Weekly Nikon news flash #181

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  • XQD the new sega?

    • Genesis*

      • jerl

        The genesis did really well (apart from their silly marketing campaign, but I suppose that did well too since I still remember it).

        Perhaps you mean the the numerous add-ons like the Sega CD, or the 32x, or maybe the Saturn.

        • Calibrator

          Yeah, the Genesis (Megadrive in Europe) did quite well against the SNES as it came earlier to the market and had a lot of the famous Sega arcade franchises in good quality.
          The SNES may have been sold more often and it certainly was the better console for RPGs but the Genesis is still fondly remembered.

          The later consoles (Saturn and Dreamcast) were a different story, though.
          The Saturn clearly lost against the first Playstation for several reasons and Sega abandoned it relatively quickly. The Saturn remained a cult favorite in certain circles (similar to the Dreamcast) but this didn’t help it in the mainstream market.

          Sega’s last console – the Dreamcast – never really caught on, also for several reasons: Disappointed Saturn buyers didn’t upgrade and Sony announced the PS2 nearly a year before launch and aggressively hyped it so that owners of older consoles waited for it.
          However, perhaps the biggest nail in the coffin was that Electronic Arts didn’t support it at all. This was critical in the Western hemisphere and it remains to be seen if Sandisk’s rejection of XQD will be a similar blow…

          • Big J

            <3 Dreamcast

        • Yeh – the Saturn. Despite being seemingly faster than the nintendo of the time, it was so irrelevant I couldn’t even recall the name..

  • Scottd800

    Does anybody know how long typical turn-around time is for Adobe Lightroom to add support for new Nikon raw files? D600 for example? I can’t recall how long it was after d800 was released that it was available. Not really sure how it works.
    Thanks everyone!

    • My guess is 2-3 weeks. Many new cameras were announced at Photokina and it may take longer this time.

    • Hopefully also with support for the 24-85 VR. As far as I can tell, the profile corrections aren’t included yet.

  • Martijn

    Focus peaking would be awesome! i know a camera is ment to be for photo, but its nice to have the video-option.

    • ageha

      It’s also very useful for taking photos when manual focusing!

  • Michel

    Eigth! lol….
    The lensrental data is scary towards Nikon USA service! 36 days turnaround….ouch! No excuses for that, also critical of the D800 battery door, too fragile, and, repairs are very expensive. The writer doesn’t highly recommend newcomers to buy Nikon however does say the current users should not change for reasons of his data. Good article, thanks for the link Admin 🙂

    • WYS

      Yeah sounds about right. When I took my 12-24 f2.8G in for a stuck zoom ring, they misaligned the hood on the first attempt and then managed to lock up the aperture fully closed on the second attempt. After that the service manager wrote it off and gave me a new one.

      The only saving grace was for me was that I live near the service center. Otherwise the ordeal would of dragged on for at least 1.5 to 2 month with multiple shipping costs. If they weren’t local I would of seriously considered switching to Canon based on service alone. And yes I used Canon service repair in the past and their service was quick and the cost was reasonable.

      • Michel

        The Canon service is much faster, 5 days! If Nikon USA has such a slow turnaround time compared to Canon, it must harm their sales figures eventually. I dont know what the turn arounds are here in Australia and hope I dont have to find out, but do anticipate they are a bit quicker. When i enquired about a well known problem for a recently released Nikon DSLR being fixed I was told the turn around in the facility was about 3-5 days and one arriving on the Monday would be ready for pick up by the Friday of the same week.

      • iamlucky13

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Nikon’s repair center is backlogged at the moment due to dealing with the D800 focus issue, slowing down everyone’s service. On the plus side, if this is the case, we should see the wait times drop once they get the current mess behind them.

        Since they won’t admit to anything, however, regardless of how much it would help their customers understand what’s going on and maybe plan properly for how long they’ll be without their camera, then who knows.

    • JB

      The Lensrental experience is almost exactly my experience with Nikon USA repairs. It took over 30 days from their reception to get my D4 repaired. My repair was covered under warranty so it did not cost me anything.

      This commentary is some really damaging information in my mind. When a major player like this is recommending people not buy Nikon because of terrible repair service….then I think we should all take note. I’m floored at the amazing jump in the costs as well. Let’s hope Nikon USA will get their act together!!!

      • Rob

        I dunno if I’d call it a “major player.” It’s an employee at the world’s largest camera rental service giving his personal opinion. His opinion is based on information they publicly release, so everyone is free to make their own opinion.

        As it is, I would personally come to the same conclusion. I’m really enjoying having 36MP, a semi-affordable 200-400 lens, and noticeably more DR on my bodies than Canon. But I’d be fine with 22MP, having much cheaper super-telephoto primes, and the option of 14 FPS as well. I think there are a few people who benefit more from one team than the other, but for me and 90% of photographers the pluses and minuses of both sides basically even out. When you factor customer service, repair limitations and turnaround, warranty restrictions, and basic problem handling into the equation, I’d recommend new shooters go with Canon.

  • Nikon is the 20th coolest brand in the UK, right up there with Skype and Nike:

    Apple is no. 1

    • Thanks for the link, I will post it later this week.

  • roberto

    WATH IS NEXT ? after d600 …..nikon d4s 36mp , nikon d700s 16mp , nikon d400 24mp …………….nikon 16-35 2.8g , nikon 135mm 1.8g , nikon 50mm 1.2g nano cristal .

    • Maji

      D4X – 48MP 🙂

    • Big J

      The only ones that seem more reasonable to launch are the D400 (not at 24mp though) and the 50mm 1.2G would be gladly welcomed. I’m tempted on saving up for the Ai-s version though.

    • Rob

      I want the D4S or the D800H (whichever gives me 8+ fps at 36MP). OR the D700S with the D3S sensor or D4 sensor – basically a D3S or D4 for $3k. 😉

  • Mat

    I bet we will see a 50mm f/1.4g with N…. but not for a while…

  • Maji


    I read on an old post in Flickr D800 group about an upcoming Nikon 4X with 40+ MP in a 3X type body. Then today I read on Ming Thein’s blog on D600, where he responds to one of the comments – Honestly, I wish this sensor was in the D800 body, with a higher frame rate as a true D700 successor. But I suspect we’re more likely to see a 48MP D4x instead to compete with that upcoming Canon.

    Have you heard of this one yet? What are your thoughts?
    Thank you.

    • No, nothing yet. If true, we are at least one year away from such camera.

      • Maji

        Ming has become a pretty well known guy with his reviews and appears to know a lot of Nikon Asia folk. So, I personally pay a lot of attention to his thoughts.

        Admin has a great track record and I think with the D800 (being out for long but not getting released due to Tsunami) and the D600 (manufactured and delivered to distributors before announcement), a lot of people knew about them before announcement. Hence, the number of credible leaks and “rumors”. However, a flagship D4X will be made in Japan and hopefully will have a small gestation period unlike the D800. Hence, I can see the lack of rumors in that case. However, I am sure Admin will sniff out the smoke when the fire starts 🙂

    • Big J

      I don’t get why “name” a 40+MP sensor with a slightly high frame rate as the D700 successor? There won’t be one because things change. Being the successor of a camera doesn’t always define a good thing. Look at the 5D Mark II and Mark III. Yes, it’s the successor because of the similarities, but they aren’t dramatically different. And that’s why the D800/E did so incredibly well. It wasn’t trying to follow in the footsteps of it’s “predecessor.” It created a new path of it’s owned. And certainly one not traveled at that. And in the end both will go down in history. If you want a successor, it’s far less likely since all DSLRs are incorporating video in their cameras and the D700 DIDN’T have it plus the D800 has had huge success with it. I seriously doubt they are gonna go years back in steps in order to please a specific demograph only. So…. there won’t ever be one like it in the end.

      • Rob

        He’s saying he wants the D600 sensor with high FPS in the D700 successor. I read it the same way as you at first, but then re-read it.

        • Nikon Fan


          That replacement that we are hoping for the D700. 🙂

  • Dweeb

    And Nikon announces NX3 for the next Photokina in 2 years. Or the next … …

  • roberto

    i like to buy now the nikon d700s and 135mm 1.8g vr .

  • I just focus peaked all over myself.

  • Roger Botting

    I seriously doubt that there will be a D700s, at least not with the same form factor. Why? the battery specs no longer are permitted for use in a new camera in Japan.
    There might be a camera like a D700 with higher specs, likewise a higher spec D300s, but they will have a differant main casting, among other things.

  • Why would someone update Camera Control Pro from 2.11.1 to 2.12.0 ?! do they really call “supporting less cameras” a modification !!! did anyone here updated and felt any improvement ?!

  • D400, I hope

    Does nobody else think the Nikon Rep interview was pointing toward a D300s successor (i.e. D400)? If there wasn’t going to be one, he would have just said, ‘No, the D600 is not the successor to the D300S’ rather than saying, ‘One is a professional DX, the other an enthusiast FX.’ Why would you call attention to a line that you had no intention of continuing?

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