Weekly Nikon news flash #179

  • Che Guevara's Nikon camera. Picture taken by a reader in a small museum at the “Cabaña” in Havana.
  • Funny - Nikon's new face recognition (NSFW).
  • CNN International announced that Nikon will continue its sponsorship of the special series "Human to Hero", marking the ongoing success of the long standing partnership between CNN and Nikon, involving TV, digital and on the ground events.
  • Live studio broadcasting with the Nikon D800 in Sweden:

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  • Anonymus Maximus 1st

    I always knew that Face Reconition is brilliant !

    • Jesus_sti

      He made a nude projet last week…… The camera never forget that shoot !

      • NSFW?

        Really, America?

        Would hate to live there.

        • Mike

          Geez, I’m in Canada and thinking the same thing!

        • scurvy hesh

          Yes perfect logic. Admin politely suggested something might be NSFW, therefore America is not a good place to live. Just so you know I’m at work looking at those jugs right now in the good ol’ USA. America is fucking awesome. We may not be perfect, but we already know that and strive to always be better.

          Keep up the good work Harold. I’m dying to know what utopian paradise you live in. I suspect you might be from one of the Queens former colonies or the UK itself. If so, you all have a lot of the same problems we do.

        • Many people read this blog from a company computer, I have to warn them in advance.

          • PHB

            You might want to think twice about using the string NSFW though. I write for another blog and we were told that many of the idiot advertisers void sites that link to NSFW content.

            • I don’t really care – I will not let advertisers dictate what I post on the blog.

          • I applaud you, Peter. Not everyone is viewing this site from their home computer which has porn stored. That’s why they call it Not Safe For WORK.

            • Milky Way

              I don’t understand… are you supposed to be reading NR, or anything similar, while at work?

              Can that photo be considered porn?
              It’s very sensual and appealing, should that be a concern?

            • nownow

              @Milky Way,
              As a business owner, there is nothing I like to do more than provide free coffee to people I pay to browse facebook. Why should NR be excluded?

            • Milky Way

              I promise that, if you give a job in those conditions, I’ll buy the coffee for the two of us! wink

        • FACT: America has freedom of the press whereas the UK does not.

          • nownow

            Freedom of the press? LOL! Sure.

    • Michel

      I remember those faces…ahhh wow. Gotta take a deep breath

    • thirsty

      Any chance we can have a closer look at those “files”?

  • Anonymus Maximus 1st

    If the Voigtlander can match the performance of the 40 Ultron it will be a winner. I am looking forward to the first test reports.

    • Worminator

      The Ulton was a nice lens, compact and, crucially, something a bit different from the Nikkor line-up. This 28/2.8 runs smack up against the AIS 28/2.8, the close focus version is already considered king of the heap and – easily available used for less than half the price of the Voigtlander.

      The only thing this has going for it is the CPU contacts, i.e. it meters on low end Nikon dSLRs.

      • Anonymus Maximus 1st

        You have a point. In fact I do own the 2.8/28 AiS and it is a very good lens. If the Vogi hits the same level of sharpness with half the weight/ size and the Ai-P contacts after all I will consider it.

        If the test are not convincing I will stick to the AiS.

  • Jesus_sti

    Why put another AA filter on the D800 ?

    • Basically makes it an aftermarket D800E, right?

      • Joel C

        Or not actually, because the D800E has it removed… I see your point!

      • Art

        Just the opposite. It is a more aggressive blur than what is normally on the D800. Why? To reduce moire when shooting video and hence a more aggressive anti-aliasing filter is needed than when shooting still photography.

        • Art

          I should have pointed out that the Canon guys have been adding these same filters to the 5DMII cameras for shooting video for years.

    • Michel

      Hmm could be several reasons I guess, perhaps to reduce the moire that does occur even on the D800 for video. More likely a typo? That it is intended for the D800e, so if moire is an issue for some shots one may remove and replace the screen as suits?

      A AAA filter (anti anti aliasing) so that it turns the D800 into a D800(e) might also work. If the D800e already has an anti anti aliasing filter in place (I could expect some flames here 🙂 ) then would it be possible for this company or another with similar motives to produce an AAA filter to “E ify” every other DSLR ever made? (not that I can see much point in that other than giving Canon fanboys a fall back to say “my (outdated hahahaha) camera has an “e” enhanced sensor too! (sob, cry, fall to the ground and then crawl to computer to tap out feeble trolls disaffecting to the D800)

      • Michael

        There’s no such thing as AAA filter. It’s like trying to get non-existent details by sharpening an out of focus image.

        • michel

          Ok I am corrected, happily accept that. I thought though that the E had something like that fitted instead of not having an aliasing filter at all, probably I misread the tech details of the diagram. Thanks

          • fjfjjj

            The D800E does indeed have something like that. The D800 AA filter is actually a kind of 1-to-4 beamsplitter, implemented as a stacked pair of 1-to-2 beamsplitters rotated 90 degrees apart. The D800E is created by changing the orientation of the beamsplitter closer to the sensor, so that it’s not rotated in relation to the first, but is reversed front-to-back instead. This re-merges the split beams.

            However this does not mean that you can put something in front of the D800’s entire AA package to nullify its effect.

  • jacob

    Who gives a sizzling hot fried chili pepper about che guevara?

    • Spy Black

      Some people other than you. More to the point, it’s a historical tidbit.

    • Art

      You mean the Butcher of La Cabana ???

      How fast people forget ….. They turn a butcher like Che into a folk hero and brand him on a T-Shirt. Might as well put any number of other butchers on T-shirts while they are at it for the youth and useful idots to wear. Grrrrrr…..

      • scurvy hesh

        As a first generation Cuban I do find it funny that he has such folk hero status here in the states. Perhaps I should shop George Bush into the same picture and make a shirt of it. that would really troll the college kids.

        • PHB

          Since it seems likely the the reason Che got caught was that Fidel ratted him out to the CIA, he could be seen as a victim of Castro 🙂

          Seems that Castro was not too happy with the idea of global revolution and preferred to have a dead martyr than a live troublemaker. Similar to Stalin’s purge of Trotsky and pretty much the entire Bolshevik party that had supported Lenin.

          If you want to stop people like Che ruling the world you have to understand them. Knowing that he had a fondness for expensive luxury goods like that camera is pretty significant.

          Lots of insane crap was happening on both sides during the cold war. Our side was just as bad if not worse as it was rather more successful. Countries that were moving to democracy had their governments subverted and replaced by brutal dictatorships. Back in 1989 when we were trying to bring down the Berlin wall, Margaret Thatcher was off in Moscow begging Gorbachev to send in the tanks to stop re-unification.

          Last week we discovered that the CIA had rendered several prisoners to Gahdaffi in Libya during the Bush administration. Those prisoners are now part of the Libyan government. They hadn’t done anything against the US, they were simply Libyan opposition leaders and they were handed over to a terrorist regime responsible for bombing two civilian airplanes.

          People who support the cult of Che are hopelessly naive, but so are the would-be strongmen on our own side who are so ready to do deals with the devil. I think it is often an ego thing. They make these moral compromises because doing so makes them feel very important as one of the select few who understand the ‘need’ to do so.

          • peteee363

            you obviously do not know anybody who lived on the other side. my dad’s whole family lived behind the iron curtain, he was the only one who escaped. got that, escaped! i don’t remember many people fleeing the usa, except draft dodgers, do you? did your family have all busineeses and property taken away from them? thought not. please do not compare the freedom loving usa to the iron curtain, ok?

            • PHB

              You obviously can’t understand English.

              What I said is that if you want to stop people like Che getting power you have to understand them.

              Understanding the fact that Castro and Stalin knifed their own people in the back is pretty important if you want to understand the systems they created. And understanding those systems is important if you want to take them apart.

              Understanding that our own leaders paid lip service to fighting communism while seeking to keep the communist system alive is also important if you want to change things.

              The US has purportedly been trying to take down Castro since JFK. Castro is still alive and his brother is running the country. Have you ever considered the possibility that maybe US politicians rather like having a bogeyman like Castro or Bin Laden or the Soviet Union around so that they have a pretext for their own activities?

              There is a reason Bin Laden was allowed to escape the Tora Bora and it isn’t a pretty one. He wasn’t an enemy, he was a convenient pretext.

              Che and his global revolution were a convenient pretext for much worse.

          • Eric Woolfson


            …”while in Mexico following his motorcycle journey through Latin America, he got a contract with Agencia Latina (photographing the Pan-American Games of 1955, for which he was ultimately never paid) and also earned some of his living as an itinerant photographer in the parks and squares of Mexico City. He then continued taking pictures during the armed revolt in Cuba and through the course of the Cuban revolution; and even as he was traveling around the world as a member of the Cuban government. “…

            …”For those curious about his cameras, his preferred ones were Nikon S2 with a 50mm lens, Zenit 3M with a Helios 58/2 (it’s kept at his memorial museum in Santa Clara), as well as Plaubel Makina and Ihagee Exakta – and if I understood that correctly, a Leica 2 as well.”…

            Just for the “soundtrack”:

    • peteee363

      i was thinking the same thing. why bother posting images of the camera once owned by a murderous thug, and brutal killer? they should remove this item from the post. will they next feature the cameras used by other thugs and dictators from around the world? che once tried to pull off a bombing right here in nyc, that would have been worse then 9/11 in body count. only the stupidity of the people he hired prevented it. please remove this???

      • borneoaddict

        I don’t agree to removing this.

        • BartyL

          Nor do I.

      • FWIW:

        “I have yet to find a single credible source pointing to a case where Che executed ‘an innocent’. Those persons executed by Guevara or on his orders were condemned for the usual crimes punishable by death at times of war or in its aftermath: desertion, treason or crimes such as rape, torture or murder. I should add that my research spanned five years, and included anti-Castro Cubans among the Cuban-American exile community in Miami and elsewhere.”
        — Jon Lee Anderson, author of Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life, PBS forum (from wikipedia)

    • Shawn

      There is a small trade in possessions of genocidal idiots (hitler paintings, john wayne gacy etchings etc). Kind of sick but it is what it is. Che was a murderous dirtbag, this was allegedly his camera.

      • BartyL

        It’s true. I have one of Mao’s shoe-horns.

  • Williams

    “Mosaic Engineering now offers VAF-D800 anti-aliasing/anti-moiré filter for Nikon D800”

    I don’t get this. What is its purpose? or idoes this filter offer the upgrade from an existing anti-moire filter in D800?

    • D400

      Video. D800 video is supposed to be moire prone.

  • Why is it a “Color” lens?


    • Spy Black

      Because the feet scale and F22 would be gray if it wasn’t…

    • wsuprah

      It has to do with the coatings. They make some special edition Single Coated lenses for Black and White film. The Japs love those. This is a multicoated lens for color photos.

      • scurvy hesh

        Lay off the “japs” term will ya. This isn’t 1945 and you aren’t GI Joe.

      • Agreed, Scurvy. On both points.

      • PHB

        Given the date the camera was made, isn’t it rather more likely that it says Color because at the time black and white was the default and many lenses were really not suited to color photography because they had a distinct tint to them?

        It was not unusual for the cheaper cameras to include a red or a pink cast so as to make the sky pop. That particular lens is totally clear, does not look like it has any coatings at all which is hardly surprising for the era.

        • Color Skopar…new lens, not NOS. And coatings have more to do with internal reflections than color cast. They should impart no cast at all if done right.

          • PHB

            Coatings should not have a color cast on transmitted light. But they typically cause reflected light to look purplish. This does not look like a coated lens to me.

          • PHB

            Oh we are talking about the new lens. My eyes just glazed over, I have little use for my existing f/2.8 primes, can’t imagine a reason to buy more.

  • Go sweden!

    • Discontinued

      >> Go sweden! <<

      Too little and too late. The EM is over and Sweden did not reach the finals and my favorite brand of cars went bankrupt, too. Shout louder, harder, earlier next time, OK?

  • BenS

    “Mosaic Engineering now offers VAF-D800 anti-aliasing/anti-moiré filter for Nikon D800” … i thought the D800 still has the anti-aliasing filter .. only the D800E has it removed … am i missing something ?

    • Andrey

      need more AA-filter for video

    • Gary

      @BenS “am i missing something” – yes, the discussions in the posts above yours. 🙂

  • Discontinued

    WOW, the D7000 is a steal. If I had none I would get one.

    A serious tool IMO. I definitely keep mine. Some side by side testing along with my D800E showed that the D7000 kept up astonishingly well in terms of IQ (RES aside, there ain’t much of a difference at all. And 16 MP is plenty for many purposes).
    In some regards I was even disappointed from my FX-combos in comparison. There is muuuuuuuch less barrel distortion you get from a Tokina ATX 116 @ 11mm on DX than from Nikons 16-35 @ 16 mm on FX.
    I was really surprised, that the much cheaper, smaller and lighter combo performed so well.

  • Kino Adell

    Could someone explain how recording video affects the life of the camera/sensor? I have a D800 wich for the first time I consider to have good video capabilities (D90 was an experiment), but I am very reticent to use it as a video tool.


    • dead pixel

      I subscribe that question.

    • steve irwin

      Well not so much the sensor, but the shutter.

      The D800’s shutter is rated at 200,000 actuations. Assuming you are shooting at 24fps, that’s a warrantied life of (200000/(24*60*60) = about 2 1/2 hours of video before your warranty won’t cover the shutter.

      • mikils

        O_o Is that So000??

      • FrenchGuy

        I am not a video expert but do you really think that the shutter will do 24 actuations/s while you are on video mode?
        The shutter stays opened all the time you are shooting your video and don’t open and close 24 times per second. So for any video between 1 second and 30 min the shutter is working only one time.

      • Sandyn Myeyes

        I guess we’re talking about sensor lifespan?
        Or effects of overheating in it’s “health”?
        Maybe in damage provoked by extremely bright lights, either natural or artificial?
        Development of dead pixels? Or any other loss of performance.

      • Anonymous Coward

        When in video mode rather than using a mechanical device, the shutter speed is adjusted by electronically varying the amount of time the sensor is allowed to build a charge. The MTBF of a CMOS sensor is measured in 100 ‘s of thousands of hours. In fact it can be damaged by cosmic rays just sitting on the shelf so you might as well take video or pictures instead! Of course don’t point it directly at the sun…

        • Sandyn Myeyes

          …or laser, considering youtube videos on the subject.

          While trying to dig around this issue, I’ve found an old page about a CCD outside surveillance camera, that showed “burning” marks, like you’d get on a CRT if it stayed long enough showing the same image, but the explanation advanced was that it was due to the degradation of the bayer filters.

      • Jabs

        @steve irwin

        A common mistake – It is 24 frames per second and not 24 shutter actuations per second. Frames per second refers to how many VIDEO frames are shot per second as video is made up of two frames per ‘image’. Basically shutter stays open and records video hence the mistake in terminology by you.

  • Nitpicker

    The D800 (not “E”) can be very prone to moiré and stair stepping artefacts in some scenes. I have one, most of the time the quality is very good and it’s running circles around the D7k in that respect. But it has its negative moments. The filters by Mosaic Engineering soften the Image a teeny-tiny bit so those artefacts are greatly reduced. Philip Bloom did a test with a prototype a few weeks back and the artifact reduction was very impressive without a considerable loss in overall sharpness. I thought it was very impresive. I’m sure his video is still on his blog. It was a video comparison of the D800 and the 5D MkII, I think.

    Of course the D800 alreasy has an AA-filter but that’s optimized for photography. It makes perfectly sense to place an additional one on top of it for video.

    • Big J

      Thanks for that info. Gonna look up that Philip Bloom video that you mentioned. I’m hoping to get good video quality from my future D800.

  • El_jake

    What lens is attached to the Che’s camera?

    I can’t identify it but I read that the maximum apertures is f/1.1?

    Anyone knows?

    • Pablo Ricasso

      Yeah, that lens looks KILLER> I want one.
      But I don’t shoot rangefinders…

      Remember, cameras don’t shoot people/ PEOPLE shoot people.

      • PHB

        Take a look at the rear end of that lens and you will see why EVIL is such a great concept.

        That f/1.1 lens came out before the F-mount. It is a lens that could only be made for a rangefinder camera until very recently and would cost thousands to make. The fastest F-mount lens was f/1.2. Canon once did an f/1.0 lens but all reviews say it was crappy till unless stopped down to at least f/1.2.

        The rangefinder lens can be that fast because the rear element is much larger and much closer to the focal plane than a DSLR lens can be.

        Thats the type of lens I am hoping for for my CX camera in a few years time. And lets face it, Nikon is running out of stuff to make for the F-mount. All they need to ship lens-wise is a new 80-400 AFS and a 50mm f/1.2 AFS and they are DONE. We could argue over a 135 f/2, DC or so, but there really isn’t any hole left in the range.

        So either Nikon tries to go back to making insane exotics like the 13mm or fish eyes and such or they start delivering cool CX designs like f/1.0 wide angles and stuff at affordable prices.

    • 50mm
  • bigeater

    Does anyone know where the actual video broadcast done on the D800s might be found on the YouTube or elsewhere?

  • That 28 is a nice little pancake for the MF crowd, although there is a small 40 out there too.

  • Baked bananas

    This settles it. I owned several nikon dslr’s since the d80 and now I want to move up to full frame. I REALLY wanted to switch to Canon starting with the 5dmk3 . My d7000 is wearing thin with its low light performance…..I need to make the switch. The truth is…..the d8oo is making a name for itself in the broadcast industry. Near medium format quality….great video capabilities…..aliasing be damned. I’ll pick one up this FEB (TAX TIME!!!) and throw the d700o in the trash (or sell it).. And from the looks of it I wont be switching to Canon anytime soon. Unless they release the eos 1dc at a $3500 price point.

    • Somebody

      “My d7000 is wearing thin with its low light performance”

      HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!!! … ya

  • John

    Samples I’ve seen from the 28/2.8 CV on a D800 show smeary corners even stopped down. So if you want something sharp corner to corner at f/5.6 or so this unfortunately does not seem to be it.

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