Nikon rep: two DSLRs will be announced by the end of August

This is the email I received from a reader describing a recent Nikon event organized for major authorized dealers in a country I will not mention online in order not to get anyone in trouble:

They essentially explain what happened with Nikon since March 11th (earthquake, tsunami, Fukushima, etc.) and what major decisions have been taken since concerning the product plants situated in the area.

They told us that most of the machines have been moved to a new plant in Malaysia and most of the employees have been moved as well with some monetary compensation. Then, some photo slides of the Malaysian plant have been shown. The new facility is already producing cameras and lenses. Expect to see "Made in Malaysia" Nikon product very soon.

Now, as you can imagine, everybody asked for the D700 and D3 replacement schedule. Here is what the Nikon rep said: "Two new FX bodies will be announced by the end of August. Availability in Fall." Even though the rep wasn't explicit about which current cameras are going to be replaced, it was quite clear they were talking about "old body designs" (guess D700 and D3). Nevertheless, the two FX cameras will be aimed at different customers who have different needs: one camera for "expert" photographers, the other for "pro" photographers. Technical spec and form factors will be significantly different as well.

Could it be that the camera for the "expert" photographers is actually the previously rumored D400? In any case, the major announcement scheduled for the end of August seems to be on track and has not be delayed by the recent tragedy in Japan. All information so far points to the announcement of two new DSLR cameras. The Nikon Coolpix line will also be upgraded, probably somewhere in the middle of August.

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  • tigrebleu74

    My bet:

    D400 DX with Sony 24 Mpix

    (Now, besides a few marvels like the FX 14-24 and some of the most expensive FX telephotos, how many lenses can actually resolve 24 Mpix? Ouch!)

    However, the camera is probably gonna be a higher end model than its predecessor, the D300s. With the release of the D7000, a D400 based on the D300s specs would be too close to the D7000. I think the D400 will be closer to a D2H/D2X in terms of ergonomics, performance and built quality.

    D4 FX with some 16-20 Mpix

    Seems much more logical to me. That would be equal to a 7-9 Mpix DX sensor in terms of resolution (2.25X less surface area). Unless Nikon plans to kill two birds with one stone, with a D4″SX” with both high resolution 28+ MPix and high ISO performance, like +1 stop vs. D3s.

    • PHB

      The rumor says two new FX cameras.

      I would expect a D700s or D700x and a D9000. The D700 body being a stopgap until the launch of the D800 and the D9000 being the 12MP sensor in a D7000 style body.

      I don’t think this will be a new generation thing, that will come with the D4. I can’t see another FX camera being launched at the same time as the D4, particularly not one using last generation technology.

      Launching the D400 with the D4 makes sense because the D400 will make far more money than the D4.

      • nobody

        “and the D9000 being the 12MP sensor in a D7000 style body”

        A D7000 style camera with an FX sensor that has less pixels than the D7000 DX sensor? That doesn’t seem plausible at all.

        • PHB

          The D700 is still selling. The D700 sensor in a D7000 body would easily sell at $1500. The alternative would be to make a whole new sensor.

          They would need a refresh in 2012 or 2013 but 12MP would be perfectly adequate for a first FX release.

          • BartyL

            “The D700 sensor in a D7000 body would easily sell at $1500.”


      • More uncertainty, especially for FX shooters.

      • twoomy

        No way. The time for a D700s or D700x has long since passed. (There were some strong rumors of D700x prototypes about two years ago, but they never made it to market.)

        August IS a generational thing. I expect even-numbered flagship products to be announced; the timing follows the D1/D2/D3 cycle. Aside from the D4, it’s just a question of if we get a D400 (24mm DX) or a D800 (18-24mm FX). Previous rumors were really pointing towards a D400 and that would match the pattern.

    • cirtap

      You would lose. Not happening.

      D4, D900 both FX cameras. End of story.

      • ja

        why a D900 what happened to the D800 ?

      • twoomy

        I bet you a dollar it’s an even number like 4 or 8. That would fit the generational number pattern that Nikon has followed for the last decade.

  • Nathan

    As for the Malaysia vs Japan thing, I think it’ll become the same situation when Leica manufactured its lenses and cameras in Canada. They’re the same quality as the ones in Germany (Japan for Nikon), but people’s perceptions will be skewed thinking they’re inferior.

    • They will indeed be different. When i wanted to purchase a new set of lenses, i went to my local store and tested the following: 20 2.8, 35 2, 85 1.4D. They were all made in china and all rubbish at maximum aperture and even stopped a little. Since then i came across a 35 2 japan version and it’s a different story, and alot of people highly regard the 20 and 85. Could it be that all of those lenses were slightly bad copies, or it could be that relocating in china took the edge off those lenses ?

  • D-7

    My tip would be: D5 (D3 replacement) and D9000 (D3 or D3S FX sensor in D7000 body)
    Or the D300 replacement goes FX.

    • Tony5787

      Wouldn’t the D300 replacement going FX just be the D700 replacement?

    • roy

      D300/s replacement is going to be FX. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • gt

      D9000? you’re out of your mind.

      Do people just dream this stuff up?

  • Delie

    My first thought was: D4 + D800 it is then ๐Ÿ™‚

    I thought we’d be seeing a D400 soon too, but maybe Nikon is thinking that DX users will be happy enough with the D7000 for a few more months seeing as it’s still relatively new. Whereas the D700 is over 3 years old, the D3 is 4 years old, and even the D3s is 2 years old now. So maybe they decided the FF cameras really needed some love at last.

    Perhaps the D4 /D800 are so similar in terms of physical build (not necessarily features) that it makes commercial sense to release these two next, rather than switch production to DX format for the D400. Who knows.

    Anyway, I’ll pre-order a D800 the second it becomes available. Finally, some good rumors ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • The D300s is basically a D300 which is 4 years old.

      • Delie

        I agree with you, the d300/s is getting a bit old now, but like I say – I think nikon might feel they have that area of the market covered by the d7000. At least for a little while longer. As some others have said, I guess if you were an existing d300/s customer, you might feel inclined to spend more money on a nikon FF camera, and pricier lenses, and nikon wouldn’t object. If you were a new customer looking to get an aps-c camera, then well – the d7000 is pretty damn good

        • great conclusion, i tottally agree with you.

    • I indirectly heard from a rep that the D300 makes no sense and the D7000 is now top of the line.

      • Landscape Photo

        Maybe true for image quality, but not yet for the ergonomics. The D7K cannot even 100% preview by center (ok) button. This function must be reserved for D400.

  • human tripod

    expert = D4
    pro = D800

    There will be no D400.

    • cpm5280

      I think that might be reversed? expert = D800, pro = D4?

      • Indeed, those two terms are very ambiguous. Maybe expert == pro? ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Then we have to wait even better versions aimed to:

          Archont of the Universe (in the World it stands alone)

          And then Nikon will go for special edition cameras like a Ken Rockwell Special Edition. Its sensor would have non-tweakable pre-programmed modes like sharpening +7 and saturation +25. Also it’ll have a special layer made exclusively by Kodak to achieve warm tones of 81A filter. Tripod screw will be detached (no stinking tripod required!). Price? Priceless.

          • cpm5280

            Are you sure you don’t mean “Generalissimoses” or “Generalissimeece” or “Generalissi”? “Generalissimosi”?

        • Vandyu

          Just because someone pays you to shoot doesn’t mean you’re an expert!

          • Refract

            I think you meen ‘pro’ ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • BornOptimist

            An expert is just an ordinary guy far from home.

            • Mark V

              Isn’t that an ex-pat? =)

            • ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Delie

            This is true. You can be an expert in a subject without being a professional (paid for it), but that doesn’t mean you’d want a lesser camera.


  • mik1

    This is what i think

    The two FF bodies that will be announced in august will be: Nikon D800/D700x (previous d700), and Nikon D4 (previous D3).
    Because the d700 has reached 3 years of cycle, its time for a replacement
    Same for the D3. Forgot when it was released, but its obvious that its time for a next generation pro FF body to get to the market as it is demanded.

    Why no D400 dx?
    We just had the nikon d7000 dx body, which is pretty solid, plus the d300s came july 2009 i think, so only 2 years cycle, and i think that somewhere around january there will be a new dx body.

    • This seems most plausible to me. I’m surprised, like many here it would seem, to read about 2 FX bodies in the same announcement.

      Interested, excited, but surprised.

      One possibility is that Nikon is doing away with the D700 line, and taking the D300 line to FX. This would amount to a price increase for the D400, but a decrease for the D800. This still creates the problem I’ve noted about a decent sized price gap in their lineup, but it wouldn’t be as painful to them as the gap from canceling the D300 line outright. I don’t really see this as happening, but answers are few and questions are many….

      • Replacing the d300s with fx would require high Mp (24+) and high speed at least on dx crop mode (8fps). Which would bring us to specs equal or better to the d3x. So Ron do you think a d400 would kill the d3x the same way the d300 killed the d2xs for most people?

        • To be clear, I do not see an FX replacement for the prosumer DX line (d300, d400, etc) at this point. I think that’s the equivalent of Nikon leaving a considerable pile of cash on the table. Think of all the glass alone they’d need to discontinue, and the resulting backlash

          That said, if Nikon released a D3x equivalent in a D400 body (more likely a D700 body, as the prism would need to be larger) then yes, I think it would likely stunt sales of the D3x, which would then be finished off by the D4x next year.

          I won’t bore everyone here with yet another recap of my predictions, but I’ve summarized them in a blog post detailing Nikon’s upcoming camera releases (and expected prices) here.

    • Goggen

      The D300s might only be around two years old, but remember that it is only a slight upgrade of the D300 without any major enhancements. And the D300 is four years old now.

  • bdeckert

    I think in some ways two FX cameras make a lot of sense because there is more of a demand for those replacements. The D7000 buys Nikon a bit more time to come up with a D300s replacement. They will do a high end DX, but I don’t think they HAVE to nearly as soon as they HAVE to replace the D700. The other scenario I could possibly see, even though it bucks their tradition, is a D700 replacement and a D300s replacement – perhaps both sharing the same body (one with FX and one with DX). I say this simply because I don’t see too many D3X users begging for a new camera… The 5D and D700 are the sweet spot especially for video and I think Nikon has to stay relevant.

  • New DX body? Donยดt think so!

    D7000 is selling a lot, it has a right place in semi-pro bag as a main body, and a great backup for the pros.

    I think will be D800 and D4. The D(x) series has limited production, pros who already have the D3 (s) and want more resolution, or a special crop mode with the benefits of the FF sensor for sports.
    D(xxx)Series is for the social photographers mainly, and for the advanced (or wealthy) amatours. They donยดt take market of each other. The pro looks for the fiel body quality, construction, speed, and have money! The advanced or semi-pro looks for the best relation: quality x price x performance, they donยดt have the budget to spend in a pro Body and a pro Set of Lenses.


    • Ronan

      D7000 is not semi-pro. D300/s is.

      I would never carry a D7000 as a replacement for a D300/s. The difference in build, AF, sensor points, etc is much to large. I would be a downgrade, even with a couple more MP’s.

      • Sly Larive

        Seriously, the build quality of the D7000 is very good. I don’t see all the fuss about the D300 having much better build quality. Not saying its not better, just that it should not affect most serious shooters… It’s not like the D7000 is built like a Canon XS!

        While there are more AF points on the D300, the D7000 focuses much faster from my limited experience. The D7000, has superb metering with twice as many metering points. 6 FPS is enough for most semi-pros.

        The D7k has ISO 100 and better high ISO performance. Better Color depth, resolution and a faster AF, although with less points.

        The D7000 grip is awesome. Expensive but it is the best grip I’ve used on any Nikon.

        Now, the question was whether or not there is a market for a D400 and I think there is, but the D7000 filled that need for a lot of people. Nikon has limited R&D resources and they must choose which projects will be the most commercially affordable. With the D7000, I don’t see a D400 being as successful as, say, a D800. Usually Nikon releases their higher end models first. They’ve probably cannibalized their own market for a D400 by releasing the D7000 *so early*.

        For a D400 to be successful IMHO, it would require either a new sensor or some Nikon magic up it’s sleeve. A D7K’ish camera with 8 FPS, bigger body and a CF slot would not fare well IMHO.

  • My vote is for a D800. My current D300s would be a good backup in my use as a serious hobbyist. Still a crop factor D400 has its advantage for sports and birds! Regardless, Iโ€™m still working to upgrade my technique in post processing before I buy another body. However, good glass is another story.

  • RG

    releasing D700 replacement makes perfect sense instead of D300s replacement

    most d300s users waiting for the upgrade will pull the trigger and move to fullframe d800 = more money for nikon

    • And then we can all move towards an FX standard.

  • rsdl17

    The D300 replacement should be on the line up first before the D700’s replacement right? but then again, the D300 had the D300s, though it’s not a complete replacement it is still an upgraded version of the D300. And the D700 has not even had an “S” version so why put a DX on the line up first? Show us a new FX Body! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll go FX over DX on this one guys ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Chase

    All I need is a D700 with video. That’s it. I hope this rumor is the truest of the lot.

    • rsdl17

      agree, and at least a 34fps on 1080p movie mode on a FX body.

      • LOL

        What a weird number. 34fps?! Do you not know anything about video, or was that a typo?

        • AM

          Obviously a typo. He meant to say 43 fps. LOL

    • gt

      All I need is for the d700 to drop in price while you guys scramble for some memory-hogging, video-enabled beast. Sure it’ll be a great camera, but the D700 at $1500 a year from now is what I’m waiting for.

      • +1
        Sometimes it’s nice to be slightly behind the curve.

  • Announced:

    D300 : Aug 2007
    D300S : Jul 2009 (2 year update)

    D3 : Aug 2007
    D3X : Dec 2008 (1 year update)
    D3S : Oct 2009 (2 year update)

    D700 : Jul 2008
    (3 years and still no update)

    The D700 is the oldest camera in the pro/expert/prosumer lineup for Nikon. It’s almost a sure bet that it will be in the mix come August.

    The other model is not that clear, at least not to me. Next on the list in terms of age is the D3X if you don’t consider the D3 which I don’t since two cameras have since replaced it at the top of the heap. It doesn’t make sense to me to release a D400 DX quite yet. The D7000 is likely selling well and a D400 will siphon off D7000 sales, D4 would not. People looking at a D7000 may make the jump to a D400, they may even have the same sensor like the D90/D300 did. Those people would never make the jump to a D4 though. So my bet would be on a D4 though I’m not sure about the spec here. Would it have less resolution than a D3x? I’m not sure what the next logical step is since the D3X and D3S are different cameras, will the D4 try to replace one of them or be something totally new?

    So my bet, a D800 (85% sure) and a D4 (50% sure). But what do I know ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I would take a D400 over a D7000 just so that I can use the CF cards I already have. Although if the D400 has a 24Mpix sensor then I would probably need new cards anyway.

      • True, that is a big jump in MP up to 24. So far, the Dx00 have handled more like pro cameras than the Dx000 models. That seems to be true for the D7000 as well, targeted more at consumer level. I suspect there will be a D400 with some tech that isn’t on the 7000.

      • gt

        I see no point in having a pro-level body and a DX sensor.

        Why have such a robust body, when nikon doesn’t even supply an adequate lens line up for DX users? Aging 17-55mm…no 50-135mm — no affordable 35mm F1.4DX….no proper portrait short telephoto (60mm F1.4 anyone?)

        I think the lens lineup relegates DX to amateur use. Therefore, the D7000 is a sensible DX camera. A D400 is probably a waste of money.

        If you’re gonna go pro, get FX and get the glass

        • gt

          oh and forget about a fast wide angle prime.

          DX could be great — but nikon’s lens lineup for DX users is a joke. until they fix that, a D400 is a waste of money IMO

        • I won’t argue that the DX specific lens lineup isn’t complete, but it certainly not a joke. Can you explain why, if you need a specific lens like a 35mm f/1.4, can’t you just buy the FX lens and use it on your DX camera? There is a 1.4 and 1.8 lens available for your DX, I’m not sure what you are worried about. You want a DX specific 35mm f/1.4? Why? Why would Nikon develop such a lens?

          Proper portrait short telephoto? 50mm f/1.4 on a DX is likely that lens no?

          At the time, A D300 had enough features to make the jump from a D90 worth it. I suspect the D400 will also have enough to steer some away from the D7000. Having both available is not a bad thing for the consumer.

          • gt

            why? because a 1.4 normal lens is a staple lens. The 50mm F1.4 for FX is $400. We shouldn’t have to shell out $2000 for a 35mm F1.4 when that is supposed to be the “fast normal”

            • Andre

              Huh, you say there is no point having a pro level body because there is no glass to go with it yet when you are given the choice of perfectly good lenses you say they are too expensive.

              I hate to state the obvious but pros simply don’t care about the cost, they leave those worries to the wannabes —–

            • I think the 35mm f1.4 is so expensive because it has the nano crystal coating. hopefully once that technology has been around for a while the price to make it will go down. In the meantime I think the 35mm f1.8 is a great lens. You can even use it on your FX camera if you don’t mind a little vignette.

            • @Andre
              Of course pros worry about cost. If you’re a professional photographer all that means is that you make money through your photography. To make money your income must be more than your expenses so if you would really like a nice shiny 35mm f1.4 but that $2000 is not in the books then you make do.

            • I really don’t get your argument. If you are a pro, you will likely buy an FX body and a 50mm f/1.4 if that is what you need. If you are an amateur, you will get a DX body and a 35mm f/1.8. Both combinations will take great photos and satisfy the needs of the target audience. If you are looking for the same performance out of consumer gear for much lower cost you are out of touch with the reality.

    • Goggen

      Personally I view the D300(s) as the oldest camera in that range; it is after all only a slight upgrade of the D300 with no major improvements at all. For 99% of users a D300 does the job just as good as the D300s.

  • This is exciting to say the least.

  • Lulz

    Malaysia? ๐Ÿ™

  • Fan

    Lol guys, do u read at all?

    Again pls:

    Here is what the Nikon rep said: โ€œTwo new FX bodies will be announced by the end of August. Availability in Fall.โ€

    This means: D800 (D700s/x) and D4.

    • Sly Larive

      I was thinking the same thing reading the comments all along but I guess this is because people who read this blog know that most rumors turn out to be only partially true.

      We come here looking for rumors but have come to learn most of them are not completely accurate. Still, this looks like a solid lead and if indeed it comes form a Nikon rep, he should know the difference between a FX and DX camera.

      So my guess is D4 and D800 as well, whatever their name ends up being. I’d be quite glad to have a D700 replacement and will need to start saving up if this is true!

  • Starfires

    Sounds like a recipe for a new D700 and D3, who knows what numbers they’ll use? For the sake of argument, lets say D800 and D4. Their main competition is Canon, so expect full HD video mode as a priority, as well as probably higher MP counts, say around 18MP. They won’t need to match Canon if they have image quality advances, just to be competitive.

    Newer sensors should be cleaner and capable of much faster picture-taking, especially the D4, which may even have some exotic capture methods enabling over 10 fps at full quality. If Nikon is smart about it, they’ll have features and levels of quality we didn’t even think we wanted, perhaps new screen technology or autofocus abilities at a new level. That would give them a couple of years of the opposition playing catch-up, as they had with the D3/D300.

    If you are wondering where a D400 fits into this, there is a simple possibility- that now there is a fuller lineup of FX lenses, it could be an enthusiast and consumer format from here on in, being able to use pro lenses but not having new ones designed for it. Still, I’m not so sure about this, as it would be a relatively simple matter to upgrade the D7000 over time and make a new version of the 17-55mm and for Pete’s sake, make a few DX wide-angle primes, whatever class of user they are aimed at!

  • Ian

    Is it that clear that the D400 will use DX sensor? Canยดt imagine that any new 24mp DX sensor (by Sony) could achieve similar high ISO performance than the 16mp sensor of the D7000. Thatยดs just too high resolution at least with currently known technology. Maybe its not that impossible to see the D3s sensor on a lower priced and lower end body like D400 and then the completely new FX sensor used only in the D4 until itยดs time for D800 later when Nikon has sold D4 for purest pro photographers

    • nobody

      “Thatยดs just too high resolution at least with currently known technology.”

      And that’s the point: the new Sony DX sensor for the a77 is currently unknown technology ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Delie

        Oooh, that’s interesting – wonder if sony’s aps-c a77 and nex7 might actually be a reason for nikon bringing out two FF models, so they’re not directly competing for the same segment at the same time (with new to market aps-c models, that is). Given Sony supplies nikon’s sensors that is, could be a business arrangement. Conspiracy theory ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Brian Davis

    Keeping the D300 is pointless. The D7000 has nearly the same tech as the D700, there isn’t much room to slip anything else in there.

    • Sly Larive

      I think there IS room for a D400, but it is not a crying need. For most folks, the D7000 serves pretty well as a semi-pro / pro DX body.

    • Ronan

      Sure there is, go compare D300s/D7000 specs/build/usage.

      You will see consumers with extra $ will use D7000 and semi-pro’s and pro’s will use D300s (main/back up body).

    • Landscape Photo

      Having used the D300 for years, and tested a D7000, I’d prefer the image quality and battery life of D7000, but the ergonomics of D300(s).

      Therefore there IS a need for D400, even sharing the same sensor (could be slightly higher but better not 24mp)

  • Josh

    If a D800 is announced, will it be initially available body-only? I forget how Nikon released the D700.

    • KnightPhoto

      If a D800 is announced, will it be initially available body-only? I forget how Nikon released the D700.”

      Yes, the D700 was available as body-only right from the outset.

  • Saruman

    The Palantir say no new cameras at the end of august ๐Ÿ™

  • PR

    Something going to be totally unexpected because the form factor are significantly different. ” Technical spec and form factors will be significantly different as well.”

  • UA

    I start to actually believe that we will not see DX format pro bodies (D400) from Nikon anymore.

    Three main reasons:

    1. All new pro lenses are for FX
    2. Most pro’s have already moved to FX and those who aren’t, have already FX lenses (see point 1.)
    3. +24mpix in FX sensor will result something like +10mpix on DX crop mode. Should be enough for those, who have DX lenses but want to upgrade their old DX pro body and still use old lenses. There are something like 2 real “pro” DX lenses, 12-24 and 17-55/2.8.

    It would be stupid to bring new pro DX body on a such small market segment. For now D7000 should be enough for serious amateurs and second lightweight body to the pro’s.

    We might even see cheaper FX body due to the 28-300mm and 24-120/4 lenses? ~2000$/1500EUR FX body. Especially, if they are going to make them in malaysia.

    • CYK

      I, for one, am waiting for a cheap FX camera (max USD 1500). That would really get people started on migrating upwards. yes you’ll lose some tele reach, but the DOF improvements would totally outweigh the minor annoyances.

      Take the same 16mp sensor in the D7000 and creating an FX equivalent of the same density (which would probably come out 36mp in FX and 16mp in DX crop mode) would be most ideal.

      I don’t need 10 trillion fps…. i just want to return to the days when a 35mm canvas is the norm, not the premium

      • ja

        could it be a D4 and a D4x cameras for 2 different markets ???

        • EAJ

          I agree – they’ll be hard pressed to sell the D3x with the D3s successor on the shelves.

          D400 – expert body (DX)
          D4 – pro #1
          D4x – pro # 2

  • sp8ced21

    from what i read in this sounds like will be new D700 replacement along with new D3s replacement what ever they will be called D800/D4 , i guess as with all rumours details may vary slightly but would love to see video on a d700 replacement along with a screen upgrade like a super omoled display be a nice thing and built in radio trigger would be awesome!, cant see a d700 replacement going beyond 18MP id rather have IQ over MP any day of the week and on sunday, more dynamic range would be a good thing id like too see. as for dx D300s replacement if one is released i would expect it to be same MP as the D7000, seems nikon in not getting into MP war with cannon and rather concentrating on IQ which in my eyes is a good thing, i cant stand the i have more MP than you rubbish its annoying lol

    • CYK

      “id rather have IQ over MP any day of the week and on sunday”

      so i guess you can use canon on saturday then =)

      • sp8ced21

        lol erm let me think about that “NO” ๐Ÿ™‚ im not a cannon hater just prefer nikon

  • My humble guess (sensorwise):
    D4 new sensor.
    D800 with D3x sensor, being video capable.

    makes very complementing bodies.

  • Alex

    There is a need for a prosumer body like the D300 in the lineup. First I will point out that going from the D7000 to a camera like the D700 is a huge price jump. The D700 is more than twice the cost of a D7000. That is just too big of a price point to leave empty.

    For semi-pro sports shooters like myself a D300 replacement fills a need. With the vertical grip it has a higher frame rate than the D7000. The build quality is more sturdy (if you’ve been hit on the sidelines of a football game build quality is appreciated), it (I think) has better weather sealing, it shoots CF cards instead of SD. Lastly, the crop factor isn’t so bad. I can barely afford 70-200mm 2.8 glass, buying 300mm 2.8 glass is out of reach. An FX camera at a football game would be a step back for me and a lot of other part-time sports shooters. I’d love to own both FX and DX but if I only have the budget for one, with my specific application in mind, I’m pulling the trigger on the DX sensor pro level body.

  • RadiationDude

    There will be no higher end DX camera than the D7000. The D7000 is the de facto D300s replacement. There will be a D4 with 18mp and a D800 with 24mp.

  • VJ

    Great news for the FX guys!

    I’m hoping for a DX replacement… The D100 was announced in Feb 2002, the D300 in August, so I’m still hoping for spring next year. But if it does not come by then, I might go for the D7000…

  • Oooo.. Malaysia boleh!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • ZinhaEq

    There surely will be no D400 in August. The reason why is very simple. Because Nikon come out with its cameras, that have the same sensors as their Sony relatives, at least some time after Sony. So, if Sony A77 will come out in August, there is NO WAY we will see Nikon D400 before the start of autumn.

  • It doesn’t matter to me what country it’s made in. What matters is the company that makes it and in this case, not Pentax ๐Ÿ™‚

  • the visible man

    whats the big deal with DX? why not just use an FX in crop mode? I understanad that you get half the resolution, but whats the D300 come in at 12.1mp? give these nature clowns a 24mp fx camera, and shoot it in crop mode, get the same 12mp, and be done with it. I want a pro DX, i want a pro crop, piss off you whiny old geezers.

  • Josh Douglass

    It will be the D400 and the D4. Just like the D300 and the D3 were announced in 2008. Nikon follow a standard roadmap and any amount of crying, whining (get some cheese with that whine), hoping and praying ain’t gonna make the D800 appear this August.

    Patience grasshoppers, the D800 will surface eventually – but it won’t be now, my preciiioooouusss!

  • nevable

    It’s actually funny, I read most of the posts and no one here actually guessed what the new bodies will be. But on the bright side soon all of you will figure it out.

  • Nikonier

    hi everybody,
    i find all of this not so realistic. I am finding it curios to see no pictures of the new bodies 6 weeks before announcement. I know that Nikon corporation is like the pentagon and it is not so easy to suffer some secrets. But six weeks till announcement, and no pistures?
    I hope so much that this all is true, and looking forward to update my D200.
    regards from Germany!
    PS: i am a big fan of this site ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • nobody

      “But six weeks till announcement, and no pistures?”

      Nobody saw the new 40mm DX lens coming until the moment Nikon chose to announce it. Looks like Nikon is able to manage that.

  • Buett

    How is it that Nikon can announce a camera in august and have it available come fall yet keep it all under wraps (for the most part)? There has to be so many different hands involved in production in order to have a product available so quick. I’m surprised there aren’t more leaks coming from the front lines of Nikon.

    • Buett

      Admin, curious, in the past where do you tend to find your more credible info? Production guys, reps, corporate employees? I’m not looking for anything that would lead to a source, just curious on where the “reliable” info tends to generate from.

      • I am getting info from various sources, but it seems that since the earthquake in Japan everything is quiet. I am not sure if people were displaced or Nikon just changed the way they share information.

        • Jabs

          They moved to Malaysia perhaps or the sadder part, they might be deceased!

  • BaoKeWen

    Nikon has taken a fair bit of flak from pros regarding their pro body release strategy. Releasing a “generic” body D1/2/3 first, followed later by specialized upgrades (D1H, D2x/s, D3s/x has – in the current global recession – made many pros wary of forking out for the new first “generic” body in the knowledge that a more suited and specialized body will inevitably be around later.
    To restore confidence in the brand, to show the photography world that Nikon, despite the Sendai situation, is alive and kicking, the August announcement will be the D4s and D4x at once. Both with the new blisteringly fast type AF system and metering. D4s gains 2 stops useable, D4x 1. D4s = 18mp, 11fps; D4x is 32mp, 4.5fps. Both Sony made, Nikon spec/finish new sensors.
    Consider this; most people who buy a BMW don’t buy an M3 or M5. But most people that do buy a BMW, buy one because there IS an M3/M5. It rubs off on the rest off the brand. Nikon knows it’s time to show who’s the boss and will present a one-two knockout punch to who ever steps up. Well… It’s what I would do if I was them anyway :). Trickle- down prosumer bodies to follow in January.

    • I don’t agree. I don’t see an issue with updating the model one or two years down the road. The D3 was a great camera and a worth successor to the D2* lineup. A lot of people would get a D4 just because it’s a good camera. They don’t care a better camera will be around in one or two years. That happens in tech all the time, not just with cameras. Buy today and there is something better tomorrow.

      Would you not buy an ipad because a Apple was going to release a better one down the road? If you wait for the next model you will never end up buying anything.

      • ja

        that is totally spot on , its the evolution of life

    • Bob2

      You write/talk like you’re not a pro and don’t understand pro needs and considerations. Pros buy to fill a need, to fulfill a function, for a look, to get an edge. Buying pro camera equipment is NOT like buying a BMW, although it may be to you, because it’s a status symbol to you. To a pro, it’s about what can make him/her real money to pay the mortgage, food on table, or G*d forbid, status symbols like BMW’s.

      **turns off microphone and steps off pulpit**

      • BaoKeWen

        You forget one key point here. You’re absolutely right in that for a pro it is a tool. But the majority of D3?, D4? Bodies are actually bought by wealthy enthusiasts. And for those the ‘M3’ factor plays a much bigger role. Why are they cramming more and more MP into tiny sensor compacts? Because everyone wants more MP than their last camera and more than their neighbor. The majority of D3 bodies on the used market did not have pro use but are from enthusiasts jumping on the latest spec model. All I’m saying is that I and several others who shoot for a living, with tools, may skip a D4 and hold out for a D4x or s release. We have mo problem waiting. Unlike some here who claim they cannot possibly do their jobs with the current DSLR lineup, we still often shoot on the D2x for magazine work with no problem.

        • Are you sure that the majority of D3 bodies are purchased by wealthy enthusiasts? Do you have a source for this info? I’m not trying to be a jerk, would honestly like to know what type of buyer picks up these bodies. I know a lot of photographers, NONE of them own a pro body, Nikon or Canon. When on group photo tours, I also don’t see a lot of pro bodies. I’m not sure if I’m considered wealthy, but I could certainly afford a D3 if I wanted one but I just don’t. I’m not a pro, just shoot as a hobby and the cost/benefit just isn’t there for me. Also, when on vacation I don’t want to haul around a giant body like that.

          Look at a sporting event, press conference, wedding, etc. where the pro’s hang out and the vast majority shoot with pro bodies. The pro’s certainly buy them, I just don’t see that many floating around in non-pro hands.


    if your right and it is a sony sensor that will be the end of it for me.

    • What? If Nikon will use a Sony sensor it will be the end for you? Sorry to break it but…lots of Nikon DSLRs already use Sony sensors…

      • Lulz

        Yes I know. None of the ones I own do. And I won’t own one that does.

        • Why?

          • Lulz

            Because I am an employee of Sony Ericsson and they treat us like crap. I have no intention of supporting them. Also because better options exist. Sony Ericsson is not the holy grail of sensor technology.

            • Fair enough, but your reason doesn’t apply to the vast majority of consumers. I don’t work for Sony, and would be happy to buy a Nikon FX camera with a Sony sensor. I currently own a D90, one of the most successful cameras for Nikon, and it uses a Sony sensor.

              What better options exist that can be mass produced at the quantities needed in a DX body?

          • Spoon

            Uh. If they treat you like crap and you’re that unhappy with the comapny, why not look for a better employer? Because it might come as news to you, you’re supporting them more by *working* for them than buying a single product.

            • Lulz

              I gave my reasons the rest is up to me.

            • You still haven’t given us a better option for sensors. Does one actually exist? Not a lot of factories out there mass produce sensors like Sony.

        • Bob2

          If it’s any consolation, don’t buy Canon either–they don’t let their employees sit down. Apparently Canon’s boss thinks everyone is more efficient on their feet.


    And regardless of what is said here I think that “Made in Malaysia” will have a negative impact on their brand rep.

  • paul

    endless speculation will not change the reality that NO ONE really knows what two DSLRs will be released. What ever they are, it’s exciting to think that they may be right around the corner, available reasonably soon and shows that Nikon is still in business. Whatever is realeased, I can’t wait!!

  • Shane

    Well according to the rep he said 2 fx bodies… So if this is true it’s the d800 & d4 it gotta b and I dont see s need for the d400 quiet yet as the d7000 doing so well.
    I deffo expect these 2 it makes since

  • Kelly


  • It could also be a D4 and a D4s or x or something to that extent? Resolution as high as a D3x and speed as fast as a D3s?!

  • EnPassant

    The till now expected bodies to be released in August have been D4 and D400.
    What if none of them, but two other FX-cameras are being released in August?
    One of them will be the D700 replacement, being the camera for pro photographers.
    Propably with a new 24 MP sensor able to shoot video and including the novelties in Nikon cameras since the introduction of D700 and some novelties as well.
    The other will be the expert photographers camera, a new entry level for FX, using the D7000 body modified to accept a FX-sensor and larger mirror and pentaprism in the same way D300 was used as the base for the D700.
    Except for that specs will be almost the same, just adding some novelties from D5100 and some smaller changes. Viewfinder will show 95% or less of the image. Sensor will have a new 16-18 MP for the same or almost the same performance as D7000 with superb ISO performance but could of course also have 24 MP with a bit slower performance.
    This makes sense in the way Nikon with the D7000 changed the release pattern (assuming there will be a D400) by coming out with the lower class camera first instead of opposite. Also an entrylevel camera is needed for FX to boost the sales of all the new FX-lenses. As to price I would think 50% more for the FX-version of D7000 would be fair, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Nikon charged 2/3 more.
    This is of course just my thoughts/speculation! ๐Ÿ™‚ But I would love to see them come true and promise to buy that D7000FX (With resonable price below โ‚ฌ 2000). You listen Nikon? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • EAJ


    • treehaus

      that would leave an outdated d3(?) as the top of the line model. That will never happen! The new FX sensor has to be in the D4(?) and lesser expert d800. They will not compete with sales for each others market anymore than the current line up does and really what does it matter if it does, they are still selling Nikons! I agree with others in that the d7000 can absorb more slack in the DX lineup until the d400 arrives.

      • EnPassant

        We’ll see what happen! ๐Ÿ™‚ In this scenario I naturally expect a D4 and D400 release a few months later, maybe early December and delivery late January. Well in time for the olympic games! D4 will likely be an upgrade worth waiting for. At least for those who need and can afford a premium pro camera!
        Some things that may be introduced are compact flash memory cards without pinconnection, with old cards usable with adapter, and contacts in the lensbayonet to solve Nikons not-as-wide-as-Canon lens-mount problems for some pro lens constructions.

  • nobody

    I can’t see a reason why Nikon would voluntarily give up the high end DX camera and leave that market to Canon. No way! And the D7000, nice as it is, isn’t that high end DX camera. So, IMO, there will be a D400 as the new DX flagship for sure.

    BTW, that “two new FX cameras” note seems to be connected to the Malaysia plant that is supposed to produce cameras that were previously made in Sendai. The D300 cameras have always been made in Thailand, so a D400 made in Thailand is still an option, even if the two FX cameras rumour would turn out true.

  • So Exciting! I cant wait to get another camera for my Wedding Photography needs ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Dweeb

    Hold on, the Malaysian operation is just a machining sub-contractor. After four years of nothing, bringing out 2 cameras simultaneously is just the usual Nikon nuttiness and incompetence. Cameras timed for the covers of photo magazines to stoke the Christmas buying frenzy.

  • T&M

    Malaysia vs Japan ….less quality. D800 or D900 growth bad.

    I will wait…next 2014

    • Bob2

      Don’t many high tech parts come out of Malaysia? I don’t have any skin in this game, but IIRC Malaysia is a very advanced and tech savvy country. If it was New Jersey it’d be different….(I’m a Nuh Yawkeh) ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Bob2

    Lets assume rumor is true, then pro DX body (D400) should come out at end of year or sometime next–1. Sony apparently will not allow anyone else to announce/release camera with new Sony 24 MP sensor (A700 replacement due in fall) until Sony has had first bite at apple–, e.g., see timing of A580/D7000, A900/D3x announcements; 2. gives Nikon additional time to keep D7000 in marketing limelight; 3. D300s haven’t yet gone on close-out sale pricing to reduce inventory; 4. more time to get anybody on the upgrade fence to jump for the D400 (1 yr–too short, 2 yrs, maybe, 3-4 years–hell yeah! I want a new camera!).; 5. Between D300s and D7000, Nikon still has very respectable high performance DX cameras that are NOT outdone in any meaningful measure by competitors’ offerings.

    I just got a used D300, to go with my D700 and D200, and am really pleased with this “old”, due to be replaced, relic of a 4 year old camera. At lower ISO’s, almost no difference among all 3 cams (D200 is actually a touch nicer in some ways). At highest ISOs, D700 wins all. Too bad almost fruit-fly product life cycles, though. Looking forward to whatever pro Nikons are coming…..

  • TravellingSwede

    The rumour said 2 FX cameras so stop chattering about DX pls.
    How about a “pro” as in professional as in studio, as in not weather-sealed, no video, no need for high ISO, weight unimportant, fps not important but high MP
    That is a high resolution, 30+ MP, D3x-replacement, call it D5.
    And a D3s-replacement in form of video-capable, weather-sealed, fast, high-ISO, camera in a smaller D700 type body? Maybe named D4.
    Clean up the names, one camera for studio, one for out-door, action and video.

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