Nikon Capture NX3 book shows up in Europe

A Nikon Capture NX3 book showed up in a Dutch online book store with a release date of September 1st, 2011 (you can see all related  ISBN online entries here).

In the past, we have seen Nikon D800 and Nikon D400 books to show up online. One publisher actually came out and said that their D400 book was a pure speculation. We have discussed this in details before - basically anyone can register a new ISBN number and a book title. The question if this publisher really has some advanced information about Capture NX3 or they are just shooting in the dark. What I find also interesting is the release date of September 1st, 2011 - I already mentioned that Nikon is expecting to have a major product announcement(s) at the end of August.

The last rumor I received was that Nikon Capture NX 3 will be rewritten from scratch and will also include NIK plugins.

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  • LGO

    It’s about time.

    • For some already too late. I bought Lightroom 3 and I’m happy with it. Much faster than Caputer NX2. So, even if NX3 would be faster and more usable, I don’t see any reason to switch.

      • Oh boy, yet another software engineering masterpiece from Nikon. No doubt about that.

        Genre: Leisure, Hobbies ….

        • PB PM

          Good thing Nikon doesn’t make CaptureNX… Nik software does.

          • El Aura

            Nik Software had been contracted to write part of Capture NX but Nik Software has stated officially that they are no longer involved with current versions of Capture NX.

            • And that point is often forgotten. They only supplied the control point technology and a few other things. The base SDK and interface are Nikon’s and other contractors.

          • Isn’t Nik software a division of Nikon?

            • AM

              Not really. Nikon has some stock though.

            • Not in the slightest. Nikon is only a small investor.

  • Definitely it has begun… 😉

  • alvix

    money ready…

  • pabs

    if it is coming out in the near future, where is the beta version? LR 3 was clearly visible long before being released.

  • Olfers

    Its a Belgium bookstore btw

  • The author is a Dutch Capture NX2 specialist (and developer for several software companies). Followed some of his workshops in the past.

  • Shaun

    Im hoping NX3 (regardless of the release date) has a work flow like Lightroom 3.
    As great as Lightroom 3 is, it cant touch NX2 when it comes to processing .NEF files. If you want the best from your photos, you have to process in NX2, then work in Lightroom 3. Im waiting for the day to have the best of both worlds in one program. I am hoping that will be Sept 1st, 2011.

    • dave

      I think it depends on how bad your images are to begin with. It also depends on which camera body you are using. from what I recall, the Capture is better than ACR argument only applied to the D2 line and possibly the D300, and that was several ACR versions ago. One of the arguments had to do with ACR’s inability to read white-balance and, I think, exposure data correctly, which it has clearly been doing for the last several releases. And ACR’s noise reduction has been superior for the last couple of releases as well.

  • CFH

    “…where is the beta version?” – that’s a procedure used by proper software companies; remember this is the firm that turned down Photoshop, allegedly

  • Mark

    Well I think is will suck, just like the last two version… I’m on the latest and it keeps crashing on my mac. there excuse is that it is 32 bit… and that is what support told me. And They can not read a crash report. It is there code.

    Thank you for contacting Nik Software. Unfortunately, I cannot understand a crash report. If you could please explain to me your issue, I can better help you. I can tell the issue refers to Capture NX2. If Color Efex Pro 3 created a problem and caused it to crash please explain the details including your operating system. If the problem was only with Capture NX2, you need to contact Nikon Support at

    • malez

      second that. i don’t get my hopes up too high.

      their reasoning is ridiculous, 32bit or not their software sucks.
      people don’t care if its 32or64, people wants something that works.

  • I love NX2 for my initial part of the workflow (the most important). It’s so slow that often makes me wonder it would make an excellent computer virus, so if NX3 improves speed then it’s a very welcome edition.
    It scares me to see the NIK plug-ins in it if the cost becomes as prohibitive as Photoshop CS series because of that.

  • John

    Hey, I actually like NX2, except for the slowness on my older machines. On my new machines it flies, though only because of the processors. I’m looking forward to the new release – hopefully it will be completely stable under Win7.

    If the book is coming out in Sept., won’t the software likely be released sometime before then?

    • What processors do you use in your new machines?

    • dave

      Yeah, you must have the last quad core processor (wait, can NX2 even take advantage of multiple procs? It isn’t even 64-bit!) because on my systems, LR3 and ACR 6-point-whatever blow it out of the water in terms of speed.

  • I actually love Capture NX2. It’s does a great job as the initial part of my workflow, for .NEF editing and conversion. From there, I input and edit in PS. My image quality is top-notch.

    • JED

      I might have agreed with you in the past but the IQ of NX2 has been surpassed by various programmes. Try the free ‘Photivo’. Once you figure out how to use it you will find that in pure IQ terms that it leaves NX2 (and many others) in the dust – especially as the ISO increases.

  • Don Pope

    I would celebrate, but it’s probably going to be just as bad as the previous versions.
    They should just license their RAW conversion algorithms to 3rd party companies capable of releasing quality software.

    • BornOptimist

      They do thru the SDK free of charge. It’s just that they don’t want to use it.

    • The problem is the SDK is single threaded. So that would be a huge bottleneck for anyone trying to develop a high performing application based on the Nikon software.

  • JeroenW

    Mr. Kerver does have a history in publishing about graphics.

    His blurb:

    Johan Kerver is oprichter van The Result Builders, een bedrijf gespecialiseerd in grafische computertrainingen. Daarnaast heeft Johan jarenlange ervaring in het geven van presentaties voor onder andere Adobe, HP en Nikon. Eerder schreef hij verschillende andere boeken over grafische programma’s en colormanagement.

    Which translates as: Johan Kerver founded “The Result Builders, a company specialising in computer graphics training courses. Additionally Johan has many years of experience in giving presentations for companies like Adobe, HP and Nikon

    So… to quote Mythbusters…. I call this rumour plausible!

  • Carl

    Book announcements, cool!
    Amazon had a book about the Nikon D400 listed a year ago. We see how much this means.

    • RR


    • RR

      No news here

    • dave

      There have been a few D400 book rumors going back at least two years, I think, prior to the announce of the D300s. So, I’m not holding my breath.

  • Tim

    @Shaun: ‘LR3 … it cant touch NX2 when it comes to processing .NEF files….’ Wise guy, are you able to select, let’s say from a bunch of 50 pics, the processed NX2 raw files and the LR3 raw ones? I don’t think so! I’ve read your story a 1000 times. Just like you, everybody repeat what he/she has seen on the internet, ….NX2 does much better renderings blabla. I’ll bet you have never ever tested it yourself, did you?

    • Virgil Tracy

      Yeah,well I have done some comparisons with Phases Capture One Pro 6. Phase smokes Nx2 on speed and batch processing, but when it comes to critical colour and extracting subtlety from a NEF file nothing comes close to NX2. Theres a reason thousanads say it “does much better renderings blabla”

    • I don’t think you could pick out which one was which if you saw the finished product. But there is a subtle benefit to using NX starting out. I found, though, that NX only has a marked difference when you try to rescue a severely underexposed picture. Of course the fact that it was underexposed is my fault, lol.

  • I like NX2, its slow but powerfull.
    i work more and more with Capture One Pro 6 : dam good too : great functions, good colors rendition.

  • sirin

    talking about books, what happened to that d800 book the publisher promised so many times to be real?

  • C_QQ_C

    On this website :

    You can already pre-order this book, and they will then send it to you from 01 sept 2011 on…

    Apart from that , I guess something MUST get anounced this year, since Nikon has been announced official brand for the 2012 olympics, and its tradition to announce “Big” in the year before tyhe olympics…

  • Hmmm NX3 for the new cameras? 😀

  • Ricci

    Just GREAT! I purchased Color Efex 3.0 YESTERDAY!!!!

    Meh, It’s only money, they’re printing more everyday.

  • disiderio

    Nobody uses NX2 in a professional capacity. Will be interesting to see if NX3 will shift this attitude.

    • “Nobody” – REALLY ? Nobody uses it professionally?

      Well sorry to burst your bubble, but I personally know quite a few who do.

      I also use it for the critical part of my workflow.
      Yes it may be slow at times, but you can do in a few minutes what others spend a long time doing in PS.

      Then it is back to shooting.

      Of course for those who pretend to be photographers and love spending hours in front of their screens pushing out miserable HDR and other pixel killing adjustments – go ahead – avoid NX2.

      I was on a forum recently and someone asked about my ‘post processing’ for some B&W shots on my blog. They found it hard to believe that the way to do it is get it right in camera and then very few adjustments in NX2.

      NO-ONE uses it professionally? – maybe not on your planet, but down here on earth they do.

    • I use NX2 in a professional capacity. Thank you. 🙂

    • Sorry disiderio, you are misinformed. Plenty of people use it professionally.

  • CNX2 sucks. It’s too slow, unstable and the interface is weird. Nikon should get View to where it is comparable with Canon DPP, give it away and scrap CNX2.

  • Bip

    There has been many instances where guidebooks were released before any actual announcement of products causing false alarm. If I recalled correctly, a D800 guide book was one of them (scheduled to be released in Feb ’11 only to be pushed back to Mar, Apr… now indefinite – if I got the date wrong, my apology for that) causing many people to believe the D800 will be announced before the released of the guidebook.

    Nonetheless, always good to know replacement products are coming up.

  • Shaun

    @Tim hey Tim, I can absolutly tell the difference between .NEF images processed through NX2 and Lightroom 3. As a professional photographer who uses both programs every day you better believe I have tested this, and I stick to my original statement. If you even think for a second that adobe will process Nikon raw photos better than an official Nikon raw converter than you are on another planet. So if NX3 has a work flow similar to Lightroom and Aperture than that would be the one thing every serious Nikon shooter could ask for and would pay top dollar for.

    • Bigus Dickus

      adobe and apple dont have such good raw converters as NX2 is. But capture one is better then NX2 for nikon at least anyway.

  • Gandalf

    I agree with Shaun, and it is easy to get NX2 to run without problems – I have written about it earlier, but got no respons, so you can find the information at the net, if you want to do this little work – I run it at XP -Pro – 32 bit- it works like a charm, and has done ´since I 1-2 years ago altered some of the things in the program – very easy but few want to do that, that is a mysteri for me ?

    I think I can count 5 times, when NX2 crashes over the years, and I had to restart, but my Nik plug ins – Nik Silver more often – can crash sometimes in Photoshop, and has done it about 20-30 times over the years.

    • disiderio

      I don’t understand – if this is the bulletproof solution, then why don’t Nikon incorporate it into an update and be rid of it’s critics? /lol/

  • Bigus Dickus

    or you can skip that pain and just get Capture NX9, aka Capture One by Phase One.

  • Excellent!

  • Bennyd

    Let’s hope…

  • Cesar

    It better be darn good!

  • Nikon software sucks. It’s painfully slow, unintuitive, and crashes all the time. No professional uses it. The best batch processing software for raw files on a Mac is Phase One Capture One Pro. As for ‘It doesn’t extract the same subtlety out of a raw file.’ It does if you know how to use it. If it didn’t, it wouldn’t be industry standard.

    • And again: I use it and in this threat I saw at least on other professional (Shaun) who does.

      So please stop repeating this nonsense that “No professional uses it.”

    • I’ve said before, I use Capture NX2 professionally, as well. I’ve done comparisons and nothing beats CNX2 for IQ. Sorry guys. The only thing I don’t care for is noise reduction in NX2. I use Topaz DeNoise once I get the file in PS and turn off noise reduction in CNX2.

  • I barely wait ver. 3 from CaptureNX. Let’s hope it will have support for 64 bit OS. 😀

  • heiko

    Sorry i didn’t read al the posts here, maybe someone already mentioned but NPS (nikon professional is always advertising Johan Kerver workflow classes. So I think he really has insight information.

  • Bennyd

    My guess is that he wrote a new LR3 book and at they misunderstood him…,, etc., its all the same company…

  • Ronan

    Lightroom 3 FTW.

  • AnoNemo

    I have more faith in the Angry Birds than in the new NX3 🙂

  • The invisible man

    Why do we see Canon adds on Nikon rumors ?
    Google need to improve his marketing skills !

    • They are trying to convert you 🙂

    • That means that you previously went on Canon site(s).

      Don’t worry! Google has good marketing skills!

  • markus

    Johan Kerver….LOL, probable he’s the ghost writer for the D800 and D400 books as well 😉
    The estimated release date is probable announced to publishers several on dpreview mention also that there will be a new version end of summer.

  • zoetmb

    As I’ve written so many times before when you’ve posted bibliographic listings, it means nothing. Any publisher can assign an ISBN and “announce” any book. I used to work in that industry and publishers would announce some books as far as ten years in advance. If anyone has online access to “Books In Print”, do a search for titles published >2013 and you’ll see hundreds, if not thousands of books. Aside from academic and reference titles, most will never be published.

    Amazon has been listing two HTML5 titles (with cover art) for about two years now, both by known authors and from major publishing companies and there’s still no sign that the books will ever be published, probably because the HTML5 standards are in flux.

    I’m not saying that NX3 isn’t eventually coming – just that a listing for a book about it doesn’t mean anything.

  • it is funny when I trace the IP of a troll and I get a high school listing 🙂

    • With school out in the US I bet troll activity has skyrocketed. And will decline somewhere around mid August…

      • Markus

        LOL! 🙂 wahahaha, after the 25th of August for sure! 😀

  • Frankly, I think NX2 is an amazing piece of software. My biggest issue is the rather poorly laid out UI. I’d love to see a facelift and better organization. Faster speed of course. And it would be nice to be able to apply opacity to base Raw Develop step. Ohh yea, better printing tools please. We’ll see, but I have faith.

    And if NX3 includes the ability to download 3rd party plugs ins (like Silver Efex), then we’re really talking. But even without these, it’s amazing what you can do in 5-minutes using NX2. It’s not perfect, but what PP software is.

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