Nikon D600 recap

Detailed recap of the latest Nikon D600 news/updates/links:

  • The new Nikon WU-1b wireless mobile adapter ($59.95) is not compatible with the D800.

  • The Nikon D600 has a new battery grip: Nikon MB-D14 ($274.95).
  • As previously reported, the D600 will start shipping very soon after the announcement. The date given in Nikon's press release and Amazon is September 18. This is a new record for Nikon - the camera is expected to start shipping less than a week after the official announcement!

Nikon MS-D14 AA Battery Holder
Nikon MS-D14EN Battery Holder
Nikon BM-14 LCD Cover
Nikon AN-DC8 Replacement Neck Strap for the D600
Nikon CF-DC5 Semi Soft Case

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  • MB

    Amazon UK pricing Body Only:
    New Nikon D600 £1955
    Nikon D800 Only £2159
    Frankly who would go for D600 at such a little price difference …

    • No Contest.

      The D600 is the new one. D800 is old hat now, just look how the price is in free fall.

      We still have the fun of finding the D600’s problems to look forward to!

    • Alex

      As a UK resident I´d start shopping in the rest of Europe. Same thing we did in 2009 when the nikon UK prices were significantly lower than the German prices e.g. There is still the currency conversion but that’s it. No costums and no taxes within the EU. The 2149€ MSRP equals 1740 Pounds today…

      • tomas to-mas halasz

        In Slovakia (central europe, EU) preorder price 2000euro.

  • ARF

    Own D800 and D4 and D300. I have Zero need for a D600. But I keep hoping and hoping for a D400 DX type camera for a lot of the shots that I take. FX is a poorer tool for some photos. On my wish list is much larger view finder thou most of you would never need one. The D600 is kind of a joke for me, but I think Nikon will sell a ton of them.

    Second item: Do any of you know of another product out there other than the D4 that takes a XQD memory card?? Whats up with that?

    • Big J

      Well other than the D4 not sure who else. In my opinion it will either be a Sony camera that will implement it in their own series or the next high-speed FPS Nikon camera. Hate to keep repeating this camera that may or may not ever exist. But a D400 would seem reasonable to implement such a system in the sense that the camera won’t require so much hardware (like the extra processors and the big buffer in the D4) and focus the quick writing on an XQD slot that’s capable of writing at such high speeds the pics that in turn “could” lower costs and weight of the camera. What do you guys think of my theory there? I’m no engineer or electronics expert, but do you think that such an implementation of tech like the XQD could be useful in such a camera line?

  • KT

    I know this is a Nikon site and believe me I’m not trolling here but did you guys see the price drop of the Canon 5D mark III, Adorama is selling it, brand new, USA model with full warranty for $2750, anyone think the D600 with 24 MP and priced at $2100 has anything to do with the 5D mark III price drop. Did someone at Canon headquarters finally see the light and decided to pull the plug on the 5D mark III????

    • Andrew

      Sorry KT, but not interested. It is either the D800 or the D600. The D600 cost $1,400 less than the Mark III. If you are interested in video, the D600 gives you HDMI out for uncompressed video which you do not get from the Mark III. If I were into videos (i.e. movies, documentaries, TV commercials, etc.) , my number one choice would be the D800 and the number two choice will be the D600. The D800 takes much sharper videos than the Mark III – it is like day and night. The Mark III seems like a blurry cam in comparison.

      • Rob

        Speaking of “night and day,” the 5D3 completely outclasses the D800 at high ISO video. And as he said, it’s not $1400 more, it’s $650 more from Adorama.

        • Andrew

          D800 videos used in Hollywood!

          Sure the 5D3 with its lower 24 MP sensor performs better than the D800’s higher 36 MP sensor in lower light situations, that is to be expected with the 5D3’s lower pixel count, though the D800 still performs professionally and admirably in low light situations. But when you are taking videos in normal lighting conditions, the 5D3 is outclassed by the D800’s sharp video. So sure, there are compromises whichever equipment once selects, but when given the choice, I prefer the sharper videos the D800 produces. The fact that a major Hollywood studio is now using the D800 to film portions of major productions is an indication that the D800 is providing the right trade-offs that top professional videographers and producers prefer. See the Nikon D800’s role in Hollywood:

    • Big J

      “Could” be because of the D600 or maybe a drop in their own sales of it. I almost got one from a friend awhile back for only $2250 (with around 7800 actuations). But then my friend told me that he was gonna sell it in another country in order to take advantage of the price increase in that country. But I’m not gonna die without it so I let it go. Would’ve been cool to have owned both a 5DMKIII and a D800. The 5DMKIII is an amazing camera (if you get one without any faults like the leaks and his didn’t have from what I observed). But oh well, if they dropped the price that much chances are it’ll drop more in the next few months before xmas. On eBay (from an official retailer) they go for about $3050-$3100 the 5DMKIII when in most retails it’s more. They probably are trying to pave the way for more sales of all their camera lines and lens lines in order to draw in as many potential and permanent clients as possible before the holidays.

  • Laetitia C

    I probably buy a D600 because I have a D90, I want a full frame, and because I don’t need 36 millions of pixels( … and the motion blur)

    But not at this price (2100 €) … the price for a D800 is now 2675 € …

    • Ronbo

      Canon 5d3 is still $3500 at all the major suppliers.

  • rob

    re PC World Australia D600 unboxing:
    I’ve seen more enthusiasm during the ‘unboxing’ of a Big Mac. Maybe savoring each moment piece by piece is a bit much, but how about a little passion or even a vague interest in what you’re doing?


  • RR

    I am sorry I am late for the D600 posts, and I am sure this has been asked before but I cant find it, can anyone tell me if the D600 can work with non G lenses, I mean can it Autofocus on screw drived lenses?

    thank you.

    • Big J

      Yes, its body has a built-in autofocus motor. One of the reasons that it’s doing so well in sales.

      • RR

        oh wow great..!

        thank you for the info.

  • Too bad this camera’s a kick in the but for strobists.. no cable sync and only 1/200s flash sync 🙁 otherwise, an amazing little camera.

    • Big J

      Why would that be? Radio triggers can be used for it. Chances are that many of the big ones are already making the firmware updates for their triggers to be compatible with the new D600. So I don’t see why it’s such a kick in the butt?

      • Well, because basically you have all your small strobes’ power weakened (if you use them, of course). The 1/200 can really make a difference.
        David Hobby explains it much better than me, and I agree entirely.

        • Big J

          Hmmm…. what are you shooting exactly that requires such a high sync speed? Because if you’re doing portraits and some sports then I think 1/200 is sufficient. And why would the strobes power weaken if you regulate them yourself manually (or using a remote device) their strength (1/2, 1/3, 1/4, etc)? And if there’s bright ambient light, can’t you just use a light meter to help find the correct exposure?

          • Big J

            “Correct exposure” meaning by setting the meter to shutter priority and seeing what is the best setting to use.

      • Stephen Naya

        If you’re using strobes, all you need to do is get the Nikon AS15 adapter. It’s $20, problem solved. They’ve had that available for years.

        And the difference between 200th and 250th is inconsequential. Flashes and studio strobes flash much faster than that anyway.

        • Big J

          I have a feeling the person before posted just because it was posted on a blog and in turn was speaking on behalf of that other person rather than for themselves.

          • No, it is not inconsequential. if it was, we would be talking about either 1/200 or 1/250. In some daylight situations it will.
            Well, I know flashes flash a lot faster than that… but it’s funny, my camera won’t go faster than 1/250th (D200 max sync speed)… 😛
            The flash won’t suddenly get weaker as if by magic. what that means is that, for example 1/250th at f/16 equals 1/500th at f/11. Since the flash only cares about the aperture, you could balance in the same light with half of the flash power.
            I’ll admit that I’m not very confortable discussing the most technical aspects of this matter (and what boring stuff) but the ‘person’ and the ‘blog’ happen to be THE blog about small flash photography and David Hobby sure knows what he’s talking about.
            Cheers! 🙂

            • Errr, I was quoting David Hobby at a paragraph, starting at ‘1/250th at f/16…’. for some reason my ‘quote’ warning didn’t appear. sorry about that and sorry, David!

  • wublili

    Why is the “Nikon CORP.” looking like “Nikon CORR.” ?

    I looked at teh photo several time and still can’t figure out why there is the extra “dot” after the P.

    Oh well, no-one’s pefect…

    • syd

      General rule when shortening a name is to use a full stop after it.

    • Larry Van Valkenburg

      In proper English, abbreviations end with a period, to show it’s an abbreviation.
      Then there’s a comma after it to separate it from Japan. A pause there, when reading.
      Nikon Corp., Japan
      Nikon Corporation, Japan

  • NET

    Wow! Made in Thailand.

  • Donald

    I’m in the market for a new full-frame DSLR and I live in the UK – I want to buy from a manufacturer with ethical pricing or are they all like Nikon?

  • Art

    I am really curious what “hidden” features there are in my D800 battery grip that Nikon hasn’t yet told us about — being that it is $200 more than the battery grip on the D600…..

  • GaryS

    I just received this e-mail from Amazon:

    Hello Gary,

    I’m from the Camera Concierge team. You’ve probably already received the confirmation e-mail for your order of the Nikon D600 24.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only) (order #xxxxxxxxxxx), but I wanted to reach out to you personally to let you know that we’re here to help you.

    I see your order is expected to be delivered to your ALBUQUERQUE, NM address by Sept 19, 2012. As you may already know, this camera is available for pre-order only. We’ll ship the camera to you once it’s been released and we’ve received inventory. Please note, we only charge for the order at the time it ships.

    We’ll keep an eye on your order to be sure it goes as expected. We will also e-mail you again when the order ships to provide a tracking number and additional information about the shipment of your order. Please note that an adult signature will be required to deliver this package. UPS will try to deliver three times before returning the package to us.

    The Camera Concierge team can be contacted directly at 1-877-344-0195. We’re available Sunday – Saturday/ 6am to 6pm PDT. Any member of the Concierge team would be happy to help you.

    I hope this helps. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

    Best regards,

    Diane H.

    Anyone else receive this?


    • Nope. Just got a standard auto reply email from amazon. Claims mine will arrive on the 20th, so you’ll have a 24hr head start on me 🙂

  • Carsten

    Anyway, good competitor for the Canon 6d…

  • Larry Van Valkenburg

    After seeing what “ThatNikonGuy” has had to say about the D600 and seeing his photos with it and it’s body size comparisons, and comparing the dimensions of the body to my D300 along with the D7000 and the D3200, dimensions, along with the features, I believe I would buy one if I had the money available, But I just don’t!
    I would have to have it with the 24-85 kit lens and the battery grip, plus a new 70-200mm f2.8 VR II Lens for it too!

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