Nikon D600 shelf display adapters started shipping to retailers

Some BestBuy stores received shelf display power adapters labeled for a "Nikon D000" camera (used to power the camera on the display shelf). I believe those adapters are for the Nikon D600. It is a common procedure for retailers to ship adapters few day before a new camera becomes available. There is a good chance that the Nikon D600 will start shipping shortly after the announcement next week.

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  • jorg

    nikon might have lots of stock available…

    • BartyL

      Hopefully they have learned some lessons following the D800 release in terms of building up stock numbers prior to release.

      • Not Surprised

        They will not have learned that lesson at all.

    • Johnny

      Nikon have stock available at release?? Hahahahahaha!!

      • Michael

        This is a camera that is going to sell at the volume of DX cameras, so I expect them to have plenty of stock.

      • dslr

        Neither does Leica, Sony, Panasonic or Fujifilm. I hate this trend that cameras are “unofficially announced” at least 6 months before they are supposed to hit the market. Then there is another 6 months or more waiting for it to be available. X100 and Nex7 comes to mind. I also believe it took 3 months before GX1 showed up as “in stock” also. Not sure about X-Pro 1 but it took a few months after its release that it was in stock and by then it felt old.

        • bob

          Put it this way..

          It takes you about a year to save up for this newly released camera..

          So you can afford to buy one when it is finally available in stock 🙂

          • Don

            Well, I have been saving for three years now, and there is no sign that the update I am waiting for may be announced shortly…

    • nuno santacana

      Nikon is letting DX users down:

      There is plenty of D300 owners who are tired of seeing entry level cameras (like D3200) with better sensors. We want a D300 replacement (D7000 has not a strong body) now.

      • bob


        The d300 is a great dx camera.. and does that are waiting and tired of seeing entry levels come out with better sensors shrug their shoulders and come to the realization that their d300 is still a great camera and making them money.

        So please dont speak for us. ty

      • Merv

        A few years ago, I read about the percentage of sales for Nikon dSLRs, it looked something like this:

        D90 = 30-35%
        D3000 = 30-35%, probably a bit less than the D90
        D5000 = 25%
        D300 = 1.3% or 1.7%

        After the tsunami and Thailand floods, it made complete sense for Nikon to drop a model where they’d have to put the same amount of design and studies to produce a D300 compared to all the other dSLRs, but only contributing to what, 3% increase in their sales.

        • RC

          What was the percentage when the D300 was the ONLY model? What do you think the percentage would be if the D300/D300s model didn’t exist? It’s not that simple. The main reason I own a D300 is simply because it was the ONLY choice back then.

        • Rob

          First of all, those percentages must be off based on the production numbers of the D300, unless that’s AFTER the D300S was released. Secondly, by that logic they wouldn’t make any full frame cameras because they sell in even lower numbers than the D300/D300S. You’re not factoring in profit margin, among other things. If they make $100 profit on a D5000 and $400 on a D300, then the number of sales is deceiving as to how valuable the camera is to Nikon, especially if you consider that the semi-pro market will spend MUCH more on glass than the consumer market. And you also must take into account that without the D300S they would lose a significant portion of that market to Canon (7D), and without a D400, they will lose a significant portion of that market to the 7DII.

          D300S was my first DSLR, and if there was no D300S I would never have become a Nikon user, and would by now have spent well over 5 figures on Canon glass instead of Nikon.

      • Jorge

        The D300 is an incredible camera. I still shoot on occasion with mine even though I have the D700, and the D800. The 300 has over 100,000 actuations and still going strong. Now that I can shoot in DX crop mode with the D800 at 15 or 16 megapixels I have to say the D300 may get less use. However, it is a tool that I love(d) and appreciate. It will stay in my inventory until it quits on me.

    • Talpa

      We got packages like these from our rep on Friday.

      What he gave us was interface cables that enable the re-population of D600 AF data tables.

      For once Nikon is getting ahead of the game. Initially these will only be available to us dealers. (Just great, we now get to do nikon’s warranty repairs; as if margins were not tight enough already). Later they will be a catalogue item that you folk can buy.

      Same thinking as with AF fine tune. Got aproblem (production tolerances) then make a feature/usp out of it. JP thinks fine tuning body/lens combos is just great, so it will be with being able to re-populate the data tables.

      • curious

        can u please explain how the whole thing works?
        USB connection?
        Maximum adjustments?

  • Jabilson007

    Open the preorders already!

  • FanBoy

    How much it costs?

    • Michael H

      I don’t know, I’m guessing the mount would cost a few dollars 😉

      • bob

        Nope.. It’s free to put a pre-order in.

        Now the price of the camera??? that’s a different ball park

  • MuttonPuncher


  • maybe

    if the D600 really starts shipping this soon, I may just buy one. If I can’t get my hands on one until 2013, I might just wait for a FF mirrorless.
    can’t decide to give up FF for APS-C mirrorless, or if I should wait until a compact FF comes out.


      • RC

        Yeah, and you’re the troll.

      • john stevens

        Probably that MM Troll. Hey MM Troll!!! It smelled like a troll. probably ie.

        • maybe

          how am I trolling? I have been waiting for a FF camera under 2500 dollars since 09. I’m just getting tired of carrying my 5D Classic and 24-105 while backpacking. it’s heavy. I”m about ready to give up on FF for a lighter option, although I hate sacraficing quality.
          Zero trolling going on here. I didn’t even criticize anything…
          a little sensitive today guys?

          • ChubbyBrunette

            Really guys, you are becoming annoying about trolling, let’s talk about camera and lenses please…

  • T.I.M

    Make sure you order your D600 from B&H, by the time you get your camera all the bugs will be fixed !

    • T-Mo

      I see what you did there.

    • Pro Camera

      LOL. It is true. 🙂

    • Fraucha

      Implying Left AF will get you only coal in your stocking on Christmas. Bad boy.

    • Ric

      Can I get a ruling?

      I say DRINK!

      • meaning?

        I wish some one will explain me this Drink! stuff for or after a troll.
        Is it meant for a hiccup? What is it? I can’t figure it out.


        • enesunkie

          They can’t write an intelligent comment that adds something to the discussion here and this is the best they came up with.

        • tifkat

          Seems to be a(n alcohol) drinking game. Anytime someone mentions the D400, D800 AF issues / delivery times etc, or any other ‘dead horse’ issue (as in ‘beating a dead horse’ ie pointless but relentless whinging about essentially non-issues or 1st world issues), you consume an amount of your drink of choice. Probably a game invented by an alcoholic, but these dyas, seems to be all the rage in some social circles.

      • Michael Switzer

        I say no drink comment was more about B&H

  • Jack

    I know someone who knows someone in Melville Nikon.
    He was told the price will be 1899.99 body only.
    Kit available first for 2299.99 as usual.
    body only avaible For january 2013.

    • Jack

      Sorry, he said 2199 for kit. Camera was in Melville as of last Friday.

      • rob

        Damn, ‘Jack’s prices sound right:
        “…was told the price will be 1899.99 -body only.
        Kit available first for 2199.99, as usual.
        Body-only available January 2013.”

        Hard to justify $2200 when you don’t make living with it and your current camera is perfectly good.

      • Josh

        $1900 for a D7000, which the D600 basically is, is absurd. If it is that much it doen’t really have a target market. $1900 is too much for the amateur enthusiasts this cameras features are aimed at and those paying at $2000 level expect more pr0 level features and a better than a semi pro d7000 type build. For that price you can get a used D700. Heck it wasn’t too long ago that new D700s were $2500. The only way I could see it at 1900, even with the D7000 body, is if it had the D800s AF, metering, and 1/8000 top shutter speed.

        • RC

          You’re saying that as if the D700 is a better camera. It’s not. I have told myself that $1500 sounds like a dream but I’d be willing to pay up to $2000 for the body. Here’s my guess of what the target market might be like. Someone that wants FX that doesn’t want an OLD D700. I just really hope that the buffer and AF system are reasonable, and if it’s not, I’d be willing to put up with it until the next model. I’m upgrading from a D300. Sure, it’d be nice to have a D400 but the increase in high ISO quality probably can’t compare to what FX now offers. No more DX for me. I want my 70-200 to be a 70-200 again. I want less DOF. I can’t wait for Thursday!

          • Ze ‘Ol D700

            Don’t worry, you’ll get what you want, upgraded tech + downgraded overall feel (compared to what you’ll get with the OLD D700 anyway). Enjoy!

          • Josh

            If the specs are accurate the D700 IS a better camera in every way except for the sensor.

            The point is the D600 is not any more camera than a D7000 and should not be priced like it has a D700 pro build and pro feature set just because it is FX. In fact except for the Sensor the D600 is actually a down grade from a D300. Unless you are gullible enough to believe an FX sensor actually costs $700 more than a DX sensor it is obvious pricing the D600 so high makes no sense and is just a huge mark up because it’s FX.

            The other FX cameras high prices were justified by the significantly better build quality and feature set which the D600 lacks. Face it the D600 is just a D7000 with a lower top shutter speed and a slightly better sensor. Those who are serious enough about photography to spend what is for practical purposes $2000 on a body will expect and want better than some amateur camera with scene modes for that kind of cash.

            • Mike M

              An FX sensor probably costs several hundred dollars more than a DX sensor. Thom Hogan has speculated (and I think he’s in the right ballpark) that the prices were around 50 for DX and 500 for FX and they may have come down to closer to 400 for FX. You have to realize the FX sensor is nearly 4x the square mm (or inches) of high purity silicon processed into a semiconductor. And either is MASSIVELY bigger than a CPU or the like. People make the mistake of thinking that like a computer chip the price will drop as time goes on, it will drop a little as yields improve and their is less waste, but ultimately 35mm is 35mm so the cost isn’t going down that much.

              I am a little surprised that we went from 1600 to 1900, I almost wonder if Nikon is leaking prices to gauge reaction, since there hasn’t been a firestorm about the new price point I could see them going on the higher end of the scale since people didn’t completely lose their minds at 1600 and are still excited now…

            • The biggest factor in unit cost of a sensor or any other electronic chip level device is the tooling/production setup cost, which is amortized over the quantity of units manufactured. If they made more FX sensors than DX sensors (not going to happen in this cycle) then FX sensors would be cheaper than DX. Yes, there is a yield factor which relates both to the size of the chip and its complexity but if you spend half a billion dollars setting up a production line it’s going to take a lot of sensors to cover that capital cost.

    • D600=$1499

      Hard pressed to sell your D700 eh? Quick, it seems there is no waiting as such. 😉

      • Jack

        Let’s hope for me and you both that is that cheap. I don’t want to pay 1900.

        • D600=$1499


        • gt

          australian prices tend to be higher. also they have a different currency

          • T.I.M

            I want to visit Australia, my grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand father came from Australia.

            • Merco

              I don’t think australia even existed back in those days 😀

            • D600=$1499

              Oh yea, and Columbus discovered America, and Africa still is the dark continent.

            • ShaoLynx

              Nah, I think you meant to say ‘Africa’.
              We all know the ‘out of Africa’ theory.
              Besides it wasn’t your grand** father, it was you grand** mother, and since about 100 years she’s affectionately called ‘Eva’.
              If I remember correctly, she’s the progenitor of all good-hearted NR-readers. Bar those dang trolls in C-major: they actually descend from a lost mix of Neanderthal x that Chinese subspecies that claims to be of alien origin.
              A weird combination that explains their ferocious attitude…

            • Kwik

              And his father came from Britain…

            • out there

              Just because one lot claims to be of alien origin doesn’t mean the rest are not of alien origin…

            • Merco

              I meant it was not known as Australia, disgusted guy.

              let’s say 30 years for every generation (at least), his grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand father would mean 450 years ago.

              that means around 1550 a.c.

              australia was just discovered around 1600, that’s what I meant, don’t treat me like an idiot.

            • Homo Erectus

              stuttering Sapiens always had a problem “setting things straight”… that and the small brain!

            • D600=$1499


              Being idiotic is no crime.
              Read the first sentence, second para, again and again.. And yea, 450<<<< 40,000 years.

            • Merco

              you obviously don’t want to understand what I mean.

              I said DISCOVERED around 1600 (and wikipedia says the same btw), that means before 1600 “Australia” was not known under its actual name.

              Obviously I wasn’t meaning the australian continent wasn’t there in that period of time. And I made that clear since my second post.


            • Merco,

              I think what certain people here are trying to communicate is that Australia was not discovered 450 years ago. It was discovered 1000’s of years ago. The people who originally discovered it still live there today. Nowadays they are a minority of the population but they are still very much there.

              Same with almost every other country on earth. Discovery did not just start 400 years ago, it’s been happening for 1000’s of years. And been done by people from all over the world (by definition). Unfortunately, western history lessons still need quite a lot of adjusting to reflect that reality, and hopefully that will happen, hopefully soon, and clear up any remaining misunderstanding 🙂

  • tlt

    I don’t think this shelf display related to the launch of D600. If it is launched next week, it will not be on the store shelf until the product is actually available, which is usually a month later (Oct).

  • gt

    are you serious? a full frame camera on display at a box store? where people can actually touch it and play with it??

    Aren’t those displays usually reserved for D3200s and D5100s

    • Jack

      D600 is entry level no prosumer. Makes sense that I will be sold at BB/Walmart/Target etc.

      • gt

        this whole entry level full frame thing is going to be very very weird. picture soccer moms with full frame cameras….

        we live in a strange world.

        • George

          Did you forget that pretty much everyone was shooting FF a few years back when it was called 35mm? What’s the big deal?

          • gt


            I’m still weirded out though.

            • perspective

              picture soccer mums holding Speed Graphics, then switch back to the version with 35mm cameras.

    • enesunkie

      The Best Buy’s near me still haven’t had a D7000 on display yet. I think they’ve still been selling too fast for them to take the time to put one on the shelf!

      • iamlucky13

        Probably better from a marketing perspective than the Best Buys near me, both of which have had D7000’s on display since it first came out…

        …but the display models were broken since the very first time I saw them, maybe a month or two after the D7000 started shipping.

        I won’t judge the D7000’s reliability based on what careless customers do to them, but it seems counterproductive to leave a broken camera on display for over a year.

  • Decill

    why don’t you think this is D300? D400? D700? D800? D7000?

    • Fraucha

      D300 — discontinued
      D300s — you dind’t ask about
      D400 — not on the radar
      D700 — discontinued or already has this display
      D800 — already has this display
      D7000 — already has this display

  • Benny Hana Barbara

    It’s not the d600, it’s D000, it says right there on the picture!

    • D90

      Thank you Captain Obvious!

  • Vertigo

    I am wondering what would be the best store to pre-order form in Europe/France. Did Amazon send pre-orders quickly for the D800 ? Better options ?

    • Sahaja

      Book a ticket to Thailand – you should be able to pick one up there soon after launch.

      (at least the D7000 was available there quickly – and this seems to be made there too.)

  • CMS

    Hope the d800 issues, lft af issue is finally fixed on this new d600. Still havent heard if its corrected on the d 800 yet. I had two with the focus issue and have been waiting since mid june

    • duh

      entirely different system dude…

    • Marc

      I assume Nikon just left these away:-)))
      since D600 is entry level.

    • bert

      The only issue I have with the D800 is that it eats CF cards for breakfast. 4 died already on mine. Switched completely to SD and no more problems.

    • meaning?

      I wish someone could explain me this Drink! stuff for or after a troll.
      Is it meant for a hiccup? What is it? I can’t figure it out.


      • Alex

        It’s just another thing for people who lack originality. Always got to say things to go with the trend. Just sayin! (Another overused saying).

  • Really?

    Seriously, this makes the page? We must be desperate as hell.

    …So how large is the adaptor?

    • Aldo

      I LOL’ed

    • iamlucky13

      The adapter is WAY too big!

      I’m switching to Olympus!

      I was at Best Buy last week and I saw the adapter on their point-and-shoot cameras. It was way smaller than Nikon’s. How does Nikon think they can compete when their showroom adapter is so huge? I wanted to give Nikon a chance and hope the D600 adapter would be smaller than the D7000 adapter, but they’ve let all of us down!

  • C. Norris

    what another FX body?? WHY Nikon? more 18-xxx DX lenses is what we want! The 18-105 really needs an update.

    • D4ve


      If Nikon never released another all-in-one f/3.5-x.x lens again, I’d be tickled silly. There is more than enough toy glass out there!

      • D90

        The 18-105mm is a great lens. Has a greater value than most other Nikon glass.

        • breathing hard
          • iamlucky13

            In my opinion, that’s pretty good performance for a $400, 6X zoom with mid-grade construction quality. It’s certainly not a pro-lens, but neither is it priced like a pro-lens.

            Which is also exactly why I won’t be sad if Nikon doesn’t release any more 18-XX F3.5-5.6 lenses. We’ve got plenty of choices as is.

            I’m hoping C.Norris was being facetious.

            I’ll be pretty excited, however, if the rumored 16-85 F/4 lens shows up, although I’m probably dreaming in hoping it won’t be more than $800.

            And how about a wide-angle DX prime?

  • D400 > D600

    Why are no D400 shelf display adapters shipping to retilers yet? Won’t there be a D400 along with or soon after D600?

    I’d prefer a professional DX D400 over a s0-so FX D600 any day.

    • I think overall the professional DX users are in the minority because the people who tend to need the full professional body and AF system tend to be the ones who can afford a D3s or a D4 and have a collection of FX lenses.

      My personal view is that I never liked DX and looking into a tunnel compared to the large viewfinder of FX. It was just a reality that I had to put up with DX because I wasn’t going to spend $3000 on a camera body. It turns out I’m not alone here but really the FX in a DX body is not as if they’re putting an FX sensor in a D3200. The D7000 is a very good camera and it had several “pro” features that the D90 that it replaced didn’t have.

  • Rob

    Do the Best Buys that carry the D800 have them on display? If not, is this going to be the most expensive camera they put out for you to touch?

  • D400 > D600

    Possible D400 specifications:

    – New 16 mp low-light sensor as good as D700
    – Body in similar shape and functioning of D800
    – 8-10 fps

    Advantages of D400 over D600 & D800:

    – Professional body
    – On-par low light performance
    – Frame rate
    – Lightweight & affordable DX lenses
    – Nearly the half price of D800

    • PuffnStuff

      You just described the Pentax K-5!

    • Pablo

      Don’t believe there is a hughe market for another D400, it’s pricepoint would have to be too similar to the D600. If you want a pro camera you should go for the D800, the future seems to be set to FF anyway.
      Nikon will already have to fill the gap that the 5100 & 7000 will leave after the launch of the D600. I would rather expect a kind of D6000, which may be functionally more like the D5100 (swivel display etc…) but incorporate several of the goodies of the D7000. so it will stand out vs. the D3200.

  • Funduro

    Just saw one of those display adapters go for sale on eBay.

    • BartyL

      Impossible, I pre-ordered at four different online retailers the second the option went live and I haven’t received mine yet.

      • Funduro

        Just unboxed it ! WOO HOO

        WAIT !!! This holder has a right field focus issue !

        • BartyL


  • Yeah buddy, D000, the camera we all have been waiting for. That will be a trip if someone can actually go down to Best Buy and get one on the first day, instead of waiting months for pre-orders to be filled at B&H or Amazon.

    Best information is it is a camera with D7000 features, but an FX sensor. Beyond that, it’s the same old big question, what is the IQ. If there is no D400 next week, the birders can forget about that one.

    • D600=$1499

      Hey, how about starting something like KR?
      Or did you already?

      • KR might say some silly things, but he makes a nice living off that web site which is more than I can say for most people. I don’t know the price on the D600, but $1499 seems low compared to how pricey everything in photography is these days. I don’t think Nikon is going to the Gillette business model where they give the handles(body) away and sell the blades (lenses) at an outrageous price.

  • jt

    IQ will be good enough for the price point. The big question for my needs for a lightweight FF & I think most of the target market is how good is the low light AF?

    • Abraham Collins

      Put a SB910 on it and the low light AF will be fabulous.

  • Joe

    Yay, the all new D000 line of cameras is coming! Made to rival Hello Kitty, Lego and Fisher Price in the very entry level section of the market. Get one with your child’s Happy Meal at MD! 😀

  • even when we would be amazed at the speed with which another friend of our camera focuses and shoots? this would be the model that finally leave us in the same condition?

  • Rod Mackerel

    I’ve been waiting all my life for the D000! It’s going to be a rocky ride but with 0 ISO native, it’s going to be great in really bright conditions.

  • Sean

    I work at a Japan camera in Ontario and the nikon rep here dropped some hints that the dealer cost will be around $1500 so $1899 sounds like a good guess at the MSRP

  • I feel like the D600 will just make the demand for the D700 more.

    The D600 is not a professional FX camera and usually the people moving to FX want the professional build/features. They’ll get the D600 for newer tech then realize it ain’t no D700/D3.

    All I know is, as excited as I was about the D600, my D3 is serving my needs and I think my next camera will be the inevitable D4S.

    Of course if Nikon pumps out a D400 or a P7000/Nikon 1 mashup, they’ve got my money, until then it’s building up lenses time!

    • Tom

      I had a look at your flickr stream. You could probably make do with a D100…

      • Hey, Tom — it’s easy for you to criticize niXerKG when you’re not putting your own work out there. Why don’t you post a link to your work, then we can compare the “validity” of your comments against his.

        Or maybe you can leave your unkind critique of others work until they ask for it.

      • ageha

        Haha, you don’t really need a D3 for those shots. lol

  • Jack

    The prices I was told are for the American market.
    $1899 body only.
    $2199 kit available first.
    Europe is usually a little more.

    • Funduro

      Projected D600 US$1,900 price is less then the brand new D700 I paid $2,200 for in June this year. Best $300 I’ve ever over spent. Why do you say? I have a feeling that tonights going to be. . . . Yes, I’ll keep my day job, I know my singing voice is terrible. 😉 $300 bought me a real pro level DSLR.

      • Another way of looking at it is you bought a 4 year old pro camera…Thats your choice but I would get a new Semi-pro camera over an older pro camera any day….That’s why I chose the D90 over the D200 4 years ago.

        • I’d D700 too

          D600 will have its own place, but depending on your use, you might appreciate the feel of a D700-like build over a D7000-like build.

          Esp. with genuine fractals/perfect resize, original 24MP images won’t make much appreciable difference (if any) to 12MP images resized to, say, 27MP (150%), in terms of perceived detail.

          Just saying that D700 is still more relevant today than D200 4 years ago.

          • unless…

            …the D600’s IQ would beat D700’s significantly, that is. Which we still have to wait and see.

            • Funduro

              FYI I decided to buy the 4YO build D700 DSLR because at the time it was in the top 10 ISO performance on DxO Mark’s ratings. I’m betting that the D6oo will not be in the top 10 because it’s “de-content” level for it’s MSRP.

    • I was hoping for the price to be lower, but this is not bad either (if true).

  • Fish Guy

    Or could this just be a generic adapter for any DXXX series camera? Perhaps the stores just needed some extra ones for new displays? While the the D600 is probably arriving soon, this particular rumor doesn’t point to that IMO.

    • Rob

      I was originally thinking that it could be something like that, since any camera with the same battery might be able to use the same adapter. But the 3 zeroes seems odd since Nikon’s battery types overlap the 3 and 4 digit series (EL15).

      I imagine this would be something a BB employee could figure out by looking at the brackets for the cameras they already have.

  • Jack

    The prices I was told are for the American market.
    $1899 body only.
    $2199 kit available first.
    Europe is usually a little more.
    I don’t k ow for Australia

    • BartyL

      If RRP in the US is $1899 then shelf prices in Oz will be around AU$2500 at release.

      I guess we’ll know for sure in a couple of weeks.

  • Last time I was in Best Buy a salesperson made a comment about the D800 not being on display given the fact that they have several in stock and the top of the line Canon 5D MkIII was on display.

    Maybe this fixture is to get the D800 out of inventory and on display!?

  • Big J

    What would be the kit lens? A 50mm or some other prime lens? The “cheap” version of a 24-70mm that was recently patented? Whatever it is, so far if it’s correct they have thought this out well.

    • jorgen

      the recently released AF-S VR 24-85/3.5-4.5 should be the kit-lens for the D600

    • Mike M

      I’d have to say that the 24-85 VR would be the most likely candidate, a prime would be neat but if this is a consumer oriented camera I feel like they’d need a consumer oriented (EG zoom) lens combo. The 24-85 is about the cheapest lens that would fit the bill. The only other lens I could imagine is the 24-120 non-constant aperture but that lens isn’t particularly good esp for use with a 24 mpix sensor…

      • Big J

        Completely forgot about that lens. Every time I hear about the 24-85 I think of the AF-D one. And yeah seems like that would be most likely.

      • Pablo Ricasso

        Hopefully they let it be body only. Lacking that, I would like it much if they allowed the customer a choice of that weak zoom and a 50 f1.8. Letting the customer choose a prime lens would be almost as revolutionary as the camera itself.

        • Primes

          “Letting the customer choose a prime lens would be almost as revolutionary as the camera itself.”

          Good point, for me, it would be even more revolutionary.

  • Alex

    I would at least like a $200 rebate for the 28-300 when buying the D600 body.

    • Big J

      They don’t even give rebates when buying a new D3X (on Amazon for example). But you get rebates when buying a D7000 that’s currently <$1000.

  • Vandyu

    I have to agree that it’s IQ (intelligence quotient) and not IQ (image quality) here that I’m worried about.

  • Pro Camera

    The D600 is the replacement for the D7000, so can we assume that Nikon is updating the professional cameras next? Maybe a D700S or D400 camera with 24MP sensor?

    • Funduro

      D600 is NOT the replacement for the D7000. Did you mean D700? Nikon DID update the Professional DSLR’s : D4 & D800/e.

      • Pro Camera

        I wish the D600 was well-built like the D700. The D600 has all features to replace the D700 but it seems to be very tiny and plasticky. I work with creation of catalogs for websites and it will get worn out in two months.

        I will probably ended up buying the D800 like you said. It is a superb camera although it has more resolution that I need for my work.

        • Funduro

          You have a very good reason to have pro level build. I’m a hobby photog. I have also come to the conclusion that manufactures newer models will have more cost cutting additions, which is to say lower build ruggedness and less performance, Ex: 39 points Vs 51 point AF system. Call me a cheapskate, but all my D300s accessories can be used on the D700, really doubt the D600 will have same battery and battery grip.

          • Mike M

            The D600 almost certainly won’t due to the change in Japanese battery regulations, regardless of it’s size or other factors. It could share with a newer camera such as the D800 or D7000 potentially.

  • The D600 does look tempting since I don’t have that much cash to buy the D800

  • BC

    I hope that’s not true about the body-only not being available until January.

    That plus the higher price might make me wait around a while to see what’s on the horizon.

  • Now that Sony has released the FF RX1, the D600 seems crazy big…

  • Peter

    Look at FotoVideo Norway In the right sidebar they have an apple likely badget who says sep 13, yellow and with a camera behind. Is this a D600? looks like an D800 but still…I think this is a D600 promotion stunt.

  • Steve in PA

    Seriously – when will Nikon put out a pro level camera with a fully articulating LCD screen? I’ve used the Olympus E-3 (with small 4/3rds sensor – and some great glass). One of the best features of the E-3 (now E-5) has been its articulating LCD screen – which opens up from the left edge to a full 180 degree swivel. It’s become absolutely essential for the photography that I do (outdoors,/landscape, odd angle shooting etc); Nikon had this type of a screen on its high end p&s digicams back in the mid 2000s (Coolpix 8400 and 8800) – two great little cameras with astonishing optics (a true 24 mm wide angle to boot on the 8400) – and both with great articulating screens. Then Nikon killed screen articulation for any serious pro-level cameras.

    • Johnathan Evans

      This was my honestly biggest reason for switching from the Nikon D7000 to the Canon 60D. I honestly loved my D7000. It was a great bang for the buck camera. However I completely believe now you have to purchase what suits you best. I own a small marketing company that focuses on web design and incorporates photo/video into the package. Anyways the Canon 60D fit the bill for all of these. I miss the almost full mag body of the D7000 but the articulating screen has been a God send. Before anyone asks why I didn’t get a Nikon D5100. I also need wireless flash and also the Magic Lantern hack was a huge reason. I can now bracket 9 shots for my HDR work. And trust me 9 shots makes a difference from 3. The audio I get with the ML hack in place is also out of this world combined with my Audio Technica lav mic. Honestly though if the Nikon D600 has an articulating screen and the build of the D7000 than I would probably jump ship back to Nikon.

  • Yves Jacques

    Just take a look at “”, scroll down a little bit and you will find a quite credible pic (in my opinion!) of Nikon D600’s back. Credible since it is in line with the welknown front view with the japanese legend, the “top secret” labelled pic being a fake (…in my opinion!).
    The LCD screen may look small relative to the viewfinder but the latter is that of a full-frame DSLT i.e. bigger than that of an APS-C DSLR.
    Finally, the D600 looks somewhat like the FX version of the legendary D40 that lots of photographers were waiting for. In memoriam of the D40, Nikon should have labelled their new baby D400 instead of D600!

  • Roberto

    nikon need to make a camera that makes their new lenses are really “super auto focus”

  • Steve

    It is a little different to the D7000. 5 buttons on the left instead of 4 with no lettering because it will not fit. Plus changes on the right such as the LV lever becoming a button and the movie button becoming lever and swapping places with the 4 way controller. Plus the addition of the AF ON switch. Plus a metering dial around the AE-L button.

  • Steve

    Also the earlier pics of the D600 had the movie button and metering button the top near the shutter but now those function are on the back with a lever and dial respectively. So does that mean the two vacant buttons will be ISO and WB?

  • rabbit

    I can’t justify 2200 for a full frame camera. I was looking at the canon options but those are so expensive and have so many issues that’s it’s pointless. I’ll still shoot with my D200 and use my F5 for weddings and sports.

  • Classic

    I agree with rabbit…sometimes the good ole F5 is still the best. I have the F5 and F4…both very cheap on Ebay!

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