Nikon NEF Codec v1.15.0 released

Another software update: Nikon NEF Codec v1.15.0 is now available for download and includes support for the latest Nikon 1 J2 camera (Windows only).

Nikon NEF Codec makes Nikon RAW (.NEF) files as easy to work in a Windows environment (similar to JPEG and TIFF images).

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  • theonewhosaywhocares

    who cares, iphone5 announcement is more exciting than a new d600 camera or a new codec release!

    • Ride that post

      Dude, riding your comment on a guy who’s going to have his post deleted will just put your post (and this one) at the bottom.

  • Jan

    not rec’d. slows down your pc trying to thumb all those raw files
    much slower than a nef viewer fwiw

    • Mac4eva

      Dunno, i use mac lol

      • Ben

        i use jpg nearly all the time.
        i could see this being useful for sorting or deleting

    • AM

      Remember, JPEG and 6MP is all we need.

  • D400

    I bet it has D600 support as well!

  • ChubbyBrunette

    I would like to see as soon as possible a revisited version of the nikkor 20 2.8 that performs like the zeiss 21 2.8!… We miss quality extremewideangle primes!

  • Steve

    Nevermind NEF codecs, Nikon when are you going to recognise DNG files?

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