New Nikon patents – it’s all about the headset

Tethered shooting via a headset? Maybe this is not that far away.

Few months ago Nikon released the Nikon Media Port UP300x video headset and now there are 3 new patent application that just became public today:

Wearable display: "A proposition is to provide a wearable display suitable for enjoying contents including images by plural users simultaneously. To realize the proposition, the wearable display provides an external output unit outputting a signal having the same contents as a signal input to a device to an external device, at an exterior part of an apparatus body including the device making information of contents including images into a state capable of being sensed by a user, and mounting fixtures mounting the device on a head portion of the user."


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Head mount display: "A head mount display includes: an image display unit at which an image is displayed; an arm that supports the image display unit while allowing an orientation of the image display unit to be adjusted; a mounting unit that supports the arm and is used to attach the head mount display to a user."


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Head-mounted display: "A headphone (3) has LEDs indicating whether a head-mounted display is used for the left eye or for the right eye. In the case shown in the attached figure, the LED of L showing that the display is used for the left eye is lit. Whether the head-mounted display is used for the left eye or for the right eye is indicated by the LEDs, and depending on whether it is used for the left eye or for the right eye, audio outputted from the headphone (3) is switched over between the left and the right. Independent of whether the head-mounted display is used for the left eye or for the right eye, audio for the right ear is outputted for the right ear and audio for the left ear is outputted for the left ear."

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There are also two camera related patents: Electronic camera and Digital camera system.

Patents do not always materialize, but it is still interesting to see what Nikon engineers have in their minds.

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  • Eric

    This is exactly what I thought the UP media headset actually was when I first saw the announcement. Live view + wifi headset = wearable EVF for DSLRs. It’d be kickass to see this built in or with an adapter on the D400/D700x.

  • I’d buy this just for the fashion statement.

  • Dylan

    I think i’m gonna stick with looking through glass. I just want d400 to come out already!!!

    This would be cool for remote shooting, however.

    Maybe to hook this up in swaziland and take photos of the king, now that would be cool.

  • Jeff

    Or… Build a motorized tripod head with a lazer tracker, build a lazer sight into the headset and use wi-fi to trigger the camera and you get a remote camera that can compose. I could see these things arranged in battery… that’d be kickass

  • GilmourD

    That headset looks like what Scotty was wearing in the transporter room in the new Star Trek.

  • Willis

    Because that giant SLR hanging around your neck didn’t make you look enough like a doucher.

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