


  • Steve

    £1599 at Heathrow T5

    £15oo at DigitalRev.

    CHF 2012 online in Switzerland.

    If I can pick one up one locally at that price I could get ~8% tax rebate, which would bring the effective price down to around £1275.

  • It’s in fact already much cheaper in germany! At ebay you can get it for 1624,- Euro, and even Calumet sells it as low as 1829,- Euro but bundled with CaptureNX2! Nikon J1 is already avalable at 299,- and V1 at 334,- Euro, yet. But with 10-30mm kit lens.

  • linda

    Nikon D600 body, now price is attractive,USD1648 now.
    if any one who want to buy, can contact me(Linda) skype:ace.sales2,

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