Nikon D600 will be Wi-Fi compatible with a new WU-1b wireless mobile adapter

Nikon WU-1a

The Nikon D600 will be compatible with a new WU-1b wireless mobile adapter according to this page on

"The Wireless Mobile Adapter Utility Application must be installed on the smart device before it can be used with the WU-1b Wireless Mobile Adapter connected to the Nikon D600. The application can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play™. for use with an Android platform smartphone (2.3 series or later) and tablet (3.0 series or later). For the iOS mobile platform, the application can be downloaded free of charge from iTunes® online store on September 15, 2012 for use with iOS version 5.1 or 5.1.1."

The Nikon WU-1a ($59) was introduced with the Nikon D3200 DSLR camera.

Update: here is the Nikon WU-1b wireless mobile adapter filing at the Indonesian Communication Agency:

Update#2: the website is now updated, here is a screenshot of the original page with the D600 reference:

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  • fred

    now please the shipping date

    • Jimmy

      The next generation of DSLRs will have integrated GPS, rendering these peripherals obsolete in 3-4 years time.

      • Charly

        Did you read the post ?
        This is not a GPS (^_^)

        • Jimmy

          What? Doesn’t do GPS!!!!!

          I’m off to Canon.

  • Trull

    Damned! nobodies here!

  • Thomas

    Yet another reason to buy the D600. People generally seem convinced of this camera, only thing stopping it from becoming a huge success is if it becomes too expensive.

    I’m prepared to go no higher than 1500 € including the 24-85 lens. Everything above that price range makes me lean towards getting the D800 instead.

    • Jimmy

      Not asking for much are we sunshine.

      Why not ask Nikon to throw in a bag, a few t-shirts and a pair of tanga-briefs with “I’m coming”, written on the front.

      • Jim

        You forgot the flip-flops

    • Fishnose

      No way it will be ‘too expensive’ (a relative term to say the least). Nikon knows very well Canon is going to release an equivalent model soon (22MP, same sensor as 5D3), and they must compete with price to take market share off Canon.

    • mikils

      Why bother for a mere 24-85? (not taking into account the beachwear) I would strongly ask a kit with the 14-24 2.8 for no more than $ 1400 . Sure do!

  • Dweeb

    Do I smell another Nikon 400 buck add on?

    • Cloke

      I wouldn’t expect a self-proclaimed dweeb to have proper reading abilities, but the article lists the price of the add-on ($59).

    • Iris Chrome

      “The Nikon WU-1a ($59) was introduced with the Nikon D3200 DSLR camera.”

      • yes, I update the post because it was confusing between the a and b versions

  • Ben

    Wow, if the application will be available on 9/15 does that mean that the D600 and WU-1b will ship before the end of the week?

  • Gimme D600

    First ‘official’ mention of the D600 from Nikon themselves… am I right?

    • Correct, the first official mention of the D600 on Nikon’s website. Makes me think if the announcement will not be tonight.

      • Gimme D600

        Ok, verified it’s soon… Nothing about tonight though…

        “…announced soon- good idea to wait…”

      • Gimme D600

        Now the link is “Product Not Found”

        They caught on…

        • I have a screenshot, coming up online shortly.

      • iamlucky13

        This isn’t the firs time Nikon has accidentally mentioned upcoming products on their website, if I remember right.

        I seem to even recall in the past an entire product page being found a couple days ahead of the announcement simply by intelligently changing a URL.

        I’ve never taken a look at the WU-1a. Does it do anything an eyefi card doesn’t?

  • okay

    Wi-Fi and GPS should just come built-in to new cameras.

    • rjgeek


      If you can pack the chip into a 8mm thick cell phone, you can most certainly do so with a chunky DSLR.

    • Yatz

      I dunno – do I really want one more add-on to drain my battery even faster?

      • Iris Chrome

        No need to drain battery. Wi-Fi on smart phones can be switched on/off as needed.

    • Hangman

      But that would prevent Nikonf rom charging you the extra $$$ for the module..

    • Timo

      Why whining? This adapter just provides more evidence at whom the D600 is targeted to: people who “need” a 24MP FF camera to upload their me-in-front-of and baby boy shots via cell to Facebook to get the instant cheers from so-called friends.
      Great move Nikon, we are proud of you!

      • c.d.embrey

        Couldn’t you use the WU1a to send photos to your Macbook Pro running Capture One?? And to an iPad that the client is using to view the takes??

        The WU-1a Wireless Mobile Adapter works with Wi-Fi 11b/g/n. And so does the Macbook Pro.

      • Fishnose


    • Onesolo

      Until GPS and Wifi comes builtin DSLRs, I will not switch my current DSLR!!!

      It’s outrageous that they (don’t want to) put a chip that includes GPS and Wifi…

  • Chris P

    My information is that the D600 will be either £1,699 or £1,799 at launch.

    • Gimme D600

      I don’t think that’s correct… That means that it would sell for about $2655 here in Canada. The D800 is $2999.

      • Chris P

        Don’t know what the exchange rate re Canadian dollars is, but the D800 is selling at around £2,400 in the UK at present, so if what I have been told is correct it will either be £700 or £600 cheaper than a D800.

        • Gimme D600

          I’m hoping for $1599 Canadian!

          but at launch it could hold a premium of $200 CAD That I could see happening.

    • Ray

      And a few weeks after, they’ll realise there was a pricing error and add on another £200, right?

  • Craig

    Wow. Something else to hang out of the camera body and be uncomfortable holding.

  • Er, not quite, the US -> UK conversion rarely bears any resemblance to standard conversion rates and is more often almost straight $ – £, rather frustratingly 🙁

  • Thomas

    How much was the D7000 price at it’s release?

    • Gimme D600

      $1,299.95 CAD … looking at old quotes

  • Fishnose

    Aaaaargh, so darm maddening that the D800 isn’t compatible with one of these doodads. It would be so useful if one could get the frame onto a tablet to preview wireless.

    • Simone

      I was hoping that the D7000 was going to be compatible with this doodad. Not that I would purchase it right a way but just for that future daydream purchase.

  • BC

    Interesting. I wonder how long it has had the D600 reference on the website.

  • Wi-fi & GPS should have be inbuilt into the D4, D800, D3200 and D600 in the first place.

    Will Nikon do an add on for the D4, D800 ?

  • mike k

    Link is now broken.

    • mike k

      As NakedLens says below, link works again, but D600 reference has been removed.

  • TaoTeJared

    Why can’t they do this for the D800!!!!! ahhhhhhhhh!

    • Nathan

      The D800 is looking more and more like it was designed years ago when technology and priorities were different. It truly does sound like it was supposed to come out a year or two ago. The D600, if it has all the bells and whistles that the rumors imply, sounds like it was designed much more recently.

  • They’ve scrubbed it, it now references the D3200 as opposed to the D600.

  • Big J

    I don’t get why Nikon didn’t try to save money, (I mean tons) by making the WU-1a compatible with both DSLRs (and possibly soon to be released ones).

  • Steven Georges

    ANOTHER new WiFi adaptor?!?!?
    Who do they think they are, a printer company?

    • Jman

      Beating Canon at their own game?

  • Rudi

    I love Nikon but I don’t have any understanding why I should carry for each body it’s own WiFi adaptor and hassle about which one fits which body (in the case I really need a WiFi adaptor at all).

  • Konrad

    Perhaps (and hopefully) it will become a matter of firmware for the D800 to be able to use the device. However it is puzzling as to why Nikon has low accessory compatibility across the entire product line. Other catalogue wireless, lower cost devices, are also out of the 800 range…

  • J

    Wireless feature with phone/tablet/device live view + mono Pod for long reach extension up or side ways over say water, could make for some fun shots.

  • This is a great news! Is it will work only for a snapshots geo tagging?

  • cinpdx

    Nikon has released an update. DON’T DOWNLOAD. Makes it worse. It was already so terrible, now it looses connection non-stop..

    If you bought a car with the belief that you could drive places and it only ran for a few seconds from the first day, what would you do??

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