Low stores inventory

Multiple reports from small and big stores in the US about low inventory on many products (new and old models). No reason to panic, this is probably due to the current ongoing instant rebate program combined with Nikon's yearly inventory count that suspended all product deliveries to dealers for 10 days. Expect most of the missing products to be restocked by the end of the month.

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  • What? Don’t panic? How can we *not* panic?

  • The invisible man

    First 😮
    I’ll be back around 11AM-12PM
    Stay tuned.

    • invisible man, get some proof 🙂

      • The invisible man

        Well, I’m the invisible man………with invisible proofs !
        What do I get if I’m right for the 3S ?
        Free advertising for my TC 😮 ?
        I’m like eveyone here, waiting for a nice pro (but cheap) FX body.
        I’m affraid that the 3S will be too expensive for most of us, so we can still dream about a D700S/D700x/D800/D900
        See you after lunch.

  • MB

    when is nikon d700x coming – i want it NOW!!

    • I want D700s, not x. 😀

      • I’m in line w/ you. But, since the D3x is older, we have to concede the D700x is more likely.

        • The invisible man

          To buy a D700x do you have to be over 18 years old ?

          • No, that’s the ultra-rare D700xxx. I think it uses the sensor that they have installed at certain airports right now 😉

  • Markus

    On DPreview people mentioned that there are a number of Nikon items since last year are already out of stock. or hard to deliver, maybe sign of product updates?

  • I just want them to announce a replacement (or a restock) for the SB-600 flashes. I had been saving since Christmas to get one and with my birthday coming up, I’m expecting a gift card to B&H to finally tie things up. I really want that SB-600 or it’s replacement before the end of the month.

  • The invisible man

    Link (spanish) about the D700 sucessor not showing up before Photokina (10/2010).
    Damn ! Why they can’t move that Photokina thing in April (just for this year :o)

  • Ez

    Hates being kept in the dark…

    The D3x prices have gone down but still painful. I’d rather buy that elusive “X” version that so many of us have been waiting for and purchase a new glass for the same amount money the D3x has to offer. COME ON NIKON. It’s not funny anymore.

  • Anonymous

    Shortage = Nikon price fixing

  • MB

    why can one see marketing strategies in other industries but not when it comes to delivering nikons….

    • Anonymous

      because it is much cheaper to cheat! for example playing with the inventory together with other manufactuers to jackup the price

      you don’t even need to release products in timely manner since there is no real competition

      • MB


  • ways

    No more Nikon D700s, no more D700s…no Nikon D900

    Nikon D800 is ready.

    • ways

      no D700s, no D700x

      have a good day

  • []V[] i k e

    Actually I came here to check out what is going on with Nikon. I want to buy new lenses, but online stores in Europe have everything sold out. On their website written that goods is not available or ordered.

    Many lenses and cameras are not available. Nikon Netherlands (centrum of Nikon for Europe) do not have goods.

    One shop I use.

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