More Nikon D600 leaks: full specs and new images

Those new Nikon D600 and WU-1b images and detailed specs were just published in a Malaysian forum:

Sensor: 24,3MP CMOS  Total: 24.7 million

Image size

FX 36mm x 24mm :
6,016 x 4,016 (L) 4,512 x 3,008 (M) 3,008 x 2,008 (S)

DX 24mm x 16mm
3,936 x 2,624 (L) 2,944 x 1,968 (M) 1,968 x 1,312 (S)

FX-format photographs taken in movie live view :
6,016 x 3,376 (L) 4,512 x 2,528 (M) 3,008 x 1,688 (S)

DX-format photographs in movie live view :
3,936 x 2,224 (L) 2,944 x 1,664 (M) 1,968 x 1,112 (S)

ISO 100 ~ 6,400. ( 50 - 25600)

Finder: 100% coverage.

AF: 39 points.

Shutter: 1/4,000 ~ 30 sec, bulb. Carbon fiber and Kevlar, tested to 150,000 cycles.

2,016-Segment RGB Meter

Flash Sync: 1/200. Built-in Flash

Frame Rate: 5,5 FPS.

Rear LCD: Exquisite 3.2," 921,000 pixels.


The Nikon D600 can capture Full HD (1080p; 1,920 x 1,080 pixel) video at either 24, 25 or 30 frames per. For 720p (1,280 x 720 pixel) video, a rate of 60 frames per second is possible. Video can either be shot using data from pixels across the entire width of the image sensor in FX mode, or with a 1.5x (DX-format) focal length crop, taking data from the center of the imager, without affecting the video resolution.

Videos are recorded using H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC format compression, maximum clip length is 29 minutes, 59. Even more unusually, it's possible to have the live feed piped to the D600's HDMI port as an uncompressed full HD signal, allowing it to be recorded using an external device and/or routed to an external monitor. If desired, this signal can be mirrored on the camera's own LCD display at the same time; the off-camera feed doesn't have any overlays added, so as not to impact external recording devices.

And the time-lapse photography function can be used to automatically photograph relatively slow moving action

HDMI HD output

White Balance
"The D600's intelligent auto white balance algorithm renders white as truly white even when shot under a wide range of light sources, including mercury vapor light. The D600 analyzes color and brightness information of the scene before shooting utilizing Scene Recognition System, and detects the light source highly accurately by referencing its massive collection of in-camera shooting data. The D600 also carries another auto white balance mode that maintains warm lighting ambience when you shoot under incandescent light"

Auto (2 types), 2500 K-10000 K

EN-EL15, standard; same as D7000 and D800.

Connect with smart devices through the Wireless Mobile Adapter (Android and iOS devices )

Nikon announced an optional Wi-Fi transmitter for the camera. The WU-XX clips into the USB socket of the D600 and allows you to broadcast its images to smartphones and tablets running a Nikon app. The unit allows the camera's live view output to be streamed to the smart device and allows images to be shot remotely. The WU-XX immediately transfers photos and also allows you to upload them to social networks to share with friends and family

Android smartphones and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod)

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  • Cris Lee

    Still no mention of the WU-1b suitable for D7000? I don’t know about the hardware part but hopefully a software upgrade can allow us to use it on a D7000?

    • I don’t think this will be possible – Nikon wants you to buy their new cameras.

  • Joe Bear

    Haha, I’m hoping this won’t come with a battery grip that boosts its FPS to 8 frames. Nor do I expect it to, because Nikon goofed and gave us a mini D3 without intending to and cannibalized its flagship sales that way. I also hope the autofocus is as bad as the D7000 (compared to the D300). I hope all these things so I can feel certain that my 5d mk iii was money well spent (the D800 didn’t have the features I was looking for in a D700 replacement camera). Kinda nervous though, haha. If all these rumors turn out to be true, that’d be nice for the little guy and bad for my buyer’s remorse. Hoping the frame rate is something a little bit more reasonable like 4.5 fps too, but maybe that is too much hope. The D800 does have the data throughput advantage over the 5d iii, after all. Though 5.5 is too close to my camera’s 6! (Shudders.)

    Haha, joking aside though, yes Nikon has to make a product that makes a splash, but the question is, can they really afford to? They’re not a larger company like Sony that can sell a low-profit item (i.e. PS3, not referring to their camera division lol) and hope to recoup loss revenue in the meantime relying on other divisions to foot the bill. They posted record low profit (correct me if I’m wrong) earlier this year. I’m genuinely worried about the direction the company’s heading if they’re willing to offer camera equipment that’s too cheap for their company to survive, because I really like having them around keeping Canon in check. This is from a Canon to Nikon to Canon convert. Nikon’s old stuff has always been good (since I started, which wasn’t that long ago) while Canon’s new stuff just got really good. I am with Nikon in spirit until they come out with a true D700 replacement. Otherwise the 5d mk iii and eventually the 1dx work for me.

    Here’s to hoping, in both directions!

    • Joe Bear

      Oh, and I’m hoping the price is higher than $2000 as well! Nikon has to make some money, guys! Better slightly more expensive and the company survives than too cheap and it folds! If it’s lower than that, kudos and good luck, haha. Maybe they would hope to recoup the cost through lenses, but in my opinion, consumers don’t really spend the money on lenses, so if that’s their biggest market, I don’t think it’s going to work out financially if that’s their strategy!

      • nikonmikon

        if it’s over 2000 i’m not buying it. that’s the whole point of this camera.

      • Arkasai

        I’m prepared to be shocked by the price. Nikon has a history of pretty aggressively moving high end features down to within arms reach of us consumers. I was convinced the D800 would cost over 4-5K before it was announced and I don’t know anyone who predicted the price would be so ‘low.’ Hell I might get one as a backup camera like a lot of other people have been saying. I also don’t get the “it doesn’t look like a baby d800” talk…it looks like it takes a bunch of design cues from that camera to me.

      • RC

        Me too. If the price is higher than $2000, I’m out. What on earth makes you think they’re not gonna make loads of money selling it at $1500? They’re not stupid. If they don’t price it low, no one’s gonna buy it!

        • artur

          true that – if it’s too close to D800 then there’s certainly not enough reasons to ‘downgrade’
          but that would really strange/silly/stupid from Nikon
          if today’s news of $2.700 is true than I’m truly puzzled (and waiting for the D7000 replacement to choose my next camera)

      • Zograf

        Given Sony’s a99 tag price it looks like $2700 for D600 is the most likely one. That’s good for me as I am planning to sell my D700 and all Nikkor lenses..

    • babola

      No not mini-D3. Far from it actually.

      While the D600 camera will come with some cool interesting and updated features, its prosumer A/F system, handling and layout of controls won’t be at a D3 pro-body level.

      • Joe Bear

        Oh I was referring to the D700 when I mentioned the mini-d3. Don’t think it’s wise for Nikon to make a new DSLR with battery grip that fills the same role if they want to make any money, which is why I switched to Canon for their 5d mk iii. (6-8 fps makes a huge difference in sports from my limited experience). I just don’t see a D700 replacement coming out anytime soon, although it’s what I would wish for if I had stuck with Nikon.

        • Michael Switzer

          Has anyone seen the price of the just announced non ILC compact RX-1 from Sony. It’s FF and yes it is….wait for it… $2800! Without a view finder!

          • Michael Switzer

            Sorry that should read ICL

            • Michael

              Interchangeable lens compact – ILC.

          • Olli

            Except that it’s only a compact. The lens is fixed for good. That makes it leica-level absurd.

            • Olli

              Whoops, you did say it was NON ILC. My bad.

        • Chris P

          Yet again we have someone claiming that the D700 badly hurt D3 sales. No it didn’t, it may have lost some D3 sales, but besides myself, I know of at least three other D700 owners who bought it because, at the time, it allowed us to buy a FX camera at a price we could afford. None of us would ever have bought the D3, too expensive, too heavy and way over engineered for our needs. and therefore the D700 generated far more earnings for Nikon than they lost in possible D3 sales.

          However, having bought the camera, I thought that Nikon would then produce updated f4 versions of the 18-35, 28-105 and 80-400 lenses, the 80-200 f2.8 D was quite adequate for use with it. All we got was the 16-35 f4, only good between 18-30; the 24-120, only really good between 30-70, although passable between 70-105, both designed on the “never mind the optical quality, look at the zoom range” principle and no upgrade at all to the 80-400.

          Now they have just introduced the 24-85 f3.5-4.5, perfect for the D600, but of no use on the D800. Nikon have forgotten that when they introduce cameras like the D700D800 it is also necessary to produce optically excellent lenses, albeit at a smaller maximum aperture of f4, for them.

          • Joe Bear

            *Shrugs.* If you need a high frame rate full frame sports camera, why get a d3 when you can get a battery grip for $250 (taking into account new pricing then, not used)? You’d get the d3 for specific features like the extra 2 frames per second over the gripped D700 and (most importantly) things like recording voice memos to specific sports and event photos for later captioning (day of) in the newspaper. True, the D700 alone did not hurt sales of the D3, but with the battery grip, I’d find that hard to believe it weren’t the case. Newspaper and sports photogs are a cheap folk (their pay ain’t that great). They will pay for stuff only if their life depended on it (like their supertelephotos) or if their departments had extra cash to spend. If you give them a cheaper option, they’ll usually choose it if they’re on personal budgets. Granted, I prefer having an option like the d700 and battery grip available. Then again only Nikon would know their numbers, not you or I. It’s just my conjecture. If you shoot without the grip at 5 fps, then the comparisons aren’t relevant. That D3 battery drives lenses faster, etc. Pretty much a mini d3, but with vertical af selector…

          • Joe Bear

            Oh and used d3 prices are much lower now, closer to the D700 and a lower ratio to its msrp than the d700’s for a reason. If the D700+battery grip didn’t hurt sales at first, it sure as hell lowered the perceived value of the d3 and long run sales/profit.

            • Chris P

              I don’t know where you live, which could be significant, but here in the UK secondhand prices of the D700 are around £1,200 for near mint, low shutter count examples. D3’s are around £1,800 for similar cameras. I agree that that this is below the ratio of their new prices at the time of the D700’s introduction. However the reason for the secondhand price of the D3 being lower than expected has very little to do with the D700 and everything to do with the D3s, good secondhand examples of which are selling for around £3,250; which is less than £500 below the price at which the last new ones sold.

              When the D3s was introduced, two years after the D3, and a year after the D700, it was such a game changer that the pro camera shops in London were awash with used D3’s. In fact I would go so far as to say that if any Nikon FX professional camera’s sales have been damaged by a cheaper model it is the D4’s, as very few professional D3s owners seem to be bothering to upgrade until they need a new camera.

            • Joe Bear

              Chris, you’re probably right. I started shooting after the D3s was released and have only monitored prices on the used market after that time. To my understanding, the D700 + battery grip + D3 battery prices are very close the D3 used prices here in the US, but that could very well be because of the D3s. I for one would buy the D3 for one body and the D700 for the other if I hadn’t switched to Canon, so I suppose it is more of a tossup than one competing with the other. Thanks for informing me on what I had missed earlier and for being polite about it.

    • R!

      I was hesitating between the 5D MRK iii and the D 800(E),I’m glad I did,now I’m going to take both 6D and D600,thanks rich people to test our real pro interchangable high tech new gears!!!

    • neversink

      Get real Mr. Bear!!! Stop worrying about which system is better and start taking pictures. The little details mean nothing. It’s the end result — the final image — that counts.

      I am so tired of Nikon vs Canon. They are both incredible systems in the right hands. Many of my colleagues shoot Canon and make great images. I shoot Nikon and am thrilled with my images. I started out with an old Exacta vxiia with Zeiss lenses. It has been a great career for me. Just take good pics Joe Bear and stop worrying if someone else’s equipment has more bells and whistles.

      • Joe Bear

        Neversink, I don’t see how it is irrelevant which system fits my needs better, but you’re entitled to your opinion. I’ve shot with both Nikon and Canon extensively and simultaneously for the local newspaper for the past years, so I think I’m entitled to mine. You’re right, though, I shouldn’t be worried about newer cameras coming out. Time to plunk down on some more glass.

    • rjbell78

      Nikon are part a tiny company called Mitsubishi revenue of US$ 248.6 Billion . The rest of what you’ve said is nonsense too.

      • Joe Bear

        You are correct. I had forgotten that. I don’t see how that disproves that there is no true D700 successor yet. Canon’s autofocus system just only caught up with Nikon’s this year. Again, I don’t see how that’s nonsense, but thanks for the analysis.

    • Bwshill

      Joe Bear,

      Nikon IS a larger company than just camera sales. Maybe not like sony, but Nikon sells lab equipment commercial equipment. I’ve always considered the camera part of Nikon to be just part of the greater company, although maybe they’re best known for cameras. I haven’t looked at numbers, that’s just my perception. I wouldn’t be too worried about Nikon going under. After all, they have Ashton Kutcher to make more sales! 🙂 and a website that’s actually user friendly and informative, unlike canon’s.

      • Joe Bear
        I’m worried about that, but perhaps unjustifiably so.
        Their camera equipment makes up the majority of their income, and their company size is smaller than others’. That doesn’t mean they’re a bad company, in fact they are great because they are small and can work on key features in their cameras that photographers want. It just means they might have less money to work off of for resilience in bad economic times, but they might be able to pull some money from their parent company when needed.

        I’m sure none of this matters though when picking a camera company to root for. I am rooting for Nikon as much as the other smaller camera companies and they’ve been the strongest so far.

    • Joe Bear

      Nikonmikon, Arkasai, RC, Artur, that’s exactly my point. It might sell them a lot of units, but will they make money doing it? As a manufacturer, you need to find an equilibrium between units sold and revenue per unit to maximize your profit and ensure you’re making money. Yes it would be great for a sub $2000 camera, but it would be at Nikon’s loss at least in the short term. Would you buy 2 cameras to make up for the price? Probably not. Would you just buy a D800 if the price were too close for comfort? That’s what good marketing divisions in camera companies want you to do! Say hello to the D3200, D5100, D7000. Cameras priced relatively close to each other are meant for you to start on the upgrade path. None of this stuff makes sense for the little guy, but it’s what makes these companies earn money, for better or for worse.

  • Levi h

    Any idea on AF focusing for low light? Will it have the same new focusing ability to focus in -2EV like the D4/D800 have? Or will the lower focus points mean probably not? Also whAt do you think the focus speed will be like compared to D800? I’ve heard the D800 is quite a bit slower than D4 just cuz of more megapixels, think the D600 might focus faster??

  • Joe Goings

    I predict this camera will have right focus sensor issues.

    • babola

      It’s slowly becoming a tradition with few first batches of Nikon cameras, doesn’t it? 🙂

      Even so, I bet those issues will be shadowed by the ones that will come with the new rumoured Canon 6D, haha.

    • Paul

      And “Front” focus problems.

  • Josh Trujillo

    I hope D600 don’t look this . I want it to look like a Baby D800 because the D800 is sexy bitch. If the D600 looks like this I am save for the D800.

    • Michaelpix

      Yeah, because I buy cameras based off how they look. And I’m definitely willing to pay much more money for a camera just because it’s “sexy”

      • Nikon Shooter

        Wait, are you saying there is another reason to buy this camera? Whatever dude, most of us just want to look hip and like we know what we are doing. If all I wanted was to take good pictures I’d just use my iphone, duh.

        If I wasn’t so weak from my vegan dieting restrictions I’d get an even sexier D4, but it’s simply too heavy for a fashion accessory. Nikon really dropped the ball there.

        • [f]

          For fashion you’d never go wrong with a Leica. It also helps to have the /build quality/ and facial structure of a model. And the attitude of being comfortable in your own skin as well. Beyond that, nothing matters. Party on.

  • Turbochris

    For all looking for something else ( maybe here you get your 1/8000 and 1/250 ):

    Canon 6D:
    22MP full frame
    Flip out screen, Built in flash
    19 pt AF, 63 zone metering
    Single Digic 5+
    4.9 fps (Also heard 4.5fps)
    3 inch LCD (We’d previously heard touchscreen)
    ISO 12,800
    New battery and grip – new GPS and WiFi grip option.
    Built in ‘connectivity and sharing’ software

    We´ll see if the modern 600D ist better, like the D800 and D4 than Canon or if Canon will hits the D600 with its 6D.

    • Snap Snap

      CanonRumor that way —>>>
      GTFOut Of Here

  • kevin

    Actually, one of the reason why i got nikon instead of canon because i think nikon looks better. And d800 looks sexier than d600. So id stay with my d800.

    • Richard


    • Nion

      Are you a photographer or a Sex- Toy collector 🙂 ?

      • Cynog

        There’s a difference..??

        • Yes, one collects things to masturbate with, the other collects things to masturbate over.

          • gsum

            But doesn’t that stop the pop-up flash from er popping up?

          • Paul

            Yeah but its all masturbation.

  • Sold my D7000, D700

    sold my D7000 and D700 just in time for this baby. D7000 was a great cam, and D700 was a legend in low light. Needed a second Cam with my D3s. With the D600 spec. it make a perfect pair. Nikon did the right thing making D800 higher MP, for those needed it in studio or landscape, but for all-rounder a smaller size FX like D600 will be a great. Hopefully it live up to D700 low light performance. 🙂

    • Michel

      So if you sold your D700 and D7000 just in time to “get this baby” what are you going to use to take photographs in the meantime while you wait for your order to be delivered (in goodness knows how many weeks/months/years)

      • michel

        Ahhh oops, sorry just reread what I just missed seeing before….lol

    • neversink

      @ Sold my D7000
      I have news for you, the D800 is fine for sports. It is a myth that the D800 is only good for studio or landscape. And its low light capabilities are fine. I have used it along side my D4 and have no problems. I don’t always need 11 fps, but I do need a camera that is rugged enough when I go into South Sudan and other remote areas of the world.

      So tired of the D800 is only good for landscape and studio nonsense.

  • JC

    The price will either make or break this camera. Honestly, I think it’s a steal for those that aren’t too demanding and want it to be within budget. There are people like myself who knew we wanted to upgrade to a full-frame sooner or later so we already have an investment in FX glass.

    When I think a little more about it, it’s about brand loyalty. Even though, it’s cheaper than the D800, the people who buy the D600 because it’s a full-frame DSLR will most likely invest their money in other Nikon products such as lenses etc.

    Every photographer has been in a situation where they are asked the question, “What kind of camera are you using?” Of course, most humble photographers will tell them what they’re using and mention that it’s not really about gear. This plays a big role in the “word of mouth game” and probably explains why they opted to upgrade the lower end models first. Think about it, everyone buying Nikon because they see what a full-frame can do, Nikon bodies, and lenses are all over the place.

    Again, price will make or break this camera. Personally, if the camera body is around $1700-$1800 I wouldn’t mind waiting a little bit longer for the D800. Hopefully, by then, it will have most of it’s bugs fixed out.

    • Nah, the AF system will make or break this. The people with the glass for this want sharp images. Otherwise, who is this camera aimed at? People who were unhappy with a 5dmkii? They got an upgrade. Now how about the rest of us Nikon? Huh?

      • ashwins


      • Mikael


      • Levi H

        + 1

        It’s really all I’m waiting to hear about or get my hands on to see for myself, is how the AF is going to function.

    • Nikon Shooter

      I think you’re right. An 80% difference in price between the two cameras would be too close to call. Unless the D600 is $1500 or under might as well go for the D800 because $1700-$1800 is a lot closer to $3000 than to $1500.

      I used the same logic last time I went car shopping and ended up with a sail-boat instead. The difference in miles per gallon was just too drastic to pass up. Never mind that I live in Arizona.

      • Casey

        LOL. 1700 or 1800, and I agree. 2000 or 2100 and I’d probably go with the d800.

  • roy

    I just want to know when is starting to ship, could anyone tell?

    • BartyL

      Nikon will tell you (and everyone else) after they officially announce the product.

  • Simanta

    It seems like a good entry level FX from Nikon stable. But the flash sync 1/200 seems a bit slow and so is the highest shutter speed of 1/4000 but then again people hardly ever use it. I would like to use it as my second body with my current D800. I wonder how much the price would figure….

    • Orb Emmel

      Agreed. Interestingly, these are a step backwards compared to the D7000. I can understand FPS, because of the larger file size that comes with the 24 Mpix, but shutter speed and flash sync?

  • Kara Bare

    I still think the D800 will take better pics.


    • krr

      what are you guys talking about? this is ridiculous!
      if audi releases the new A3, how many people talk about it being faster than the RS5?

      • Rudi

        Me: I want the RS5 for the price of the A3, please! Or why isn’t the engine of the RS5 inside the A3??

    • D800 hell yeah

      Because “the D800” shoots all by itself.

  • chk

    I’m still asking myself how they can use the 39 af module from the d7000 (which I own) on an fx sensor.. I mean, the coverage of the af module relatively to the surface of the sensor will be uselessly pointed towards the center of the image only (i think lateral angle coverage is sometimes insufficient even with the d7000..)

    This not even considering the fact that the AF of the d7000 really isn’t at the same level of the rest of the camera…

    I’m still hoping that this specs aren’t the real ones and that they re-used the 51 point module of the d700 (which works well and was developed for FX sensors)

    • Orb Emmel

      39 AF points doesn’t mean it’s the D7000’s AF (otherwise I would agree with you). However I own a D7000, I have no issue with the AF…

      • ashwins

        Orb, most likely the AF system is the same as in D7000 because the metering is also with the same 2016-pixel metering sensor as in D7000.

        And you not having had focus problems mens just that you haven’t been shooting with fast primes…

        • chk

          I (unfortunately) agree…
          D7000 + 50 1.4G is really a pain sometimes.. 🙁

  • GreGNL

    Pff 1/4000 my D7000 is faster :'( 1/8000

  • Ben

    The Sony A99 has on-sensor phase detection, but the RX1 does not (both 24MP full frame), which is slightly strange given the price point of the latter.

    Is it known that the D600 definitely doesn’t do Live View auto-focus with on-sensor phase detection?

  • Mr. Reeee


    When, oh when, will Nikon make a decent sized FF body, like an FM2?

    Sony proved it can be done!

    • digital FM2/F3HP

      Have to agree.

    • Sahaja


      digital FM2 / FM3n

      or digital SP2 (FX mirrorless)

    • neversink

      Just buy the FM2 and shoot film…. Stop complaining and get a camera and shoot. Too many whiners on this site!!!!!

    • Allen W.

      Interesting. My concern is that it might be too small. 😉

  • Passerby

    Just found this piece of D600 Japanese info on Google. Could it be real?

    Body-only: About 215000 Yen
    With 24-85mm kit: About 270000 Yen
    On-sale date: Sep 27th
    Updated on September 12th

    • Snap Snap

      215000 Yen would be like USD2.7k+..cant be right

      • Michel

        On release the Japan price for the D800 was 298000 JPY, so this price of the D600 is around 83000 JPY less or around 1067USD. That makes it in line with around 1899-1999USD IMHO

    • Steve

      No the price is impossible. The D800 body is 250000 Yen in some shops in Japan so slightly more than 3000 dollars which is what it is at BH . Usually the camera body prices are slightly more or the same as the exchange rate. So if the widely reported price of 1899 is true then the Japanese price should be around 1500 for the D600.

  • Jimmy

    That equates to around £1700.

    For another £225, I can purchase a D800. Mmmmm

  • jorg


  • Alberto
    • Steve

      218000 Yen will have the price in the US around 2700 dollars for the body and is obviously not true because its nearly the same as the D800.

  • sonuy

    mmm sonuy a99 will kick your nikon!! d600 d800 d4 hoho a99 will break all

  • Mikael

    But i cant help just laughing to myself when i read all this.
    Everyone wants mini-D4 for a price sub 2k USD.
    Nikon change the lineup with the D4 and D800 combo, D600 is just to lure people into FX segment, and when they are there they need new lenses.
    Boom, well played Nikon 😀

    Spray and pray aint going to give you that photo, that said, in sports and wildlife it might give you that.
    But waiting for the perfect moment in both wildlife and sports will give you as good photo as 1 of the 20 “spray-and-pray” shots.

    Sports/wildlife should spend the money on lenses, and if you are able to buy a nice 400mm or 500mm, then my guess is that you have some money to spend.

    If you dont have that kind of money, then you will have to settle for less framerates and not top of the line lenses…
    And about semi-pro sports/wildlife that i have been reading about, what kind of lenses do you use and what kind of work do you do?
    And what does people mean when they use expressions like “semi-pro”?
    If you are getting paid somewhat for your work, then you should save up to buy nice lenses instead of bitching about a few FPS.
    Getting in nice and tight might give you better photos, better photos might give you more gigs, more gigs = more income, more income = better possibilitys to buy the things you so desperate need.
    If you already have nice lenses ( not talking 70-200 2,8 ) then start save for a D4, hell even go for a mint D3s since they aint bad, it have high FPS and good low light aswell!

  • Steve

    For example. 100 Yen equals US1.28. The K5 II is 100000 Yen in Japan and 1200US at BH. So roughly the same taking into account the exchange rate.

  • ssrdd

    still H.264???
    again shit 24mbps ???????

    today sony and tomorrow nikon losers…

  • Rudi

    Anybody out there has a clue what “rumours” are? So just don’t count your chicken before they are hatched!

  • jen

    still hate the top dial!

  • scurvy hesh

    To all those lamenting the 1/4000th top shutter speed and apparently only shoot at full aperture in bright sunlight.

    You will be ok. You still have plenty of shutter speed left with f2.8

  • spock

    Ok…. where is the “leaked” photo’s of the back of the D600?….. very wierd IMHO that something has not shown this late in the game?

    I wonder if Nikon has something they do not want to share until the very end.,….and for what reason?


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