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Update: A reader just informed me about the Amazon promotional codes for the latest Nikon rebates (thanks David):ย here is Amazon's official page for the Nikon instant rebates with the promotion code you will need to enter at checkout. Nikon SB-900 $100 instant rebate is also online @ Amazon and so is the $300 for the 24-70mm f/2.8 lens. For the 16-35mm rebate check this link (the item was not available at the time of this post).

  • Nikon S1000pj and Nikon D5000 receive the "Red Dot award: product design 2010" (source).
  • Nikon D3000 price reduced in the UK.
  • Yongnuo 468 flash for Nikon to be released in May 2010. For full specs go to

  • A day in the life of New York City, in miniature (video shot with Nikon D3). Details about this video available here.

The Sandpit from Sam O'Hare on Vimeo.

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  • NikoDoby

    Can I put Nikon stickers on my canon gear? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anonymous

    nothing much happening these days. where is my 24mm 1.4?

  • Michael

    That lottery site really seems like a scam to me. No further info on who is behind the web site is given.
    The domain name was registered by “Protected Domain Services” who have been involved in similar scams and other fishy stuff before…

    • Thanks Michael, I removed the link.

    • Michael, I am not SCAM!!!! I have no relationship with any of the scam websites on your link. is just a popular ordinary domain register that I registered my website. Anybody can register website with this company. This does not proof that I am a SCAM site.

      NR Admin. Thank you for saying about our site in your news. I haven’t read it yet because the news was deleted. I do hope you will put it back. Our website are very brand, just post few days ago. I guarantee my site is not SCAM. I will do everything I say in my website. I just bought brand new Nikon D3X, Lense and Canon G11 last week for this purpose and now things are kept in safe place, I don’t even touch them after taking photograph. I plan for broadcast drawing ticket, take photo at DHL delivery and much more to do. Also I really want this first game to success, so I shall have willing to continue the game with more and more excellent prizes.

      • Our website is very brand new (sorry for wrong typo)

        • Global Guy

          You SOUND like a scammer. So touchy and emotional. That’s dangerous. He should be investigated.

          • This is a very beginning of, I know some people may think I am a scammer. All I can do is to run my website straight and clear, I believe when we do thing honestly, one day people will know.

   has no virus, trojan or spyware. All e-tickets transaction will be made by Palpal. That is no way to collect any of visitors’ information. Which I am not intend to do that kind of thing.

            I will be happy when there will be the winner because I know he will be very happy when DHL guy rings his home bell and give the valuable prize to him. Surely I will get profit from selling e-tickets and I will be able to share some of them for donation.

            I do not think that today, tomorrow or anyday, people will find the real evidence that I am a scammer or the proof that I don’t do things as I stated in

            Domain name is registered with and hosted with My email address is 1poundwow(at)

          • That guy

            Wow. You really do sound like a real scammer.

            I will stay away from you!

  • Tabitha Green

    “Nikon mode dial decal now available.”

    Scene modes? ๐Ÿ˜› Pass!

  • The invisible man

    Hi Nikon people ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    I should have some interresting news about the 3S Tuesday around noon.
    Stay tuned ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    • n

      verifiable news?

      • The invisible man

        I don’t know, but I will rate it 80%, I don’t see the rason why they would made up that ?
        If I understand right the 3S (I call it 3S because of the 3 sensors but I don’t know it’s real name, was hided in the video) will be available right after Photokina, it was delay because of software issues.
        I should get more informations Tuesday.

  • zzddrr

    Since there is no new Nikon news, I guess we should start making up some. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • The invisible man

      What about a D900 (FX) available in 2 weeks for $1500 ?

  • Bert

    Is it possible to order products from Nikon Japan shipped to the US? Would love to get my hands on the X Porter line of products.

  • NR,
    Huge price drop of D90 happened in Malaysia.
    RM 3800 to 4000 D90 kit (2 weeks ago)
    RM 3300 to 3400 D90 kit (this week)

    USD1 = RM 3.40

  • Anonymous

    The only breaking news now would be the announcement of a d700 successor. Too much time went by without any clearence on the horizon. Nikon said they will surprise the market by 2010. No FX gadget is the biggest surprise yet.

  • Peter

    How about a Nikon D7000?

    I fell over this in a Danish webshop.
    It’s probably a typo.

    All I want is a 7D killing D400 ๐Ÿ™‚


  • svndmvn

    is it just me or is it weird/suspicious that the D90 video on Nikon’s D-Movie site shows the exif data while shooting? Is a firmware with more controls coming anytime soon?

  • The invisible man

    The stop motion movie is very cool, it look so real !
    My kids loved it !
    Thank !

    • Anonymous

      That’s because it IS real. It’s not stop motion but fast forward or time shift and the effect of miniature is made with a tilt/shift lens.

  • That guy

    The Danish webshop D7000 was busted before someone even printscreened it.

    the VBA220K001 is the official NIKON for the D700 + 25-70 kit.

    I mean, if you are gonna start a rumour do some god damn research first

  • hybris

    i want 2 bellive!

  • David Segura Promotion Codes. Instant discount needs to be purchased with a D300s (and a D700 will work on some). Cannot stack, so only 1 lens or flash per order.

    Nikon 70-200mm – 7O2OOAPR ($2230.95 – $400 Rebate)

    Nikon 16-35mm – 247OI635 ($1258.98 – $300 Rebate)

    Nikon 24-70mm – 247OI635 ($1739.95 – $300 Rebate)

    Nikon SB-900 SB9OOAPR ($456.54 – $100 Rebate)

    Rebates on 55-200mm VR, 70-300mm VR, 18-200mm VR also available . . .

  • jason

    does anyone have any real update info in regards to the replacement for the D700 , as im looking to get a second body (camera) and im not to sure about the D300s as they never improved the sensor with that one , the D3s is on the radar but its just a bit to pricey ? if nothing shows up in the next 6weeks i’ll just sort some more glass
    P.S awesome site NR admin

    • Same here. If no D400 shows up within the next month or so (I doubt so), I’ll get the D300s as a second body.

      • The invisible man


        • Invisible man, you’re asking me to wait? The latest I can wait till is till end of May….cos my trip of a lifetime is in June and I can go there with my first body dying one me ๐Ÿ˜€

          But I’ll take your advice and will wait for a while ๐Ÿ™‚

    • thanks Jason

  • Anonymous

    Thanks admin (and David). I was waiting for Amazon to start with the Nikon rebates – I think it is a better deal then B&H and Adorama (they have been closed for over a week).

  • Bodies be damned! If all the new bodies have are more MP and higher quality video, I will stick with my D700 until it breaks and probably buy another one or a 300s as a back up! It always has been about the lenses anyway.

    I love my Nikon stuff and work at a major camera retailer. I can tell you while we move a decent amount of Nikon products, Canon stuff flies off the shelves.

    How about some of these lenses this year? To well informed people using AF-D lenses on their pro bodies isn’t a big deal, but when trying to sell Nikon products it confuses the hell out of average people. All modern lenses should be updated to work flawlessly across the system.

    20mm AF-S f/2.8G
    24mm AF-S f/2.8G
    28mm AF-S f/1.8G
    35mm AF-S f/1.4G N
    35mm AF-S f/2G
    50mm AF-S f/1.8G
    85mm AF-S f/1.4G N & AF-S f/1.8G
    24-120mm AF-S f/4G N VR
    70-200mm AF-S f/4G N VR
    100-500mm AF-S f/4.5-6.3G N VR (still 5.6 at 400)
    300mm AF-S f/4G N VR


    15-60mm AF-S DX f/2.8G N VR

    55-200mm AF-S DX f/2.8G N VR (just as the 17-55 f/2.8 is a pro mid-zoom, how about a pro level tele for DX?)

    16mm AF-S DX f/1.8G N (fast prime wide angle for DX long missing from lineup)

    Honestly people are starting to understand the megapixel myth. I don’t want to start a MP argument here so I will say this. Yes it does have advantages for those who are printing very large or shoot stock photos and need the highest possible resolution.

    HOWEVER to the average consumer AND to most professionals shooting weddings, sports, events, etc… they will rarely be having their images reproduced larger than 8×10 or 13×19 and 12MP is P L E N T Y for those sizes. A re haul in lenses would be much more appreciated by these people who use their cameras on a regular basis. In terms of bodies I wouldn’t lose a second if sleep if Nikon waited until the release of a D4 before updating their whole line of SLRs. The flagship first and then the trickle down as a result.

    Here are my ideas for SLRs. They would be taking a huge leap of faith here as many DX lenses would not cover the 1.3x APS-H format, BUT imagine a D800 with a 1.3 sensor? It would put a SERIOUS hit on the Canon 7D and possibly even the 1DIV. The D900 would remain as the succesor to the D700 and the D400 to the D300, it would create a NEW CLASS of semi pro bodies that Canon doesn’t offer! Granted my proposal would be forcing Nikon to create 3 NEW sensors which would take some time, but again I wouldn’t mind having to wait until A D4 announcement if it meant waiting for TRUE IMAGE QUALITY improvement and not just a boost in MP/HD video (canon cough cough)

    D4 (retail $5,700)
    18MP FX
    ISO 200-25,600 with expansion to 51,200 102,400 & 204,800 (1 stop improvement in noise from D3s)
    NEW 60 point AF system that reaches closer to the edges of the FX frame
    10 fps shooting at 14bit RAW
    12 fps shooting in DX mode
    1080p HD 24fps recording
    3″ LCD (higher than 920K res? aspect ratio same as canon T2i?)
    Dual CF & Dual SD slot (SD really does not take up much room and imagine being able to store 4 cards on board? incredible)
    Improved live view AF?
    Improved buffer from D3s?

    D900 (retail $3,300)
    18MP FX
    ISO 200-25,600 with expansion to 51,200 102,400 & 204,800 (1 stop improvement in noise from D3s)
    NEW 60 point AF system that reaches closer to the edges of the FX frame
    4.5 fps shooting at 14bit RAW (boost to 7fps with grip?)
    1080p HD 24fps recording
    3″ LCD (higher than 920K res? aspect ratio same as canon T2i?)
    Single CF & SD card slots

    D800 (retail $2,700)
    14MP APS-H (1.3 CROP)
    ISO 200-12,800 with expansion to 25,600 (would obliterate 7D in ISO performance and be BETTER than Canon 1DIV)
    SAME 60 point AF system that would cover the entire 1.3x area
    9fps shooting (no increase from optional grip)
    3″ LCD (higher than 920K res? aspect ratio same as canon T2i?)
    1080p HD 24fps recording
    Single CF & SD card slots
    100% viewfinder

    Nikon D400 (retail $1,800)
    16MP APS-C
    51 point AF system (with tweaks) from the D300s
    3″ LCD (higher than 920K res? aspect ratio same as canon T2i?)
    1080p HD video
    7 fps shooting (up to 9! with optional grip)
    ISO 200-6400 with expansion to 12,800
    Single CF & SD card slots

    Nikon D95 (retail $1,300 body only)
    16MP APS-C
    51 point AF system (with tweaks) from the D300s
    Articulating screen from D5000
    1080p HD video
    4.5 fps shooting
    ISO 200-3200 with expansion to 6400
    Dual SD card slots

    • The invisible man

      I’m not picky, I have:
      The D90 (piece of crap)
      The 24-70 f/2.8 AF-S
      The 105mm micro f/2.8 AF-S
      The SB-900
      I’m asking for:
      D700 with 18-24MP (HD video, stereo, 30i/s).
      20mm or 18mm f/2.8 (sharp) AF-S G, don’t need VR
      300mm f/4 AF-S VRII
      So, am I picky ?
      ho, I almost forget, I also need $7000 (+taxes)

      Thank you, (I’m a nice guy, and my birthday is in May).

  • low

    no rumors???? thats it, im switching to canon!

    • NikoDoby

      So you’re putting canon stickers on your Nikons? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • The invisible man

        I’m puting a Cankon sicker on mine.

        • zzddrr

          This ugly day is getting closer when I switch to canon … what the hell is going on with Nikon? Last year around this time we at least had some rumors. Now our NR Admin will have to close down the site since there is nothing…

          • The invisible man

            I may have some news tomarrow around noon.

          • Things have been moving too slowly lately. Get some spice in invisible man! ๐Ÿ˜€

          • now, I will just start another section on the site for general Nikon news, main page will be for rumors only, still thinking about the best approach to “slow rumors day”

          • NR giveaway *hinthint* :p

          • Gnohz, you got it – new NR giveaway coming up this weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

  • m

    looks like either of the participating DSLR bodies or lenses are unavailable at amazon. makes me wonder if they are really sold out or amazon just took them off the availability list..

    • Yup, OOS on the D300s and the D700. We will see what Adorama and B&H do to match Amazon’s prices. Hopefully after the 10 day Nikon inventory shutdown everything will be back. The 16-35mm is OOS as well. At least the rebates are good until May 1.

  • By god, nikon kick and a new SLR!
    Canon cameras do not stop bringing out the market and brings nikon few and very expensive, I need a new camera but I can not afford the 5,000 euros that is worth one in Spain, if we add that my goals are DX, I have spent at least EUR 1,500 other goals for FX.
    Like me there are many people waiting for a new Nikon camera to upgrade the computer, but I fear the next thing going to get nikon going to be a high quality compact camera, or a super camera is very very expensive.

    Those who are hooked to the forum, we very badly this time without information, I hope soon to be updated with interesting information.

    Congratulations. Rufino Pardo from Spain.
    (Sorry for my English)

    • I hope Nikon has another dSLR coming up in May! Just before my trip hehe…

  • DK

    boooooooooooring…. nothing to rumor about? cheers!

    • DK

      Sorry, not fair, interesting really, a day in the life of new york was great!

      • yes, it is very very slow – I haven’t gotten a good rumor in a while

        • How about posting some bad rumours or more unreliable rumours? It’ll be interesting, better than nothing ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Segura

    Adorama Updated Pricing with Rebates

    $1,519.95 D300S
    $1,859.90 D300S + 70mm – 300mm
    $1,909.90 D300S + 24-120mm
    $2,249.95 D300S + 18-200mm
    $2,589.90 D300S + 18-200mm + 70mm – 300mm
    $2,959.90 D300S + 24-70mm
    $3,418.95 D300S + 70-200mm
    $4,858.90 D300S + 24-70mm + 70-200mm

    $2,399.95 D700
    $2,849.00 D700 + 24-120mm
    $3,188.95 D700 + 24-120mm + 70mm – 300mm
    $3,839.90 D700 + 24-70mm
    $4,298.95 D700 + 70-200mm
    $5,738.90 D700 + 24-70mm + 70-200mm

    • Thanks, I have now all possible combos in a table.

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