Nikon D5100 next to be discontinued?

Few days ago Nikon Germany sent out an email to retailers stating that the Nikon D5100 is no longer available for order. The exact word used was "abkündigung" which translates to "discontinuation". The D5100 was announced on April 5th, 2011. FYI: the D3100 was announced in August 2010 and was already replaced by the D3200 in April this year, the D7000 was announced in September 2010.

The Nikon D5100 is not listed as discontinued on the official Nikon website:

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  • Esol Esek

    The D5100, and its supposed update, the D3200 were both unmitigated piles of garbage.
    They destroyed what used to be a decent form in the D40x. They were deliberately hobbled in multiple ways, including the battery and terrible washed-out color in neutral. For video they were ridiculous.

    Nikon, as a company, is imploding. They need to fire top MGMT immediately. They have the attitude that their customers should be punished for not buying the next step up, and even the next step up cameras have serious problems.

  • phaseshift

    can they incorporate good autofocus in video like we can see in sony a99 ?
    i am not sure how feasible it is due to nikons moving mirror technology
    somebody more knowledgable could elaborate here
    nikon could close the gap in video lead canon is having.

  • When D3200 was launched few months back, Nikon India decreased the price of D5100 from INR 42950 to 39950 .

    Just last week, without any substantial trigger, they reduced the price of D5100 from INR 39950 to 34950 which gave a signal that Upgrade might be coming soon !!!

  • Blacklightning

    could be nothing but the D5100 is not showning on the canadian site

  • Frederick
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