Nikon D3200 digitutor now online

Nikon D3200 digitutor is now online. This interactive tutorial describes the main camera features in several different videos. The Nikon D3200 was announced last week and is expected to start shipping in the next few days.

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  • JayJay

    Yes, if my D800 does not arrive in May or June, I probably will just get a D3200 to play with first..

    • Gpereir4

      If you can even get your hands on one! I’m still waiting on the 85mm F1.8! Anyone heard anything about the availability of that lens?

      • JayJay

        Well, D3200 is not Made in Japan, and since Nikon implemented faster production line in Thailand, and Nikon transfered some production line to China, I think it will not be that bad….but I just wanna get the body only, not the kit!

        • pinaskayganda

          yeah, i wish the 85 mm 1:1.8 comes out early enough so you can have the d3200 lens kit

      • Rich in TX

        didnt know the lens was hard to get. Ordered mine when it was announced and received it a few weeks ago from Adorama

        • Gpereir4

          It seems there was an initial allotment, and then no more. I can’t find a store with “in stock” status. Ah well….

    • Andrew

      Makes sense since the D800 is still outselling everything else, including the D3200!

  • Luxen

    will the flash work with the sb 700 as slave in cls mode?
    the brochure confuses me

  • Vin

    I was told I should be getting D800E quickly, ha ha. I won’t try holding my breath until then. I am sure I will be able to buy a new D3200 in a local store in a few weeks. Way before a D800 shows up on my door step.

  • JED

    It will be interesting to see what DXO make of the D3200 sensor. It appears to NOT be the 24MP sensor from the NEX 7 but instead a Nikon in house sensor. Keep in mind that the D3100 used a Nikon sensor as well (not the 14mp Sony).

  • Vin

    Yes this will be very interesting to see how this 24mp sensor does do in the D3200? how good will be in low light. I am sure they are designed in house at Nikon, R&D all Nikon, if produced in Sony fab? Might be better for Nikon if they do plan for more of there own fabs for sensors. DX, & FX. Sony seems to be down sizing. The fact that all the sensors are at the same size is not surprising. Its the extra steps, the extra time that is spent, the specifications that are made to get the quality. Nikon makes a lot of million dollar tools that are used in the fabrication. So in some ways a lot of these cameras could not be made without each other anyway. Canon, Nikon, HP,… All used in fab, sensors and memory, processors. I am sure in Japan fab, FX, D4, D800, they might use as many in house tools as they can. So this may be to our benefit, or add to the cost? it definitely does take a lot longer to build and perfect FX size vs DX size. They both can do great things. I am just throwing out a little insight into the little that I have seen.

  • Tommy O


  • C. Norris

    I hope it gets the D3X sensor

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