Nikon Coolpix P7700, S800c, S01 pre-order options

Nikon Coolpix P7700:

Nikon Coolpix S800c:

Nikon Coolpix S01:

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  • Meh

    Big dose of meh!

    The android one might be appealing if it were a phone, but not as it is.

    Honestly: Canon, Sony and Fuji all kick Nikon’s butt in the p&s department.

    • Big Dose of D800 MEH

      D800 SUCKS with 4 stars while 5D3 gets 5 stars !

      • Pablo Ricasso

        Big dose of meth?

        • Pablo Ricasso

          From the text…
          “Because the D800 has so many more pixels, the noise was finer and less visible. The D800’s heavier noise reduction took its toll on details at fast ISO speeds, but it wasn’t until ISO 6400 that the 5D Mark III matched the D800 for detail. As such, you’d need to be shooting regularly at ISO 12800 and above to gain a practical benefit from the Canon’s lower noise.”

          I shoot regularly at ISO 100. Because I’m a photographer.

          • Boring!

            Pablo Amigo Boring

      • D800 AF issue cont..

        I am returning my second D800 because of the widely reported bad left focus point. Unfortunately, Nikon is still producing defective cameras and has not fixed the problem.

        Besides the poor quality control, the camera has wonderful ergonomics. I wish they would fix the problem.

        As a side note, Amazon has been great at returning and replacing the product and covering shipping costs.

        • Pablo Ricasso

          How much did they pay you to write that trash?

          • Mike

            Let the man speak his mind.
            How does it concern you?

            How much do they pay you to write all pros about Nikon?

            • Pablo Ricasso

              Nobody pays me for anything.
              I’m irritated at the obvious trolling and I’m not sure that is a man writing that.
              First off, it doesn’t even make a name for itself. It’s name is “D800 AF issue.” Second, it says that it returned the second camera “because of the widely reported bad left focus point.” Not because of a bad experience, and no description of which lenses or under what circumstances, but because of “a widely reported…” which it then continues to report. This would be fine, except that this is a report that is coming out of thin air, from an entity with no name, and on a topic with no relation to what is is trying to smear. That much should be apparent. It is nothing more than an obvious effort to get someone who knows very little to become nervous about buying something of a particular brand, and just like in the dirty politics that happen about this time every few years, I will call it out where I see it.

        • truie

          So, you’re using *that* much your far left focusing point. Personnaly, if my D800 had that problem (which is not the case btw), I would use the center focusing point to take the measure/lock it, and then readjust my composition.

          Tadam. No more blurry picture using the left focus point.

        • eggzz

          Your second D800….LOL

          The Canon marketing departement are beginning to sound desperate…..posting BS like this in a PS thread….

          IF you were not a pathetic liar, you’d be happy that your camera be fixed for free and go on shooting…..but you aren’t even a photographer are you ?

          I bet you have a nice little Canon PS that the company gave you for christmas.

          My second D800….muuuahahahahahaha

        • Ric


      • Pablo Ricasso

        Also from the text…
        “The main attraction of a full-frame SLR is its image quality, and the D800 makes no bones about this with its record-breaking resolution. Sure enough, we had to pick our jaws up off the floor as we zoomed in to inspect its photos. Whereas the Canon 5D Mark III applied fairly heavy digital sharpening in JPEGs to squeeze the last drops of detail from its 22-megapixel sensor, the D800’s gentler sharpening gave more natural results and still easily surpassed its rival for details.”

        This is WHY you buy a better dslr when you already have a dslr. If you didn’t want the detail provided by the D800 then maybe you didn’t really want a dslr after all…

        And we haven’t even got to things associated with dynamic range like highlight and shadow detail. I don’t know if those reviewers know what that is. They start out with the first few paragraphs talking about the video quality. No thanks, I HAVE a camcorder…

      • Michael Laing

        So the summing up of the review basically says that to use the Nikon you need skill but any old idiot could just pick up the 5Dmk3 and take a photo. 😛

      • Sahaja

        The Canon “supports a less disciplined approach” – in other words, if you’re an amateur who wants an expensive DSLR to take casual snaps – get the Canon.

      • Pdf Ninja

        In other words, the D800 is too good a camera for you, therefore you downrate it.

      • ALL CAPS


    • Z

      Yes … cockroaches are scurrying about early today …

    • NO D800 for me

      My camera was defective as well, the left focus point is terribly miscollaborated especially on the 14-24.

      In my opinion, which might be wrong, all D800-d800e are defective but some folks just don’t do proper testing or don’t need manual focus point accuracy, such as landscape photogs. If you want to get the full use of your camera and want to reserve the possibility of doing macro or advertising work, you gotta verify your focus sensors. The camera is basically 3/4 good to go.

      Either way, it is very frustrating and be-angering after waiting a million years, you get a defective 3k camera. I am currently awaiting a response from Amazon costumer service.

      • Pablo Ricasso

        YOU don’t do macro. Nobody doing serious macro uses autofocus.
        And then you mention the 14-24 lens. How does that work for all the folks who have that on their 5d with a third party adapter? How does it focus for them?

      • Truth teller


  • Funduro

    The P7700 does have one good thing going for it, Commander mode for remote flash heads in CLS.

  • MaderPaker

    I have bought my fifth D800 and still no left focusing issue! WTF? I HATE YOU NIKON!!! GIVE ME A BAD ONE!

    • Sahaja

      What do you do with FIVE D800s?

    • Sam

      Can I have one of those perfect D800’s?
      I just got my shiny new D90 but it’s defective: lots of modern options are missing!
      And Nikon refuses to fix it! Bad customer service, tsk, tsk.

    • Good work bro

      6th times a charm

  • MB

    P7700 looks a bit better now that they announced the price.
    It supports wireless CLS and has filter thread too!
    On the other hand I would prefer if it is a bit smaller even without so many (duplicated function) dials, or with EVF but that’s just me.
    For the price it is OK I think, good for wandering about and with five D800 left at home.

  • Steve T

    Hoping for a comprehensive answer!
    I noticed that the “regulars” are pretty much gone or no longer post while wondering if it’s worth my valuable time to follow this and sister blogs.
    Didn’t know there was “censoring” going on but that’s a must if Admin is counting on these sites to become a cash cow (as in Ken Rock’s)… unless he is a wealthy and/or retired person wild about photography to be always alert pretty much 24/7 and/or as an excuse to tax-deduct and gain access to worldwide events!?

    • Troll 3.14159265359

      What are you talking about?

  • Curious George

    Anxiously awaiting a reply!

  • Troll 3.14159265359

    Admin, can you please delete all the useless posts about the D800 on this thread?

    Also, make people have to register on your forum or in some way before posting on here. It’s way too easy to troll here right now.

    • Julian

      No trolls here, Troll Pi: Admin has deleted my questions to him and left the thread orphaned thus seems out of context.

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