No Nikon D700 replacement in 2010?

Quesabesde (in English) posted an article today stating that there will be no Nikon D700 replacement in 2010 based on "unofficial sources close to the company". I have received similar rumors in the past and I have not found a good reason to believe them or post them online. Let's put it this way - if this is true, what will Nikon show on Photokina this year? Nikon D90 emplacement only?

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  • Simon

    It is a rumour site not what the site admin thinks. The admin got it wrong more often than not, ie february announcements of 2 new dSLRs, so why should anyone believe him? If a source close to the company says there is no D700 replacement in 2010 just post it like it is and we can make our own opinion.

    • Stu B.

      Simon, you did not tell the whole story: the next day Nikon did make an announcement, they announced the D3s and the D3000 AGAIN! You cannot blame the admin for that – he got a tip that there will be an announcement about 2 cameras and he published it. I have been reading this site for over a year now and the admin has nailed every single Nikon announcement so far.

  • sanders

    heard from a reliable source ,,, actual ritz camera sales person / friend, that there will be no d300s replacement this year (2010) for they have a contract with nikon for another year on that camera but there will be a d700 replacement!

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