Nikon D600 sample images

f/2.8, 25 seconds exposure, ISO 3200, 14-24 f/2.8 lens (credit: Nikon)

100% crop

Nikon D600 sample images can be found at:

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  • Fish

    Are there any high ISO NEF files anywhere?

    • ashwins
      • krr

        note that you need dng converter 7.2 release candidate to open them!

        • krr

          even that doesnt work ^^ any ideas?

          • krr

            latest version of RawTherapee works ^^
            but images look extremly grainy at ISO3200,
            much worse than jpegs

          • ashwins

            They open just fine with Capture NX 2.

            Here’s ISO1600, 3200 and 6400 100% screen crops (no NR applied in Capture NX 2):


            • Josh

              Wow. After resizing images to compare at the same size I would say the D600 has equal noise to the D7000 at theses ISOs. The whole point of this camera and the only thing that makes people want to believe it’s worth $2100 is the sensor. What the hell was Nikon thinking?

      • Fish

        I think I was in that page before and it only had JPEGS, but in case I’ve missed the NEFs, my apologies.

  • Pablo Ricasso

    And since there’s said so many thinking the 5D2 can answer this, you might want to hurry and get one. Because I see the 6D is said to be coming in December, I’m thinking that the supply of the four year old thing is going to run out.

    But to compare…

    It looks like this camera has 24, the 5D2 21 and the 6D 20. I would still place the newer Canon above the old because the sensor is newer. It probably has better color and dynamic range, but probably still nowhere near the Nikon. (MY opinion)

    The Nikon has less magnesium than the 5D2 but the new Canon is said to have less still, for whatever that is worth. But it does also have weather sealing.

    The shutter of the new camera is rated for 100,ooo cycles and tops out at 1/4000. That may be your reason to run and buy the 5D2. The flash synch is 1/180, which may be another reason.

    The Nikon has 5.5 fps, the 6D a said 4.5, and the 5D2 3.9.

    The Nikon has the 39 point system that focuses at f8. The new canon inherits the 11 point from the 5D2.

    I believe the 6D is said to reach to ISO 25000. I would imagine the low light ability to exceed the 5D2 but still be less than the 5D3. I would guess that it would probably be either above or below this Nikon depending on whether you care about color, detail, and dynamic range or whether you care about noise specifically. Only time will tell. The same thing will apply in a comparison between the D600 and the 5D3.

    I suppose the video of both new cameras will kick the pants off the 5D2, possibly matching or exceeding the 5D3, but I don’t care as much as I might about video, so someone else will have to investigate that…

    It is said to cost 1999. That’s my unbiased opinion and interpretation of facts as best as I can present. Look at the pictures, read, take some pictures, and make your choices. Sincerely, your loyal Nikon fanboy sheep hobbyist.

  • indi

    @krr: i suppose, i sugguest, i believe, i think, my opinion — i believe your post is 100% waste of users time!

    • krr

      i think it says “Pablo Ricasso” at the top of that comment ^^

  • Sean

    I hear a lot of whining. I hear people saying something about guest bringing DSLRs to weddings and not wanting them to just because it takes great pictures… blah blah blah. Here’s my 2 cents
    1) D700 debut at around $2500 if my memory serves me right
    2) D600 is not the next D700, so just stop comparing them already… if you really want to d600 does everything D700 does plus video and possible better DR at lower ISO minus the shutter speed
    3) D600 is the overglorified D7000… isn’t the D800 also or the D4 or just about any other camera?
    4) Price… D7000 debut at $1200, D700 debut at $2500, D600 at $2100. D300 debut at 1800. D300s at 1800(?) is 2100 really that far off the pricing structure based on past experiences. what you want isn’t what is happening so quit whining over and over about the price every single time there’s a post about the new d600
    5) different cameras work for different folks. If you D700 works for you… why are you seeking a replacement? what is a replacement? new metering system, more megapixels, no video, dual card slot? blah blah blah
    6) if you think it is expensive for what you need, don’t get it. if it isnt’ and it works for you, get it. like all newer cameras, it has its ups and downs. Just about the same with every other brand.

    • Sean

      For the one saying something against guests bringing their DSLR… i don’t see why you are soo against it. The only thing you should be against is them getting in your way. If your pictures are better, they are better. If they are not, they are not. At the end of the day, a good photograph is about how you best use your tool to create the best shot of the moment. Just because you have an expensive camera or a cheap camera does not mean you can’t take the best pictures. Starting to understand more and more as I start taking more pictures and learning about photography and as I see people not understanding their cameras and taking pictures that just look like a point and shoot.

    • Rob

      D700 was $3000. Take the 15 seconds to google it next time.

      • Sean

        my apologies… I only worked off my vague memory. but since you so kindly did the research, which only helps to support my point even more that the D600 really isn’t that expensive at all. D700 at $3000 like 5+ years ago? is worth more than $3000 today which makes $2100 relatively cheap.

    • Job

      Whining or losing ? That is the question…

      I prefer to whine and not make a huge and expensive mistake rather than really whine after having lost 2100 $ pounds or euro + 500 for the new 24-85 lens.

      Let’s see the reality:

      D800: 2200 or 2000 euro in some places in Europe
      D600: 2100 to 2400 $/GBP/Euro

      Someone could explain me the magic numbers there before I whine ?

      The D800 had a lot of issues when it was released, same techno, same sensor, etc…

      The D600 was rumored to cost around 1500$ prior to its release, but here we are, Nikon can make money and its shareholder larger margins by just matching the price with the better camera that the D800 is.

      They take you for fools or very rich people.

      Now look carefully at some of the samples on imaging ressource (not the one provided by Nikon on other websites).

      Look at the samples taken at 160 or 100 ISO…. Either the photographer is pretty bad, the lens (24-85) is mediocre or else…. But it is quite scary to end up with such low quality pictures with a 2100 bucks camera.

      So, whining before it hurts ? Well, I don’t know what you do for a living but for me and lot of others, the price of the D600 is a month salary or a very nice trip to some wonderful place in the world where I will be able to take superb pictures with my outdated camera…

      Wait and see the issues on the D600 and the price falling like it did for the D800

  • ISO

    I looked at the ISO 6400 samples on imaging resource. I think D600 is not as clean as D7000 because D7000 uses way too aggressive noise reduction and loses a lot of detail. So, all things considered I would choose D600 on this criteria. Compared to D700, D600 is definitely noisier, but again has more detail, this time just because of more megapickles. In the case of D700 — pick your poison — cleaner high ISO or more resolution. Compared to D800, D600 loses both in noise and in resolution. The fact that it loses in noise is actually a little surprising to me, but that’s what it looks like. I’m sure others will see something else.

    • ISO2

      I actually reach the same conclusion comparing D600 and D800 images.

  • znsel

    Does anyone have a link to the user manual yet?

  • 103david

    No offense to you personally, O, the comment aimed at the masses and fan boys…but since you ask…
    Yes, I do need to evaluate the level of performance with my own hands. It’s called “Science 101” and anyone with the slightest life experience knows perfectly well that published hype, either for or against, rarely has much to do with how well “IT” (whatever “IT” is) will perform for you and your own requirements. Do I really need to explain a bit of skepticism on alleged results, pro or con, without any real knowledge of how the conclusions were reached?
    Sorry, buddy, but without any real knowledge, you’re still just passing gas.

  • For D600 sensor dpreview informs that: “It seems very likely that the D600’s sensor is built by Sony, and similar to the one used in the A99 and RX1 but Nikon insists that it is built to its (Nikon’s) specifications.”

  • thomas

    I wait D400 and : D400 or Sony A77

  • Look here:
    for a direct noise and moiré comparision between the D600 and the D800E.

  • kuba
  • Nice samples

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