This week: Nikon D600 announcement

Five months after my first D600 report, I expect the new full frame DSLR from Nikon to be announced on September 13th (tomorrow around midnight EST for US readers) together with the 18.5mm f/1.8 lens for Nikon 1 mirrorless camera. At that point I do not expect any other products to be introduced for Photokina, but I do believe there will be at least one more Nikon announcement before the end of the year.

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  • geza

    I hope you will be just as successfull to get into the waiting list πŸ˜€

    • Timo

      Not any other new DSLRs or F-mount lenses? I won’t be even in the waiting line on the Nikon booth at Photokina, let alone the waiting list for this camera.

  • Groosome

    I wanna be first to buy it for $1000 πŸ™‚

    • Chris

      For that matter, you can wait for another 2 years untill it will be on sale, it will not cost 1000 us dollars !! I wish, but NO.

    • Chupitos

      $999 for me.

  • benjo ka baap

    benjo Greg and Geza…love you all along with my D600

  • Groosome

    Oh and if it is a couple of days away I’m guessing DPReview and others are already super secretly testing it for their “hands on preview” type stuff. Keep an eye out Londoners – their previews often incorporate Tower Bridge don’t they? Last time I read one anyway!

    • Mike

      They moved to Seattle, U.S.A a couple of years ago. Amazon is Seattle based. Amazon owns dpreview. Amazon wanted them closer to the hive, I mean nest, I mean head office.

      • Yeah, I’ve spotted them wandering Seattle, but they do work from both cities still. And they’re farming out some reviews/previews. So they could be just about anywhere (but my money is on Seattle and them only getting their hands on it at Photokina).

    • RC

      A camera like this don’t need no reviews, haha. It will sell like hot cakes. I’m gettin’ my pre-order in asap!

  • Charlie

    Let the D600 bashing begin. It really is a sad state when other’s have to bash a camera sight unseen and unheld.

    • boing wronkwell


      Not 100% magnesium…
      FPS rate too slow…
      Wrong control layout…
      Bad in DX mode…
      Too high Megapixel count…
      Too low Megapixel count…
      Too large…
      Too small…
      Not available in spew pink…
      Available in spew pink…

      Oh dear me!

      I give up.

      I’m going back to film and my old 10×8″ film plates. Better quality all round.


      • Crab Cakes

        So it isn’t a pro body?


      • Erica

        If you think that so many things are wrong in the D600, why the interest?
        There are plenty people who would like a FF for a reasonable price, me included. I’ll keep my D7000 as backup.

      • david distefano

        when drum scanned at 10900 dpi by west coast imaging!

        • RC

          Film died the day 3 megapixel cameras came out. It’s silly how people are still holding onto film the way audio enthusiasts are to vinyl. I shoot more pictures than 99% of people, and I dropped film like a rock over 10 years ago.

          • no

            Yeah, 8×10 film can’t get anywhere near 3mp digital camera.

            • RC

              only because NO ONE uses it. We all get that it is POSSIBLE to get better results with film, but the trouble and cost isn’t worth it for most people.

      • baked bananas

        No clean HDMI?


        • I think it will have clean HDMI. I was told that all future Nikon DSLR cameras will have clean HDMI.

  • err

    Admin, you sure about the time? I know for a fact that a press conference is scheduled at 5 PM on Sept 13 in France (CEST), that would translate into 11 AM Sept 13 EDT.

    • I am never sure about the exact time because of the different time zones. The press conference could be later in the day after the announcement is already made online.

  • D80 user

    I would find it kind of funny, I would find it kind of sad, if it turns out to be DX. How hard would it be to photoshop the fx logo and the mirror onto a dx body?

    Also still not convinced it’ll be announced tomorrow, but hoping like hell though!

    • gas bomb

      I secretly hope it’s a DX πŸ˜›

      • JLK

        If you tell us it isn’t much of a secret. πŸ˜‰

  • Iwnatoneif

    Maybe I will pass because of 1/4000 sec. πŸ™

  • twoomy

    If the left AF points work properly, the LCD display isn’t green, and I can get one less than 8 months after announcement, I’ll be ecstatic!!! πŸ™‚

  • WiscShooter

    If it’s released tomorrow, how quickly do sellers normally start taking pre-orders? Also, what is the normal duration between a Nikon body announcement date and the camera’s release date?

  • ron scuberdriver

    When on earth will they ever release another pro prime lens? Where’s that 135? Where are updated T/S lenses? Something, please. Anything.

    I hate how they release a full frame camera and something like a Nikon keychain. Hoo boy. How exciting!

    • Mike

      Hey Ron,

      There are only three pro primes with AFS and nano coating missing. 105 & 135 f/2 or faster, & 200mm macro. 24, 35, 50, 60M, 85, 105M, 200->600 are all new. Even T/S are only a few years old. Oh, and a 50 f/1.2. So 4. Is a 300 f/4 pro? So 5. But the current ones still perform well, no? I will be first in line when an AF-S 50 /1.2 comes out.

      • Joe

        The PC-Es could use an update though being only a few years old. The tilt and shift axes should be able to rotate independently on all models, without screwdriver. And at least the 24mm could use an optical update, it is unsharp with CAs and a bad vignette when fully shifted (though great when not fully shifted). The Canon 24mm II is superior in every way.

        The 45mm and 85mm are great though and even better than the Canons. And there still is no ultrawide T/S like a 17mm for Nikon.

        • ron scuberdriver

          Exactly. Thank you.

          The 24, 35, and 85 are all great. I don’t care about the 50. A 1.2 might be nice, but…. we’ll see.

          But the T/S lenses need to be able to work on all bodies, ideally independently adjustable without having to send them in for “fixing”, and they need an ultrawide a la Canon.

          But that 135 is crucial. There’s a huge gap between the 85 and the 200. (Even if you count the 105.)

          • Pablo Ricasso

            Hmm. I’ve heard nothing but good about the 135 F2DC. I don’t have it, but I love my AI F2 and the 2.8 isn’t bad. So what is this “gap” stuff?

      • You can’t be a scubadriver. Try being a scubahamer or a scubasaw. Please don’t Samsung me.

        An AF-S version of the 135 f/2 would be popular, but I can’t say it is crucial. For those that don’t mind MF there are some items in the 100 to 135 range including the recently announced Zeiss 135 f/2. A 35 f/2 or f/1.8 for FX would be nice too. The 35 f/1.4 is too big for street photography and the 35 f/2 is a poor performer until stopped down to f/5.6. Eventually all the AF-D lenses will be replaced but who knows how long that will take.

        • Pablo Ricasso

          Now that I can agree with.

        • Joe in L.A.

          I still would like a Nikkor 70/80-200/300 f4 lens. Canon seems to have one that is very popular.

          The current Nikkor 70-200 f/2.8 is a bit heavy and a bit expensive for me, the f/4.5-5.6 is too slow and not tight enough for family sports shots, etc., and seems to get bad reviews at the long end.

          • Nikonhead

            Nikon would be smart to come out with a 70-200f/4. Also a 300mm f/4 VR and 50 and 85mm f/1.2.

        • ron scuberdriver

          I didn’t realize we had similar names… but I’m not changing it now. I’ve been using this name for 5 years at least.


          Look, the 135 DC is solid, yes. But it’s about a decade old and can stand an upgrade. Drop the DC BS and give us the extra 1/3rd of a stop so it’s even sharper by 2. I don’t always feel like carrying the 70-200 as I prefer primes. I want a tele prime. The 85 is great, but too short. Let’s get this lens out there Niko. Zeiss looks tempting but it’s MF only, which… is a bit of a bother if I want to use it for action.

          It’s a shame Canon has such a well-rounded selection of modern primes. Nikon is catching up, but this would complete the AF-S primes for the most part.

          I think the 35 1.4 is amazing. I have muscles in my arms so I’m not concerned about weight as much as some. Get the Fuji for being a street ninja.

          • Nikonhead

            Nikkor 135mm f/2 DC VR would be nice.

  • pierre wajeman

    Nikon would not replace the discontinued D700 ?
    What is the place of a D600 in Nikon dlsr series (D300S is still sold) ?
    The one who understand nikon’s strategy would be a very smart guy…
    So wait and see, just some few days before Photokina

  • If you compare the high resolution picture of the D800 and the presumed D600, if you look closely at the “grain” structure of the black paint on the body, you will see that it is exactly the same. Like, same spots at the same place. That grainy texture is supposed to be random by nature, if I’m not mistaken, hence I think this is just a very good Photoshop mashup. Furthermore, the shape and curves are exactly the same as the D7000, one would expect at least a few slight changes, like for example the way the D800 is curvier than the D700 while retaining an overall similar frame and shape. Fake all over.

    • I’m not disagreeing with you, because I actually have no idea how the manufacturing process works, but I would imagine that the body parts are pressed in a mold (or several molds), which would mean the texture isn’t random. I actually can’t think of any technique that would give a random imprint. Any thoughts?

  • p

    I hope they release a new 135 soon. and hopefully it has a quick af ,so its usable for sports etc.

  • Nikonian

    I love my D800! So glad I got it. Love love love… just sayin’…

    • Pertinent

      Dare you check the left side AF?

      Just askin’

      • Nikonian

        no no no… I won’t do that! I spent so much money and don’t want to be disappointed. I will just love the excellent IQ, performance and all that jazz and just tell my subjects to stay to my right/to their left πŸ™‚

        • Zoot

          That’s what I do. If I need a right-sided subject picture, I just flip the image in Photoshop.

          • Zoot


        • Zoot

          …or hold the camera upside down and Photoshop flip until you get what you want.

        • De8Hundred

          My 800 was recalibrated successfully by the service agency designated by Nikon. While it was officially only a problem if you use a fast lens (1.4 or 1.8), the incorrect information could sometimes make the 51points system erratic. Apparently the calibration errors are there in earlier models using the module, but not visible without the 36.3mg sensor’s resolution.
          Whilet there is much more to the D800 than the high resolution, my advice is to either send it back for repair or limit yourself to the F2.8 or F4 lenses. The best option is definitely to have it checked and fixed.

  • Phil

    Admin, any rumors on whether the D600 will be sharing the same sensor as the A99?

    • Me

      Wait two days, find something better to do in the meantime like spending time with your kids.

      • Me

        I’d also like to confirm that I like spending time with kids….

    • not sure, probably

  • c.d.embrey

    No D7100 or D4 announcements?? Will the D3200 be the last DX camera??

  • Krugy69

    Fake or real we are closely to can buy a new Nikon FX camera, I follow you since you started this post and I’m so gratefull for our job. Thank’s! I hope we can get it shortly!

  • PVS

    Unlike the D800 farce, D600 will start shipping in October.

  • VR

    Bad release date. This week it’s all about iPhone 5.

    • and Sony’s RX1 (see under the Sony category)

      • D90

        The RX1 will be a niche product like the new compact Merill Sigmas.

  • RavPhoto

    Why can’t Nikon release a DX/FX camera with shutter speed 1/10000 and 10fps?

  • Looking forward to seeing this camera – think it’ll be a perfect upgrade from my D80 and I’ve got some great FX glass. But might just wait … what’s the other announcement before the end of the year? If it’s a better build at a similar price point I’ve got a tough decision.



    Any hints???


  • KnightPhoto

    Having clean HDMI-out video gives Nikon a significant advantage in the spec sheet wars with Canon – GLAD to hear we will be seeing this as a defacto Nikon spec.

    Next I would like to see some better algorithms used in constructing each 2Mp video frame, again to keep up with or stay ahead of competitors. I would love a firmware update for the D4 algorithm.

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