Nikon Capture NX 2.3.4 released with J2, P7700 support

Today Nikon announced v2.3.4 of their photo editing software Capture NX2 ($135). The modifications in this version are:

  • Support for RAW images captured with the Nikon 1 J2 (now shipping) and Coolpix P7700 has been added.
  • When RAW images captured with a camera’s Auto distortion control function enabled were opened or edited, Capture NX 2 sometimes quit unexpectedly. This issue has been resolved
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  • With every release I keep waiting for “other minor bug fixes” (of which there are still few), but no such luck so far…

    • Orb Emmel

      With every release, I keep waiting for Capture NX3 😉

      • PMLPhoto

        You used a camera on a job having not tested it before …….


        • Claims to be a “professional photographer”, but uses focus confirmation beep = not legit.

        • Nikon Shooter

          I wish instead of the “jumping ship to Canon” he’d said “jumping the wedding photography ship.” Would’ve made a lot more sense.

          Get a clue already: gear will break and malfunction at the worst possible time no matter who makes it. It’s your job to minimize the probability by at least testing the crap out of it before doing something as hardcore as wedding photography.

          In any case, another poster is correct: the OP is either a complete amateur with expensive toys or a troll, because I’ve never seen/heard anyone “beeping” during the ceremony, other than the guests of course.

          • Sad for D800 owner

            With all these issues, Nikon will def loose big chunk of it’s loyal fanboy base.

      • Chris

        You used a (paid?) wedding for trying out a new camera and you’re blaming Nikon for having OOF pictures???. Although the camera seems defective (and I’m definitely not defending Nikon) the problem could be avoided by testing new material. For me this count as a beginners error.

        • Rudi

          Yes, in most cases the problem sits behind the camera (despite behind Canons of course 😉

        • dgm

          That’s exactly what in IT we call a CDI error

          CDI = Chair-Desk Interface aka the user 🙂

      • post yourphotostream

        link us to your photostream, otherwise you are just trolling on a wrong topic or you might be a butthurt canonfay boy. If you were a real nikon user you don’t rant on forum rather then deal with Nikon service.

      • Ric


      • Keep trying troll

        Funny, he said the same drivel over on amazon…literally cut and pasted to here (or to there not sure which was first). Only 1 person bit over there. Would never use untested gear for something as important as someone’s wedding! I love my d800…call me a fanboy I don’t really care. Just let it go!

      • Andrew

        To The Imperfect Canon Troll:

        Advise: When trolling, try to sound credible!

        “The D800 didn’t achieve 1 focused picture of the bride walking down the aisle and didn’t get a clear image of the kiss…”

        Let us see, the D800 has 51 focus points, and you get zero focused pictures? Are you sure the camera you are reporting came from a Nikon factory or is this a story you just made-up? Why didn’t you use the center focus point to take a perfectly focused picture if you had the rumored left focus problem?

        Recommendation: [NR] Admin should delete your blog and all related responses including mine!

        • My bad

          if the amazon link is true or he copy somebody else compliant, the reviewers on amazon had a few nikon gears. I might give this rant a past as a rant not a troll.

        • umesh

          Maybe it’s [ossible that his lens was seriously out of tune. It could happen then. I know cause it has happened with me on a D800 e .

      • Don

        You must have been living under a rock. Even if you get past the part about using a new camera on a job without a test run, and I can’t get past that, HOW could you not have heard about the WELL KNOWN focus issue that exists in many D800 cameras. WHERE have you been? DO YOU READ? Wouldn’t that at least make you wonder if your copy had that problem?
        I’m baffled at vaccume you live in.

        • umesh

          Don , what he is saying is that ALL of his focus points are defective cause he hasn’t got a single sharp picture.

      • Jeff

        Maybe it needs calibrating , I have a D4 and it is never out of focus, just an amazing camera. Stick with it , you will find the problem.

      • Rudi

        So you shoot the whole wedding with the left AF point??? Did you read the technical advice from Nikon about taking photos with the D800?

    • Burgerman

      Why post this in this thread?

      For what its worth, my 2 D800 cameras (one E version) have no left focus or any other focus issues. Although I did need to set them up individually for each lens. When you have 3 times the pixels, and look on screen at 100 percent you are zoomed in to the size of your front door. So focus becomes super critical. Print the same size as your 12mp cameras though and you will see focus is fine.

      However, if you DO want critical sharpness at these levels, set up the fine focus settings for yopur lenses BEFORE you shoot a wedding… You will find that every lense will need either some plus or some back focus adjustment. All mine do, on both cameras. Some even to -20 levels. But once done its razor sharp, and practically reads your mind with moving stuff…

      • Pablo Ricasso

        The scumbag from the scumbag camera company pasted the same EXACT pathetic stupid whiny bogus drivel on the other thread about the product release in Dubai. It’s in the exact same spot, third from the top of the second page, where you are very likely to see it.

        It speaks volumes about the LOWNESS of a PITIFUL HAS BEEN company making UNCOMPETITIVE products when they have to resort to sending idiots to websites in attempt to scare customers into using their COMPLETELY INFERIOR line of overpriced garbage.

        I should have checked on here, but I don’t care about software.

        • umesh

          That’s what I was wondering about. Do these trolls actually wait for a new thread to start to copy paste this drivel?

          • Pablo Ricasso

            It’s exactly what they do. And if they find enough morons to believe the crap they write, their company wins when in all actuality it should have lost a long time ago.

            What’s really sad is that their company had the advantage in many areas. It trashed its customers and made a completely new mount system, giving it the upper hand in auto focus, something a lot of “photographers” now can’t seem to live without. But Nikon caught up anyway. It used it’s experience in copy machines and video recorders to implement digital technology that was almost a full generation ahead of any competition. But Nikon caught up anyway.
            Interestingly, Nikon produced some of the first lenses used on Canon cameras. It seems that Nikon has worked with just about anybody. They shared their mount with Fuji and with Kodak, and made some of the parts for them. They use sensors from Sony, and help them develop them. In the past, they have made lenses for Mamiya and Bronica. The number of times they have worked with third party companies is uncountable. Third party lenses almost always seem to work on Nikon cameras, even when they are very old.
            If you put the same lenses on a Canon camera they go crash, and the camera locks up and you can’t even manual focus it in stop down mode. The camera says “error” and then refuses to operate.
            Now that Canon has lost any digital advantage it once had, it goes beyond monkeywrenching it’s own products and those that other companies made to work on it’s system. It instructs scumbags to come onto sites like this and try to monkeywrench the winner’s sales.

  • DN

    Been over a week with Nikon support to give me a new activation code for Capture NX2 due to reaching the activation limit for keep reinstalling the OS. No response yet, what poor customer support and a $135 down the drain.

    • RB

      You’re able to use your old Serial!

      Just add

      to the host file (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\host).

      • DN

        Thanks, RB! It worked.

  • I didn’t know NX2 had a glitch that shuts down the program? Maybe I’ve been lucky?

  • Dweeb

    How lame. A tiny compatibility upgrade to rope in a couple of more customers for an ancient overpriced program just before Photokina. Get real Nikon. This is a bad ongoing expensive joke.

    Guess it hasn’t been re-written for the new Retina devices eh?

    • Dumbguard B

      You forgot your sarcasm filter. RAW processing on a tablet. Hahaha. Stick to JPEGs and Instagram – it’s the current hipster workflow. Most of that drivel goes to some anonymous Facebook or downvoted Flickr album anyway…

      • Fuzz

        You do realise that Apple make a macbook pro with a retina screen? That’s just the kind of device that might be used for photo processing.

        • Aw snap!

          …but really, the latest quad-arm processors have the muscle to do some basic raw processing. I’d love for Adobe to come out with even a light version of LR or ACR for Android or iOS. That would be the “killer app” in my book. I’d snap up a tablet in a second just for that.

  • Dan

    Blah blah blah – this is just background noise. When the heck is NX3 coming out?

  • Banned

    Who still uses this POS of a software? I was very committed to using this years ago in conjunction with Lightroom… But quite honestly the Lightroom rendering has improved so much recently that I don’t see a point for antique Capture NX 2 to still be around any longer. I’m convinced NX 3 will not be an improvement. You just can’t beat a mega-software corporation like Adobe when it comes to quality. In software bigger is better. Nik Software does decent plugins but that’s all the firepower they will ever have, they are just too small to take on big software and so is Nikon.

  • Adam

    Does this work for mountain lion yet?

  • Don

    Too bad it doesn’t have a clone stamp tool.

  • I’m honestly surprised that people pay for this software when Lightroom is almost the same price and does many many many more things. I know that only Nikon can read the RAW file the way the camera would and give you access to D-Lighting, and your AF points, but who actually goes through 500 pictures using NX?

    If it was offered free with every camera purchase then I might give it a shot on a single picture but I just don’t get it.

    • Ric

      Non distructive, Control Points and Picture Control

      • All of which Lightroom can do, much better.

        • Ric


          At the end I’ll still have One RAW NEF file with all the edit steps inside that file, including Nik Color Efex edits? No other files?


    Under NO CIRCUMSTANCE should anybody fork out money for this god awful program.

    It consistently crashes cross different operating platforms and computers. It is slow, with a bad workflow and an overall outdated UI. Lightroom, Capture and a whole lot of third party raw processors do just as good a job, with a much more stable program.

    Overall, there are many more users who dislike this program vs those that actually do. It’s black and white. THIS IS A BAD PROGRAM.

    A word of warning and happy photo taking!

    • Rudi

      You might be right. It’s a bit stringy to work with and UI could be better. BUT – what counts is the result. And you won’t get better quality out of your NEF files with any other program (if you use it the right way of course!).

  • JED

    So what clever spark is going to dig into the bowels of the program and find that it supports NEF files from the Nikon D600 in preparation for next week?? p.s. Past experience would suggest that Nikon are not that prepared 🙁

    • While I agree CNX2 is due for something more than bugfixes, I do not understand, that ppl regard it as bad as some here do. I genuinely like it and am addicted to control points…

      • Unknown

        I agree. You need LR + Viveza 2 (99euro) to have the same functionality and only with exported tiff files.

  • Darin M

    There is at least one more change in CNX2 2.3.4 – a new algorithm (or just setting?) for noise reduction, called Better Quality 2012 in the pull-domn menu.

    • Unknown

      Nice catch.
      ”Better Quality 2012 produces smoother edges than Better Quality and is more effective at reducing low-frequency color noise and average image noise.”
      It’s only under Camera Settings.

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