Another Nikon D400 book is available for pre-order

The saga of unreleased Nikon D400 books continues - this time it's Magic Lantern who promises a new D400 guide on September 4th, 2012. The book is currently available for pre-order on Amazon US, Amazon Germany and Amazon UK:

The timing of the book release (September 4th, 2012) is interesting because Nikon is known for making major announcements in August (D90, D7000, D3, D300). In addition, the biggest photo show Photokina starts on September 18th.

After the D3200, Nikon is expected to release two more DSLR cameras in 2012. It will not make sense to upgrade the D7000 and the D300s at the same time, so my guess will be for a new D5200 and a D400. This will open the path for current D7000 owners to upgrade to the D400 (just a speculation, I have no reliable info on the D400 at that point).

Update: the publisher of the book issues a statement that this listing was a mistake:

"Due to an internal systems error, the Magic Lantern Genie Guides book with ISBN 978-1454707820 was mistakenly listed with a fictitious model name: the D400. This was a dummy title that never should have fed out to booksellers, and neither Simon Stafford nor Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. have any knowledge of such a camera model."

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  • Dandansoy

    Yohoo!! the upgrade I am waiting for

    • Me

      and in 2 years you can have it. Don’t hold your breath.

      • does anybody buys those book? I guess manual is not written in dumb enough english for them. sigh. fools and their moneys…

        funny thought, this book and guides, model pose books, and online instructions has been booming business for unsuccessful photographers. Just as Thom and Rockwell.

        • jorg

          having a bad day, harold?

        • Chris

          Harold- Before you go on a pretentious rant about dumb English and fools and their moneys, you might want to use spell check and proper punctuation. Unfortunately, everyone in the world isn’t as perfect as you.

        • some people just buy the cameras because they look and sound good.

          lots of high mega pixel types…

          they are the ones (and my mother) who buy the books

          actually my mother bought a book because her canon x10 or whatever only came with a digital manual and she doesnt want to read off her screen

    • Foolishcfo

      Me too! Ignore “Me’s” reply above. Heck, it will probably arrive before my D800!

      • D700guy

        I wouldnt bet on that.

      • Wayne G


    • cathrine

      Same here!! I have waiting too long for this!

  • C_QQ_C

    Wow, that find was quickly published ! 🙂

  • C_QQ_C

    BTW the D800 / D800E book from the same author / Comany is released on may 15th, so if the book is released around 3 months after the camera introduction, the D400 might also get introduced sooner…

    D800 book :

    • good point

      • Mike R

        It sounds like there are people out there know about the D400. I hope the crack soon and give you some reliable info. I’ve been waiting to replace my D200 for too long. I hope the D400 is something to get really excited about.

  • Mauro

    …i’m still D800 since february

    • T.I.M

      what year ?

      • Roberto

        hahahahahahhahaha +10000

      • Discontinued

        I’ve been waiting for something close to a D800 ever since the D3X was released.
        I am glad my D800E even trumps it. Another real nice compensation (other than IQ in stills) are the video features and controls. I guess it was worth waiting. And my batteries are not recalled. Can’t complain much right now (no camera lock ups either).

    • B&H this morning shows my D4 (ordered 1/7/2012) has been sent to the warehouse for shipping, something I thought would never happen. Maybe your 800’s are showing movement too. One can hope. Right?

  • September would be the perfect time for me to be ordering a D400. Not that there is anything wrong with my D90 per say, but I wouldn’t mind upgrading to a 24MP sensor. I’m guessing it will be a 24 since the 3200 is 24, well hoping anyway…

    • Martin

      oh well. i’m hoping for a 16 megapixel FX D400 🙂

      • Bryan

        Don’t ask me why, just a hunch, but I have a feeling we may get a 20+MP FX D400. Again, I know it doesn’t seem make sense……but either does a 24MP dX 3200

        • D400

          D3200 24mp sensor makes perfect sense. Marketing Hype.

        • D400

          D3200 24mp sensor makes perfect sense. Marketing Hype. Look at how nikon are calling it a pro level camera.

        • Andrew

          The D3200 will outperform the D3100 in every significant area, including high ISO; so it is indeed the perfect upgrade. The D400 will have a DX body and Nikon might surprise us with a 16 or 18 MP sensor for better low light performance than the D7100, which will have a 24 MP sensor. The pros buying the D400 will not care for extremely high MP. In addition, the D400 will perform at 6 to 8 fps.

          • D700guy

            Which basically makes it an obsolete camera before its invention. One can buy a D800 and shoot in DX mode, and have a 16mp camera with the ability to go FX with a switch.
            I dont see the need for this rig, unless its price is significantly lower than a D800’s

            • Andrew

              Yeah, but the D800 cost $3,000 whereas the D400 will cost around $1,600. This still will make the D400 a new camera that is targeted at a different and lower cost market segment than the D800.

            • D700guy

              I suppose it makes sense then. For a D800 buyer though, to own them each does not.

            • Mike M

              I’ve read more than one D800 owner that claimed the VF crop is really annoying to use in DX mode, and it doesn’t have the kind of FPS most “serious” users who want the DX “reach” advantage would want. Really if you’re using the D800 most of the good glass is FX anyways so just use the whole frame and crop anywhere in it down to DX magnification if that’s the way you want to operate. But for some people the D800 is just extra money and not enough performance.

          • dave

            A D7100 having the same 24MP sensor as the D3200 doesn’t make sense to me. The last couple of iterations, the D5xxx line has had the same sensor as the next step up (D5000->D90, D5100->D7000) and a better sensor than the D3xxx. If they put a 24MP sensor in the D7100, what will they put in the D5200? And if they put a 24MP sensor in the D5200, how do they differentiate it from a D3200?

            A replacement for the D300(s) is loooooong overdue. It was a groundbreaking camera in it’s time, but that was five years ago and the stellar high-ISO performance it delivered is not only commonplace, but bested by the rest of Nikon’s DSLR lineup (and even some other manufacturers DSLRs and ILCs).

            Nikon seems to be playing catch-up from last year and in their effort not to flood us with too many camera models all at once, they’ve lost sight of what the market is waiting for. I mean really, how many people do you know that have been waiting on pins and needles for the follow on to the D3100?

            • Andrew

              dave, if the D3200’s sensor performance coupled with the Expeed 3 image processor is impressive, then I do not think that it matters much if the D7100 has the same sensor. Remember that the D7000 had a lot that distinguished it from the D3100 and D5100. For example, with the D7000, you get a magnesium alloy body with better weather sealing, a built-in auto-focus motor for lenses dating back to the 1970’s, and so on. The new D7100 may also have a larger memory buffer than the current model which allows the camera to take rapidly successive shots before the system starts chocking. So there are a lot of things that can distinguish one camera from another that warrants a higher price.

      • Michael

        The NEX7(24mp) actually scored higher than NEX5n(16MP), so I expect the 24MP sensor to be better.

      • GeoffK

        IF the D400 is less than 18MP I’ll buy a D800 instead.

        • Bryan

          Same here. A 24MP FX D400 (or maybe D600 now) which gives me the option to shoot 12MP DX if needed would be perfect. Needs to have uncompressed HDMI out for video though.

  • Foolishcfo

    Hey Peter! Is it possible someone out there knows something you don’t about Nikon? If so, it would be a first!

  • T.I.M

    Before thinking about the D400, let’s get a (good working) D800e (and with fireproof battery)

    • Foolishcfo

      Right now I’d settle for a D800 that occasionally locks up. The unannounced D400 may be in my hands before the D800!

      • D700guy

        The only things that have been in my hands since ordering both a D4 and a D800e are my D700 and my dick! And not necessarily in that order.

        • Foolishcfo

          “my d700 and my dick!”

          Do your “grip” arrived before the D800, huh?

        • MikeV


    • FX DX

      T.I.M – I didn’t get the joke about D800E. I know you got yours last week. Is there something wrong with your camera? I got my D800 last month and so far I haven’t encountered any problems with mine (fingers crossed).

      • Joaquim Prado

        He returned his unit because of a defect!

  • makatron

    Is just matter of time for the D400 to be released to compete in the high end Canon crop factor after the 7D is long gone

  • Alfredo

    Just give me any MP, but pleasee CLEAN ISO1600..
    using my D300s, i dont use it more that ISO400.. its still usable until 800 but after that, noise sucks.

    • D400

      Go buy a D7000 then

      • Martijn

        Fully agree. Sold my d300s and from that money bought the d7000 + 50mm 1.8D (had the 35mm already)

        Much better ISO. Only downside is the small buffer. Can be annoying at times but extreme sports only call for short bursts not multi-second bursts or quick after another.

  • john

    it time to get a canon nikon is taken to long to get the d400 out can not wait no more so i am getting canon in a month or so goodbye nikon hello canon !!

    • Mark J.

      Enjoy the cost of selling and rebuying lenses. Then in 6-12 months wishing you hadn’t switched because Nikon is the newer model with more features. This is how it works, one moment one company is on top, next it’s the other. And this has been repeating like this with DSLR’s for a decade now, and shows no signs of stopping. Hold on to what you got, make great shots with it, and put that money you will lose by switching makers and rebuying lenses into buying more and better lenses for the camera system you already are invested in….

    • D400

      What has canon 7D got that nikon hasn’t?
      Enjoy high levels of shadow noise at base ISO 😛

      • ..and dont forget the EXTREME shadow-banding also..

    • Mock Kenwell

      Cloudy with a chance of illiterate trolls. Can’t even use punctuation properly, we know you can’t shoot without an AUTO function. Go feed your cats. Then take their pictures with your P/S.

  • Erik

    A D5200 wouldn’t make any sense either, since the D5100 is just one year old. I think that Nikon will announce a D400 and the real upgrade of the D700 or they announce a D7100, which I think is going to happen.

    Maybe the D400 is getting a movable display?

    • Andrew

      The D7100 and D400 are coming this fall. The real D700 upgrade (i.e. 16 MP) and D5200 (24 MP) will be released in 2013, about a year from now.

  • Joaquim Prado

    what are the chances to be FX sensor?

    • Dandansoy

      That would be a bonus with a 16MP sensor at $2500 would be great!!

      • Joaquim Prado

        I would prefer a 21MP sensor! But a D4 sensor would be amazing!

      • ahh?

        A D400 for $2500?! Dude, with this price I buy a D800 with a “little” more money! D400 come -$2000 for sure, maybe $1800 or less.

        • Mark J.

          @ ahh? you nailed it on the head. Nikon is not going to release a camera that competes with the D800/D4 this soon. And definitely not at a low price point. At best, it would be a true D700 replacement that would run $3k+, or, and this is by far the most likely scenario, it will be a DX D300 successor in the sub $2k range.

      • MikeV

        hopefully they just cut the 36 mp d800 down to 18mp and bump the iso to equal or better then D3s/d4…and make it around a $3000 price point or lower.. that would be perfect for my wedding needs

      • GeoffK

        For an extra $500 I’d get a D800 if it were only 16MP.

    • D400

      No chance

    • MarcG18

      I posted elsewhere my WAG as to why it will (unfortunately) be FX:

      1. Nikon builds cameras to price points and varies features in the mid-level cameras to catch what it deems to be lucrative sectors of the enthusiast market. That means, it’s not necessarily wedded to pro DX at theD300’s former price point.

      2. FX would need cost savings of a Magic Cheaper Sensor, manufacture in Thailand, or mirrorless (FAR less parts) to keep the price point profitable (AKA not pull another Sony). All combined would probably give Nikon an excellent profit margin.

      3. Mirrorless retro is cool, and expensive ones sell well for relatively high prices (OM-D, X-pro). Camera makers often play the monkey see, monkey do game. It would also probably sell very well if marketed with ISO performance approaching the D3, as a travel camera or such.

      4. FX glass would seem to have a higher profit margin for Nikon than DX, so it would make sense for them to steer the richer enthusiasts to an entry FX camera. There also have been all kinds of recent FX glass, while many key “pro” DX lenses are unaddressed.

      5. What kind of DX camera could really make the majority of current D90, D5x00 and D7000 owners updgrade? How many of those intending to upgrade would go for a low-end FX vice a high end DX? (remember, anticipated sales and appeal to market segments drives the design decision. If I were them, I would go FX from a business standpoint)

      My WAG that we’ll therefore see a retro mirrorless f-mount FX DM-1, or perhaps DM-100. I would have no use for such a camera. I would buy a high end DX body for birds and sports, but I think the number of us is low (and again Nikon wants us to move to the D4).

      Maybe we’ll be lucky and get both high end DX and a low end FX cameras at the D300’s price point.

      • Andrew

        Interesting analysis, but I think Nikon will stick with a DX body for the D400. This will allow Nikon to position the D7100 camera with a smaller sized DX body and the D400 with a bigger sized DX body with more features. Consequently, the D7100 will sell for $1200 and the D400 will sell for $1600. If Nikon moves to a FX body for the D400, they will not have any camera to fill the $1,600 price range since a full frame camera will cost more to manufacture. They just will not do that under any scenario!

        Nikon has clearly stated that the D800 (FX) is not the D700 (FX) replacement. To argue that they are simply misleading the public is to complicate the issue; we have to take them at their word, regardless of how appealing the D800 is! Therefore the FX camera that you speak of will indeed be the D700 replacement and be priced at around $2,200. If Nikon can release the D800 with 36 MP at $3,000 to virtually replace the D3x at $8,000 with 24 MP, anything is possible. It is this ability to significantly lower the price of their FX body, high MP cameras that give me confidence that Nikon needs to have a camera between the $1,600 (i.e. the D400) and the $3,000 (i.e. D800) price range. No other camera can logically fit that price range than an FX body camera, and that is the D700 replacement.

      • Haha, dream on.. it will never happen.. Even though I wish it would.. Haha, can you imagine.. Nikon would take customers from a whole bunch of photography-groups with such a camera, enthusiasts, street photographers, documentary photographers, nostalgic photographers, old school photographers, the vintage photographers that hasnt switched to digital yet and all the photographers with a good taste for design.. Thats would be quite an extencive part of the market actually..

  • I can tell you, someone in my friends or family is just chomping at the bit to buy my Nikon D7000 once I receive the D400. My upgrade path is D100 (had since 2003) > D7000 (while waiting for the D400) > D400.

    While I’ve been waiting, I’ve been investing in prime glass and accessories. I sure hope the D400 is announced this summer!

    • Martin

      i’ve invested in dx glass all along. but i’d sell everything and go for D400 if it was FX with low MP like 16…

  • Ask the author if it is FX or DX

    • D400

      +1 😛
      Also ask whether it shoots 12 or more fps

  • Martin

    Actually maybe Nikon could give me a 5D3 with built-in flash 🙂

    • MegaMo

      and light leaks.

  • I’ve been holding out for a D7000 or D300 upgrade to my D90 for some time now!

  • Jason Waiting


    all talk and tease. no shipment.

    waiting since Feb 7 (feels like 2001)

    • Foolishcfo

      I’ve been waiting for the D800 as well. Nikon may make great cameras but their communication is terrible.

      • Andrew

        No, their communication is spot on. The D800 is exceeding their projections and their wildest dreams. This camera is priced right, its high ISO performance has exceeded everyone’s expectations, and most likely even yours! Check the previous comments at this site months ago, nearly everyone was saying that the extremely high 36 megapixel sensor was a bad choice by Nikon and shows a lack of understanding of their professional users and their needs. Nearly everyone owning a D700 was complaining. Well, the D800’s high ISO performance at 36 MP beats the D700 at 12 MP, plus tests reveal that it is the best all around camera on the market. What do you expect Nikon to do, broadcast to their competitors how well they are doing by communicating more detailed information about their operation? Nikon cannot be more precise than to say that demand for the new camera is exceeding their expectations. They have to maintain some degree of confidentiality when making these types of announcements. Do you remember Nintendo and the Wii? Nintendo continued to struggle for a long time to meet the unusually high demand. These things happen and this time around, it is you that is affected. As someone that likes the Nikon brand, this is good news. It means that Nikon is doing the right thing and as a result the public is responding. The more successful Nikon is, the more great products they can develop. This is great for us and the industry. It means that their main competitors would have to step-up and put more pressure on Nikon to innovate even more!

        The D800 is attracting all sorts of customers, those who were waiting for the D300s replacement, those waiting for the D700 replacement, those who wanted the D3x but could not afford it, and also Canon and Sony photographers who are jumping ship, and likewise the general consumers who are ready to upgrade to a more sophisticated and professional camera. Nikon has a winner in their hands, and it will take the competition some time to adjust. This is good news for those that like the Nikon brand.

        • Jason

          @ andrew

          good theory. more consumers help nikon create more products.

          reality: no products delivered, consumers move on.

          nintendo’s fulfillment issue led to Xbox taking over, and nintendo never recovered.

          • Foolishcfo

            Its still a matter of communication. People will wait for the right product if they have information to process. Simply stating that demand exceeds supply doesn’t cut it. I’m willing to wait my turn. I don’t think it’s too much to ask when that turn will come. Nikon is failing in this regards.

            • Andrew

              You are missing the point again. You did not buy your camera from Nikon but from a dealer. And besides, you joined a list of people who acted before you. Go ask your dealer where on the list you are and how long it will take for you to get your camera based upon Nikon’s delivery schedule. What you are asking for is a logistically difficult task. Nikon is most likely shipping to thousands of dealer locations worldwide and most likely most dealers may have a list of customers on back-order. You are trying to get precise information in a flood; it is logistically (nearly) impossible.

        • Foolishcfo

          Your long winded comment did nothing to support your contention that their “communication is spot on”. In fact, it isn’t. Nikon is in the enviable position of having runaway hits with the D4 and D800. So much so that it is stressing its delivery system. We know demand exceeds supply. That doesn’t excuse them from providing their dealer network with realistic deliverables based on the backlog. The fact that orders placed “day one” have not been filled and they cannot tell us when they will be filled is inexcusable.

          • Andrew

            You really have to understood my response (see my other response above). You are making an error in reasoning, what do you consider as “realistic” deliverable? This assessment is illogical, no company can provide realistic delivery to satisfy a massive number of back-orders when their manufacturing is operating at capacity, it’s simply impossible! Go back and reread my original comment about Nintendo’s extraordinary demand. If this does not make sense to you then there is nothing more that I can add.

            • Foolishcfo


              Let’s do the math. Let’s say there were 100,000 units ordered on 02/07. Further, let’s say Nikon’s plant can produce 20,000 per week. Given this information, it will take 5 weeks to distribute cameras from the initial order. As to who gets the first 20,000 in week #1, and who gets the second 20,0000 in week #2, etc. i assume it’s based on who ordered first. Likewise going forward. It’s actually very simple math and manufacturers calculate this all the time. My point is why can’t Nikon tell their vendors when to expect their orders? I guarantee you Nikon knows when that will be.

            • Foolishcfo


              Lets look at nother wildly successful manufacturer: Apple. Eveytime they come out with a new iPhone or iPad they sell out within a matter of days. You then can place your order and their website tells you when it will ship. Nikon is in the same boat.

        • PeterO

          Sorry Andrew but you sound like a politician – side step the real question and formulate a complicated response about something you want to talk about. By their non communication, they come off looking either incompetent in not being able to deliver their wildly successful products, or simply arrogant.

          • Andrew

            Peter, seeing that my response reminds you of a politician (without telling me your reason for this assessment), could you please enlighten me what behavior on Nikon’s part you consider as “non communication”? Surely you consider yourself a “non politician” and as thus, I am hopeful that you will provide us with a straight answer to my question.

            • PeterO

              Here’s my straight answer Andrew. First, the reference to a politician, may have been a low blow – my apologies. Here’s an example of honest communication Nikon could do (and they don’t have to do the deep bow of apology the Japanese are known for): “To our loyal and new customers – we would like to apologize for the lack of inventory that has developed for many of our products. We didn’t realize the wild success that we would have with our latest, best in class cameras. We are doing our utmost to manufacture as many as possible to fill the demand. Rather than keeping everyone in the dark, including our dealers, we will endeavour to communicate to them how much product we can actually supply. In addition, rest assured that we are developing new models to replace those that are no longer available.” Not being a PR person, I’m sure someone could phrase it a little more eloquently that I. Andrew, you seem to be defending Nikon on many fronts as if it were a personal matter (like you worked for there marketing dept.). It is a business and the customer’s perception of the business is an important aspect of success.

        • Before being too hard on Andrew (or Nikon), it’s worth observing that the main difference in communication between Nikon and Canon that I’ve personally seen is that Canon releases more models and releases new cameras more frequently. Nikon releases fewer DSLR models and releases new ones less frequently. But they always change the game.

          That frequency of product releases makes it seem like Canon is communicating better — but they’re not. No one — Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Pentax, etc. — no one of them is broadcasting their upcoming products at the level of detail being demanded here. Companies, especially market leaders, just don’t do that, and it’s not realistic to expect them to. It may get a little frustrating at times but anyone who jumps ship to Canon et al will see their ship has just as much security around the product rooms 🙂

          • Quick note: When I say “…but they always change the game” I meant Nikon. Nikon releases fewer DSLR models and releases new models less frequently, but Nikon always changes the game and raises the bar — what a fantastic company!

            The only exception is for video, but Nikon’s catching up even there. Very cool.

          • Foolishcfo

            Just curious how you made a comparison between Canon and Nikon from my comment. I’m not comparing the two…I just believe Nikon should communicate timing on filling its backorders, expecially those placed on Feb 7th. Believe it or not that is not rocket science. Nikon makes great products. I haven’t said anything to the contrary.

            • Andrew

              I think you are getting this whole back-order thing confused. If you order from a company that hypothetically had 10,000 back-orders on February 7 (not saying that they did!), is that Nikon’s fault? The date you ordered your camera means nothing, what matters is how long the back-order list was before you got on board, and that information is between you and the dealer you ordered from, not Nikon! Nikon cannot allocate your dealer a disproportionate number of cameras because their back-order list is longer. It is clear that you are frustrated, but Nikon, Canon, Sony or any other company cannot help a consumer in your situation. Sorry that my responses cannot help your situation. Peace.

            • @Foolishcfo, sorry about that, I misunderstood your point. I thought you meant communicating product roadmaps. Regarding the backlog, the best Nikon could do is communicate how many cameras they’ll make (which they’ve done if the posts here are correct) and also share the size of their backlog (which they likely won’t do for competitive reasons).

          • PeterO

            No one here is asking Nikon to divulge their corporate secrets, but their silence on so many fronts in regards to their customers, suggests that it’s “business as usual”. The supply shortages for many new products and unavailabilty of older products is leaving a huge gap. I suspect that there are more than a few people like me who are in need of upgrading their cameras (gaffer tape is working well) and are ready to pay. I get the natural disaster delays, but Nikon’s supply chain seems ill suited to their new level of top notch photographic tools. Developing great products, but not having the capacity to produce them, seems to be their new identity. Obviously Nikon isn’t suffering, so why would they change anything?

            • PicturePerfect

              I agree totally about the lack of transparency from Nikon, but disagree about production. It makes no sense for them to gear up to meet peak demand for a product that has only a few year life cycle and where most demand is front-ended.

              I don’t know if it’s even possible, but Nikon could set up their production facilities to produce multiple models (Sendai now produces the D4 and D800) such that they would ramp down production of the older model while phasing in the new as they built inventory for the release. The negative for Nikon is that they would have a lot of money tied up in the accumulated inventory prior to the release, but that would enable them to better meet initial demand and improve customer relations.

              Despite the above solution, I believe Nikon feels they are better off to lose a few sales and anger customers who will ultimately buy despite the delay. So they have no interest in building inventory to meet initial peak demand. And that is where we are with the D800.

            • PeterO

              “Despite the above solution, I believe Nikon feels they are better off to lose a few sales and anger customers who will ultimately buy despite the delay.”

              Unfortunately PicturePerfect, I agree that this is the way Nikon operates.

            • Andrew

              PicturePerfect, your speculation about Nikon is not convincing.

              You clearly do not understand the complexities of a manufacturing operation. Companies make projections and then act accordingly. This has nothing to do with customer relationship. It is all about operating their business profitably. The two major natural disasters in 2011 constrained Nikon’s operations until the end of March 2012 (i.e. a few weeks ago), and as a result, Nikon was in no position to build inventory. And in addition, the demand for the D800 has been overwhelming. This is what happens when too many consumers are perusing too few products. People are purchasing the D800 camera as if it is a new video game console. I could never have imagined so much demand for a high end camera!

            • PeterO

              Nor do I understand the complexities of manufacturing Andrew, but it doesn’t take a genius to see that the new reality of electronics sales are such that when the new hot products come out, there’s a HUGE demand for them which then after a few months tapers off, evens out and then slowly disappears. The A brand has obviously figured this one out, Nikon not. With the evolution of new buying patterns should come new manufacturing strategies to maximize profits from these new patterns.

            • PeterO,

              That’s reasonable to want (and a great idea theoretically) but manufacturing electronics is a gigantic capital expense. Andrew is right, gearing up for peak production that will last only a very short time is difficult to do and would make it much harder for Nikon to make money, as well as wasting capacity because the majority of a camera’s life cycle is not spent satisfying peak volumes that happen upon a good camera’s introduction. We would likely see even higher prices from them. Unfortunately it’s unlikely we can have fast delivery of huge quantitites of items at introduction and also keep prices affordable.

      • Andre

        Sheesh would you lot like some cheese with your whine? FFS

        How does this have ANYTHING to do with the actual topic, the D400?

  • Don

    When is Nikon going to come out with f1.2 autofocus primes to counter Canon? I want ’em for my Nikon bodies.

    • Not so soon considering the price of the 1.4 series and the few people buying and using them.

      There’s also the mount size of nikon that is an issue.

      But i would love a *0.7 TC (a read about patent but can’t remember from who) so it would allow a DX to usethe real focal length and you’ll virtually boost the aperture! (with a 1.4 you’ll be around f/0.98 if you coun’t the same way as TC 1.4 / 1.7 / 2 !)

  • KT

    If they stuck the 24 MP sensor from the NEX7/alpha-77 into the D3200 and possibly into the coming D5200 and D7100 as well, then it doesn’t make any sense to keep using the same sensor in the D400 as well. I mean it’s possible the AF, weather-sealing and build-quality might differentiate one model from the other but how many times can you squeeze the same lemon.
    I have a feeling the D3S sensor might rise from its ashes and make an appearance in the D400. Another suggestion is the new 24 MP sensor from Sony that’s about to show up in the alpha-900 but that’s a FF/FX format not a DX and maybe Nikon will be saving it for the D700 successor, who knows.

    • Kt

      I meant the alpha-900 replacement, the alpha-99

      • Joaquim Prado

        this FX sensor will go into the D400!

        • I pray

          I pray for your prayers!

  • Also available in Canada for pre-order on

    Too bad there’s no cover image or options to search inside the book 🙂

  • Admn

    put a survey for D400, if come with DX or FX format sensor, we start betting 🙂

  • Peter,

    Is it possible that the D7100 will become the new top DX for Nikon and the D400 will be the cheap n cheerful FX..

    Then it would be even amongst the DX and FX with 3 Main types in each.


    Also if there is a 4 camera DX line-up, it looks like the D3200/D5200 cameras are very close to each other and will cannibalise themselves. It seems to need the D7000’s to be the top-dog DX, D5000’s in middle and D3000’s down at the starters.. So there is a clear choice of which one to buy when purchasing..

    Also the D5100 will be barely a year old if a D5200 get announced, and I cant see Nikon replacing models that quick.

    Also just recieved My D800 in Australia on Monday, ordered it on 29th March, but asked another dealer how long will take if I ordered now, and they said after June.. ** And no battery issues for my En-El15**

    Anyway just my two cents.. 🙂

    • D400

      Wishful thinking imho

    • javaone

      I want a replacement for my D300 that is:
      1. A weather sealed tough DX camera.
      2. Works with all my DX lenses.
      3. Cost less than $2000

      The D7000 does not cut it. Hang my AF-S 80-200 off of it and it will rip the mount off.
      A 24MP FX would be OK if it had the build quality of the D300 and cost $2000.
      Some some how I don’t see it happening. It would take business from the D800 and leave DX shooters still wanting.

      • John Richardson

        +1 javaone. I like the photo quality of the D7000, but the build quality is not good enough. I used it and did not really trust it. My D300s has taken a beating, not on purpose I might add. But I live in a very wet and dirty environment and the build & sealing is important. My D3100 has had “issues” with the lack of sealing.

        • Ivanaker

          “I live in a very wet and dirty environment“

          Have you considered moving to some nicer place?

      • Martijn

        I have the d7000 and the 80-200mm AF-S and they work perfect together. And i left the lens hanging on the camera lots of times…. And i had the D300s before this one. Im not afraid the d7000 will last less long. And i photographed with it standing to my neck in water and sprays of water from wakeboarders rushing by at less then 3 feet(wide angle shots). So i think its strong enough. But i think the upgrade from d300 to d7000 is not going to be a giant step in better photo quality.

      • I would suggest that if your 80-200 rips the mount off your D7000, maybe you should support the lens more.. 🙂

        Anyway, I just cant see Nikon having 4 DX cameras at once, one of them has to go (and its either the D400 or the D5??? will be no more).

        And yes I agree that the current D7000 is nowhere good enough to be the top offering for the DX family..

        I would like to see a true Pro Spec DX, weathersealed, high FPS/Buffer, 10 pin plugs etc… As it would be great for sport and give my 300 2.8 a bit more reach..

    • Paul

      Yes I agree : D3200 and D5200 should differenciate a bit more with a good viewfinder and better AF I guess. But in this case the d7200 may become a d300s replacement with better body, faster, and bigger buffer.
      The d400 should be an entry level FX with 24MP (with the same sensor as the rumored sony FX SLT).

      Sould 24MP be considered as the sweat spot unless you are professional with special needs (hi-res or hi-iso)? Or sould Nikon improve the d7000’s sensor and stay at 16MP in order to be faster and have better iso like D4?

      I d’like to know Nikon strategy for d400 : DX or FX for the day I would decide to change my … d70. I would like FX as there are too few DX wide angle primes and I love primes and big viewfinders. But it may be too expensive…

    • Nikonnut


      D3200 – 24mpx
      D5200 – 24mpx/new nikon designed high iso sensor
      D7100 – new nikon designed high iso sensor with pro body

      D400 – New entry level FX pro-body- low mpx, high iso, high fps (same price as the D800 )

      I think the future of DSLRs is FX not DX. Especially since DX sensors are becoming more and more common amonst smaller CSCs / ILCs (nex, x1 pro, etc) i think Nikon will want to differentiate their products more (nikon v1/j1?)

      My 2 cents.

    • I think this is a possibility, the only difference is that it is not going to be called D400, but D600… I am trying to confirm some information that I received recently.

      • PeterO

        “I am trying to confirm some information that I received recently.”

        NR admin, I love it when you say that.

    • Herege


      Make a perfect sense.

  • Ruslan

    Let’s get D800 first 🙂

    I talked to Amazon today again. They don’t know when the next shipment will be. Then estimate deliver date (Apr 16 – May 1) disappeared from my order. Go figure.

    • JayJay

      Mine still says April 27, but I doubt I will get it this Friday, Amazon customer services told me that it might get delay again, but I am not in hurry so I will wait

  • Mock Kenwell

    Okay, I know it’s hard to find solid rumors and news on a regular basis, but these Amazon book stories need to stop. God bless you Peter for giving these folks a chance to talk about their D400 wishes.

  • Joe

    Historically speaking, has Sony ever created a full frame sensor (or cropped sensor) which was only used in their own product, but not in Nikon lineup?

    There’re reliable rumors saying that Sony will release a camera with a 24Mb FF sensor in August. Will Nikon release a camera using the same sensor too? D400?

    • Ivanaker

      This “Sony sensor“ talking is getting very old and boring. You tell me: in which Sony camera can we find D3(D700), D3s, D800 sensors? These are clearly Nikon sensors, maybe they are made in Sony factories, but its Nikon design and product. Do you think all the parts that goes in Nikon cameras but sensor are made in Nikon plants? Don`t be silly.
      Sony is just a contractor for making sensors that Nikon have designed (hi end Fx) just like many other factories that make screws, light bulbs for flashes, hot shoes…

      • Nikonnut

        +1 =)

      • javaone

        He said,
        if Sony makes a sensor it ends up in a Nikon NOT all Nikon sensors are from Sony.

        It makes sense for Sony to try and sell there sensors because they don’t have the volume to go it alone. If Nikon builds a sensor they can go it alone.
        It also makes sense for Nikon not to spread all there R&D budget on many sensors but a few key ones.

  • Monstar

    OMG… finally we have some news on D400. I have been saving up for one…
    Hopefully, we get more D400 rumors. Thanks Admin!

  • Anthony

    To those still waiting on your (D800) internet pre-orders: I will echo what some others have stated about searching for stock locally. At least two of the more established camera shops in my area have been receiving small weekly shipments. I called a store about 70 miles from me two weeks ago; they already had a majority of their pre-orders filled, and had a D800 for me on Monday. I was told by the product manager they’ve been steadily receiving 1-3 bodies a week.

    I cancelled my pre-order through B&H early this morning (placed on Feb. 7th – early morning). They certainly seem to have no clue as to what’s going on over there, and the lack of communication regarding sizes of their already received shipments was getting under my skin. Why can’t they say how many units they’re receiving in each order? Is it 5 or 50? The shop I purchased from had no problem giving me that information. I’d certainly hate being 600+ orders down on their list if they are only getting a few bodies at a time.

    • B!

      I would imagine B&H is getting more than 1-3 bodies per week, rather a proportional amount in line with their past orders (volume wise)

      I was told the last shipment of D4s had 15 available for non-NPS, Orders from 1/9 🙁 were being filled.

      I dont know about D800, the situation must be more drastic, altough at BH i’m pretty sure they’ve received a LOT of D4 orders.

    • PicturePerfect

      My experience echoes yours. My D800 shipped from the warehouse on Friday and is supposed to be here any time now (fingers crossed). I got it from a subsidiary of a large chain who said they could deliver in two weeks and they did (hoping). Meantime Amazon and B&H totally clueless despite my pre-order being the day after announcement. The local pro shop says it could be a month or more. The whole thing makes no sense as to how these cameras are being delivered by Nikon.

  • Vin

    I think the D400 will be a DX, D600 could be FX. But I do not think we will see that for some time maybe when we see D900. Nikon has a good thing going. D100 was $2000 when it came out. I got mine Aug/Sept 2002 from B&H. I bought one as soon as they were out. The D200, D300, D300s, were all at $1800, unless the decide to go $1500 for D400 DX and bring in a FX at $2100-$2200, but it just does not make me think they will this time around. Why hurt the sales of the D800, they already wow us with its abilities. Maybe they have something really great planed for a DX D400 at $1800. The D7100 or replacement should stay at $1200ish.
    Yes would be great to have cheap FX relatively speaking, but I think Nikon is more like Jobs,, listening more to what they can do to push the envelope of technology then what consumers want at this level of DSLRs. Some may not agree. Hell what I think is not even what I want, so we will see…

  • Jason

    I’d like to see the D400 be a mini D4, but mini as in DX format. 16 MP, good high ISO performance, fast frame rate, pro build. Isn’t it possible that the high end DX body could have less MP than the lower end DX bodies with 24 MP just like the D4 has less MP than the 36MP D800?

    I like the DX format and hope Nikon sticks with it for pros and prosumers. I travel a lot and like than I can get the DX reach with smaller pro level lenses and still have the option for even smaller DX lenses (e.g., the Tokina 11-16 instead of the Nikon 14-24).

    Along with a D400 DX could I also get an update to the 17-55? A 16-60 f/2.8 VR DX for $1200 would do it. 🙂

    • Mark J.

      You can get that “DX Reach” with any FX body too. In fact the new D800 has 3 crop settings. FX, 1.2, and 1.5(dx). And it’s pretty much the same size SLR as a D300. And when you need it, the FX gives the better low light capability over anything DX has, or ever will have.

      Purely DX bodies are pretty much now relegated to being for those who either can’t afford, or can’t justify spending(priorities) the money on a FX body..

      Also as a recent DX to FX convert, i gotta say the Nikon 14-24 really isn’t all that much larger than my old Tokina i just recently sold after i picked up the Nikon. And WOW is the 14-24 a infinitely better lens. Worth the added weight/size.

  • Steve

    Can’t register at the NR forum, it just keeps saying: “Humans only please. If you are not a bot, please go back and try again.”

    Have tried using digits & characters for the “2+2=blank” question…

    • NoFunBen

      maybe you are a bot

    • clear your cache in the browser and try again or use another browser

  • Evgenii

    if D400 be SLT ? i thing it be cool)

    • Dimitrii1130

      Just buy a Sony. A77’s viewfinder is huge, but i still prefer an optical.

  • Daf

    It would be interesting to see a timeline diagram of when books were up on Amazon, when the camera was out, and if/when the book was actually out.
    TBH I think they’re ALL speculation.

  • D40Shooter

    Would you guys buy an FX D400 for lets say $1800 with entry level functions and body design&operation like D40 or the new D3200? I mean is it really worth it to spend so much money (suppose the price of D800 is out of reach) to get such a camera just to be able to shoot FX? Take the D7000/D7100 with DX and all the pro functions – would you be able to “downgrade” in usability just to have bigger sensor?
    It could very well end like this – but I am not sure if it is so clearly worth it for me to go the FX route and sacrifice everything else. I shoot now with my old D40 and hate the lack of DOF preview or the fact that I have to dig in the menu everytime I want to make some settings adjustment.

    • Andrei

      I would love an FX camera with a D90 body (no weather sealing but with a focus motor). A D7000 body would be even better.
      If they would put the D4 sensor on a body like that, I would buy it instead of a D800 (which I’m not buying because I’m waiting for a low MP FX and, of course, the D4 is out of my reach).

      • B!

        You guys need to lay off the glue sniffiing. Nikon isn’t going to release a camera with D4 sensor for less than $2000 regardless of how limited you want the features to be.

  • Anonymous Maximus

    D400 -> 24mp DX plus already compact 16-85mm VR, around $2K
    D600 -> 24mp FX plus a new compact 24-85mm or 28-105mm VR, around $3K

    • jorg

      agree. and the D400 will be FX and come with a wonderful AF-S 24-85/4 VR!

  • Jan

    Btw if a DX camera D3200 will have 24 Mpix does it mean that a high-end FX camera will have crazy 54 Mpix with the same sensor (same ratio for sensor size)? Like D4x? 🙂

    • B!

      I guess the megapixel war is not over, regardless of what they had you believe.

      I think we are going to see that SLR will start to branch out into High MP-Low ISO and Enough-MP, High ISO

  • in4fun

    At Amazon Germany you can preorder a D400 professionals guide by a self proclaimed master photographer from Munich. Release date is May 2018, lol

    So to me it looks as if some authors just use these recent rumors and put book announcements online to get as many pre-orders as possible before the real big players announce their books to actual confirmed products.
    Of course I hope I’m wrong and the D400 is really coming (but please not in 2018 as announced here).

    • Nikonnut


      Nikon camera announcements:

      D4 – Jan 2012
      D800 – Feb 2012
      D3200 – April 2012
      D400 – June/July 2012?
      D7100 – September/October 2012?

      Theres your 5 nikon camera’s this year admin!

  • Fred

    Won’t it just be DX 24MP sensors and EXPEED3 (or 4!) all over the line, only differences in construction and AF speed/lens compatibility? So:
    D3200 – consumer / AF slow, AF-S lenses only
    D5200 – consumer / AF bit faster, AF-S lenses only
    D7100 – intermediate / AF fast, all AF lenses
    D400 – pro / AF superfast, all AF lenses

    And then maybe later 32MP DX for D400s/D7200?

    • Anonymous Maximus

      32mp DX? Huh! Not enough, let’s have 64mp, oh no 128mp is much better:)

      24mp on DX is already a stretch due to lens limitations and diffraction. Above this figure, you’d be rather be seeing upsampled data, little to no gain will be observed.

      Even if it’s possible on a careful setting (best primes, optimum aperture, perfect focus, central portion of DX crop), you won’t be able to see any benefit in practice. Mp increase of DX should stop at 24mp. It should have already stopped by 16mp anyway, but Nikon has introduced the D3200 probably just for marketing reasons. They are recently acting Canonesque.

  • I’m looking forward only for D4 sensor in D800 body. That’s all.

  • rico

    same here , nikon d700s with 16 mp , happy to pay 2400 pounds

  • Zoot

    Has anyone else heard a rumour to the effect that the first printing of the Magic Lantern D400 guide had to be trashed because there was a peculiar green tinge on the cover, and that this explains why “This title has not yet been released”?

  • Adventure Photo

    I predict a 24 MP FX for new D400 at a MSRP of $2399. It will be a D300 replacement. It will have crop modes like D800 – 1.2,1.5 and a 5:4 aspect ratio. It will shoot 6 fps in FX and 10 fps in DX without a grip.

    I personally think the D300 is the end of the line for just having a DX sensor in a pro-ish body. I just dont see the demand there. Maybe not, and if not I see a D8000 emerging. I think D with three digits will all be FX from here on out and D with four digits will be DX. Interesting times for sure.

  • PAG

    If Nikon releases the D400 and an upgrade to either the 300mm f/4 or 80-400mm lenses, my bank account will be taking a serious hit. Canon’s 7D and 100-400mm are getting long in the tooth and I’ve seen plenty of reviews and real examples of showing the 7D’s noise issues. Now’s the time for Nikon to charge into the bird, wildlife, and sports markets.

    And to those of you who love your D700 and wish it was being upgraded, I’m sorry to say but the D400 will be DX. First, Nikon isn’t going to leave the entire pro-DX market to others. Second, it appears that the FX cameras are being made in Japan. With NR reporting that the Thailand factory has added capacity, they’ll be a lot more prepared to build the DX D400.

    • Gabriel

      “And to those of you who love your D700 and wish it was being upgraded, I’m sorry to say but the D400 will be DX. ”

      Even more: Like it or not the D800 FX (36 mp) is obviously the successor of the D700 FX; and the D400 DX (18 mp) will be obviously the successor to the D300 DX

  • gap

    D 800 was supposed to be made in Thailand if there hadn’t been a flood. And ofcourse, D 800 is FX.

    • trialcritic

      Wonder where you get your information. All FX bodies are made in Sendai, Japan. The DXs are made in Thailand.

  • vangelios

    IMO D400 will be true D300/s DX successor.
    Weather sealed body similar to d300s, high fps and buffer and it will be designed to last for years to come. So I think it will have 24Mpix but not same sensor as D3200, we may even see some improvement over nex7 sensor technology. Anyway looking forward to any spec rumors to come.

  • T.I.M

    Some D800 are shipped with a “recall” battery, that is probably why there is delay on the D800/D800e
    I don’t know if my D800e had a defective battery, but it was locking up with my extra battery who is not a “recall” one.

    • GeoffK

      TIM, sorry to hear that. Sucks to finally get a new toy and have to return it and wait again. I can’t say I blame you though. If it has problems upon arrival I would smell a lemon and not want to worry just how sour it would be.

  • Sirius

    Interesting thing going on at Nikon this year. Lets see:
    – if D4 is pro FX for sports, journalism + low light
    – if D800 is pro FX for studio, low speed action +low light
    – if (really hope so!!!) D400 will be pro DX for sports, wildlife, journalism + maybe low light

    – if D3200 is consumer DX with ridiculous mpx count

    – then remains the question>> for what purpose will be the D7100 (or any successor of D7000) ????? Movies? 0_O really

  • Sirius

    lets wait

  • nikkor guy

    FX ?

    I don’t know. Do you seriously think that Nikon would sell a D400 FX for around $1800-$2000 when the D700 (still can be found new somewhere around $2200) still goes for about that much ?

    If D400 is going to be FX then a lot of D700 users will be pissed off as their D700’s will now be worth only $1000 or so.

  • saman

    khrrrrrrrrresh kon nikon..khrrrrrrrrresh kon nikon..khrrrrrrrrresh kon nikon..khrrrrrrrrresh kon nikon..

  • Stef

    Nikonrumors on Facebook is talking about the D600!!!!! FX!!!

    • yes, the post will be online soon, still very early to classify this as “reliable” info

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