Nikon Coolpix P7700, S800c, S01 and S6400 cameras announced *UPDATED*

No big surprises today - few hours ago Nikon announced three new Coolpix cameras: P7700 ($499), S800c ($349) and S01 ($180). The Coolpix S6400 was also announced, but I believe it will be available only outside the US.

Sample images:

Here are several video overviews of the new products:

Press releases:

Nikon's Compact COOLPIX P7700 Combines First-Class Image Quality, Top-Tier Optics and Unparalleled Creative Control

Nikon's New Flagship COOLPIX Camera Sets the Standard for Performance, Versatility and Functionality for Those Who Expect the Best and Need the Convenience of a Compact

MELVILLE, N.Y. – For the compact camera user only satisfied with the very best, today Nikon Inc. introduced its new flagship COOLPIX camera, the P7700. This powerful and versatile point-and-shoot camera features a sharp 7.1x zoom NIKKOR ED glass lens with a maximum aperture of f/2 and a 12.2-megapixel CMOS sensor. Conveniently compact and loaded with innovative features and manual controls, the COOLPIX P7700 will capture still images and Full HD 1080p video with stunning sharpness and vivid color, whether used as the ultimate go-to travel camera or D-SLR companion.

The COOLPIX P7700 is ideal for those looking for a compact camera with high performance and a complete feature set which will allow them to capture high quality still photos and Full HD video. For photographers looking to step up from traditional point-and-shoot cameras to professionals who crave complete creative control, the P7700 offers one of the most comprehensive feature sets available in its class. Featuring a new 12.2-megapixel CMOS sensor, a high-performance NIKKOR lens and full manual control settings, Nikon’s new flagship COOLPIX camera can unleash a photographer’s inner creativity and inspire truly magnificent images.

“Nikon’s new COOLPIX P7700 pushes the boundaries of traditional point-and-shoot cameras, offering stunning image quality and fast performance along with the freedom to customize every shot,” said Bo Kajiwara, Vice President of Marketing, Planning and Customer Experience, Nikon Inc. “Nikon’s flagship COOLPIX P7700 is a powerful and versatile companion that consistently delivers incredible results in various shooting scenarios.”

Exceptional Clarity, Powerful Performance
The COOLPIX P7700 sports a large 1/1.7-in 12.2-megapixel backside illumination (BSI) CMOS sensor that offers excellent tonal range and vivid color reproduction. Additionally, high-speed image processing helps achieve fast continuous shooting at approximately eight frames-per-second (up to six continuous shots) affording the ability to freeze a fleeting moment with exacting precision. The P7700 delivers extremely rapid performance from a quick startup time to lightning-fast autofocus recognition to help ensure the moment is captured.

The P7700’s high-performance 7.1x zoom f/2 NIKKOR glass lens is equally as essential in providing the very best clarity and sharpness that professional photographers have come to expect from Nikon. With a large maximum aperture of f/2, the optics cover an equivalent range from 28 to 200mm, allowing for tack-sharp images and HD video throughout the entire focal range. An evolved Lens-Shift Vibration Reduction (VR) function minimizes camera shake for shooting blur-free photos while handheld or in challenging light. Combined with the COOLPIX P7700’s powerful CMOS sensor, this bright, large-aperture NIKKOR lens provides reduced noise, beautiful background blurring, fast performance and high image quality whether shooting stills or Full HD video.

Uncompromising Creative Control
Every photo and HD video is truly in the hands of the photographer, as the P7700 offers unprecedented creative control for its class, from easy automatic options to full manual controls. For even more control in users’ images, the COOLPIX P7700 supports RAW shooting, providing the ability to capture and edit uncompressed images without losing image quality. Customizing every shot has never been easier as Nikon’s flagship COOLPIX camera features full manual control (PSAM) and 19 unique and versatile Scene Modes and Scene Auto Selector, ready for any shooting scenario. In-camera special effects and filter effects such as Nostalgic Sepia, Vivid and Painting help satisfy amateurs and enthusiasts alike. With the P7700, features like a noise reduction filter, tone level information, COOLPIX Picture Control and versatile bracketing functions open the door for even more creative control and freedom when capturing still images. To capture the most amount of available light, users can also activate consecutive shot combining technology, or use the HDR effect for a wide dynamic range image.

Full HD Video Unleashed
Creativity continues beyond still images with stunning Full HD 1080p video capability combined with unprecedented movie customization options for its class. Capture HD video using Auto, Manual, Aperture-priority or Custom Movie Mode and enjoy several creative options also available for still shooting, including COOLPIX Picture Control and noise reduction while flexibly adjusting ISO sensitivity, shutter speed and white balance.

Taking HD video to the next level, the COOLPIX P7700 is capable of intelligent autofocus while recording in any mode as well as optical zoom when shooting in Auto mode. For pristine stereo sound, the P7700 incorporates a built-in stereo microphone, an external microphone input, a HDMI mini connector and HDMI-CEC support.

Intuitive Operability
The P7700’s 3-inch vari-angle LCD monitor, with a wide-viewing-angle and 921,000-dot resolution, offers comfortable shooting from any angle, giving the freedom and flexibility needed to capture every spontaneous moment. Whether shooting videos overhead at a concert or inverting the screen to capture a creative self-portrait, the vari-angle LCD of the P7700 provides users the ability to rotate the screen to adapt to any shooting scenario. The LCD screen can also be flipped closed for protection when not in use.

Furthermore, the COOLPIX P7700’s intuitive ergonomics and control system allows the user to easily access menus and manual controls, ensuring fluid operation. This lightweight point-and-shoot features quick menu, mode, exposure compensation and sub-command dials, all arranged to achieve natural and smooth shooting adjustments on the go. Additionally, the COOLPIX P7700 has a camera body composed of durable yet lightweight magnesium alloy.

Optional Accessories Expand Creative Control
The COOLPIX P7700 offers compatibility with several optional Nikon accessories for enthusiasts who demand versatility and first-class performance. Nikon’s Creative Lighting System (CLS) supports advanced wireless lighting and creative flash shooting by controlling flash output independently for a master unit and a remote unit group. The P7700’s hot shoe allows for compatibility with Nikon Speedlights (SB-910 and SB-700) as well as the GP-1 GPS unit and ME-1 external stereo microphone.

Price and Availability
The COOLPIX P7700 will be available in September 2012 for a suggested retail price (SRP) of $499.95*. For more information about this COOLPIX camera and other Nikon products, please visit

Great Images Are Now Trending: With Wi-Fi® Connectivity and a Powerful Android™ Platform, the New Nikon COOLPIX S800c is the Easy Way to Instantly Capture, Create and Share

The New COOLPIX S800c Enhances the User’s Connected Life, Letting Them Instantly Share Great Images From a Device That Includes Features Only a Camera Can Provide with the Ease and Versatility of a Smartphone or Tablet

MELVILLE, N.Y. – Today, Nikon Inc. announced the innovative COOLPIX S800c, Nikon’s first Wi-Fi compact digital camera to incorporate Nikon’s powerful camera imaging technologies and the boundless capabilities of an Android Operating System (OS). Designed for the always connected individual, the S800c delivers the high picture quality and superior performance expected from a Nikon camera coupled with communication functions and app-based versatility of a smartphone or tablet.

The new S800c answers the call for users who need the ability to capture photos and HD video with amazing clarity and color, yet offers a familiar portal to connect to social networks and popular imaging applications through an Android Operating System. With the introduction of the S800c, beautiful images can now be confidently and quickly shared with friends and family.

“With the new COOLPIX S800c, Nikon designed a camera for users looking to capture stunning images and videos with a compact digital camera but also want to share their content with their friends and family in a familiar way,” said Bo Kajiwara, Vice President of Marketing, Planning and Customer Experience, Nikon Inc. “Now users can connect easily and instantly with their social networks through the wireless connection, and take advantage of the vast possibilities of the Android Operating System. The new S800c is truly the easiest way to share amazing images on the spot.”

Powerful Images Are What Connects Us
What sets the S800c apart from connected devices is the focus on the quality of images that people can share. Features such as the spectacular 10x NIKKOR zoom lens and the 16-megapixel CMOS sensor affords the ability to create photos and HD video with unrivaled sharpness and clarity, whether up-close or at a distance, even in challenging lighting conditions. The S800c helps users to create images they will be proud to share, while offering connectivity and additional benefits to users, including:

Optical 10x Zoom NIKKOR Lens: covering from wide-angle 25-250mm, so either the largest group or action from afar is captured with clarity that can only be accomplished with a quality lens. Additionally, the lens is bolstered with Nikon’s VR optical image stabilization for blur-free photos and stable HD video, even while handheld.
16 Megapixel Backside Illuminated (BSI) CMOS Sensor: Much larger than the CCD sensor traditionally found in smartphones or tablets, this BSI CMOS sensor excels in challenging lighting conditions, and provides images with vivid colors, low noise and exceptional contrast and sharpness.
Powered by Android: The camera’s connection features allow users to seamlessly connect, browse and upload to their social networks, including Google+™, Facebook and Twitter. Users can also take advantage of the full functionality of Android technology to surf the web or even download applications and games onto their S800c. Just like a smartphone or tablet device, the camera has the opportunity to run camera-specific photo and video applications, yet enables the various benefits of shooting with a real camera.
Google Play™: The S800c provides access to a vast world of applications for games, productivity and personal communication/ email, including Nikon’s photo storage and sharing site, my Picturetown®. Users are also able to watch video downloaded from Google Play right on their camera.
The Benefits of COOLPIX Camera Technology: With the EXPEED C2 processing engine, users will enjoy rapid response and speedy performance from their device. Additional benefits include the ability to use a camera flash to illuminate subjects, while continuous drive mode captures up to approximately 8 frames-per-second (up to three shots) to help ensure no moment will be missed. What’s more, a variety of scene modes and creative filters keep it fresh and let the user easily create stunning images.
Full HD Video: The S800c makes it easy to capture Full HD 1080p HD video with amazing fidelity and sharpness, with full stereo sound. Video clips can be instantly uploaded to popular video sites such as YouTube™ and Vimeo®.
Built in GPS: Ever wanted to track a weekend excursion or geo-tag a hard to find shooting spot? The GPS function enables recording of shooting location information on stills and movies.

Easy Settings, Easy Connection, Instant Gratification
Smartphone and tablet users will feel at home with the S800c’s familiar controls and operation, and will be able to easily navigate using the wide and bright 3.5-inch touchscreen OLED monitor. The camera will connect to the internet via granted access to any Wi-Fi network. Upon connection, the user will be prompted through an easy-to-understand set-up process, similar to that of other Android devices. The COOLPIX S800c also has the ability to connect through WPS for a fast and secure push-button connection. Additionally, when a Wi-Fi connection is not open or available, the camera can transmit images and videos wirelessly to a smartphone or tablet, allowing the user to share better images through a mobile network.

COOLPIX core technologies also make it easy for users to create share-worthy images. Various camera modes help the user achieve the greatest shot, whether it’s a macro shot of tonight’s cuisine or a scenic HDR shot of downtown, the image is instantly ready to share. For maximum creativity, the S800c has 18 filter effects, including the new Toy Camera effect, Pop and Super Vivid color filters, as well as Cross Process and Peripheral Darkening filters.

Price and Availability
The S800c will be available in September 2012 in both White and Black for a suggested retail price (SRP) of $349.95*. For more information about this COOLPIX camera, or other Nikon products, please visit

Nikon's New Ultra-Mini Camera is Small on Size and Huge on Style to Give Gorgeous Images While On-the-Go

The New COOLPIX S01 Complements the Modern User's Smart, Stylish and Trendy Personality

MELVILLE, N.Y. – Today, Nikon Inc. announced the new COOLPIX S01, an ultra-compact camera that combines Nikon imaging technology, style and affordability into an ultra-mini camera body that’s easy to use. Its compact size makes the camera small enough to fit into a user’s pocket, so they can take it with them anywhere, whether spending a day on-the-go or a night out on the town.

The new COOLPIX S01’s attractive, beautiful styling screams to be seen and encourages users to carry it everywhere because of its small size. The S01 features a simple home screen and user interface with shortcut menus for quick operation to make it easy to capture incredible images and flattering portraits.

“The new COOLPIX S01 combines a stylish design and legendary Nikon image quality into a compact camera body for those users who love to easily capture stunning images,” said Bo Kajiwara, Vice President of Marketing, Planning and Customer Experience, Nikon Inc. “Incredibly compact, the stylish COOLPIX S01 allows owners to always have a Nikon camera on hand while capturing their memorable moments.”

The COOLPIX S01 packs great image quality into an ultra-compact and stylish camera body, allowing users to be ready for fun and spontaneous shooting. Weighing approximately 3.4 ounces with an extremely small form factor (3.1 x 2.1 x 0.7 in.), the S01 is a versatile point-and-shoot that easily slips right into any user’s pocket. Stainless construction and processing prevents the glossy exterior from being scratched, while individual colors, such as Red, White, Silver and Pink, accent the fun and social personality of the user.

The COOLPIX S01 also features an easy-to-use touch-screen operation system. The new graphic user interface (GUI) offers an easy-to-tap four-segment home screen that streamlines operation. Even for first-time point-and-shoot users, various functions can be comfortably accessed through touch operation. By tapping a subject, the shutter is automatically released when focus and exposure are fixed while various image effects set prior to shooting can be applied to pictures. Additionally, simple in-camera retouching of photos can help the user relive their perfect memory.

Easy Auto Mode helps users to reliably capture beautiful pictures with the COOLPIX S01. By simply framing the subject, the optimal scene mode and exposure are automatically selected according to the unique shooting situation. The user can rely on the camera’s auto operation even for night portraits or backlit subjects to enable smooth shooting in any scenario. Six applicable scene modes such as portrait, landscape, night portrait, night landscape, close-up and backlighting help the user flatter subjects in nearly any light.

Despite its tiny size, the camera benefits from quality NIKKOR optics, sporting a 3X wide-angle zoom NIKKOR lens (29 to 87mm, 35mm equivalent). A high-speed and accurate EXPEED C2 image-processing allows for fast use, but also yields vibrant colors and even skin tones in images. Additionally, a built-in Xenon flash ensures balanced exposures in low light conditions.

Price and Availability
The COOLPIX S01 will be available in September 2012 for a suggested retail price (SRP) of $179.95* in a variety of colors including Red, White, Silver and Pink. For more information about this COOLPIX camera and other Nikon products, please visit

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  • OMR

    I like the s800c for my wife.

  • Miki

    Whera are new DSLR’s – updated D7k D5k or new D600 or D400?

    • preston

      These completely off-topic responses remind me of the child in the back seat of the car asking “are we there yet?” every 10 minutes of the 4 hour drive to which I want to respond “YOU’LL FIND OUT WHEN WE GET THERE DAMMIT!”

      • umesh

        I agree but still cut them some slack will ya. Thats what we come to NIKONRUMOURS for.

        • WoutK89

          And if there are no rumors, means there is nothing to report, so these questions about not yet announced DSLRs are pretty useless. Admin will tell us if and when he knows more!

          • I’ll get banned

            …….and when he’s allowed to.

            This is not Nikon Rumours, it’s

            Where do you think he get’s his info???

      • BartyL


  • Ludwig

    I am very much intrigued by the S800c ‘has the opportunity to run camera-specific photo and video applications’. That suggests to me that Nikon is making the camera controls via the standard Android APIs available, making this the most customizable camera we have ever seen: a programmable consumer camera. The S800c is a truly ground-breaking camera.

    • Meh

      Download Hipstamatic for your phone if you want “creative control”.

      Otherwise that’s what PS is for.

      • JLK

        Wow, I didn’t realize PS let you setup timers, control the exposure, drag the shutter and other such creative photography. Kudos Adobe!

        • WoutK89

          +1, just for the fun of it :p

  • Alex

    I am curious if this will spark a series of cameras from the manufacturers that provide all phone features not just app support, hopefully ending the trend of using an iPhone as a primary picture taking device.

    • Common Sense

      Right, because people are going to carry a camera and a phone with overlap in function. This is a gimmick by Nikon, because they are falling further behind in the P&S category.

      • Andrew

        It is “Uncommon Sense” when you describe a company that is blazing a new trail for others to follow as “falling further behind”. May I suggest that Nikon is jumping ahead…

        • Common Sense

          If by blazing a trail, you mean driving off a cliff, I agree. Likely no one will copy this piece of crap because other companies know that people won’t replace their smartphones with a camera.

          • Maji

            Perhaps people like you were calling Henry Ford all sorts of names when he introduced mass produced automobiles instead of enhancing the horse drawn carriages.

            • Jabs

              @Maji – Yeah some never get it until ten or more years later. They laughed at Steve Jobs and the iPad, iPhone, and all the other brilliant Apple innovations too.

          • Jabs


            Yeah the D90 started a trend in DSLR Video and got laughed at by many then.
            The Nikon 1 series started a trend of colorful small cameras with fast AF and fast AF in Video PLUS colorful cameras available in a rainbow of hues and people still laugh at them.
            The D4 started a new trend of Wired and Wireless connectivity plus a new card format and clean HDMI output for Broadcast quality Video.
            The D800 upped the ante with 36megapixels and clean HDMI Broadcast Video output.
            Now the new P@S brings a small camera the size of a smartphone and also one using Android and some still laugh???

            Nikon leads in lots of lasting innovations and some wonder – yeah – Blind as a bat and dense as a log – maybe!

            • Common Sense

              You fanbois are sooooo sensitive. Who said anything about their other products? The D4 is awesome. The D90 was good in it’s time, despite the fact that amateur video is for camcorders and pro video belongs with proper cameras. The Nikon 1 series is an expensive joke, but people like to throw money away on toys. This camera nophone is not trailblazing, it is only copying what millions of smartphones already have.

            • Jabs

              You fail to realize that camera is smaller than many current smartphones AND includes a real flash as well. It also comes in more colors too. Many people laugh at Nikon’s innovations and fail to realize that they often start out on lowly P&S CoolPix cameras then graduate to the DSLRs = meaning you are clueless perhaps!

            • Jabs


              The D800 and D4 both have FF or 35mm sensors and thus have more megapixels than any other Cinema camera (the D800 that is) has, as most of them are DX sized. They are also much cheaper than many of the mere accessories for many Digital Cinema Cameras (not camcorders – duuh) and thus you don’t get it.

              The D90 started a Revolution
              The Nikon 1 started a Revolution and look at the explosion of small colorful cameras on the market now ALL trying to often look like a Nikon 1.

              Clueless people usually mock the Revolutionary Product while being smugly immersed in their own choices. Glad that Nikon continues to innovate and 2012 has been one of their most innovative years so far, thus clueless or unimaginative types often DO not get it. Like having blinders on while the eclipse occurs.

              Missed it too!


            • Alex


              My point about the manufacturers providing all camera functionality was directed at Nikon or Canon making a phone with real camera features. I do not carry a P+S camera, and I never use my phone to take pictures because the quality is terrible, but if I could purchase a smart phone/camera made by Canon or Nikon I would be more apt to take pictures on the fly with my phone since the quality would be reasonable enough to warrant it.

  • Spy Black

    Eight frames-per-second HD video on the P7700? WTF?

  • No phone?

    “…with the Ease and Versatility of a Smartphone or Tablet”

    Except it can’t make calls or use 3G…

    • Andrew

      Maybe you can add a Skype app to make it so… though not 3G. But remember those 3G phones? They will charge you $40 per month for a yearly bill of $480 plus tax… is that what you want?

      • Sien

        Well, not in every country the carriers charge as much for 3G as in the US. For Europe it would have made perfect sense to integrate 3G into that camera since only few people use WiFi hotspots when they can get a 3G flat rate for mobile internet for as less as about $13/month over here.

  • FrenchGuy

    Remember that 7 codes were leaked and we’ve got only 6 new cameras (J2, L610, P7700, S800C, S01 & S6400). One is missing, now we have to bet!

    • WoutK89

      My bet is on the V2 or V1xs

  • Shasta_d

    Anyone look at the sample photos and video for the S6400? One photo of the larger group has nice offer-camera lighting which the camera didn’t provide and the sample video of the hula-hooping girls is just odd.

  • rjgeek

    The s800c is a pretty cool concept, but looks pretty unpolished. What will be awesome is to see what the Android community does to hack it apart. XDA team, you’re up!

    VOIP w/ a usb headset? 🙂

  • zack

    Dunno, maybe it’s just me, but I find less and less reasons why would anyone want to buy point and shoot cams now when mobile phones are doing more than it’s necessary for that particular market.

    • Jabs

      @zack – FLASH and higher megapixels = the most obvious differences.

      • Pablo Ricasso

        I would have thought that the sensor was larger and with better low light performance, but I could be wrong…

      • Fahrertuer

        Sony Ericsson did that some years ago in th k800i, k810i… And there continue to be some phones with a real Xenon flash
        Higher Megapixel?
        The 41 Megapixel of the Nokia 808 Pureview aren’t enough? Or do you want flash with that? Oh, Nokia got that covered as well.

        • Sien

          Now if the 808 would use Android (not to mention iOS) instead of crappy Symbian it would really be the ultimate “phone” in the market. But for some reason Nokia screwed up on that. :-/

          So we still have to hope for a serious Nikon phone. 😉

    • WoutK89

      How about a bigger sensor with a real optical zoom lens in front of it, not just some piece of plastic that does 2.5x digital zoom?

    • Dan

      P&S cameras have zoom lenses–a major plus for most people.

    • Guina

      It’s just another gadget to have so you don’t lose contact with Earth when your brand new plastic toy breaks… It’s obsolete by the day it is released, like everything nowadays.

  • android

    The gimmicks have a cost, as the S800c will yield approx 140 shots per charge only. My Canon Elph 500 HS gives approx 180 shots per charge with a similar performance of 8 FPS, while my Canon SD980 IS yields over 220 shots per charge but with a much slower performance.

    I’ll stick with my two Canon P&S as companions to my Nikon DSLR; they are handy for an occasional video.

  • Captainelmo


  • Jabs

    WOW – that is a small camera. Just the thing for you here who complain about your DSLR being too big – lol.

  • Merv

    At $499 for the Nikon Coolpix P7700, I’d probably pay a bit more and go for the Nikon J2

  • Ingram

    The S01 commercial made me throw up, sorry about the mess…. Nikon you’re CHEAP.

  • Scottd800

    I want a mirrorless interchangeable lens iPhone. Nikon 1 lenses that I can pop on and off, carry in my pocket. Would be fun, I think.

  • Gui Coelho

    I don’t get why such a small camera has built in GPS (and smartphones too).. And Nikon wants us to buy GPS units for the big SLR’s.

  • imran
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