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Nikon instant rebates updated @ Adorama (including all possible combinations)

The initial rebate list had some items that were listed with the wrong prices (Adorama was closed for over a week). I just got an update from Adorama: those are all possible combination for the new Nikon instant rebates. All prices should be updated: Combination D300s body D300s w/18-200 D700 body D700 w/24-120 70-200 ($400) […]

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No Nikon D700 replacement in 2010?

Quesabesde (in English) posted an article today stating that there will be no Nikon D700 replacement in 2010 based on “unofficial sources close to the company”. I have received similar rumors in the past and I have not found a good reason to believe them or post them online. Let’s put it this way – if this is […]

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Low stores inventory

Multiple reports from small and big stores in the US about low inventory on many products (new and old models). No reason to panic, this is probably due to the current ongoing instant rebate program combined with Nikon’s yearly inventory count that suspended all product deliveries to dealers for 10 days. Expect most of the missing […]

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Nikon related news/links

Update: A reader just informed me about the Amazon promotional codes for the latest Nikon rebates (thanks David): here is Amazon’s official page for the Nikon instant rebates with the promotion code you will need to enter at checkout. Nikon SB-900 $100 instant rebate is also online @ Amazon and so is the $300 for the […]

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After Nikon did the research, Kodak announced Aromatography

In the last Nikon links section I posted the results of an international study commissioned by Nikon: “47% of Britons can remember the scent associated with the photograph” (see original article at DailyMail dated March 24th). Today Kodak made it official: they announced Aromatography, a breakthrough in digital image processing. See the details at the official […]

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Nikon EVIL camera LCD screen leaked

Nikon EVIL camera LCD screen leaked, originally uploaded by 1davidstella.

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