Picture of Nikon D700x appears on a store giveaway promotion

This European online store published a picture of Nikon D700x to promote an official Nikon Netherlands giveaway:

The D700x image is not part on the official giveaway website.

Maybe a PS job to attract Internet traffic? What say you? Here is a close up:

Update: This is the answer I got from the camera store in the comment section:

This is an official statement on behalf of Kamera Express. The image of the Nikon D700x has not been added to the banner deliberately, but deviates from a mere human mix-up.

The usual graphic designers are enjoying their summer holiday, therefore the creative artwork has been assigned to another team within the organization. The sharpest high resolution image of the Nikon D700, found with Google Images, unfortunately is the image of a photoshopped D700”x”.

Our sincere apologies go out to everyone for causing any confusion about the Nikon D700”x”.

Please note that if this would be a publicity stunt, this promotional activity would have been managed in a creatively and professionally enhanced manner.

This will be the only Kamera Express official statement. Please contact marketing[at]kamera-express.nl for any questions concerning this topic.

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  • WoutK89

    I wouldn’t count too much on it being an official picture. I can not imagine a Dutch retailer having pictures of an unreleased camera by now already. I’d say it is to make publicity for themselves and attract traffic. Or the D700x will be announced soon and not in august/september

    • WoutK89

      Btw, to add to this. Where are the microphone holes? Nikon can not allow making another camera without video, I can already hear the whinings

      • BornOptimist

        The whinings you hear are the echo from this blogs comment section. If the blog is closed, it will take several weeks before the whining-echo fade out

        • I thought the D700’s replacement would be the D700p. “p” for photoshopped.

          • R R

            that looks more like a D700bs for… you know 😉

            Jokes aside I wonder how many months is the D800/900 is going to be backordered for? when it really comes out? I´m guessing maybe even a year!

            #IAmNikon #IAmWaitingForEverNikon

            • twitterdork


        • Zim

          I use the video on my D300s sometimes. I like having video on the camera. It has a purpose and I don’t think you will see any cameras without it anymore.

          • SZRimaging

            I bet you don’t see any consumer level DSLRs without video. But pro level is a whole different game. Too much resolution in a sensor will actually work against the video needs, so I wouldn’t be suprised to see the ultra high resolution cameras come without video, if Nikon so decided.

        • Tony

          But then you wouldn’t know anything new except your thought….

      • LOL

      • Or, they could go the professional route and include high quality input jacks for external mics. I’ve never every used an inboard microphone for recording anything worth while. Sure, a quick snap of a bowling lane or something at a family gathering might be cool with an included microphone, but those can be mounted anywhere and can have their input apertures anywhere.

        Always always use a microphone and battery box or microphone input amp if I care about what I’m hearing.

        You’d be surprised at the horrid quality of inbuilt microphones from even high quality equipment. If you want good quality, those mics have to be massive knobs sticking out, and even then, you’d better have enough power to let them capture full 16-bit audio. Most mics capture nothing better than a telephone call anyway.

        Whether we see a D700x this year or not, or next year or not, or this is a hoax or not, I’m excited. My D200 is really really tired of life.

        • Reilly Diefenbach

          And it’s got a lot of company, ha hah!

    • Anonographer

      It’s a well known retailer in the Netherlands with a very very high reputation. They won’t just put it there to attract ‘internet traffic’ as almost every photographer in the Netherlands at least visited that shop once in their life time.

      Ofcourse it could be fake, but hey.. people should shut up about it and call it fake without any evidence to back it up. Just saying it’s fake won’t make it fake.

      I’m gonna laugh at everyone when this happens to be real.

      • Derek

        What I think is that the guy who make the banner took the first picture that he find on google and put it in the ad, nothing more.

      • WoutK89

        I am Dutch, I am a “photographer” and never cared looking in that shop. I use CameraNu and FotoKonijnenberg most of the time for my needs.

        And I agree on Derek, there is no way a retailer gets a picture for a not released camera, the maker of the banner didn’t check his sources.

        • Hhom Togan

          You are a hobo that live under a bridge, please don´t lie!!!! having a flickr account and stalking models in model mayhem doesn´t count as being a photographer.

          • WoutK89

            I use “photographer” to point out that I don’t make my living with it, but it is my most expensive hobby!

      • “people should shut up about it and call it fake without any evidence to back it up. Just saying it’s fake won’t make it fake.”

        It’s an old photoshopped image of a Nikon D700. That is an indisputable fact, and there is evidence aplenty to back it up.

        So does that mean we’re all gonna laugh at you laughing at us when this is proven fake?

    • The invisible man.
  • IT HAS HAPPENED!!!! (doesn’t that look photoshopped?) segundo

    • It’s fake. I found the REAL replacement for the D700 in my image search:


      That’s gonna blow EVERYONE’S mind!!!

      • MRPhotoau

        That’s is a seriously funny con Ron.

      • Hmm, there is a new Nikon’s competitor on the market? Is Ronkon D700u using new 256 megapixel sensor for ultimate resolution allowing you to print images up to ten meter by longest side? If no, then pointless. 🙂

        • The invisible man.

          @Slow Gin
          Are you a friend of Ken W ?

        • @Slow Gin

          No. This is the first camera of its kind.

          Unlimited megapixels, unlimited frames per second, unlimited compression, unlimited-Petabyte hard drive built in, and unlimited firmware updates to offer unlimited future features upgrades. This, my friend, is the Ronkon Unlimited. Available at a camera retailer near you.

          I’m taking ahem, Nikon is taking pre-orders through this site: iAmRonkon. $500 gets you on the waiting list. Leave your credit card # and expiration date in the comments section of the blog.

          • John

            You forgot “unlimited diffraction”. 😉

            • Unfortunately for a few of the poorer photogs on here, it’s also unlimited price. 🙂

            • I have unlimited discount. 😀

            • Yeah, but we’ll make it back in unlimited shipping. 🙂

  • AlohaEd

    I tried to follow the link to see if there’s an entry form I could fill up to win but I got lost. I guess the camera store place that image of D700x to get more hits for the site.

    If by some miracle a D700x comes out next month, do you think it will have the new FX sensor from Sony?

    Am I first?

  • Cant see this being genuine. Who knows.

  • Anonymus Maximus

    Well like the 40mm DX macro we might just be hit with whatever Nikon can come up with in their emergency plan.

    My guess is, that we will be equally surprised by whatever comes next.

  • ImageX

    Why would you post something as lame as this? You know it’s not real so why bother?

    • Karlosak


    • hexx

      so you can waste your time to write comment like this

      • ImageX

        Wow, you are unbelievably clever. Posts like this obviously fake photo are a waste of everyone’s time. Get it, genius?

        • Unbelievably clever to post about an “obviously fake photo” on a rumor site, as well.

          Of course it’s fake! Probably close to 99% of the stuff relating to future merchandise is fake.

          /feeding troll

          • NanDub


        • Iris Chrome

          Dude, it’s a rumors site. Get it R U M O R S.

          Also Kamera Express is supposed to be one of the more reputable camera shops in the netherlands and thus lends some credibility to this. After all something like this had happened before with the 50mm f/1.8G. That lens were not only leaked from Nikon’s website but also from the blogs of one or two of Nikon’s photographers.

          • LOL

            The shaky and super nervous lens unboxing videos are at least entertaining. Outright bogus posts like this well known fake photo make people just laugh at the credibility of this site.

            • Alex

              Do you think this is this a news website or a rumors one? I thought with a name like Nikon Rumors, it would be fairly obvious.

            • LOL

              You stole my username. You fake

          • Zero credibility. The image is a poorly photoshopped copy of a fake. Most likely, the designer was either playing without permission, or grabbed the first image he could find. I personally suspect the former, unless someone can show a google or yahoo search where that image shows up as one of the first 10 results.

            • enesunkie
            • enesunkie

              Good guess. It was actually the 9th result in a yahoo search.

            • Good work, but that’s only half of the story. Now go ahead and tell everyone what your yahoo query was (search terms), and we’ll see that option #1 is almost certain. 🙂

            • I came to the same conclusion using google’s image search. You can even see where they left the original black background in the eyes of the strap holder thingy.

            • The only way that image is found (in my searches) on any major search engine is by typing “Nikon D700x,” which means this fella was looking for something verrrrrrry specific. 🙂

            • Now I’ll offer an explanation that will grant him plausible deniability. He could say that in his rush to find some images of “nikon d700s” (plural), he accidentally typed “nikon d700x”, as the x is right next to the s. He didn’t notice the typo because the results were exactly what he was looking for. 🙂

        • Troll Handler

          Enjoying your feed Mr. Troll sir?!

  • Tero

    This cannot be more fake. I get really upset with this kind of things…

    • Troll Handler

      LOL why? Does it really matter so much?

    • Hhom Togan

      Of course it can be more fake!!! http://s2.imagefrog.net/show.php/158760_evenmorefake.jpg 😀
      It just took me 5 minutes to make it more fake!

      D700xxx with Louis Vuitton Leatherete, Joe Mcnally instead of FX, Horns and Silly Face!!!! 😀

  • MRPhotoau

    Now this would be a dream come true for me. D700 with D3x sensor and D4 with whatever that is heaps better (no canabilizing).
    But it is definately a fake. Sorry
    I personally don’t use video but Nikon knows that heaps do so rest assured it will be included in the upgrade, along with a few extra body tweeks that have been implemented since the D700 came out.
    1. Rubber sync cable and remote covers same as D3s, D300s
    2. Front IF sensor for remote like D7000
    just to name two.
    D700x would include these little differences (yes, just my opinion) but I’m sure most would agree. I would expect other little things not visible from a front view also.

    But, man oh man would I love a D700 with the 24.5MP sensor ever with only 1600iso, yes I am aware and appreciate that others want and a few need more. Personally however 99% of my shots are at iso200 and I have not shot over 800 since I used film, and then it was because I wanted the grain 3200 now I add it digitally. Funny world we live in, but I don’t miss the chemicals.
    Pretty sure the next model will be D800 and Invisible man and others say D900 but I think he is just being funny.

    • FM-2 fan

      plus 2K video at up to 120 fps … HD at 240 fps … all transmitted over the air to your favorite site

    • The invisible man.

      When I had the D700 I was shooting at ISO 800 (cool), now with the D90 I’m stuck at ISO 200

    • rs

      Nikon has changed the consumer models to a 4 digit number, the crop sensor pros may remain 3 digits. The pros were always 1 digit, I’m wondering if the D700 replacement will be a 2 digit number. Or possibly the D400d and the D400f?

      • Hhom Togan

        Or even better an 5 figures number! but they will run them vertically because there´s not enough space to put them horizontally!!

    • Dutch store guy

      OK I photoshoped it for the banner but the original was even worse…. you can check it out here… http://s2.imagefrog.net/show.php/158760_evenmorefake.jpg

  • And what is there to get excited? Another bullshit.

    • Troll Handler

      Nice English you got there. Super fun time engrish!

      • John

        Dude, don’t be a chump. Not everyone on this site is from the US of A.

        • Troll Handler

          Actually I’m from China (Hong Kong). Now what’s that other guy’s excuse?

          • John

            Based on the name, I’m guessing he’s from Poland and English wasn’t his native language? So what? I value his posts. far more than some pompous arse who pours over Interwebs blog comments critiquing others over their grammar.

            Like I said, don’t be a chump.

            • John

              BTW, it’s worth pointing out that the link in the original post wasn’t in English either.

  • Put the image URL in on tineye.com and compare the results. Tineye finds 45 images of the ‘normal’ D700, but the photos, and the shading, shadows, highlights, are all identical. The only difference is the addition of the x, and some black fill inside the strap lugs, suggesting the picture was cut from a black background.

    Although the image doesn’t look photoshopped, I’m sure it would be pretty easy to lift the x from a previous x camera (D2X for example) and superimpose it onto a high res image of the D700. When the size is reduced to web resolution the superimposed x will look natural.

    • I disagree.

      It looks totally photoshopped. 🙂

      • Hhom Togan

        You can´t disagree, you aren´t allowed!!!

        *Kicks him to the botomless pit*


        • Wait——what just happened here?

  • Gerard

    Nice photoshop. This one is origineel
    And this is not a D700(X).

  • Definitely fake.

    • Hhom Togan

      Definitely real, God made it DUH!

  • SGN

    Looks like the site designers idea of a joke, right?

  • ericnl

    on the one hand this camera store is one of the two leading camera stores in the Netherlands when it comes to sales numbers and low prices (the other one is fotokonijnenberg.nl), so they wouldn’t have to do it to attract more costumers,
    but on the other hand I can’t see why Nikon would release a D700x and not just a D800? so for that reason I’d say it’s a fake.

    • ericnl

      admin: did anybody call the store yet to ask them about it?

    • Dr SCSI

      A D700x model designation makes complete sense if Nikon just grabbed the 24MP sensor from the D3X. This camera would allow Nikon to bring out something new while they perfect the D4 for release. This would force Canon to move out with their new stuff and give Nikon another chance to trump them with their D4. Besides the D800 won’t be seen until next year; this move would satisfy numerous buyers wanting the D3X sensor in a smaller body, while reaping the benefits of a mature sensor. Expect a $3499 price tag for this new DSLR.

    • ericnl

      took the bull by the horns and called them.

      the lady on the phone didn’t know either, ask around, but they were as baffled as we are. the guy who made the banner is back at work on monday, so he’ll be asked then.

      she promised to write me an email as soon as she gets an answer, because I told her that if it was coming out that I’d like to be on the waiting list 😉

      she thought that the maker of the banner would probable not have noticed himself and that he just pasted the photo he was supplied with in the banner, but she’ll ask him who supplied the photo.

      any way: monday I’m expecting an email, although she said that she’d try to contact him today (but couldn’t promise results today).

      • Hhom Togan

        You better get the info!!! The world needs this info!!!!!! I won´t be able to eat if I don´t know AGAGAGAGH!

        • Hhom Togan

          that was a sarcasm of course (GET THE INFO!!!!! GROLOLOL)

  • johan

    I doubt this is real.

    I would expect all the new body to have the left top dial as the stacked ones, like D3S, D7000 all those. This picture shows the old dial of D3 D300 D700.

    verdict: fake.

    • PB PM

      The D3, D3x, D3s, D700, D300, D300s all have the same style of of dial on the right side. The D7000 is the only one with the stacked consumer friendly mode dial.

      • Consumer friendly….the dial kind of sucks. It always gets bumped out of “M” (for Magic Hands—yes, Nikon has a setting just for me) and into “A” (for Amateur) or “U2” (for old guys with pink sunglasses).

        Whenever my camera’s autofocus is borked, I eventually remember to check the consumer friendly dial and profane its name out loud whilst I put it in its place (Magic Hands). I wish the consumer friendly dial would die a thousand deaths, then be resurrected just so it could die a thousand more.

        • My wifes first D70 was bought second hand from her mentor and it came with gaffer’s tape on the consumer friendly dial to keep it from getting knocked off “M”.

  • Joost


    You’d better take a cow by the horn 😉

    If there is no reaction on monday, I’ll call them also. (If all the dutch readers do, we’ll have an answer soon)

  • Josh

    This exact image of a “D700x” appeared on Art of the Image on the 25th of October, 2010. Note how the neck strap eyelets are black in the middle, just as on Art of the Image. http://artoftheimage.blogspot.com/2010/10/nikon-d700x-status.html

    • MB

      Good find, that is correct exactly the same. D700 shot with little x added.

  • Pat Mann

    This is clearly a photoshopped image of the D300x

    • C_QQ_C

      >> This is clearly a photoshopped image of the D300x <<

      Well that would be nice too, a 24mp DX camera from nikon ..:-)

    • Troll Handler

      I think you meant to say D3100x

      • Hhom Togan

        Or D3XXX

  • The invisible man.

    GOOD NEWS !!!!!
    I just sold my 300mm af-s f/4 (hospital bills…) so now Nikon will release the VRII model !

    • The invisible man.

      and my wife want to go to the zoo today….
      I still have the 105mm !

      • Hhom Togan

        wait to see the price of the new 300… your smile is going to dissapear

    • John

      It’s a crime that N *still* doesn’t have a 300/4 with VR. C has had one with IS since, what, 1997?

      • The invisible man.

        I did have a seizure to day at the zoo, my wife caught the camera just in time !
        The 14-24mm was mounted on it (on the camera).

        Could have been a pricy zoo trip !

        • enesunkie

          Being invisible makes it easy to use a 14-24mm on the lions, tigers and bears. I’d just rather use a 300mm. 🙂

          • The invisible man.

            True but I get to much D.O.F with the 14-24mm, and it only works if I take a good shower right before going to the zoo.
            I’m Invisible but not totaly odorless !

      • Hhom Togan

        you know monopods and tripods right?

  • MJr

    I’m guessing the banner designer just grabbed a product photo from google and didn’t notice it was photoshopped.

  • broxibear

    Wll they’re on twitter http://twitter.com/#!/keshop so it’s easy to ask them about it if someone wants to ?
    Interesting Nikon F video on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ywyzc1PFFUU

    • Hhom Togan

      that´s the less intersting video in the net…………………………. you lied to us…

  • The invisible man.

    It’s to late for a D700x it will be D800/900

  • deviant1

    someone just removed the model number from the picture.

    • The invisible man.

      now you really feel the power of NR !

    • C_QQ_C

      Just had a look following the link above.. and its still there… ??

    • Darkness

      As NR says designed to increase traffic, but for NR only..lol!

  • Carl

    Cannot quite understand the excitement. What would you actually know, if this picture were real? Well you could entertain some experiences about how it was in the past, but hey ,what does it really tell ya?
    Since there apparently will be an announcements in August, it’s not too long to go. At least for the information – still not knowing, when you’ll be able to buy it for a “street price”.
    However, I think that Nikon knows the longer they’ll wait with the expected successors, the more wishes and expectations will be born of what the accordingly camera at least should come with. Thus it gets harder to satisfy the demand and get customers happy.
    So I’ll be content until the August announcement and will see then, what is for me or in doubt buy or keep the old tried and proved.

  • tired of hearing these rumors now 🙁

  • Bart

    Someone was lazy, needed a picture of a camera (after all it is a travel magazine) and just Googled on camera images?

  • jazzynipples

    if i wanted to draw attention to my giveaway, i’d have photoshopped an X in there too.

  • LOL

    I am fake too 🙂

  • If you’re familiar with it enough, that is far from a Nikon “X” 🙂

  • tigrebleu74

    The image has been modified since then. The D700X designation doesn’t appear on the body anymore, and this spot has been left blank. That a Photoshop job.

    • C_QQ_C

      Yup, it has changed, still a mistake there…. The text of the ad is about a D3s , the pic. certainly is no D3s…. 🙂

      • Hhom Togan

        I´m a D3s

        • C_QQ_C

          You Whish… you’re just a D700x… 🙂

  • Photoshop job – not even a good one. X – doesn’t seem to be on the camera… lol

  • Apooo

    Is the D700x still valid as far as Nikon’s naming convention goes? I thought it was going to be D800 or D900…

    Maybe it’s a store give away that will never happen… (bait and switch) I’ve seen some pretty sketchy contests. Particularly the ones at the Autoshow where some leaves a ballad box out for a car draw. A week later someone calls you on the phone saying you won a choice of a prize and to secure the prize you have to leave a credit card…. (bad news)…

    It wouldn’t be too hard to set up….

    • Ken Rockwell

      Hhom I´m your father “whoooop…. pishhhhh whoooop….. pishhhhh”

  • I have make this Nikon D700x-made ​​ad. I wanted a play that joke on all Americans visit Nikon Rumors. And my in-law father. But am I now ask telephone call by the store owner, and I was just on fire. So thanks, NikonRumors for losing me my job.

    • jimmy bottoms

      that is to mine full of happy.

  • Ren Mockwell

    HA! it is a fake because it isn´t a left handed version DUH!!!!!!!

    • Ha. Can you imagine a world where that left-handed camera caught on, and became the status quo? That would SUCK!!!

      *feels awkward inside after thinking about pushing the shutter release with left pointer finger*

  • mshi

    those guys’ masturbating efforts have got their daydreams even much wetter these days. sigh…

  • This is an official statement on behalf of Kamera Express. The image of the Nikon D700x has not been added to the banner deliberately, but deviates from a mere human mix-up.

    The usual graphic designers are enjoying their summer holiday, therefore the creative artwork has been assigned to another team within the organization. The sharpest high resolution image of the Nikon D700, found with Google Images, unfortunately is the image of a photoshopped D700”x”.

    Our sincere apologies go out to everyone for causing any confusion about the Nikon D700”x”.

    Please note that if this would be a publicity stunt, this promotional activity would have been managed in a creatively and professionally enhanced manner.

    This will be the only Kamera Express official statement. Please contact marketing[at]kamera-express.nl for any questions concerning this topic.

    • Markus

      Odd, that such excuse is used for deliberately adding a photochopped image to the low res online banner. This will be my only official statement to this marketed joke of Kamera Express

    • As a store that sells cameras and accessories to professional photographers you would think they would have a greater respect for copyright laws and not just grab things off of Google images.

    • Thanks clearing this up, I figured it was something unimportant and trivial, but now let the complaining commence…

      • Markus

        “…..but now let the complaining commence…”

        Yeah, well the usual complaining commenters are enjoying their summer holiday, therefore the complaining commentary has been assigned to another team of commenters within the organization, sorry about that

    • WHAT! You’re saying you don’t really have early late access to the Nikon D700x!?!?!?! I will never shop at Kamera Express again!!!

      And you should know, the odds of my needing to make some kind of emergency photo-related purchase in the Netherlands are high—at least 1%—given that I plan to regularly travel outside of the U.S. sometime within the next 50 years.

      Ok, but seriously…You guys can relax. Your site just got some free internet traffic, and gave us something to banter about over the weekend.

      Next up: D800 spotted on bhphotovideo.com!!!

    • C_QQ_C

      Oops, not relying on the official Nikon pics of their products, free for download at the Dutch/German Nikon web-site especialy for press and promotional adds ???

      Let me help yopu there :

  • Narna

    What I find interesting is that seaching on Google images does not easily give up this image, even if searching for “D700x”. Or at least I didn’t find it on a relatively quick search, can anyone else find it? If not you have to wonder where the image actually came from….

    • That was my point above. 🙂

      Of course, it’s entirely plausible that it was in some asset repository and was grabbed by the “guy on duty.”

      It doesn’t really matter, except for those wishing there were still some thread of truth (which didn’t exist in the first place) or maybe a conspiracy here. We had fun, they had an oops moment, and like that—it’s over.

      Now can we please get some more “real” rumors around here? Admin: where are your sources with firmed up specs and your accompanying 99% NR ratings? 🙂

    • The first thing I did after reading this was to google image search “Nikon D700x” (I think that was the query) and it was on the first page of results.

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