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For a lot of people a professional DSLR like the Nikon D800 is something you dream about but can't afford. The new full-frame Nikon D600 is $800 cheaper than the D800 and packs many of its big brother's features. Yes, you, the non-professional should be very excited. (gizmodo)

What's more, aside from the resolution, you're getting something pretty close to the D800 -- including a weather-sealed magnesium alloy build, fast Exspeed III processor, and AF that works down to f/8 -- but here it's all contained in a body that sheds a full 15 percent off the D800's weight. (engadget)

"I am a game-changer." Such is the immodest claim Nikon attaches to its brand new D600 DSLR, but when you look at the full combination of specs, dimensions, and price, this camera could come close to justifying the bluster. (theverge)

Instead, the company is gearing the D600 towards emerging photographers and consumers who want to graduate up from their entry-level DSLRs with APS-C size chips. (pdnpulse)

For those who thought the D800's 36.3-megapixel sensor was overkill, the Nikon D600 hits the sweet spot. (ir)

The Nikon D600 crosses the two segments of Nikon's line of DSLR cameras: it's a pro spec full-frame camera, with some distinctly consumer features... Much of what we find in the Nikon D600 is an evolution of the components found in the D800 and D4 paired with those from the D7000. (pocket-lint)

According to Nikon UK's Hiromasa Sebata, the D600's maximum shooting rate doesn't increase if the battery pack is used. (techradar)

Nikon D600 videos:

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  • Jc

    Ordered !

  • Jc

    It’s a great back up for my D800E.

    • cpm5280

      Precisely. Don’t need a whole second D800E, but a second FF body fits the bill nicely, particularly if the video is acceptable (video moire on 800E = shimmering fabrics for interviews, not that that’s what I bought the E for). I expect I’ll be adding a D600 before long.

      • Jdjdjd

        I’ve actually used the d800e for professional video.

        Most fabrics are fine. It’s hair and fine details around glasses and eyes (eyebrows too) that cause most of the moire.

        I have a d800 I use more for video anyway.

  • Charlie

    Imaging Resource have a load of high-ISO samples if anyone is interested?

  • Cndlpwr

    I agree with Hobby about the sync speed. Very disappointing!

    • Abraham Collins

      I wish Nikon could come out with a leaf shutter lens some day. It’s the only feature that makes me interested in medium format… 🙂

    • It has FP sync up to 1/4000 – so I see nothing to complain about.

    • Klas

      The difference between 1/200 s and 1/250 is 1/4 stop. ONE QUARTER OF A STOP.

      • Davide

        1/3, not 1/4. It is rounded, but it is 1/251.98, that is a third of a stop faster than 1/200. And the D800 also kind of syncs at 1/320.

        • ronbenson

          Auto FP quick sync with external flash probably goes up all the way to 1/4000. In quick sync, I took, routinely, images at 1/1000s of shutter speed using my D7000. (500mm, manual, non stabilized hand held close-up pictures)

          • Abraham Collins

            Auto FP loses a lot of flash power..

  • price is too big in EU…i ll pass…

  • Bill

    Was looking to finally up gradeing my D100 was hoping for that $1600 range saved for a long time.

    • LeadWrist

      When the full frame sensor by itself costs $1300, I doubt you will get the camerafor $1600.

      • ronbenson

        You’re maybe a bit high for low grade sensor like those used in consumer electronics. I’d say it’s more like $900-1200 for a 36 x 24 and around $200-300 for 24 x 16. If you go up in grade though, sky is the limit… grade 1, grade 0, grade X…

  • rick

    why is it £700 more expensive (Only £300 less than the D800) in the UK???!!!????!!!!

    Great camera, complete joke of a price.

    • Abraham Collins

      Because your government forces electronics companies to have absurdly long warranty periods. Blame your government or buy gray market.

      • Rick

        fair enough, easy to blame the government but why isn’t there the same difference in pricing with the D800 in the US and UK?
        was really hoping to pick this up for at most £1500. Waited quite a while for this and have been let down by pricing.

        I haven’t got an issue with grey goods (Got a Canon 5d mk III for £2200 from HK) but was hoping I wouldn’t have to go through that with D600. Will just have to wait for the 6d as a back up, although, no doubt they will be priced the same as a D600 now.

        • Abraham Collins

          D800 is far more rugged, thus less risk to compensate for. Risk involved affects pricing directly.

          • Sahaja

            How do you know it is actually far more rugged – have you done drop tests on the two cameras or something?

            Who knows, the “plastic” body of the D600 may absorb shocks better.

      • regular

        your comment is absurd.
        Long warranty periods (and you certainly refer to a 2 or 3-year period? is it THAT long???) force companies to design more durable products, and protect consumers.

        If Nikon has a poor quality products, it has to raise the price a lot to cover warranty cost.
        And if Canon/Sony/Pentax sell more robust camera, they dont have to raise their price, and there is a competitive gain for quality.

        • Abraham Collins

          That’s your opinion, buddy. I’m glad I live in the United States where the government doesn’t force bull shit like this down my throat and raise the cost of goods.

          • PHB

            Sale of goods act only requires a year. Thats hardly a long time. The standard Nikon USA warranty is 1 year.

            Therefore I suggest that you may well be an ignorant American bigot with arse-elbow differentiation impairment.

          • Ragnarok

            You don’t need to swear you are usamerican.

      • Sahaja

        Some other European countries have even longer warranty periods by law – and yet the price is cheaper there than in the UK.

  • J

    At the current UK price, there is no point at the D600 at all – with the D800 just £250/£300 more. I had been waiting for the D600, but if the price doesn’t drop to below £1,500 so it’s comparable with the US price, then I might as well get the D800!

    Hopefully the price will drop and settle quickly. The UK pricing structure for models is strange to say the least, which is a shame as the D600 seems awesome.

    • Quagmire

      I see that this problem is all across Europe, i really hope Nikon is going to drop the prices to be comparable to US. I would love a D600 as an upgrade from D5100 🙂

      • shanti

        In Denmark only $300 price diff between 600& 800 so no point in getting the D600 here..and the price is the same as the US price + 25% tax & 5% duty..,so th eD800 is cheaper here than in the US by maybe the 600 will drop soon as well…

    • ericnl

      yeah, the same here:

      D600 = €2149,-
      D800 = €2599,-

      only 450 euro difference for a massive difference in specs…

      • D700

        The 800 is €2800 here, so where is “there” ?

        • Regular

          Éric NL …

  • josh

    $2,100 body only…. maybe….. where’s the D8000 or D400?? we need a super fast DX body. might wait until a possible release for CES. The one thing I am thrilled about is that Nikon will have availability by next week (hopefully). I hope they have learned to have stock on these cameras right away.

  • Zachery

    I see that, along with not being able to comprehend journalistic ethics, Gizmodo can’t do basic math either.

    $3000 – $2100 = $800 Gizmodo? Really?

    • Z

      fuzzy math … kinda like fuzzy logic, no?

  • Z

    $2,099 … oh, the handwringning and the gnashing of teeth … not even $1,999 …

  • Turbochris

    I´d order one at once if the price would be like the US one.
    But in Europe the price is to expensive.
    For ultra-wide I need an FX-Body.
    So I´ll change to the Canon 6D oder 5D Mark II and buy all the gear in future there.
    Dear Nikon-Team, this ist the best posibility to loose customers!!!

    • ericnl

      I tried the 5Dmk2 for a year and sold it, running back to Nikon crying. so I would kind of strongly advice against that one, I really disliked that camera too much. but most of my issues seem to have been improved on with the mark3 though.

      and looking at the rumoured specs of the 6D in the post of today, I would never choose that one over the D600.

      also: one of the most annoying “quirks” of the Canon cameras is that in spot metering mode only the focus follows the spot, the actual exposure metering is done from the centre of the screen (I thought it was called spot “metering”, not spot focussing?).
      if you want exposure to follow the focus point, you have to switch to grid metering.

    • Larry Van Valkenburg

      The price is NOT CHEAP IN TH USA either!
      It’s $2099 for a $1500 dollar camera!
      An additional $322 for a battery grip!
      An additional $75 for the battery for the grip
      An additional $700 for the 24-85mm kit lens
      That’s almost $3200 for a $1500 camera!
      Way better off getting a D800 and a $100 aftermarket grip for it!

      • Maji

        So your D800 can make images without a lens? Why don’t you add the same items to the cost of the D800. What makes you say that the D600 is a $1500 camera? Is it because NR had posted a rumor about it once?

        At least compare apples and apples, not apples and ping pong balls.

        • Larry Van Valkenburg

          Because it’s a smaller, plastic bodied camera.
          Because it’s D7000 or D3200, with an FX size sensor.
          They are charging the same for that as they did the D200 and D300, which I do own.
          I already have lenses I can use on a D800.
          It’s just Too Much Money for a small body plastic camera with a so called FX sensor that maybe is 24.7mp.

      • Rob

        It beats the Phase One IQ180. They charge $44,000 for a $1500 camera (and it doesn’t even include the body!). But man, Kodak has got some great deals. The Easyshare M552 is on sale at Office Depot. They’re only charging $37 for a $1500 camera!

        Do you see what I did there and how stupid it was? It was the same thing you did. The D600 is not a $1500 camera just because you say so.

      • Aldo

        I paid 315 for the mb-d12…. God I love ebay…

  • Pablo Ricasso

    I really feel for you folks in Europe, because for most of you, you either have it or you don’t. If you do, I’d say why the hell not spend a bit more and get the world’s best camera? If you don’t, I’d say keep using what have you and wait as much as a half a year because the price should be better by that time.

    • ericnl

      because 36mp is too much, and it makes lowlight video horrible. also: I really do like the option of storing two presets in the user settings, something that the D800 doesn’t do.

      if for this price (€2149,-) the D600 came in the D800 body (€2599,-), I would have bought it, but now I’m not too sure and I’ll wait for a sub €2000,- price drop.

      • Camcorder snakes d

        Lowlight video horrible. lol

        Just lol.

        • Abraham Collins

          Watch any video comparison between the D800 and the 5D3 at ISO above 800. The 5D3 wipes its ass with the D800.

          Quit dreaming.. the D800 sucks at low light video.

  • Mike Hammon

    Pretty good specs–would have liked to see built-in GPS, but Nikon seems unable to take what they do in the Coolpix series and put it in a DSLR. Love the two SDHC slots.

    That said, why did they price an obviously entry-level enticement for people to go from DX to FX so near the D800 price? At $1599-$1799, it would have been much more enticing for me.

    Looked at the low-light pics and a few of the Nikon pics and it seems like they’re noiser than the D700 and not as sharp.

    Still, it’s a great first level FX.

    Mike in NOVA

    • Larry Van Valkenburg

      I agree with you on the price. WAY too high for a plastic entry level FX camera, that we were led to believe to be in the $1500 to $1700 area. I’d rather pay $699 for the D3200.

      • Gary

        @Larry – don’t forget “we were led to believe” by a RUMOUR SITE!

  • Agree with J the D600 is to high in UK – wait couple of months for price to fall to more sensible price – however the samples look excellent and kudos to Nikon and Sony.

  • Larry Van Valkenburg

    The body looks mostly plastic and just partly magnesium alloy top shell. How can they stress the statement “magnesium alloy build”?

    • Top nd back are magnesium alloy? why woul you need front part be made of metal if it has lens infront? I own d300s for 2?5 years and had d50 and see no benefits in full metal body.

      • Larry Van Valkenburg

        Well, suppose you are using your 70-200mm lens, shooting sports, or you’re in the woods shooting wildlife, or you fall, and you whack your lens on something. I suspect that the plastic front body will fracture or break right off. Magnesium alloy body will take the punishment. Take it from me as a rodeo photographer, my cameras have taken the punishment where plastic would be broken. $2099 for a plastic lens mount body?

        • Mount is actually metal, and have you seen any plastic bodies fractured?
          I can’t imagine how hard y0u need to smack that plastic camera for it to actually give a crack.

          • Larry Van Valkenburg

            The mount is metal, screwed/mounted to the plastic.
            Yes, I’ve been in many situations that would have smashed that plastic. Working rodeos, run over by horses, hooked off fences by bulls, falling off a fence and having my backup camera swing around at a high speed and hit the ground, just plain dropping them from high places. Getting hit by stones flying off horses hoofs as they ran by. Broken lenses, broken steel shades, dents and dings, but no broken alloy cameras, until they fell apart from being used a lot.
            My life is calmer these days, so I most likely wouldn’t be breaking the plastic, but just saying, the possibility is there, now that everybody thinks they are pro photographers after buying entry level cameras.
            By the way, those were all Nikon film cameras taking all that abuse. I treat my digital with more care. LOL

            • Larry Van Valkenburg

              Oh, forgot to also mention. I also had to replace broken lens mounts on a couple of those lenses.
              I’m pretty sure those times it would have ripped the front right off a plastic camera.

  • MartyG

    UK price needs to be revised at £1955 too much for essentialy a d7000 body with a new sensor and a few revised algorithms. What was nikon thinking only putting a 10mp dx crop mode from a 24mp full frame sensor-we could do that in photoshop or gimp without too much effort. I have been waiting for 3 years to upgrade my d200 – d300 wasn’t enough of a jump and d700 although fantastic camera didn’t tick all the boxes.
    So disappointed with nikon over uk and euro pricing I finally went mirorless today and gave olympus some much needed cash. Nikon can whistle for my cash now. Been with nikon for 30 years Nikorrmat- EM-FM-F3-F90x-D200 high quality primes from 20 through 180.
    Please nikon make enthusiast cameras for photographers not multimedia gurus- Great sensor, robust body, with few frills at a realistic price.

  • Larry Van Valkenburg

    What’s the deal with the statement in the video “It even autofocuses at f8” ????
    Is that unusual? My D200 and D300 autofocus at f8 and all f stops.

    • Abraham Collins

      No they don’t. When your camera is autofocusing your lens’ aperture is wide open; it closes down just before the mirror flips up.

      Try putting a teleconverter or macro tube on a 5.6 lens.. your AF won’t work.

      • Larry Van Valkenburg

        Is that a quirk of using a Nikon teleconverter on a Nikon lens? Why?
        I’m using a Sigma teleconverter on a Sigma 70-200 lens and it Does autofocus at f8 and other f stops as well.

        • Abraham Collins

          You lose a stop or more with teleconverters regardless of brand.

          Your 70-200 is a 2.8 lens; I was talking about a 5.6 lens (Nikkor 800mm for example) with a TC or macro extension attached. It doesn’t matter if you dial the lens down to f8 or smaller, your camera body will always have the aperture wide open until the mirror flips up, thus it focuses at 5.6 or wider.

        • Hellomyo

          Youndo understand that Nikons focus wide open and then stop down once the shutter opens, right? Try putting a f/8 lens or a f/4 with a 2x TC on and see if your D300 will focus.

      • Larry Van Valkenburg

        Ok, I get it. He was shooting the 200-400mm with the sx, at 800mm, f8 and it autofocused wide open at f8.

        • Larry Van Valkenburg

          I meant, with a 2x converter, at 800mm f8 and it autofocused wide open at f8.
          I need to proof read what I write before pressing GO.
          It’s still TOO MUCH MONEY anyway!!
          But after looking at the photos, they were pretty good, so I decided what I really need is the Nikon 20-200mm f2.8 VR II.
          Now that’s what’s worth the money!

          • Larry Van Valkenburg

            There I go again, improper proof reading.

            Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 VR II

            • Ragnarok


    • Fred

      Well Nikon had to make it autofocus at F8 because those that want a semi-pro DX would have to use a teleconverter on the D600 to get the same reach as DX.
      And of course the teleconverter will use up valuable f Stops.
      So for those considering the D600 as a ‘D400’ replacement they have to factor in the cost of teleconverters too.
      Yes, the D600 has a ‘crop mode’ but that’s only 10 MP.

  • Twaddler Belafonte

    I only wish it had an articulating rear screen like the a99. 😐 Being super-tall means having to bend into very painful positions to get shots (far too often).

    • Abraham Collins

      Buy an external HDMI screen and a 1/4-20 mount. They aren’t that expensive.

  • Randy

    An anyone tell me why the 600 only has 3 stop bracketing? The 800 has 5?

    • Bob

      The D600 is aimed for beginners. D800 FTW!

    • You can bracket any number of stops using Manual mode by changng aperture or speed setting.

    • BKT on a D800 is still a joke. Yes, it does 9 images max., but only at 1EV intervalls – so you gain +/-4 EV. Considering the huge amount of DR (some say 14 stops) it makes no sense to use this feature.
      I usually take two to three exposures manually that capture the whole DR and merge them manually (one neutral, one low, one high key).

    • booyah

      Because bracketing is for people that can’t get the correct exposure?

      • D700

        bracketing as a whole is wated on you apparantly. Quite the ignorant remark.

    • Aldo

      bracketing is for nubs

  • Bob

    I got a D4 and a D800 now it’s time I get a D600 too! I’m still a little disappointed with the rumored $1,500 price…

    • D700

      Says the man with money to burn.

  • Felix

    D600 looks good to me – why are people so pickey? – Don”t like it? – don’t buy it – simple innit! I use M9 so don’t worry much – but D600 is overpriced – go for it when the price comes down!

    • D700

      Har you made me roll on the floor. D600 overpriced coming from a leica owner. hihihi

  • Vin

    I am sure we will see a 10% drop by end of 2012 or beginning of 2013 on D600 due to holiday season. Especially if they do make these in Thailand and the quality is good. Could just be on kit prices though and not body’s only.

  • Alwyn

    Here in SA the price will be R23 000. How exactly is that cheap? They take us for a bunch of idiots

  • Marcos

    Been looking to upgrade from my D200 to an FX body, since I have a couple of decent FX lenses. However, at 2000 euros it seems a bit too much, especially since i can get a 5D mark ii for 1200 euros. Seems like an easy decision.

    If it was 1500 euros, I wouldn’t mind spending a bit more to stay with nikon (since I’m a nikon fan) however as I consumer, I need to be nuts to buy this over the 5d mark2 atm.

    My 2 cents

    • Larry Van Valkenburg

      I’m with you in disappointment. I have a D200 and D300.
      I really like the 5D Mark II. 21mp fx camera. Super camera and a good price now too.

    • Maji

      yup, both Marcos and Larry should get the 5d2. You will definitely enjoy the banding in the shadows and the unreliable AF. Don’t forget the lack of cls and lack of clean high ISO that I am sure you guys won’t need.

      • Larry Van Valkenburg

        I didn’t say I was going to buy a Canon. I already own Nikons and have since 1980, when I switched from Canon for better features of Nikon.
        Am I the only one that believes the prices these days are ballooning way beyond the actual value of things? People should not be so eager to pay exorbitant prices so quickly.

    • jorg

      “since I have a couple of decent FX lenses … i can get a 5D mark ii for 1200 euros. Seems like an easy decision”

      harhrhr, good one!

  • Dan

    If you have ever seen a review of a dslr from engadget, you would know to stay away from caring what they say. It is obvious no one there that reviews cameras knows anything about photography.

    • regular

      Yeah, but they know a lotta’ bout smartphones, hence :

      = iphone
      = apple
      = hipster
      = hipstamatic + instagram
      => photography


  • Chuckle

    Great posts folks. Someone states that the high ISO performance isn’t as good as the D700, so it’s nice to be able to extend a warm welcome to a blind photographer.
    Another post saying “I use M9 so don’t worry much – D600 is overpriced” Can’t argue with that logic Felix – you really know value for money when you see it.
    Someone else so disappointed with the D600 specs, they went out an bought an Olympus u4/3 instead! That’s the sort of thing my wife does – goes out to buy new shoes, and comes home with a handbag, but even she has some clue about cameras.
    Keep it up.

  • dave

    Going to wait for the price to come down on this. I was HOPING for 1500, but I would’ve been happy at 1750. Somewhat begrudging at 1800-1999, but 2100 puts it out for me. Maybe if it gets below 2k.

  • Zim

    Is it weather proof? The video looks pretty good. I might stop waiting for the D400

  • stepper

    A bit off topic but has anybody else noticed that the cheaper plastic bodies seem a bit more robust than the pro metal bodies (aside from weather sealing).

    I don’t take very good care of my old D70 and use the hell out of it but it still looks and performs like new. Not so with my first D1, or my D1x or my D700. All of my pro bodies had to be shipped back for rubber replacement after only a couple of years. And none of them can pass for looking new or “minty”

    • BartyL

      The prejudice against plastic is for the most part just that, prejudice. There is nothing inherently inferior about polycarbonate or polyurethane. There is no elementary reason a well-designed body made from those materials couldn’t match or exceed magnesium-alloy bodies in terms of durability, impact resilience, weather-proofing etc.

  • R!

    The problem is that It’s look like a 1000$ camera with a 1000$ sensor in it with :
    1/4000 ,flash sync at 200 instead of 250 ,only 5,5 fps when it coul’ve been 6 or 7 or 10 fps like the sony (more like a 500$ camera actually),the AF is the one in the D7000 ,the metering also and just like the controller joystick that is really not enjoyable.
    I ‘m calling this an upgrade robbery!!!!!!
    . …exept if the price go down under 1500$ !!

  • Larry Van Valkenburg

    I wonder if Nikon reads any of this stuff?

    • BartyL

      For their sanity, I hope not.

    • Yes, they do. I got over 1000 visits from Melville the last 30 days.

      • Davide

        Not surprising 🙂

        Companies spend millions to understand what customers think of their products. On this website they can do it for free 🙂

        Problem is, we who visit NR are not the typical customers, I’m afraid. So what Nikon does is simply get ideas from here, then do market research to verify them. And most times what we think is not what the rest of the market thinks.

        Think of the D600: comments here are, I would say, 60% negative and 40% positive. But all the press around the World is overly positive about a much needed low priced FF.

        And I bet Nikon will sell tons of D600’s.

        We are the exception.

        • Being negative on the Internet is very common – go to any tech products related website/forum and you will see it in the comments. People in general are very critical (especially when doing anonymously).

      • Dr Motmot

        Oh good, Nikon if you are reading this, please can we have a 70-200mm f4 VR, 300mm f4 VR and 200mm f2.8 macro VR?

  • Phil

    Nikon does not list their SB-600 Flash as working with the D600. Will it cause an atomic explosion or will it work and meter just fine?

  • D700

    My gh1 did that. pictures from the u4/3 are for crap though, yes a very good alternative indeed. one born every minute

  • The real question is, when will anyone be able to just buy one without a pre order and an uncertain wait. Hopefully, this isn’t a beta camera like the D800.

  • Josh

    This D600 was major let down to me $2100 or $2200 for it and lack of functions is major deal breaker for me. If it was $1100 to $1500 I think Nikon would be selling the shit out of them and make customers happy. I can see now how Nikon is not make money products like D600. My final thoughts on this D600 is over priced pice of shit don’t buy it and if buying it cuz you got money give the $2000 to charity

    • BartyL

      Imagine how many they could sell if it was priced just below the psychological $1 barrier, say at $0.99? So disappointing. I will (reluctantly) switch to Chup-a-Chups.

    • mikey likes it

      Totally Agree!!
      Shutter @ 1/4,000 should be 1/8,000 for the price
      Bracketing is 2 to 3 frames – should be 2 to 9 frames for the price
      Autofocus is amature for the price
      Nikon – come out with these features – dump the video and call it D601 for $1,799.99

  • Aldo

    D700 falling below 1500 on ebay… there is your cheap FX you guys have been waiting for LOL

  • fair value, mate

    At one large shop here in Australia the D600 is going for A$2399, the D800 is A$3425, the D800E is A$3695 and they little 3200 is A$699.

    So you can see, the D600 is 70% of the price of the D800 here.

    So do we get 70% of the feature set of the D800 (70% of the f8 focus points, 70% of the resolution, 70% of the bracketing capability etc), 70% of the body strength of the d800, 70% of the weight of the d800 and so is it more (or less) than 70% as good as the d800?

    I think we get at least 70%! so to me I call it FAIR VALUE.

    • fair value, mate

      Oh yeah, flash sync at 200 instead of 250 thats 80%, lol.

      You know the best value here is the 24MP D3200 DX, it probably out resolves the D600 in good light (good for macro?) and for A$699, the bargain.

      Having said all this, I’m not going to buy the D600!

    • fair value, mate

      Don’t worry, I’m not currently looking at Canon either (unless my printer dies…).

  • Larry Van Valkenburg

    Gotta say, I’ve learned something reading all these comments and replies.
    No matter what one might say here, someone’s always got a smart comeback.
    Some people want the whole world for $1500, and many more gripes.
    Someone pointed out f4 lenses. Yes, where are they?
    100-300mm G f4
    300mm G f4
    100-400mm G f4
    My thought is that all the rumors of a 24mp FX camera body for $1500 sounded good.
    I was looking for an affordable 24mp FX camera body that didn’t need the ultimate in bells and whistles built in, like some people here are demanding.
    I wanted an affordable 24mp FX body that myself as a retired photographer could afford.
    Nikon didn’t come up with that, at least at this time.
    I’ll sit back and wait for them to work out all the bugs and prices to see what improves after the dust clears.
    I did figure out, I DO need to get their 70-200mm f2.8 VR II for sharper photos.
    In the meantime, maybe I’ll pick up a used D700 for my entry level FX body.

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