After Nikon did the research, Kodak announced Aromatography

In the last Nikon links section I posted the results of an international study commissioned by Nikon: "47% of Britons can remember the scent associated with the photograph" (see original article at DailyMail dated March 24th).

Today Kodak made it official: they announced Aromatography, a breakthrough in digital image processing.

See the details at the official website:

And the video of how it works:

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  • EAJ

    This smells of April (I’m) 1st.

    • The invisible man

      April Fool does not apply to Nikon Rumors since here it’s every day April Fool !

      • The invisible man

        **** TIP**** an other great tip from Invisible Man ! **** TIP****
        If you have a Nikkor AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8 you already noticed that the hood is HUGE, it’s not discret and give ugly shadows when used with the pop-up flash.
        If you have ad DX camera (not FX !) take a look at this on Ebay: 260524927930 (key the number in “search”)
        It cost only few dollars and does not make dark corners at any focales.
        Made in metal and the color match perfectly the Nikon zoom.
        Shipping takes for ever (3 weeks to USA) but it worth it.

        • Mikael

          Then again, it hardly does anything, in fact, it does nothing at 24mm.

          • The invisible man

            Yes it’s a little less effective but it also protect the front element, if you have a DX camera the original hood is way to big.
            I really like that smaller hood, of course I won’t be able to use it when I’ll get my D900 FX ;o

    • dooky

      Good thing I specialize in photos of giant pieces of flaming $hit

  • Where is the patent for the new Nikon Nose technology to capture smells as you take the picture?

  • This story stinks.

  • plug

    Fortunately my smellyphoto lens has a small aperture.

    • LOL!!! and are the lenses immune to flu?

  • The invisible man

    It already exist, it’s called toilet paper..

    • Banned


  • Jesus_sti

    Today news smell april !

  • they only make that to sell their soon coming special smell lenses…

  • Joe

    Well it is April 1st, but a week ago i bought some stamps. And yes they smell like roses!

  • Thor

    Dr. Museau looks like Strangelove. Coincidence?

    • fork()

      Both Dr. Strangelove and Clouseau (Similar to “Museau”) were played by Peter Sellers, so I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

  • PTG

    Seems that some people do not read footnotes and the end of an article. They should better do so:

    “* Neuro-Optic-Nasal-Sense Imaging is also referred to as NONSense ”

    “If you are lucky enough to experience the amazing effects of Aromatography, just relax and enjoy them and take comfort in the knowledge that you have the power to control your mind and the world around you. Or maybe you should consider the possibility that you’re a little too open to the power of suggestion”

  • TT

    Good one! Dr. Museau looks legit.

  • Zoetmb

    They almost had me. I bet there are people who perceived the smells. When this was posted originally, I wrote, “And what will that research lead to? Cameras that record odors in addition to the image? Yuch!”

    But in thinking about it more, if it could be made to work properly, it could be killer for restaurant and food advertising. I get hungry just reading the Serious Eats blog. If it had odors associated with it, I’d be a very, very fat man.

    And if it were only technically feasible in print form, it could save the magazine and newspaper industries.

    But Kodak has surprised me. I didn’t realize they were that funny a company. Kudos to them. I bet they get more inquiries on this than on anything else they’ve actually accomplished in recent memory.

  • Catalin Sandu

    You had me at NONSense…

  • Hobbit

    What happens if you take pics of Anthrax? 🙂

    • plug

      How did you know my mother-in-law’s name?

  • Anonymous

    I love the 1st of april…

  • Chickenhawk


  • April Fools

    Not even close biting on this one. Too obvious.

  • Futurama

    Will this work in combination with Professor Farnsworth’s Smelloscope?

  • Fools4Gold

    Amazing what a company will do when they have no revenue.
    It’s a total gimmick and waste of resources.

  • Michael Ryan

    If this was ever to become real, imagine the Photoshop clean up you’d have to do for mean Urban Photography, We’d have to go back to processing all photos in a bath solution…

    • LOL!!! That didn’t occur to me.. photos at the fish market… oh man!

  • The invisible man

    I remember when I was a kid (few weeks ago) the “sepia” tainting for black and white pictures was very smelly, fortunately the smell disappear after drying the paper.

  • JorPet

    The last pic had me laughing! I couldn’t even click on the “Apply Aroma” button…

    • JorPet

      The video made me think back to JP Patches – ICU TV… You would have had to grow up in Seattle to understand…

  • Alex

    Its april fools you idiot lol.

  • Anonymous

    Wahahahaha april what?



  • Anonymous

    I can see Kodak getting sued at least 10 times a day from people who are allergic to food, plants / flowers, and animals.

  • KodkaVodka

    They make a good joke, now if they could only make a good camera…

  • Pierre

    I found my hard disk with its tens of thousands of pictures to be a mess already, now with this technology, I will have to leave the computer outside :^)

  • Pierre

    DR Harold Museau..? Mmm… “museau” is the french for Snout.

    Pretty fishy… Thid DR is a real dog.

  • ceasar

    Did anyone else notice the Free shipping on eukanuba dogfood?

  • zzddrr

    Quote: …”After Nikon did the research….” what have these Nikon guys soming lately, instead of focusing on the 12MP sensor they got into weird stuff … 🙂

    Happy april’s fools day!

    • zzddrr

      I meant smoking

  • Faaaaaaakkkeeee

  • Pierre

    Finally, a camera made by the blinds for the blinds, the new D700s with a sensor of 700 scents.

    The next things we will need are scent filters and scent editing software, so that the old fat guy pretending to be a cute girl in your chat rooms could also pretend to smell something else then spoiled cheese.

  • LOL

    LOL, i wonder how smell when printed.

  • this is as real as the round Rokton sensor with such technical applications as printing on dvds and not having to hang your picture straight. funny 🙂

    • Pierre

      Not printing on DVD but storing round files instead of rectangle ones in them. The joke, like the nirvana had more then one level. We all know that a bit is actually round when set to zero, and rectangle when set to one, that’s why a DVD can contain both format of image :-).

      • Pierre

        That make me wonder what shape the files will have if they contain smell and how we are going to prevent them from leaking into other files in the DVD… Mmmm.. Let’s ask DR Museau…

  • Markus

    Nice April fool!

    But imagine: you’re looking some nice photos:
    one made on the toilett and other smelling places…

  • Amado

    I think this is really stupid, and not funny at all. The whole pixels “joke” explanation feels like they didn’t even try to make up a proper story and thus that they’re underestimating people. Seeing this post over and over when I come to the NR page just gets me in a bad mood, maybe this is what all the dislike votes also feel.

    • Pierre

      Every single post has a majority of dislikers who ask not to post, might as well just shut down the place.

      Smartland is a tough place to live, there, no matter how smart you are, you’re always the stupid of someone, besides being a very boring place. We should all try to be fools more often, we may find it healty.

  • Pierre

    April fool is always stupid, that’s the whole point.

  • Fool

    I think that everyone who doesn’t think that this is funny either is disappointed or they were fooled.
    Great April fool.

  • Ahmed

    This story cracks me up. It reminds me of the stunt Teletext pulled off back in the late 80’s or early 90’s when we were kids, on April fools they said that they there is new technology that enables them to pass smell through the TV!! hahaha By pressing the different colour buttons you could get different smells pumped to your TV. So you press the red button and you get strawberyy etc. I am sure it had some kids fooled.=)

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