The end of Nikon D400 book story


Out friends from sent us this update from Markt und Technik publisher regarding the previously reported Nikon D400 book:

Nikon D400 camera book
Please note that a recent announcement on this website of a title accompanying a possible Nikon Corporation product D400 was purely speculative, and was in no way based on information from Nikon Corporation. The title in question should not have been announced, and the publisher wishes to apologize unreservedly for any potential confusion. 

Nikon D400 Kamerabuch
Der Verlag weist ausdrücklich darauf hin, dass einem kürzlich veröffentlichten Titeleintrag zu einem etwaigen Kameramodell D400 der Firma Nikon reine Spekulation zugrunde lag, in keiner Weise aber Information des Herstellers. Der betreffende Titel hätte nicht angekündigt werden dürfen, und der Verlag entschuldigt sich ausdrücklich für die möglicherweise entstandene Verwirrung bei seinen Lesern und bei dem Hersteller. 

Maybe they are just covering up their previous mistake?

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  • low

    put me down for one!

  • BrianO

    Definitely sounds like Nikon got upset that they leaked the info.

    I’m not in the publishing business but to announce a book as manual to a product which is just pure speculation sounds a bit ridiculous.

    If anything I would say this confirms the D400.

    • I agree – I emailed the author and never got a responce back – if it was a mistake, wouldn’t you say so? Let’s remember to check this book after the D400 gets released, only then we will know the truth 🙂

  • Pablov

    it sounds weird to me, but Briano can be right.

    No company would like this kind of leak, althouth, I agree too “pure speculative” sounds not credible……Uless everything (from the book to the author) were false

  • Vince

    Nikon lawyers probably sent a cease & desist letter. How would they explain the ISBN number? Made up?

  • Anonymous

    i told you!

    D400 isn’t coming anytime soon.

    • Pablov

      that’s not right.

      too many evidence showing it will be in next months.

  • Weston

    Nikon is getting a lot better at being sneaky, look at the 35mm 1.8G release. The D400 is of course much higher profile, very anxious to see something official in the next 6 months.

    • shutterdancer

      “Nikon is getting a lot better at being sneaky, look at the 35mm 1.8G release” Yea, they are so sneaky with that one that none of the dealers can seem to get them in stock….untill I actually hold one in my hands I won’t believe that they exist . ;>)

      • I got the 35 mm 1.8 info 2-3 weeks before announcement and posted the info here few days before the official release.

        • shutterdancer

          I know admin…..I’m just being a little snarky because no one has them in stock at the moment!!……and I really…really need one.

          • I got mine from my local store – I had to pay $ 210 before taxes…

          • shutterdancer

            I will be willing to pay just shy of $300.00 … let me know where to purchase!!

          • King of Swaziland

            Over here in sunny Swaziland it is also still not available. I have sent out an urgent letter to Nikon, but they have not replied.

          • AZ

            no problems with availability in poland

      • tebby

        shutterdancer theres no shortage of them here in california.. the local camera shop here had at least 9 of them stacked up along the shop wall.. and 2 MD-B80’s which i was hunting for on i was so irritated.. i knew i shoulda just went into the local shop.. he just has terrible hours since it’s a mom and pop shop so it’s hard for me to get to him unless it’s a saturday.. if you still need the nikon 35mm 1.8 dx lens.. i can look about getting one for you and shipping it.. let me know

        • shutterdancer

          Thanks tebby,
          So the local shop that has several 35mm in stock has no website? What is their asking price and how might I get in touch with them about a purchase?

  • Rick

    I’d have to agree that the only plausible explanation would be that Nikon legal complained. Why else would they bother to print a retraction instead of just removing the entry from the website? It would then seem that the only way that Nikon could pressure the publisher would be that the author was under an NDA with Nikon for a pre-production camera upon which to write the book. If they were getting thousands of queries it seems that just removing would have solved that problem. So I agree, it does lend credence, in my view, to an imminent D400 which everyone expects anyway.

  • Gary L

    In order to write the book the author had to have access to a sample D400, and to do so, (s)he HAD TO sign a confidentiality agreement, which covered a plethora of circumstances and clauses. Some are nearly impossible to FULLY keep covert, such as getting the site ready for the new book.

    Clearly Nikon is behind times in this respect. They seem to be strugling with the new age ways of doing biz, brought by the DSLR market. I am talking of larger and diverse market they are in – up to 5-7 years ago, during the film days, they had just 5-6 bodies from mid to pro, whereas now, they cover the full spectrum from $100 P&S to $8,000 D3. To that add many more competitors in their space!!!

    Its a whole new world, and it is evolving fast ……… for better and for worse.

    Just my thought.

  • TomB

    A “purely speculative” ISBN Number sounds very untrustworthy to me. You can check the ISDN for plausibility here:

    I believe the D400 will appear end of July.

  • Anonymous

    Just google for 9783827244826, and you see how many book stores have not read this “update”. 🙂 They are even so confused that they cannot decide whether this purely speculative book will be released in July or August.
    “will be released in July”:
    “will be released in August”:
    “has been (!!) released in July 2009”:

    And this book store is so confused that it calls the book DXXX. 🙂

    • Pablov

      lol, good research.

      in fact I get bothered wih such kind of Nikon presures and lack of information.
      The book was already posted in many places and has an ISBN, so why NIkon do such kind of pressure ? I realy DO NOT like that attitude to force an editorial or anyone to say it is “pure speculative”…… when it has such a backup of detailed information worldwide….

      I DO NOT LIKE Companies to treat us as fools (… to not say “idiots”).
      They (some companies) still do not realize people arond the world is not that kind of people

      • Ato3

        If you were an owner of a company would you like it if people stopped buying your product for 6 months because they knew a better one was coming out?

      • dave

        Because Nikon is still selling D300s and D90s and other camera bodies. Nikon would rather have my money now on a D300 purchase than later on a D400. If customers know when the next one is coming, they are much more willing to wait. If they don’t know what is coming next and when, they are much more willing to buy now. For me, if the D400 offers better resolution and the same high-ISO image quality as the D300/D90, then I’m getting a D400.

  • Thanks for the image, ISBN is the right one! The book is a reality 🙂 Available from July…

    For example:

    And many, many more.. 😉

  • This same thing happened with the Canon 5D MkII: there was a book with the ISBN number reserved for *months* before the camera was released.

  • donde?

    At least it has become even more obvious that the screenshots on the Nikon website a while ago were fakes… they wouldn’t have done this so much time before an announcement.

    So the rumor around the D400 is supported by an unpublished book with the same name, several reports of stores selling their D300 stock and that we’re getting closer to a possible 2-2.5 year product cycle.
    I’d love to see a D400. I think about upgrading from the D80 to a more professional body. The tough thing is that the D400 would probably cost as much initially as the D700 now. That’s DX + video vs FX, a very tough call.

    • The D700 update!

      Just wait for the D700 update coming probably not very long after the update to the D300 (D400 or else).
      With the D700 update (D800 or else), I am pretty sure that Nikon will also put video on it.

      I think that, when one can afford it, it is better to move to the full frame format. There will come a time (in a few years maybe) when a full frame Nikon camera will reach the entry level Nikon DSLR cameras. When such a great event happens, it will be pointless to stick with the DX format (smaller viewfinder, etc.).

  • Nikkorian

    Well, I’ve said from the start there is no D400 coming out before fall.

    They will wait (at least) for the 60D and I read – probably at CR – a rumor that the xxD-series is put back on an 18month cycle so it might not even be in fall. I still expect a D700x to come out some time this summer though. The D400 maybe in time for Xmas. D300 is still a good seller. And D90 movie mode is not so tempting to serious people who spend money on a Dx00.


  • Zorro

    Maybe the D400 itself has been canceled so now there is no need for a book.

    • Anthony

      You could be right.
      If Nikon had planed to release the config we talked abaout months ago ( 16MP… not a real offer against eos 5d mark II at $2700), why wouldn’t they have delayed the release to update their offer (something like 24MP for example at the same price)?

  • “That’s DX + video vs FX, a very tough call.”

    More like – That’s DX + video vs FX + video

    Here’s a couple of new videos I shot with my Nikon D90 last weekend –

    Don’t forget to click on the HD button. . .

    • donde?

      Um no, the D700 doesn’t have video, unless you mean the LiveView hack, but that’s not what I was looking for. A possible D700x would surely be out of reach for my wallet.

    • Char

      Hmmm. Why would I? Do the videos get better when viewed in HD? Somehow, I don’t think so.

  • gallon

    Googling on this book, looks like it is due in August 2009.

  • Anonymous

    they expected the D400 to be released in May 09
    maybe their information changed or their hope for an may-release is gone

    • Nikkorian

      it’s only pr — so much has been talked about this “markt&technik” book now that when the camera actually comes out everybody will mention this book when asked for advice or even a review…

  • Zoetmb

    I hate to say it, but if you look at my old postings, you’ll see that “I told you so”: the listing of bibliographic metadata for a book (or any other media) means absolutely nothing. As I had posted before, I used to be involved with “Books In Print”, so I know how this stuff works.

  • Dragos

    Let this D400 come out already, so that I may pick up a ice D300 for USD700… nah, not going to happen until perhaps 2 more years from now! What I really want is a D700 compatible with Canon lenses – the best of both worlds. Not that I would mind several of the best Nikkors like the 14-24…

  • Javier

    Despite the huge economical crisis. Nikon company should launch something better than the d-5000. If they don’t do it, It would result a serious damage for their sharing in the sales market. Canon is taking over them very dangerously. They should launch an 15-20 mpx camera as soon as possible.

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