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Nikon D3200 digitutor now online

Nikon D3200 digitutor is now online. This interactive tutorial describes the main camera features in several different videos. The Nikon D3200 was announced last week and is expected to start shipping in the next few days.

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Nikon D5100 digitutor now online

The Nikon D5100 digitutor is now online:  

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Nikon D7000 Digitutor now online

Nikon D7000 Digitutor is now available online – it’s really well done:

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Nikon D300s updates

Those are the Nikon D300s reports I have been receiving in the past few days: Nikon D300s digitutor is now online. Amazon will start shipping the D300s body only on August 28th (Friday). No date is given for the body+lens combo. Some Best Buy stores will be getting the Nikon D300s and the D3000 in […]

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