Detailed specs for the Nikon Coolpix P7700 and S800c cameras

Here are the detailed specs for the Nikon Coolpix P7700 and the Android based Coolpix S800c cameras that will be announced tomorrow at midnight (EST):

Nikon Coolpix P7700 specs

  • Magnesium alloy body
  • Back-illuminated CMOS sensor 1/1.7 inches 12 million pixels
  • Bright, large-diameter zoom 28mm-200mm F2-4 in 35mm
  • Full HD, video stereo audio
  • Custom video mode that can be set in manual or shutter aperture, ISO sensitivity during recording
  • 920,000 3 inches dots, vari-angle LCD monitor, a wide viewing angle
  • (VR) lens-shift correction effect, about four stages of camera shake compensation equivalent shutter
  • Advanced Wireless Lighting master and remote control separately in a multi-flash photography
  • Adjustable Picture Control Manual adjustment, quick adjustment and take pictures
  • 8 fps / continuous shooting (up to 6 frames max)
  • Second high-speed continuous shooting 120 frames s (up to 60 frames) 1280 x 960 (1M).
  • Available for sale in late September

Nikon Coolpix S800c specs

  • Sensor is a back-illuminated CMOS sensor 16 million pixels
  • NIKKOR lens 10x optical zoom
  • Equipped with Android 2.3
  • You can upload pictures and movies, such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Keyboard for text input
  • Equipped with Wi-Fi, support WPS2.0
  • (VR) The lens-shift + electronic camera shake compensation
  • Monitor - 3.5-inch organic EL 850,000 dot, electrostatic touch panel
  • Available for sale in late September

Via Digicame-info

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  • 2nd

    Yeah! Second! This post is irrelevent

    • Banned

      Wow what a fail once again Nikon. Wasn’t the P7700 supposed to get a decent sensor???

      • spam

        It did get at good sensor, a 1/1.7 inch 12MP CMOS is probably the best sensor in this class. The problem is the missing viewfinder.

        • Sky

          You mean in class of Nikon compacts using 1/1.7″ sensors? Hehehe, I bet it is! Wouldn’t be so sure about anything beyond that though.

        • typical me not being american (like the rest of the world)…

          but what size is 1/1.7 inches? is that 1.7inch? how does that compare to dslr?

          cant you people learn metric? it is so much easier!

      • hq

        What? Did you expect they’d put the Nikon 1 1″ sensor in it? Nikon messed up big time. Sony seems to take the lead with the RX100. Let’s see what Canon has up its sleeve.

  • freakout

    no VF small sensor – disapointing

    • Can1uk

      If you want a large sensor buy a j1/2 if u want smaller form factor buy a rx100. This is a consumer compact all be it a high end one and excellent for many users, eg underwater shooting vs canon G series. How often do you print 20×30 anyway.

  • Don’t care of the VF… never used on a compact camera !
    Just hope that the sensor is good !

  • Bare

    Admin, do you know when is next Nikon product announcement?

  • Nikon Fanboy

    I guess it’s a Canon G1x for me then.

    Why such a small sensor?!

    • Andrew

      Comparing apples with oranges?

      The Canon G1x (14 MP) sells for $700 whereas the Nikon P7700 (12 MP) is replacing the P7100 which is currently selling for under $400. Plus the P7100 takes excellent pictures so the P7700 should perform even better with its newer sensor technology. Nikon has deliberately kept the pixel count on the P7700 low so as to take better low light pictures. Always wait for the photographic test results to come out before forming a conclusion, and never compare apples with oranges!

    • Vandyu

      You realize if you buy the Canon, you’ll become CanonFanBoy!

  • EnPassant

    P7700 – 8fps = D700 replacement! 😀

    • Arkasai

      Viewfinder alone is reason enough to carry that D700 😛

    • AceRock

      Unless you need to take more than 6 photos in a row.

    • It’s OK now

      P7700 – AF that works = D800 replacement.


  • nycPete

    another Epic Fail in the compact dept for Nikon…

    • Jake

      How? I see no failure at all here.

      • second

        maybe because of the little sensor?

    • ThomasH

      Sensor too small, I hoped for CX size, and of course the main bummer:
      No Optical Viewfinder. What they have been thinking? For me the
      main if not only reason to get such a camera was the optical viewfinder.
      So far nothing beats its “refresh rate”, and adaptive energy of light, always proportional to the ambient light. No battery needed!

      For me its than still Canon. I use now the G12, and I will probably go for the G1X.

      • Andrew

        Are you willing to pay $300 more for the Canon G1x’s larger sized sensor?

        You get nothing for free. The P7700 has the same sized sensor as the Canon G12 and should be priced comparably, or a little more because the P7700 is likely a much better camera. If you want the Canon G1x, then it will cost you $200 to $300 more than the P7700.

        • ThomasH

          Yes, its not that much more for a larger sensor.
          I would like to have as MUST BE set of features:
          1) Optical Viewfinder
          2) Raw Format
          and as a most welcomed feature:
          3) One hand operation
          4) Lens shutter

          The g1x does not have the lens shutter anymore. I was hoping for Nikon taking on CX sensor and making a “like P7100 or G12 camera” with such a sensor. Clearly no viewfinder is a no-go for me. But, so it goes, your mileage may vary.

  • Sam

    Best thing about these: Advanced Wireless Lighting master is promising the same as a V2 feature.

  • John

    This actually is sort of interesting to me. We;ll have to see how it fares against the LX-7.

  • People complaining about the sensor on the P7700 have probably never shot with theP7000/7100!

    Either way I was about ready to pass on the P7700 but does the Advanced Wireless Lighting master mean it has commander mode on it? Because that is something I’d love on my current P7000.

    Also for those complaining about the lack of viewfinder if you actually owned the P7000/P71000 you’d know it’s about near useless. It’s not 100% coverage, it’s distorted and unless you shoot in auto you can’t figure out any settings information. It’s basically a plastic porthole. So dropping it is fine with me.

    • Kwasnash

      I have shot with the P7000. It produced images that were better than the 1/2.3 sensor cameras but could not hold a candle to the APS-C or CX sensor cameras. Especially in low light. Also, the P7000 had the worst AF I ever experienced in any camera. It took too long to focus and sometimes could not focus at all. From what I understand, the 7100 improved on this but it is still nothing compared to the Sony RX100 I now have. The RX100 produces outstanding IQ, the AF is excellent and very fast and it shoots RAW. The only thing I don’t like is that it is very small. Otherwise, It is a great camera to have when you don’t need or want to lug a DSLR system around

      • iamlucky13

        My own experience is with the Canon G-series, but I agree with both the above posters:

        1.) Most people don’t seem to realize that regardless of whatever perceptions marketing may help instill in us, these 1/1.7″ cameras take excellent images that are noticeably higher quality than other compacts.

        2.) Which is nice, but still not as nice has having an even bigger sensor would be.

        I’ve thought from the moment I heard the Nikon 1 would have a sensor squarely in between the M4/3 format and the 1/1.7″ that this sensor would an excellent match for a P7000-style camera. Unfortunately, it’s not clear whether or not Nikon actually agrees.

        I also thought I’d use an optical viewfinder more than I actually do. Unlike with an SLR, it’s really not a very good way to compose on a point-and-shoot.

    • Mark

      I understand you say the VF is “near useless”, but although it’s not perfect, at least you can look through it on a bright sunny day to see what you’d like to shoot. Last weekend I was at the Chicago Air & Water show and it was very bright right & sunny day, the P7000 display was so hard to see it WAS useless (I was not about to put a towel or cloth over my head and the camera just to see the display), at least with the viewfinder I was able to see and follow the action.

      • Thomas


    • Svaldvard


  • I’m really hoping for something more from this announcement. As a wildlife photographer, three years ago I was very happy to shoot Nikon and carry my D300 and D700 into the field. I had two small form factor, pro level bodies, one with a crop factor which kept me from using a teleconverter. The D800 wasn’t the replacement that I was waiting for to replace my D700 and more importantly, the lack of a D400 which is what I really want seems nowhere to be found. For wildlife, this is really the camera that I want. I’ve never considered jumping ship from Nikon, but the current lineup of cameras isn’t ideal for the way I shoot. Please Nikon, make it happen.

    • Climenty

      Be strong! D600 will not replace D700 either. And there is no another DSLR annonces. Nikon forgot about their middle users.

    • Pablo Ricasso

      Be patient. I also had kind of lost hope a couple years ago when Nikon seemed maxed out on 12 megapixels. The D3x was something like seven or eight grand and Both Sony and Canon had 22 and 24 mp cameras for between two and 3 thousand. I found that I could snap a photo with the 18 mp rebel and the kit lens and zoom in and read price tags that were blurry with the Nikon 12 mp no matter which lens was on it. I actually built a collection of lenses for a Sony and almost bought a couple Canon lenses. Later I learned that the information provided to the viewfinder is down sampled on the Nikon cameras and the actual difference is much less than what I quickly noted. Just the same, my Canon shooting friend did eventually get a used copy of that and 18 mp definitely beats eight.
      In that regard, 36 really kills 12. There may be a bit more noise at the individual pixel level, (what you see with 100 percent crops), but when printed to any given size the image is even smoother than that of a D700. You also know that there is an ultra high speed 16 mp sensor in the top model, the same way the sensor you have was in the D3. Give it a little time, let them sell a few D4s, and you will probably find that sensor available in a camera like you are wanting. In the meantime, what is wrong with your D700?
      And remember when all the dx cameras had 12 and then the 3100 got 14? People had to wait a few months before the 7000 came about. Well now there’s a 3200 and it’s awesome for what it is. Can’t you see what is coming next?
      Is it not fast enough? Consider the “progress” from the other two companies since the point in time when I started preparing to use them…

      • My D700 is fine. So is my D300. That’s the point. I don’t yet see a replacement option that beats what I already have for the way that I shoot. Again, the key being “the way that I shoot.” Both of my cameras have been used a lot and beaten up on and are getting old — lots of exposure to the elements and plenty of banging around after being to 6 continents and pretty much every US state. They are on their last legs physically, if not technically and its time for a replacement. The D800 pleases a lot of people for the way that they shoot, but it doesn’t seem to be for me, and the D7000, which has the crop factor that I want for wildlife, isn’t rugged enough of a build for me and is missing a few key features that I use.

        • Pablo Ricasso

          I hear that a lot. I know the D800 is one frame per second slower and needs more memory if you are using it in full pixel mode. Aside from that, what part of it isn’t for the way you shoot?

          • It’s not the D800 that I have a problem with. It’s the lack of a D400. Because I shoot wildlife most of the time, I use my D300 most of the time to get the extra reach provided by the crop factor. I need stealth in the field and that’s why I’m more interested in speed than all those pixels that take up more memory/storage etc. Again, it sounds like a great camera, I just don’t have the incentive to dump my D700 for it, especially since it’s the D300 that I really want to replace.

            • rhlpetrus

              Why not use the D800 in crop modes. There are two: 1.2x at 25MP (still the second highest MP count of any dslrs) and 16Mp in DX mode.

              That’s your D400 there, no?

            • Calibrator


              $3.000 for a D400…

              Do you get a percentage? 😉

        • ActionJunky

          I recently sold my D300 and upgraded to the D800. The D300 was a 12Mpix DX and the D700 was a 12Mpix FX. The D800 is 1-2 FPS slower, but you get a lot for that tradeoff. 36 Megapixels in full frame mode and much higher dynamic range. Not to mention, in-camera HDR, in-camera time-lapse, video, and high speed HD video. Plus, it shoots in DX mode and still has well over 16 Mpix. So this camera does the job of your D700 and D300, has video, and other improvements.

          Why is that 1-2 FPS so important to a wildlife shooter? I took mine out for an event this past weekend and it never slowed me down.

          The P7700 is an evolution and a good one. I would consider adding it to my bag as a backup, but I would like to see a viewfinder.

        • The D7000 is plenty rugged enough… Unless you’re planning on taking a bath with it, I don’t see how you could suggest that it’s not rugged enough.

          I’ve put it through snow, rain, sand, and lots of travel…and it’s still performs like the brilliant camera it is.

          I considered the D800 when it arrived due to the crazy awesome sensor and ISO performance, but don’t see the 2k extra worth my while (personally).

          Certainly a lot of complaining on here…

          • Again, I stress “the way I shoot.” The D7000 is a fine camera but it doesn’t fit the bill for me. It lacks several key features besides the lesser build quality of the D300. The auto focusing is inferior in several ways with less focusing points and less cross type sensors. Most of what I do is following focus of fast moving animals and I need the best focusing I can get. On top of that, there is no back focus button on the D7000. This is essential for me. It also looks like there is no physical cable release port. And bracketing is clunky and limited as compared to the D300. That being said, the D7000 has the updated sensor, etc, etc. but still it isn’t a camera that I would ever get for what I shoot. It lacks a lot of what some might refer to as “pro” features. So am I complaining? Yes, because I’m invested in Nikon and I need/want a new pro level cropped-sensor camera and Nikon seems to be abandoning this market. Sure I could purchase a camera like a D7000 or its successor, but in many ways, that would be a step backward at a time when cameras are getting better and better.

            • Calibrator

              These sound like valid arguments to me as a D7000 owner.

              And I must say that I’m glad not to have paid for such features as I don’t have the need for most of them – except better bracketing options. These are indeed very limited on the D7000 (only 3 exposures / +-2.0 EP) and even though one can employ the U1/U2 trick to get up to six exposures this is far from good. I’d like to have at least seven automatic exposures to work with.

              Nikon, like most hardware vendors, wants of course to oversell which means you have to buy a much bigger, expensive and thus more profitable product (for them) to get slightly better software features – as the bracketing options are pure software and not hardware features. This is extremely frustrating as the D7000 is all the camera most enthusiasts would need (need, not want) and is robust enough for those not crawling through swamps or hitting their camera regularly against trees etc.

              I’m therefore still in hope for a better firmware a la Magic Lantern that among other things upped the bracketing limit on the 5DMII to nine (!) exposures.

    • 120-300 os For Nikon

      I am waiting to for that to happen.

  • Eric

    Android 2.3? Ha! An obsolete phone OS more than a year ago!

    Nikon’s crack programmers – er – programmers on crack…

    • Anthony

      Indeed, they should be embarrassed by releasing a product with ancient software. Android is up to what, 4.1 now?

  • bigeater

    Hallelujah! Wireless flash control with a compact. This makes it very useful for lots of web-related content creation. I’ve decided that the way to go is a compact camera for scouting and web, and medium format for prints and assignments. DSLRs are just too much anxiety because of the constant worries about whether people are going to judge me harshly if I don’t have the latest Canon or Nikon. I’m an artist. I have a very thin skin.

    • Pablo Ricasso

      That’s funny. I thought medium format cameras WERE DSLRs.

      Oh, by the way, Hassie SUCKS.

      No way! PHASE ONE SUCKS!!!


    • neversink

      @ bigeater:
      You are joking, aren’t you. The client should only care about the final product. I have actually sold photos shot with a Canon S90. It’s rare, but it happens. It just happens that I took some test shots with a S90 when I was on assignment shooting with a 4X5. I showed the S90 tests to the client and then all the beautiful 4X5 contact proofs, and my client chose to use the majority of the S90. Go figure. It’s never happened again, but then again, I rarely shoot film these days, unfortunately, nor am I asked to…. All my pro work is shot now with the D800 or D4. I will drag a Mamiya 7ii or a LeicaM6 along sometimes. But that’s just for myself. Still love film, but also love digital.

      Not sure I’m going to love the 7700 unless it has a DX sized sensor…. otherwise it is the G1x by Canon or the Xpro series (but those feel flimsly to me….)

    • ActionJunky

      I don’t know very many successful artists that have thin skin. If you are an artist, you should be accustomed to criticism by now.

      • bigeater

        Touche! But still I dream about an H4 (with an awesome Gotland pony to carry all the accompanying gear I’ll need to shoot with it).

  • ONI

    8 fps / continuous shooting (up to 6 frames max)????

    • Was wondering when someone would catch that. 6 frames max means 6 fps, not 8. What a load of marketing bullocks.

  • Still keeping my Canon G9 for now then. I’d love Nikon to bring out a compact that makes me want to part with my hard earned. Tempted by the X-Pro 1… Would love Nikon to have made something like that! To be fair to Nikon though, their latest DSLR’s are the most awesome bits of portable, usable, digital hardware. Can’t wait to get my paws on a D800!

  • John

    Back to the Sony RX100 with the 1″ sensor.

    What happened to Nikon getting a larger sensor advanced compact camera?????

    • hq

      I agree…

      And what’s with Android 2.3? I’d expect it’d be based on Jelly Bean (4.1) or at least Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0).

      • Arkasai

        These comments are totally lost on me. Why do people expect the latest version of Android on this camera? When Samsung and others were first making Android devices they often shipped with Android 2.1 even though 2.3 had been out for a while. Even Android 2.1 is sufficient for running a camera, I’ve got an old Galaxy S running a 2.1 ROM that’s blazing fast even by today’s standards.

  • morg

    I will stick with my p7000 till they come with a larger sensor camera now how about the D600 or D400?

  • Susan

    Interesting both Panasonic on the LX7 and Nikon with the P7700 have kept at the existing sensor size, instead of going larger like the G1X or RX100. However, they have moved from CCD to CMOS sensors.

    • Pablo Ricasso

      Good point and probably lost on most people. They already have two cameras with a 1 inch sensor and soon a third. They have little interchangeable lenses and now one nearly pancake sized, amidst much criticism.
      We probably shouldn’t be criticizing the sensor until we try it. Also, if someone put a 1 inch sensor in a camera that size they would either lose a lot of speed or range with the lens, or increase it’s size. Most likely the result would be a combination of the three.
      But nobody should worry, I hear that the department of redundancy department is busy ironing out the details at this very moment. But they’re having fits over what model number to use and whether it should be positioned as and advanced intermediate amateur or …

  • Fantas

    I love the idea of android camera with Wi-Fi, finally, but why no 3/4G in it? What’s up with that? When I take a picture I wonna share it ASAP, not wait to find some free Wi-Fi hot spot, helooo! Phone-cameras, camera-phones, they need to merge.

    • Shawn

      The concept is great, if bandwidth were free, but…

      I’d rather not add an extra $240 – $400 per year price tag to my camera thank you.

      Expect data prices to continue to creep upwards as we all continue to use more and more and they (cell phone and Internet providers) realize we’ll pay a premium to continue doing so.

      The days of cheap Internet (in the U.S.) is not going to last forever.

    • ActionJunky

      I often take pictures in areas remote from WiFi zones, so it does not matter to me. If you need to take an unprocessed image, with Android, and post it right away, why not use your phone? Most higher quality Android phones have 8 Mpix cameras. That is more than sufficient for internet images.

      I suspect you want a better camera and therefore better images. A better camera is not a cure-it-all for poor photography skills. You can take great images with a camera phone.

    • ausserirdischegesund

      4G in a camera is useless! Chances are, you are carrying a smartphone already if you are buying that camera. A smartphone (Android, iPhone, does not matter) can act as a WLAN hotspot or bluetooth tether effortlessly, even if it stays in your pocket during shooting.

      Do you really want one phone contract for your camera, one for your tablet, one for your actual phone, another one for your smart wristwatch, etc.? I think it is completely reasonable to consolidate all 3G/4G connectivity needs in your smartphone and connect all the other devices you carry around throught it.

  • Does any of these new cameras offer Raw support ?

  • Alberto T

    “920,000 3 inches dots, vari-angle LCD monitor, a wide viewing angle”

    That’s gonna be a HUGE, humongous screen! Translation fail most likely 😉

    • JLK

      That comes out to 160 feet x 120 feet. Not such a compact design. There is plenty of room for a 1″ sensor!

  • prashanth

    Love the new coolpix, just what I need.

    Nikon rules . FTW!!

  • wants_D3

    Nikon probably went with Android 2.3 because it is stable, and that was likely current when they began their product development. Just because the OS is a little older doesn’t mean it’s bad. My phone still runs 2.3.6 and it is way faster than 90% of the phones out there in terms of software responsiveness. Also, please remember that this is a camera and not a phone; do you need face-enabled unlocking and NFC Google Wallet payments from your camera? No, you do not.

  • Carl Lowe

    Who cares about a coolpix camera, where is the new DX/FX cameras (D600, D400, D500, lol) ??????

    • peterw

      people who need a coolpix off course
      a camera that might be a little less bulky

      For instance, I mostly leave my 500 F4 at home when I go to the beach with my family (not always 🙂 )

  • FX DX

    By buying a small point and shoot you are not really buying into a system. There are all sort of point and shoot cameras available in the market. Buy the one that works for you. Nikon is not famous for its point and shoot line, so stop complaining about it. I use Canon S95 as my point and shoot camera and totally love it.

  • Jim

    Did Nikon remove the viewfinder because maybe still a larger sensor compact advanced camera is coming. The P7700 is more geared towards competing against the Canon G series, while a camera still yet to be announced, would have a 1″ sensor and be more geared towards the G1X?

  • Mark H

    I’m not too sure about the screen on the S800c:
    Monitor – 3.5-inch organic EL 850,000 dot, electrostatic touch panel

    I always thought EL was electroluminescent, and that certainly isn’t a common display technology except as a backlight (and even then, most people use LED). Are you sure you don’t mean Organic LED?

    I assume the the electrostatic touch panel really means it’s capacitive not resistive (like most all android devices except the really cheap stuff).

  • neversink

    8 fps (but 6 frames max)
    So basically I can take 6 frames in 3/4 of a second and then wait for the buffer to empty. How long will that take. Still, not bad for a P_ss and Sh_t….

  • Nikon, please stop comcentrating on these ‘toys’ and give us a true semipro / pro D400…..

    • I’m with you Mike. And it has nothing to do with DX lenses, etc. Some of us just want the reach provided by the crop factor, and we want it in a pro, prosumer, whatever you want to call it body. The D7000 is not that body.

      • PeterO


        Unfortunately I don’t see it happening. Profits are down so they need to bring all the low cost models to market before something like the D400. I’m in the same boat as you Sean. Gaffers tape holding things together for now.

      • Discontinued

        >> The D7000 is not that body. <<

        In terms of layout and handling my D800E is much closer to my D7000 than to my (already sold) D300.

        If you think there will ever be a D300 body with a better sensor you are in for a huge disappointment. It is not going to happen.

  • rhlpetrus

    No VF, or is there an EVF? What about the AF? PDAF or just the usual CDAF?

    Not that interesting it seems. Hope Nikon wake up and produces a more able body with the V1 sensor/PDAF.

  • Discontinued

    Shit, I already bought the Fuji X10 6 month ago or so …

    Oh wait, I still have the pleasure of the X10’s manual zoom and the occasionally used OVF ahead of the P7700. Plus 6 month or so of carrying it along and using it …

    And still I think the P7700 is not a bad offer at all. At least it will allow for RAW-files to be viewed and managed together with Nikon DSLR RAWs in View NX. If you stick to Nikon for your advanced P&S, there is no need to pay extra money for Adobe’s Lightroom. I guess the P7700 will find some buyers.

  • Martin/badLAFtroll

    WOOOW! Multi flash control.
    This only feature is tempting enough!!!
    From some time I decided left monolights to be used in studio only/mostly, while taking with me 4 SB strobes + stands + modifiers.
    In many cases it’s enough for in-location work. And now THIS!
    /to fulfill my troll duty – this will allow me to leave big and bulky camera with bad AF at home 🙂 /

    • Ric


    • Joshua Chung

      Only one group is allowed:

      Channel 3 Group A.

      Nikon Creative Lighting System

      i-TTL flash control support in combination with Nikon Creative Lighting System-compatible Speedlights (only Standard i-TTL flash control is supported during spot metering mode). Flash Color Information Communication is supported. Advanced Wireless Lighting is supported by setting SB-910, SB-900, SB-800 or SB-700 to master flash or by setting SU-800 to the Commander mode (the remote flash setting is only applicable to Group A). Advanced Wireless Lighting is supported by setting the built-in flash to the Commander mode (only applicable to Group A and fixed at 3 CH).

      • Martin/badLAFtroll

        I will try to find, how it is when using SB as a master flash…

  • rhlpetrus

    @Admin: where are the D600’s rumors. Or D7100’s or D5200’s? Sony is launching a new 16MP sensor with PDAF on the Nex 6. Wil that be used by Nikon?

    Lots of possible rumors there.

    • Jenny

      Your replying to th wrong area

  • Sean

    Also interested in this:

    “Did Nikon remove the viewfinder because maybe still a larger sensor compact advanced camera is coming. The P7700 is more geared towards competing against the Canon G series, while a camera still yet to be announced, would have a 1″ sensor and be more geared towards the G1X?”

  • Stacey

    Exactly, P7100/P7700 competes with the Canon G12 or successor NOT the G1X.

  • ole auffemole

    P7700 – 550 EUR!!!!

    – no OVF
    – LCD mechanism changend
    – no Direct Movie Button
    – Sensor 1/1,7“
    – 28 mm

    + ALS
    + F2
    + faster

    That´s it and it Suxz
    Too expensive, not much better than P7100. X10? RX100?

  • AllForTeags
  • fhggf

    The D600 is what people are desperate to learn more about. Until then, everything else is window dressing.

    • Calibrator

      So don’t waste your time posting here and come back in a month when there is more news!

  • AHEM
  • jorg

    “Advanced Wireless Lighting master and remote control separately in a multi-flash photography”
    — does that mean this thing can do all the CLS-tricks?

  • MJr

    It’s not even that much smaller without VF 🙁,170

  • FrenchGuy

    Checked on the French website there are 4 new Coolpix. The P7700, the S800C (Android), The S01 (smaller than a credit card) and the S6400.
    Now Mr Nikon we are expecting the new DSLRs!!

    • neversink

      why do we need more DSLRs??
      I am happy with my D4 and D800… and they just came out.

      • FrenchGuy

        As many of the Nikon users, I am not wealthy enough to afford a D4 or a D800 but I’d like to upgrade my D90 with a semi pro body such as the D400. I have tried the D4 and D800, they are both awesome but I love the DX format and I’d like to keep the crop capabilities it offers.

        • Duncan Dimanche

          Hello Follow french guy !
          any Nikon full frame will let you use the crop factor… the D600 is a bit high but nothing crazy and why not simply get the D7100 ? It seems like it is the upgrade of the D300s…. what more do you need in a camera ?

          Cheers !

  • Markus A

    It’s so funny to read all the comments discounting the P7700 because of the 1/1.7″ sensor, but cameras with similar sensors are capable of superb IQ as long as you don’t need insanely high ISO. Ricoh GRD IV, Canon S100, Olympus XZ-1, Panasonix LX-7 all have fantastic IQ. What’s more, the Pentax Q has superb IQ and it has an even smaller sensor. But the Q and the P7700 use BSI CMOS sensors, so you can expect better than average IQ. As an RX100 owner who has also owned many of the above compacts, for most uses the differences in IQ is not dramatic.

    This camera has a lot to like about it. Of course it’s not a DSLR replacement, but neither is the RX100 or even a Fuji X100 with its APS-C sensor. So why all the “Nikon fail” comments?

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