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Don't have much this weekend:

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  • QuadraPixel

    That phoenix lens is not a cheep alternative to a high-power lens, it’s a crappy alternative. Images so soft your better off using a 300mm zoom and cropping real tight.

    • you are right – this is an alternative only for the focal length (almost), not quality – I wouldn’t even try to compare Phoenix to Nikon.

  • They had the “Jolly Green Giant” Sigma 200-500mm f/2.8 AF zoom at a mini trade-show in Montreal over the weekend and it was quite impressive. It comes with a matched APO 2X teleconverter which makes it a 400-1000mm f/5.6 AF zoom. On the whole a much more versatile lens than the Nikon 1200-1700mm f/5.6-8 zoom. If Sigma made a matched 3X converter it would become a 600-1500 f/8 zoom. Personally I would like to see Nikon and other companies produce fast zooms with optically matched 1.4X, 2X and 3X converters or if possible 1.5X and 2X converters that can be combined to provide 3X with high optical quality. Yes, I know, I am dreaming in Technicolor. Still. . . it occurs to me now that if one could bang a Nikon 1.7X converter onto the Sigma 200-500mm f/2.8 zoom with its APO doubler already attached that it would make a 680-1700mm zoom with a maximum opening not much smaller than f/8. With any luck Nikon’s ExSpeed IV image processor would make everything look marvelous. Tack sharp with not the slightest color fringing or flare. 🙂

    • Jeff

      btw, you mean a 2.8x converter, if you make a 3x you screw all the apertures.

  • Phil

    I wouldn’t mind playing around with it, but doubt it’d be worth the $300 even if you are aware and using it within its limits.

    Here are some photos: (more further along the discussion)

    Moon shots:

    • Phil

      And the Phil from there isn’t me…it’s just a coincidence lol

  • D5000

    That Nikkor zoom is just insane! It dwarfs the large SLR “hanging” at the mount end of it. The f/5.6 would mean the diaphgram is more than 20cm wide…

  • D40-owner

    Hey guys, check out MIR for a lot of info on the 1200-1700:
    It includes links to the famous “Bastilla Day Parade” shot of Sarkozy.

  • pabs

    what camera is that mounted at the end of the 1200-1700mm? D300 looking design. square eye piece, different flash design, different rubber seal design

    • Phoggy

      I think it’s a D700 dangling off it.

    • Phoggy

      or possibly it’s a D300 for that DX sensor crop factor for just a little extra telephoto

    • Bret

      It’s a Canon 1D or 1Ds… it says in the article that they used a convertor. They probably figured they could use the 1.3x crop to their advantage and the lens is MF and has a manual aperture anyway so it’d cost less to convert than to buy a Nikon body.

      • Bret

        oh wait I was referring to the picture on the “mir” website, not the link from NR sorry…

    • Eli

      It’s a D200. Look at the top buttons near the shutter–they’re more trapezoidal, where the D300’s are rounded. Other than that the D200 and D300 are nearly identical from the front.

  • Neil

    To use the logic of some… no gold ring on that nikkor — must only be for consumers.

    • Rthomas

      Yes, but very high-end consumers!

  • Ivor Biggun

    If it doesn’t have it’s own seat and rail system I’m not interested. 🙂

  • Maybe they can nickname the Zeiss 1700mm f/4 lens –

    The Zeiss Zeppelin 🙂

  • Heavok

    Whats the benefit from these rifle-like cameras? I wonder what you do with it?

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