Weekly Nikon news flash #119

  • Another cool video:

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  • ren kockwell

    amazing. first!

    • I find it a bit strange that in a few weeks Nikon is supposed to announce its new flagship for the next two years, yet there has not been much smoke. Shouldn’t the camera have been beta tested out in the streets for months now? What about the ad campaign etc.? Maybe 2011 will end the way it started … without a major announcement.

      • Nikon did things differently with the last announcement. There were no press conferences scheduled, there were no test units sent out to Arizona 🙂 This explains the lack of rumors. I am not sure if they will go that way with the August announcement.

        • If you are so concerned about this site, you can make a donation here https://nikonrumors.com/tips/ and support my growing family 🙂

          • AnoNemo

            I do not work for Nikon but I can feel your pain. 🙂

            BTW, I do not think Nikon will announce anything before Oct/Nov. You have to print those boxes, ads, translate them etc. Since we have not heard anything but guessing from Thom Hogan who has been wrong with his predictions for a long period now, we can safely conclude that nothing is coming in the near future. (sadly)

          • Reck Konwell

            Hey this sentence is copyright me !

  • In the “Another cool video”…. That’s a D90 right?

    Its amazing what you can do with a cheaper body, a slider (be it on automated or not), and a fast lens.

    Thanks, Admin! I really appreciated that video.

  • remember its not the camera but the person using it

  • Landscape video COOL. Wanted to see the Nik software Agfa emulation at the end!

    The DSLR movie example, scary in 720p. So sharp it is for sure that movies will never be the same. Even if I had $1B I’d still have to stay away from video. To many toys! Wish the content had been more uplifting and less texture oriented decay of man stuff.

  • John

    Another Cool Video have ower in this link:


  • Gerard

    Lockcircle is for Canon and no for Nikon

    • yes, the Nikon version is coming next

    • dave

      Lockcircle? Are they serious? Who cares how good it looks, it isn’t going to be on the camera at any time when someone can see the camera. As for it’s functional value, for those that actually do store their cameras with a bodycap in place, I seriously doubt it provides much more protection than the body cap that came with the camera – which fits pretty snugly to begin with, unless you like to leave your camera out in the rain.

      • Bernd

        Agree…. wonder what market research they did….

        “…provides extra-grip in every climate shooting session…”
        In extreme cold with thick gloves I can imagine these things work better than the standard body caps, but then again, I would prefer a much more expensive body cap on my camera; it’s called a lens. Having the right lens mounted would prevent the need to remove the body cap and expose the sensor in the first place.

        • PHB

          I can see this appealing to photojournalists who use very long lenses of the ‘need a tripod’ variety. But its going to be a strictly low volume thing.

          • Bernd

            Maybe, but why would they require a 100 dollar body cap that essentially doesn’t do anything else than the one that came with the camera?

      • D700guy

        I disagree, the caps that come with the camera dont stay on.

        • dave

          I purchased a watertight bodycap for my Nikonos from Helix for something like $10. It was a little thicker than the original cap and had an O-ring. Considering that I can get a 3rd party replacement body cap for $2, I would think someone could do something like that for Nikon F-mount and sell it for $20 and still make a nice profit. Take the standard body cap, make it thicker, carve a channel under the outer rip and install a o-ring. Snug, air and water tight.

          • dave

            outer rim, not rip.

      • Anthony

        Thank you for not making me the only one to see the obvious about this ludicrous body cap product.

        • looks like only Canon shooters interested in this kind of product =p

    • Darkness

      My Nikon already has a lock.

  • Dave

    For any underwater photographers out there, the new Ikelite handles (with the red stripes) are being made far less robust that the old handle/tray assembly (mine arrived broken in fact) and they have done away with the ability to attach ball sockets on the bottom of the handle, so now you only have the top two for your strobe arms and no extras. For years I have attached the strobe arms to the bottom and used the top two for other accessories, including a very heavy UK Light Cannon. They also cost extra I believe (There was an additional $70 on my bill for the handles alone). I can’t wait for them to open Monday morning so I can call for some answers to this backward direction they seemingly have taken.

    • Dave

      Update: Ikelite made good by sending out an older version of the tray/handle (with the extra ball joint connections) at my request. I should have it in a few days.

  • Low

    Wow. That vid was pretty amazing…what lens?

    • Nek Wellrock

      Looked like Sigma…had that finish on the shot going up the power tower anyway..

      That’s an informative and entertaining video,…all at once!

      • Nek Wellrock

        Well,under comments he said it was 18-135mm,…which I find odd…

      • Nek Wellrock

        It was sigma,..on the rail site,..the other vids are…
        “Sigma 10-20 f4.0-5.6”

        Not sure what was on the Canon though.

  • Jabs
    • broxibear

      Hi Jabs,
      Interesting and sad article…there’s such a churn of news with 24hour tv and the internet stories get put to one side very quickly.
      Japan had a little good news a few minutes ago, their woman’s football team just won the world cup http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/14168601.stm

      • Jabs

        I can’t imagine what is going through his mind from all that trauma – yeah heard the Japan win in penalty shootout – all over America as well.

  • MJr

    Just so you know, not every guy from Amsterdam looks like that 😛

  • Me

    @Another cool video
    Photo sequences (Nikon D90): 00:37 ; 00:52 ; 01:07 ; 01:14 ; 01:32
    Video sequences (Canon 5D MKII): Rest
    As stated by Ben on his Vimeo site.

    But otherwise this really makes me want to go out and explore the many urban ruins in my City 🙂

  • jimmy bottoms

    99 bucks for a body cap? this is up there with the lensalign (which does the job of a sheet of office paper taped to a wall… for $140).

  • Love the interview with Kadir van Lohuizen. Great pictures and great spirit. Thanks Admin!

  • feleris

    About the last video “another cool video – clarity camera nikon” the owner is someone esle: http://www.vimeo.com/25452283

  • AnoNemo

    Can you post us more Nikon patent for this week? I love those patents.

    • broxibear

      Here you go AnoNemo http://www.freepatentsonline.com/search.html
      Just enter nikon, tick all six boxes and hit search.
      Keep Date Range as Last 20 years, word stemming doesn’t matter and Chronological so that the first patents are the newest…good luck.

      • AnoNemo

        broxibear, thank you so much. Now I can have my daily readings. 🙂

    • I have collected several new Nikon patents and will post them online when the time is right.

      • AnoNemo

        Thanks, then I will not post those patents I found interesting. 😉

  • yes, I will leave it until I have something interesting to report

  • Not conform

    Underwater housing
    Someone who buys a DSLR for 500 bucks plus 100 bucks for a kit lens will expect an entire submarine for the 1400 bucks that this housing costs.

    Body cap
    Great! But maybe they should have at least placed some Swarovski stones in the “dial-holes” . Perhaps this would at least attract some new Russian millionaires taking their Canon or Nikon for a walk…

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