Nikon D600 pre-order options *UPDATED*

Amazon pre-order options (with shipping date of September 18th):

It seems that the D600 is eligible for the Nikon instant rebates:

B&H pre-order options:

Adorama  pre-order options:

Jessops (UK) pre-order options:

Amazon UK:
Other pre-order options:
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    • Nikfan

      Bahahahahaha… What a joke

  • LeadWrist

    Ok lady’s put down your skirts, here is some interesting factoids about sensor COGS, FX vs DX…

    D7000 replacement sensor – $375

    D700 replacement sensor – $1,310

    The D700 sensor alone is $200 more then the ENTIRE D7000 camera.

    Where’s iFixIt with the tear down and COGS analysis.

  • Norah

    I hate this camera I think if they will not announce the d400 before summer I hind I’ll get the d7000

    Bad choice for nikon to announce the d600
    1st I hate the cheap full frame idea
    2nd its not cheap some more money and I can get the lovely d800

    I think they should focus on a slr for professionals who don’t want to get full frame and not begginers cause in every year they announce d3000 replacement or even d5000

    I’m so disappointed

  • Alwyn

    I question Nikon’s sanity some times. Here in South Africa the Canon 5dmk2 was recently R18 800 (heard that it is already or will be discontinued soon). The Nikon d700 was R24 500 when it was recently discontinued. The D600 will sell here for R23 000. ? Am I missing something here? It is similar in build to the D7000 in that only the top and back is magnesium alloy. I doubt whether in build it can compare to the D700. The maximum shutter is 1/4000 instead of 1/8000. How exactly is charging R23 000 for the D600 CHEAP? Then again if Nikon repeats the word ‘cheap’ another million times some will actually believe that it is so. Maybe they need to make up the money they are losing by giving people like Melissa Bachman free camera equipment. Who knows? Iv’e been trying to find out from Nikon if this Melissa Bachman story is actually true, but silence is all I get.

    • Not Surprised

      Exactly. This is junk. Nikon thinks its doing a “FIRST!” so they can charge a lot more — well they are not.

      SONY has just released a point-and-shoot with an FX. So this is complete nonsense. In the next generation this all better be as cheap as DX. Why does FX cost more to make? Its a BIGGER sensor…… things are more expensive when they are SMALLER. Bigger should be cheaper to make. Its only because they hoard the parts and inflate the price and therefore sell few, and then justify the cost that they themselves set by saying “only a few people buy it.” Yeah, well, stop charging so much and you can making millions of them cheap!

      Its a scam.

      • LeadWrist

        You do realise that the full frame sensor by itself runs $1300. That is more then the entire D7000 camera. You are paying for FX sensor, pure and simple. Still not sure what is wrong with this camera. It’s spec’d to be on par with the D700 and probably better in some regards.

        • That’s not true. The $1300 sensor replacement is for the D700. The D700 is a 4 year old camera that originally cost $3000. That’s why it commanded such a high price. Nikon also has a tendency to charge more for repairs of higher end products just because they can.

          There is no way the D600 sensor costs $1300.

          • Rob

            I can guarantee you the D700 sensor costs less to produce than the D600 sensor. It’s an older, more mature process, so the yields will be substantially higher. The D700 sensor certainly doesn’t cost $1300 to produce, but whatever it is it’s less than the D600.

            The D700 cost more because Nikon decided to charge more for it. Having more metal in the body didn’t cost $900 – it’s just perceived value. They are targeting the D600 to enthusiasts, so you, like 90% of the people here, automatically think its value is much less.

      • Zeke

        No. Seriously, no.

        With silicon wafers, physical die size dominates cost. And yield goes down as die size goes up, so bigger isn’t just a little more money, it’s A LOT more money.

        • LeadWrist

          Exactly. cost difference of manufacturing D700 or D600 is minor as it’s the same dye size, well close enough. But still runs into the lower yield issue.

    • LeadWrist

      D700 = 1/8000 @ ISO 200
      D600 = 1/4000 @ ISO 100

      They are both the same. Your argument about 1/4000 vs 1/8000 is pointless.

      • Sahaja


        The lower base iso more or less cancels out the lack of a 1/8000 top shutter speed.

        If you are getting over exposure at 1/1000 and iso100 you can always go down to extended iso50 – or get an ND filter.

      • umesh

        Yes correct. But the lack of 1/8000 speed tells you that shutterblock is a compromise and the 150000 actuations is a figure achieved due to a sub par highest speed of 1/4000 and not by an actually good quality.

        • LeadWrist

          D3 shutter replacement runs $215, replacing the D600 shutter at some point isn’t a big deal. Still works out cheaper in the long run.

  • tumlatra

    With all the BS delay from Amazon and B&H with their delivery date for d800. I think those who order from them is gonna be sitting and waiting. Local mom and pop and Best Buy probably will get the camera before online. I’ll check with my local Best Buy in bay area and post the ETA date.

    • Sahaja

      Don’t expect delays like with the D800

      The camera is made in Thailand which should have a capacity for producing a much larger numbers of cameras since it is used to produce APS-C DSLRs. Their equipment was also renewed and updated following the floods there last year.
      I suspect they use the dame production line as for the D7000

      The Japanese plant where the A800 & D4 is produced will have a much smaller capacity.

      Anyway, if the camera is to be available next week, you can be sure stocks are already in the country.

  • anonymus

    Hope for more 1 system lenses.
    How about a retractable 150-600mm super-telephoto (55-220mm, less than half the size of the 55-200DX plus FT-1) and a 6mm/4 wide-pancake lens?

    Btw is Nikon 1 really the best selling mirrorless system?

  • Julian

    I notice that the UT-1 wireless unit price is announced as $449 on B&H now.

  • Marcos

    Been looking to upgrade from my D200 to an FX body, since I have a couple of decent FX lenses. However, at 2000 euros it seems a bit too much, especially since i can get a 5D mark ii for 1200 euros. Seems like an easy decision.

    If it was 1500 euros, I wouldn’t mind spending a bit more to stay with nikon (since I’m a nikon fan) however as I consumer, I need to be nuts to buy this over the 5d mark2 atm.

    My 2 cents

    • Am-Expat

      If you do not care about poor AF and the famous banding and shadow noise artifacts of the 5DII, why bother with FX at all and really save some money?
      With the new low noise sensor, better AF and processor, the D600 will surely have wider DR, lower noise and overall capture images better.

    • krr

      5d mkII is FOUR years old and still costs 1700€ at!
      and if it gets crushed by the D600 in the first tests I hope people will stop comparing these two …

    • Patrick

      Do you already have Canon lenses? If not, how much extra would you have to spend to buy the equivalent of Nikon lenses you already have if you switched to Canon even if you sold all your Nikon gear?

      • Big J

        Well, what Nikon lenses do you already have? They vary depending on the model you want. Like the latest 70-300mm of a Nikon costs about $500 bucks while the Canon one costs around $1350. The Nikon 85mm 1.4G costs around $1650 while Canon doesn’t have an f/1.4 lens it has a 1.8 and 1.2 that vary ENORMOUSLY in price from one or the other. I’m a fan of the 1.2L II of theirs. But do a wishlist on Amazon of the lenses and see for yourself the difference in prices (and online reviews which are most important) and choose which best suits you.

  • Camera Fan

    The biggest problem with the D600 is that it is mostly… plastic. It was created primarely for soccer moms.

    How will use you a big or heavy FX lens that is attached to a lens mount that in turn is attached to plastic? It will get worn out in a couple months. It doesn’t make any sense.

    Nikon should sell mirrorless cameras to soccer moms and not cheap FX cameras.

    • gsum

      It’s a bit presumptuous to claim that this camera was created for a particular group of people. What are soccer mums anyway?

      As for the comment about the plastic body and large lenses firstly, the mount is metal and secondly, large lenses support the camera – they are not supported *by* the camera. I’ve used an ancient plastic bodied D100 for years for birding with none of these problems. I’ve even landed on the D100 a couple of times whilst mountain biking with no damage – at least to the camera.

      • krr

        ignore the trolls and they will lose interest

        as you can see in the sample videos you can easily put a 200-400mm with teleconverter on that camera.

    • Josh

      $2100 is way out of the price range of the vast majority of soccer moms.

    • oldhkr

      A soccer mom probably works harder than Camera Fan and judging from the puerile comment is probably about 10 years older. This is a typical demagogue tactic: when your really don’t know what you are talking about cast aspersions on some random ultimately undefinable group.

  • Tom

    Why is it so much cheaper in the U.S. ?

    • LeadWrist

      Large part for the difference are import taxes imposed on electronics by governments.

  • FX DX

    It is the perfect time to start It’s funny how the UK users think that it is very cheap in the US, but the US users complaining about D600 being $600 more than the imaginary numbers they came up in their sleep.

    D600 is much cheaper than D800 and it is in many ways also better than D800 (size and weight, wireless connector, smaller file size, etc…). D800 is a Pro camera and it costs 1/3 more than D600, which is a significant amount IMO.

    • dAvE

      I agree, The US price of the D600 is pretty much what I expected – not sure why everyone is moaning about the price in the US. As i’m in the UK i’ve decided to buy a D800. Its only £144 (approx $230) more than the D600, well worth the extra few quid and I can have it tomorrow. Talking of which, i’m off to take some photos…

  • Turbochris

    For all who are desperately disappointed from the european prices of the D600:

    Canon EOS 6D Specs:
    A new 20mp sensor
    Full Frame
    ISO Range 100-25600
    APS-C Sized body
    SD Card
    Built-in Wifi & GPS
    11 AF Points, f/2.8 Cross-type in the center.
    3″ LCD
    Full HD (1920×1080)
    Available December 2012
    Price: $1999 USD Body Only

    • Rich

      Hate to break your bubble, 6D updated specs:
      • 20MP full size CMOS sensor
      • Image processing engine DIGIC 5 +
      • The body’s magnesium-alloy cover only
      • W-Fi internal
      • Built-in GPS
      * 11 Points, Central’s cross-sensor F2.8 for AF
      * Best continuous 4.5 frame / s
      * Shutter durability is 100000 cycles
      * Flash Synchro 1 / 180 sec., 30 – 1 / 4000 sec shutter speed
      • Dust-proof
      • LCD monitor is a type 3104k dot
      • Video’s full HD (1920 x 1080)
      • ISO 100-25600 (extension 50, 51200, 102,400)
      • Media’s SD/SDHC/SDXC (UHS-I compatible)
      • Weight 755 g (including battery and media)
      • Launch (on-sale date): December 2012
      • Estimated street price in Japan is expected to be around 195,000 yen ($2500) for body only, the EF 24-105 mm f/4 kit will cost around 295,000 yen ($3,700)

  • Aldo

    D700 falling below 1500 on ebay…. there is your affordable FX guys LOL

  • DaveyJ

    I am looking into MAYBE buying this camera. Like most serious photographers I KNOW I was looking for a D400, not this FX camera. IF I BUY it I will get a 1.8 Nikon 50 mm lens ($120) and BUY the rest probably from lenses like the Sigma 50-500 OS. I have enough good Nikon FX glass already, but Nikon in it’s infinite wisdom has chosen to stay with mid-range EXPENSIVE zooms and their telezooms are simply put too BIG and too EXPENSIVE. Overall I am not sure the D600 was even a good marketing choice over the D400. I rarely get much email from photographers….but the disappointment over this D600 FX is substantial. I think the D600 may be a great camera. BUT NIKON needs some lighter and less expensive telezooms. The Nikkor 70-300VR to me is vastly superior to the rest of Nikon’s BIG and EXPENSIVE mega-glass. And yes I have owned a number of lens that cost over $5,000 and weighed TOO much. Their decision not to improve the 80-400VR alone yet is VERY puzzling.

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