Nikon D800E, D4 now in stock

The still-hard-to-find Nikon D800E is now in stock at OneCall.

Update: OneCall sold out. The Nikon D800E is currently in stock at:

For the first time the Nikon D4 is also in stock at B&H.

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  • Nathan

    Ah, so they got another batch in. Thanks. Now I’ll just need to wait until they’re out of stock again then the temptation will disappear. Thank goodness they don’t have a Buy It Now button.

    • Nathan

      Good, all sold out. No more temptation.

  • Andrey

    How about D800e in B&H. I pre-order at april 14. No camera yet…

    • Lifes a BeetcH

      They must have bought the Returns from Adorama or something in order to be able to offer them. Isn’t B&H banned from selling authorized Nikons?

      I thought I saw an official Nikon dealers list, where B&H was intentionally removed.

    • Michael

      Ordered mine from Berger Bros on Saturday and picked it up today.

    • Andrey

      They just shiping my D800e from B&H which i pre-order at april 14

  • Andrey

    How about D800e at the B&H. I pre-order at april 14. No camera yet…

    • Nikon Shooter

      How about the D800E that I’ve pre-ordered from the B&H on April 14th. No camera yet…

    • JB

      Audrey and Nikon Shooter:

      Is there no local camera shop anywhere close to you??? I walked in and bought one off the shelf last week. Surely somewhere is close enough for you to get to because that wait is inexcusable!

      • andrey

        I go with a palypal, so no money for local shop!

  • Aldo

    Has anyone here taken the D800 for service regarding the green tint issue and got it somewhat resolved? I’d appreciate any feedback…

    • RoyL

      I’ve never seen that mythical green tint. But I don’t wear sunglasses very often.

    • JB

      Aldo….I’m with Roy on this one. I just don’t see it.

    • Aldo

      I see the green tint in some of the images especially the ones taken outdoors under a shade with minimal flash or no flash at all. It is more noticeable on the soft shadows around the face or darker areas around the face.

  • Marc

    There has been a firmware update against the green tint issue. No repair needed.

    • Matt


  • T.I.M

    Still not in stock at B&H….
    (does B&H stand for Boring & Hopeless ?)

    • Michael

      Try Berger Bros, ordered mine Saturday got it today.

  • Now that Amazon charges sales tax in Texas and California, a lot of camera buyers are moving these big ticket purchases elsewhere. B&H seems to be the most frequently out of stock dealer on anything that is scarce.

  • d800e
  • dmcdougall

    Samy’s has one D800E in stock.

  • One More Thought

    Now that the D600 is shipping the inventory of D800 and D800e’s will be better…

    • Pablo Ricasso

      That was also my thought. I suppose that many people who bought either camera would have bought the D600 had it been available or had they known it would come out. But It probably impacts the sales of the D800 more than the D800E. Probably Nikon is focusing on making more of those now.

  • BenH

    PCNation has them in stock. I know because one of them is mine!!! If you’re getting one, call them and ask for Pearl instead of going through the website. She’s awesome!

  • Hi all.

    The guys here at ACE Photo near DC have them in stock, we do take paypal and we are a family owned business ! Call us and you can have your D800e by tomorrow! 703-430-3333

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