Nikon press conference in Dubai on September 13th

According to this post on dpreview, Nikon will have a new product launch in Dubai on September 13th, 2012:

I just got invited to a Nikon product launch event in Dubai on the 13th. They aren't telling me what they will be launching just the following:

"Nikon is delighted to invite you to a showcase event celebrating the launch of the latest additions to its DSLR range."

My initial information was also for a September 13th announcement. At that point I am convinced that the D600 will be introduced next week. The big question mark is still the price - if Nikon manages to keep it under $2000, I think the D600 will be a huge success (Sony's a99 24MP full frame camera will sell for $2,800) and will probably greatly surpass D800 in terms of sales and pre-orders waiting time.

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  • Chris P

    I have enjoyed reading all the speculative letters about Nikon announcing multiple cameras in Dubai, however before anyone gets too excited can I bring to your attention the following:

    1. It is a trade show.

    2. The wording is such that, far from heralding further camera introductions, it probably indicates the showcasing of the already existing latest additions to the Nikon DSLR range, namely the D4, D800 and D800E.

    • then it would say

      “Nikon is delighted to invite you to a showcase event celebrating the latest additions to its DSLR range.”

      and not

      “Nikon is delighted to invite you to a showcase event celebrating the launch of the latest additions to its DSLR range.”

      see the keyword ‘Launch’? surely they can’t launch something thats already been launched?

      just my two cents..


      • flap

        Old news, either you need to calibrate your lenses or if you have the left focus issue then theyll fix it for free.

        • D800Ultimate Failure

          No wonder so many people are returning it due to AF issue and Green tinged LCD screen !

          • Andrew

            Once again the Canon Trolls are trying to stop the tide of converts to the awesome new D800 camera. You guys must camp at Nikon Rumors hoping to persuade a few inexperienced photographers against the D800 in hopes of shortening the back-order line.

            Amazon cannot keep-up with the demand for the D800, and neither can anyone else. B&H cannot fulfill many on their back-order list for the D800 because of the unusually high demand. Do you know why? It is obvious the pros are talking to each other and they know that Nikon’s quality is impeccable! So keep dreaming, one of these days, you too will be able to afford the D800!

      • rdj

        Shooting a wedding with a camera you’ve never used before? How clever is that….?

        • laughingatyou

          ikr the guy is obviously a troll and what kind of weddings has he been shooting for 6 years? none!

        • edgar

          thank god he’s not a parachute jump instructor… Testing the parachute on it’s first jump..

          • Pablo Ricasso

            I wish he would take up parachute jumping.

      • Ric

        Go tell it over on the CNX update post.

        OOPS you already did.

        DRINK! ya toll.

      • Marty

        So you were testdriving a new body during a wedding shoot, now that’s clever. Your focus confirmation beeps will certainly have impressed the wedding guests. If shooting in bright light did not yield one single sharp image you’d better ask Santa for a tripod this Christmas. Happy shooting with your Canons.

        • Mantra Joe

          Those Canon trolls will never learn, will they?

          The fact most of us here can sniff their trolling a mile away even at the start of their first sentence still doesn’t put them off spraying garbage on online forums.

      • JP

        LOL. Either a troll or the dumbest wedding photographer of the year winner. No it’s not a perfect but I absolutely love the images out of my D800E.

      • D80 user

        I disagree. I think this is just to celebrate what was launched, to remind the press of the cameras and how spectacular they are.

    • Knee Operation Man

      That were launched over 6 months ago? Really, you think so?

  • Michael

    There should be no product announcement, definitely no major announcements.

    • Mantra Joe

      Stick to your day job bud, leave the comedy to pros.

  • coke72

    The images in the screenshot obviously show the D7000 with the 18-105mm. There is definitely no FX-Logo on this cam. So no additional hint in this pictures.

  • Daniel

    Anyone noticed that it’s written in plural?

    “Nikon is delighted to invite you to a showcase event celebrating the launch of the latest additions to its DSLR range.”

    So yeah, a D7100 could be there too and it would look just like a D7000. But launching two DSLR on the same day? And no rumours beforehand?

    • Timo

      Yeah, its written in plural. But it says “the latest additions” Thus they showcase the D800, D4, D3200, D600 and perhaps a D7100. So nothing exiting with the exception of the D7100 coz everything else is already known.
      As for a D7100 this would be only interesting if this camera would step into the footsteps of the D300s. (not very likely though, coz at the advent of the D600 Nikon obviously is pulling the D700 off the market, while there is nothing to hear about the D300s being discontinued)
      Given the specs of the D3200 and considering the space for a D5200 there isn’t much room left for the D7100. If not coming in a D300 body there might be a new sensor plus some more gimmicks over the D7000.
      Ummm, what was the plural of boredom again?

      The only hope left are some good lenses at the kina.

  • “Nikon is delighted to invite you to a showcase event celebrating the launch of the latest additions to its DSLR range.” could mean they are celebrating the launch of the D4 and the D800, which were introduced not too long ago.

    • Heads must Roll


      I don’t think so, more like an inquest.

      How did we screw up these product launches so badly?

      ….price gouge……c##p ergonomics……s###y quality…..PR disaster…….

      • Phil

        Everyone just ignore this post…. just a wind-up merchant who doesn’t warrant a reply by his feeble effort.

      • Blonde and proud of

        @Heads must Roll

        True. Yours first.

  • Junket

    Dubai trip – All expenses paid Admin?

    Send us a post card.

    • I am not going. I never get invited to those events, which is why I can talk about it 🙂

      • PeterO

        Nikon doesn’t know how good it has it. Your site probably generates more traffic for them than their old school type of advertising. Just look at how many trolls there are every day. Silly Nikon – go NR!

  • Expect nothing

    We shall see. Odd things happen every now and then. An improved 80-400 or a 300/4 VR would be THE thing for me. But I guess those things are not meant to be released during this century.

    • Marketing… Nikon says: If you want to buy a good tele with VR, pay 6000 $…

  • R

    what about 16-35 2.8?

  • Sumchooter

    It’s the D600, AND the D7100 which will have swivel-screen and same 24mp sensor as D3200. No surprises here: D600 at $1600, D7100 at $1100.

    D300 line gets killed forever. D5100 line gets killed also. DX will remain with only two lines: D3200 for entry level, D7100 for enthusiast/prosumer level. Why? Nikon decided four lines (D3xx, D5xx, D7xx, D400) was too much for DX.

    FX would gain one level: enthusiast/prosumer D600. Two pro lines: D800 line for resolution, D4 line for speed.

    DX is slowly agonyzing, as that’s what Nikon wants.

    • krr

      swivel-screen … you cannot be serious!

      • Alex

        Are you just going to put “you cannot be serious” as your response to everybody? Come up with something new! Or even better, how about letting other people have an opinion?

  • audiophile

    will the D600 mic preamp suck as the one in d800?
    people making dslrs are deaf!

  • Benno

    Did anyone notice that it is written in the plural???

    My mail is there is a 10.5-250mm f/2.8 VR III FX lens to be released.
    The 10.5 end is a fish eye and after 20mm it becomes normal optics.

    • your having a laugh!

  • diego

    +1 16-35mm f2.8

  • FX DX

    I have a D800 and therefore I am not very interested in D600. However I hate the size and weight of my D800 and my Nikon Pro lenses. If Nikon introduces D600 with some decent lenses, they will interest many hobbyists, like myself, to happily downgrade to D600 kit. I had D90 before D800 and all my Nikon FX lenses (24-70, 70-200, even 50mm f/1.4) seemed ridiculously big and front heavy on my D90.

    • Pablo Ricasso

      You might evaluate how you hold your device.
      Damn. That really sounded Freudian. I think I’ll go read some magazines now…

      • Alf A. Poll Ock

        Don’t forget to take the canvas, incase there’s no paper…

    • Orb Emmel

      D90 to D800, I can understand that you would be less than happy with the size and weight. Though I agree with a previous comment, you might reconsider your holding technique, I don’t find my pro-lenses front heavy when on my D7000 (could be the fact that I’m use to them, of course).

      Just my 2 cents, but I think that that wasn’t the upgrade path you needed. Assuming it corresponds to the rumors, a D600 (or a D7000 or its successor) would be nice for you, indeed, coupled with a 24-85 and a 70-300, maybe, if you’re willing to compromise between weight and image quality wide open.

      Just don’t forget that you wouldn’t have the same weather-sealing, if that is of any importance for your type of photography.

      I do however do not understand how you can find the 50mm ridiculously big and front heavy 😉

  • Anonymous Maximus

    The D600 must come in assortment of colors like D3200, but in following :

    * Glossy Pink-Red
    * Glossy Parliament Blue
    * Glossy Ice-white
    * Rugged Forest-Green Camouflage
    * Rugged Desert-Brown Camouflage
    * Classic Black

    • boing wronkwell

      Camo … Me want camo …

  • Agmois

    Whatever. Canon RULEZ! 😉

    But seriously, Nikon does not want to be overshadowed by other product launches at Photokina, hence jumping the gun. I wonder if Canon would fly press to their event at even better destination? C’mon Canon, gotta keep up with the Joneses!

  • B

    Am I wrong? I found the sony a99 “will” be having 24.3 mp, but d600 “will” be having 24.7 mp. That means they not not the same sensor? Any clue?

    • Pablo Ricasso

      That’s a good catch. I remember reading a few other people speculating that it is the other guy’s sensor. I suppose we’ll have better guesses in a few months.

    • Maybe one of the specs is wrong. I am pretty sure about the a99 specs, maybe the D600 also has 24.7MP. I really don’t know.

      • B

        on sony alpha rumours site that they put “SR5” for the spec. It means the spec is 95-100% closed to the truth. So, does it mean to the spec here, 24.7 mp is wrong? 🙂
        although 24.3 & 24.7 mp such not big diff. but both rumours’ sites are talking they are using the same sensor. so, shouldn’t be having any diff….
        pls tell me why if anyone know! thanks! 🙂

        • The D600 specs here are correct, the MP count could be a typo. I am sure that the a99 specs on PhotoRumors are also 99.99% correct.

    • bossa

      Maybe it is the same sensor. Sony probably have to reserve some pixels for shake reduction.

  • Steve

    I have soooooooooooooooooooooooooo been waiting for a D300s replacement ever since mine was stolen. I replaced it with a d7000 which I’ve been very happy with, but it was not quite the same camera. Not semi pro build.

    The D3200 is a strange one, for me. A beginners (starter) camera, yet with a massive resolution. Why didn’t they just tweak it, ie new 920k LCD etc.
    They could have saved the sensor for a more upmarket model.

    The D600 could be my next camera, but I won’t rush out and buy one until I know much more about it from reviews, users etc.

    • Orb Emmel

      D3200, I agree, but the reason is simple: marketing… A lot of people will be shooting JPEG and not even full res (pictures are too big to send via email…), but in their minds, more pixels = better. That’s just the majority of the crowd who will buy that kind of camera… they want a P&S, but believe the sales rep that tell them that they will make pro-like pictures if they just upgrade to a DSLR.

  • WiscShooter

    I for one have been waiting patiently for this camera. I bought the D90 when it first came out and have been slowly buying FX glass since then (24-70, 70-200). It seems like the logical upgrade for me. I suspect there are many others who are in the same position. After I have it for a year I think I’ll know if I really want/need a full pro body like the D800.

    Based on Nikon’s product launch history how long should I expect to wait between the Sept announcement and the camera actually being available for purchase?

  • Anyone know who the poster on dpreview is and why he got an invite?

    Usurp claims to be a blogger based in the area (hence the invite) but his forum profile shows him as being in the US. Wonder why he doesn’t have a link to his blog on his profile … you’d think that he’d want to drive traffic to his blog. It looks like he recently upgraded from a D90 to a D800 … … again, I’m just curious what he does that would warrant an invite.

    • Because he will never get another invitation from Nikon.

  • Zoltan

    yellow&pink D3200?

  • SayWhatCanon?

    D600, D7100/7200, D400 (all 24MP, FX, DX, DX respectively). Hopefully the D600 will be priced at the rumored price under $2,000.

  • Big J

    Although I’m not such a huge fan like some people that post on these forums. It would be nice seeing a new DX being presented at the upcoming Photokina. Whether it be a D7000 successor and/or D400. It would mark an epic day such a presentation having the D600 presented and completely out of left field a new DX camera (or lenses) to the line up. Would please many on-lookers and international press for the consumers in the world. Since Photokina isn’t something that happens often, I think Nikon might have something up their sleeves to present about that was completely under the radar. But like I said ya never know. I’m happy however with my soon to be shipped D800. I hope that the D600 will be a “Low-Light King” of a camera like the D800.

    • Orb Emmel

      I wish they could just take the D700 and get a D4 sensor in it… and minor upgrades of course (USB3, latest flash card tech, latest AF with f/8 limit…). And no video.

      And maybe 100g lighter 😉

      • William

        Absolutely agree

  • livefeed intomymouth

    okay people, who’s going to be live-blogging this event? I want real time info to distract me at work.

  • William

    I’m inclined to believe that Nikon will announce the D600 and the D400 or similar on 13th. As mentioned “Launch” is an English word with a specific meaning to those understanding the language. Some of you guys are a tad lacking in that department I guess

  • William

    Oh, yes, and Nikon do need to sort out the D800 AF.

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