Nikon press conference in Thailand on September 13th

If anyone still has a doubt about the Nikon announcement on September 13, here is the invitation from Nikon Thailand:

"Nikon Sales Thailand Co.,Ltd pleased to invite the media attended the press conference Thursday, September 13, 2012."

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  • Yep, there’s a conference on the 13th alright… In 2555…
    (just kidding, I’m aware of the Thai year numbering system…)

    • ..aka Buddhist calendar, I should add before someone else does… (ridiCulizing me in the process 🙂

      • Michel

        May all beings be well and happy

  • Thai Guy


    • Pablo Ricasso

      This makes sense. Much of the new stuff is being made there…

  • pete

    Yeah.. Buddhist Era (BE) 2555 = year 2012 AD (2555-543) or 543 BC

  • BC

    So somewhere between 10:30 and 12:00 Thai time the D600 will be announced – is that before or after the Dubai conference?

    • kyle

      Since it’s Thailand, I think it’s more likely the “D1143” will be announced.

      • Arty

        You might notice Nikon D600 is made in Thailand. Hopefully no flooding this year.

        • Dan

          I’m under the impression that the rainy season brings flooding to Thailand every year, but hopefully it will only be minor flooding this year, unlike the terrible disaster last year.

    • rubbishrain


  • Click

    10:30 in Thailand means 15:30 in West-Europe (Germany/Switzerland/Austria/France/Spain) and 17:30 in Dubai.

    • Click

      Ups Sorry.

      10:30 a.m. ICT means 3:30 a.m. GMT and that is 5:30 a.m. for central Europe and 7:30 a.m. in Dubai

      • George

        So, the announcement is actually on September 12 for us, yankees…

        • rhlpetrus

          That’s why we in the Americas get midnight announcements posted in the internet. Call it “the camera announcement lag”. 😉

          • I live in California so I get it at 9 pm.

  • fierce5

    So nothing on the D7100?

  • Chris P

    Apologies for my earlier post re the Dubai meeting suggesting that it would not involve a new introduction. Something that I overheard today leads me to believe that the D600, as already postulated by Admin, will be announced at the various planned press conferences.

  • There is only one L

    in ThaiLand.

  • wublili

    Thankfully my sixth mother language was thai so I don’t need any translation…

    • Fred

      You had 6 mothers?

      • xt


  • Click

    Sorry Apple,

    You will have a big event for introducing the new iPhone 5 on Sep 12th, and only one day later the hype is over because everybody talks only about the D600. 😀

  • xt

    If there is D600, does this mean it is made in Thailand?

    • rubbishrain

      yes, D600 is made in Thailand. And hopefully, there’ll be no floods this year.

      • krr

        … the next 1000 years to be polite! ^^

      • Sailorice

        The D600 will be manufactured in boats, to avoid the problems of last year.

  • All I need to know..

    …is the D600 news. NR please!

  • IE

    Where exactly does the D600 fit into the Nikon camera range? Which camera is it replacing?

    • Sahaja

      AFAIK it is not “replacing “anything, it is a new “affordable” FX camera . From the rumored specs it seems like it will be sort of a full frame version of the D7000 .

      Price wise it fits about where a D300 replacement would be. But who knows whether that camera will ever be replaced. With three FX cameras Nikon may have decided to adjust the whole DX lineup.

  • I have been waiting D300 replasing model for long time. It has been the best body to use with Nikkor 500mm lens. Fullframe isn’t unser for everything. 1,5 crop is a stunning help in naturephotography. I have D3s only for aerialphotography.

    Is Nikon’s focus only in high end and consumer class cameras?????

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