New: Samyang 10mm 1:2.8 ED AS UMC CS lens for Nikon F mount

After the two new Tamron lenses, Samyang will be the next manufacturer to expand the Nikon F mount lens offerings at Photokina with their new 10mm 1:2.8 ED AS UMC CS lens (for cropped Nikon DX cameras, not a full frame lens).

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  • So if Nikon won’t do it, at least Samyang does. Great move.

    • Nikon Shooter

      What exactly is the big whoop here?

      Tokina 11-16 f/2.8 is a legendary lens that DX users have had for years. It’s slightly more expensive, but it’s also a really sharp zoom and it can autofocus unlike the Samyang.

      • Polar Bear

        Slightly more expensive? This will probably be half the price of the Tokina.

        • MJr

          Too much color fringing etc. from the Tokina imo. I think a prime could be better. 10mm is where the party is anyway, not at 16. There’s other lenses for that.

        • Nikon Shooter

          You are correct. For an awesome lens a difference of ~$300 is slightly more expensive.

          • iamlucky13

            The users who would pick the Samyang over one of the more sophisticated designs are absolutely going to be the budget minded.

            The Samyang 14mm FX lens is $450. I’d guess the 10mm DX lens will be $300-350…perhaps less, but I won’t hold my breath.

            The Tokina 11-16 is a $750 lens.

            Considering the target market Samyang will be seeking, doubling the price is not “slightly.”

            And there is a pretty fair possibility Samyang’s 10mm prime will have better optical quality than Tokina’s zoom.

            Now mind you, this is coming from someone who will probably still go for the 11-16 when I get as far as buying a wide angle. I still really like the way Samyang has started offering high quality manual primes for outstanding prices, even by third party terms.

  • Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

    DX lens, not interested 😛

    • Plug

      Why bother to comment then? So helpful for all those DX users.

      • Barron Roth

        I wouldn’t have known had he not commented!

        • fjfjjj

          The funniest part is that this guy doesn’t even own an FX camera yet. He’s just posturing for his future D600 purchase.

          • MJr

            Yeah Admin could have mentioned the DX part, altho it should be quite obvious at this focal length.

            • Why? Nikon did a 6mm F/2,8 Before.

            • Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

              Just a comment to see how everyone would respont, don’t take the comment so seriously 😛
              And btw, I do own a FX, and the D600 is to slow for me, so I would happily use my old D7000 over the D600.

            • I updated the post – sorry, it was crazy the past few days in the [NR] headquarter 🙂

            • Actually I thought it’s a fisheye lens because of the removable lenshood. But as a rectilinear lens it is really great! especially if affordable.

      • Plug

        My apologies for apparently being rude. I thought it self-evident that the lens was DX but can see now that was not the case.

    • Zaphod

      No AF not interested. But what are Nikon doing? The fill a lot of patent application but very few products. It is the products that make money, not the

  • GQT

    Samyang is stepping up the game. Way to go.

    Unfortunately this is another APS-C lens.

    • Plugin

      Why bother to comment then? So helpful for all those DX users…

      • Especially since the Dx market is swamped with dx wide angle primes….

  • If it’s under 350$ I will buy it!

  • Cheong

    Nikon has already have a good DX Fish-eye, but this one may be less expensive though.

    • D90

      But they don’t have any DX UWA primes.
      Unfortunately, by the look of things, this one doesn’t have a filter ring. Too bad 🙁

      • Cheong

        Oops, I didn’t realize it’s not a fish-eye. I was misled by the front element.

  • Carsten

    Cheong, this is not a fish-eye lens.

    To those who prefer FX: Do you not like Nikon’s 14mm/2.8?

    • iamlucky13

      Correct, it is DX and rectilinear, not a fisheye.

      Looking at how exposed that front element is, I sure hope they’re providing a truly appropriate cap for it.

      And Samyang also already offers a 14mm full frame lens that is a fantastic price and gets generally very good reviews…some definite compromises compared to the Nikon 14mm, but easy to overlook if the Nikon is beyond your budget.

  • jorg

    there is a company in germany that sows off (yes) those fixed hoods at f.e. samyang 8mm DX etc. enlarging their image-circle.
    you still have to crop some frame off, but you can utilize those lenses for FX. it is quite extreme and probably not everybody´s cup of tea, but imagine a rectilinear 10 mm lens on an FX-sensor! you will lose maybe 20% at the borders, still the whole visual effect and focal-lenght-style could be fun.

    • jorg

      whoopps, this lens has no fixed hood, so nevermind that trick.
      still it would be interesting to see, how much image-circle would be left if this thing was mounted to an FX-sensor

    • karl

      you don’t need a “company” to get rid of a piece of plastic

      • Joe

        But they do it quite nice and also deliver a fitting lens cap. I’m not capable of that myself.

  • David

    I’d be interested to see if this has a wide enough image circle to enable 1:3 panoramics on an FX sensor. Have been considering the Sigma 12-24 for these purposes but am concerned with the distortion and IQ and wouldn’t really want to pay the going rate for one.

  • JC’s like going to ARCO gas station to fill up my Porshe 911 GT…

    • Paul

      What 10mm f2.8 would you recommend on a DX body then?

  • JC

    Putting on an Armani suit and pare it with a Walmart tie that was made in China.

    • Spy Black

      They’re made in Korea, and Samyang has a good track record. Their 35mm f1.4 puts the equivalent Nikkor to shame.

      • Victor Hassleblood

        >>Their 35mm f1.4 puts the equivalent Nikkor to shame.<<

        It does indeed. I am starting to open up my mind to Samyang. Personally I am really keen to see their 24mm TS released and reviewed. If it trumps the Nikkor (which doesn't perform too great on FX when shifted) I'll get it.

        Brand loyalty is stupid thing.

        • Spy Black

          Unfortunately their 24mm f/1.4 didn’t measure up to their 35mm and 85mm f/1.4 optics.

    • CHD

      Way to make yourself sound silly. You do know that these latest Samyang releases are actually very good quality…right? The 14mm as an example is sharper than anything Canon has….at the expense of some mustache distortion but still, at $450 it’s an amazing lens.

  • Pablo Ricasso

    DX yeah, but with removable hood, so it might be fun to play with… on a newer camera that allows you to put a DX on and then override.

    Nice and (sort of) small for the DX user, probably a good carry with the 16/17 – 50/55 lens. F2.8 and probably less distortion than some zooms. Possibly less falloff and maybe better corners.

    No AF but no AF cost. At 10mm everything had damn better be hyper focal anyway. It’s probably easier to focus it looking at the distance scales than using your viewfinder…

    A good alternative to the Sigma 8 – 16 and 10 – 20s as well as the Tamron 11-16. Those are all good lenses without much distortion, but they have a lot of falloff.

    • D90

      Tamron don’t have a 11-16mm. Tokina do.

    • Martijn

      absolutely right, allready thinking of trading my 10-20mm for this baby

  • Bojan

    ..Makes me rethink staying on dx and not buying the d600, its still too expensive for me.

  • This is a great FX lens. With an aperture of 10mm, it’s sure to sell hundreds, if not dozens. Not only does it have ED, it is AS, can do UMC, and takes CS, all for 1:2.8. Samron has made some decent lenses in the past, and this surely will be no different. I can’t wait to put it on my J1 via the Tokina Go Pro adapter.

    • Maji

      It is not an FX lens. From Photorumors website-
      Samyang 10mm 1:2.8 ED AS UMC CS is a prototype of the ultra wide-angle prime lens designed for use with cameras fitted with APS-C/DX sensors.


      • Unfortunately that is false.

        I am sorry.

        The lens is APC-S/FX, VR compatible.

        Learn to read before you spout off about lies and hyperboloids.

        • pooh

          Learn to think before you spout off about lies and hyperboloids my friend.

          The CS in the naming stands for crop sensor, or something like that. Only appears in Samyang APS-C lenses like the 8/3.5 fisheye.

          On the other hand, if you know the tiniest bit of camera history, you’ll be aware that 12mm is as wide as a production rectilinear lens can go in 135, or FF cameras. Any further would be exceptionally hard, and although not entirely impossible, you typically would not expect such a breakthrough from companies like Samyang.

          The 10/2.8 CS still fills a niche in the APS-C market nicely though, which deserves to be applauded.

        • te

          Thumbs up ron for sayin it like it is.

          Really looking forward to using this on my new FX crop mode sensor on the D1h… too bad the lens isn’t equipped with HDMI, for the serious aperture it really should have been included on a modern Noktor, in my opinion.

          • Thank you, te.

            I think it’s clear that magi and poo are clueless.

            Sure, it may be true that not all full-figured lenses are crop-sensing, it is *not* true that all crop-sensing lenses are full-figured. If you knew anything about octalinear dynamics, this much would be clear.

            It even says on the Samron website that you can send this lens into Nikon and they will 1) shift the tilting mechanism and b) tilt the shifting mechanism so that they are *both* cross-compatible with either type of camera, be it full-figured or crop-sensing medium format Polaroid/Hemorrhoid backs (the latter, of course, only with the conversion gel).

            Now, unfortunately my D1h has over 300 clicks, so it won’t accept this lens without the Samron-to-Canon-to-Tokina-to-Nikon converter, which apparently has an MSRP of almost $15, so it’ll have to wait until I upgrade my camera’s UV filter.

            Speaking of UV filters, it doesn’t look like this lens can take them without a lot of Gorilla Glue. So that’s something to think about.

            • Jake

              ^^^ Awesome!

            • BartyL

              Nice work 🙂

        • iamlucky13

          I don’t know what the joke is (I’m hoping Ron thinks he’s joking), but I might as well just ignore it and paste a quote directly from Samyang’s press release instead:

          “Samyang 10mm 1:2.8 ED AS UMC CS is a prototype of the ultra wide-angle prime lens designed for use with cameras fitted with APS-C/DX sensors.”

  • John Richardson

    Tokina has been pretty quiet lately, I wonder what they have up their sleeves for FX ?

  • Only one word.

  • Landscape Photo

    I think it can be used on D800 with 1.2x crop. DX image circles are usually larger than 1.5x crop. Corner falloff & sharpness on different apertures need to be tested though.

    My Nikkor 10-24mm DX lens is sharper when stopped down @ 10mm, but the sharpest is unusually the wide open setting @ 18mm (FX). Note that @ 10mm image circle is only a little larger than DX, but @ 18mm & further FX is fully covered.

  • gt

    Admin, sorry I wrote this over at your photorumors site too — but I thought this was a more appropriate place to ask this question:

    Any word on Sigma announcements? What’s up with the 35mm F1.8 FX that was rumored a while ago?

    • I have no info for new Sigma lenses at that point. I am sure they will release something.

  • Aldo

    red stripe on a nikon mount? lol

  • Mark A.

    No filter thread 🙁 was going to use this for landscape in hopes to attach ND or Polarizers. Now I’m sure there are ways around this, but as an enthusiast with a small budget, not so good news. Kudos for Samyang though for the high quality low price lenses. I’m a big fan of the 85mm. Tried the 8mm Fisheye, great optics, but sold it just because I didn’t like the effect.

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