Nikon releases Wireless Mobile Adapter Utility app for iPhone with D600 support

The D600 can be operated remotely with the new WU-1b wireless mobile adapter ($59.95) exactly like the D3200 - see this demo. The Android app is already available, the iPhone app just got released and can now be downloaded from iTunes:

The Wireless Mobile Adapter Utility is used to establish two-way wireless connections between Nikon digital SLR cameras and iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Pictures taken with the digital SLR camera can be downloaded to the iOS device, and the camera can be controlled remotely, with the iOS device displaying the view through the camera lens. The file sharing feature makes it easy to upload pictures to social networking sites or attach them to e-mail messages.


  • When a wireless mobile adapter is connected to a compatible digital SLR camera, connections can easily be established with the iOS device.
  • The camera clock can be synchronized with the iOS device.
  • Pictures taken with digital SLR cameras can be downloaded to the iOS device camera roll.
  • The iOS device can be used to view the pictures on the camera memory card and add them to the iOS device camera roll.
  • The file-sharing features on the iOS device can be used to pass downloaded pictures to other apps for easy sharing.
  • The view through the camera lens can be previewed on, and the shutter released from, the iOS device.
  • Pictures taken remotely will automatically be downloaded from the digital SLR camera to the iOS device.

Here are some screenshots of the new Nikon iPhone app:

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  • Jabs

    Great development Nikon – more ‘love’ to the cheaper cameras and now giving us almost D4 features for way less than a real D4. Aren’t we all fortunate to be Nikonians at this time despites our occasional frustrations? – LOL!!!

  • RC

    I love this! That’s why I bought the wireless adapter as soon as it showed up. I can’t wait to play with this =D Although I wish wireless functionality was built-in to the camera. I don’t like having this giant ugly thing sticking out of the side of my camera, and I have to remember to carry it around with me. Bad Nikon. Bad!

  • mike

    Sounds pretty nice, especially nicer on the larger more vibrant Android screens out there. I’d love to get this for my D800, ah well~

  • APA

    I just don’t get it. How is it that the D3200 and D600 have this great ability to connect to say an iPad but that the D800 can’t?

    Sure, the D600 is newer but the iPad/iPhone were out way before the D800.

    I’ kinda hoping that it is an undocumented feature of the Wu-1b that it actually can be used with the D800.

  • This is a pretty professional feature, the U1 and U2 preset modes are also very useful. I’m missing these things in my D800.
    Maybe it’s due to the fact that the D800’s development has been finished a whole year before it’s been released (the tsunami thing…)?

  • Louis

    What about sending phone GPS location to the camera? That would pretty much make any Nikon GPS accessory obsolete.

  • Merv

    Nikon, at least stick your company name into the name of the iTunes app, took a few minutes to find it

  • Jason Joyce

    Downloaded the iPhone version today and it is working great with my D3200. Took less than five mins to setup. Skip the directions that came with the adapter and use the instructions within the iPhone app. They are better written.

    • 7LibertyForAll

      I only found one version and it doesn’t seem to work with my iPhone……D5200

  • Nikonmacro150

    It would be awesome if the adapter would work with a D7000. Gonna get the D600 but would be cool to swap if needed.

  • kyle

    It’s too bad it doesn’t say anything about being able to adjust focus from the android or iOS device.
    Imagine the benefits of having someone able to control focus wirelessly on a large tablet screen while shooting video.

  • Rainer

    The iOS app worked great pn the tablet.
    Then I installed the android app on my phone and it was not as good.
    Went back to iPad, and now it asks for a password to connect, so I am locked out… Any one else have this problem?

  • rogue

    Just be aware that despite what it says on the NIKON website the Wireless App for this device requires iOS 6. I will not work on an iOS5.1 or 5.1.1 iPAD. The original iPAD will not upgrade beyond iOS5.1.1. So you could find yourself replacing a $400 iPAD to get the $60 Wireless adapter to work.

  • JLS

    I installed this adapter last night and it won’t stay connected to the camera after 2 hours of trying – I gave up! Any ideas?

  • How unlucky I am. I am with D3100 – any news for this? Even the latest Transcend WiFi card is not compatible 🙁

  • joelyw

    there no app for i pad just iPhone ? anyone else having the same problem??

    • jim George

      Yes this is what I am finding too. Connected to IPhone but cannot download to IPad mini

  • Rick

    anyone know if this is compatible with D-90? Thanks

  • Joe Dempsey

    The Apple version is garbage. I have a Nikon D600 and the mini iPad running the latest iOS. The app continuously drops off the Nikon WIFI, it has only one control to take photographs with, for some strange reason my camera will take a shot at say 1/1000th second then mysteriously the shutter releases again about 10 seconds later but without taking a photograph. It does not do this with the wireless mobility adapter removed. Having already experienced the spots on the image with my D600 and had the camera body replaced after only 550 images I am disappointed that the Nikon Wireless Mobility device and free software is so buggy and feature poor. This is a disappointment fromNikon.

  • Jeff Harder

    Lets not forget windows apps. More and more window devices are being used. Thanks a Windows phone user that would like the app for his phone.

  • Mohamed

    I have an iPhone 5 and D3200 and I got the app to work for one day. The next day it just doesn’t want to work anymore it won’t even connect ! Help ?

  • Kalpana Yadav

    its an amazing app . but it should be universal. it is unavailable for windows phone , i own a Nikon wireless camera and am also a windows phone user too .so hope so Nikon soon release this app for windows platform.

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