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Nikon D90 will have a swivel display + New Nikon S like digital rangefinder

Update: the rumor was about a new Nikon S like digital rangefinder and not p&s S series Two new rumors from Norway: – New Nikon S Series like digital camera – Nikon D90 will have a swivel/movable display

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Nikon D800 with SD memory slot

Going back to our original D800 post – from a reader who actually read the magazine: “I’ve been reading Chasseur d’Images (I’m a native french). There is another mention of the D800 in their hands on preview of the D700: They point to space available in the D700’s memory card compartment that could hold an additional […]

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Three new Nikon SLR’s plus the P6000 before the end of the year

“Went to a Nikon open day to see the New Nikon D700 (very nice) got myself a SB900 flash I asked if the Nikon p6000 was coming soon? the Nikon Rep confirmed it would be here soon, I asked if the 24million D4 would be out in August? He said no comment, and then added […]

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Nikon D700 plus lens now in Stock @ Amazon

It seems that everyone is starting to ship the D700, so this is the last alert on this topic B&H has both the body only and the lens kit in stock:

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Report on new lenses

A reader posted this as a comment to an existing entry (in order to remain anonymous – no email reference): “35 afs 50 something. Source isn’t solid on this. Either 1.8 af-s, 1.4 IF, or 1.2 with electronic vignetting correction for d3 d700 with firmware upgrade.I have no details on the third.” Then I asked […]

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“Nikon D700 is just a distraction, the real surprise is still to come”

Nikon modular camera with insert type interchangeable sensor coming this September? What? You can hear it for yourself (yes hear it). Just go to the “listen now” section: and press the play button. The Nikon segment is between 11:07 and 20:00.

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Nikon D700 in stock @ Ritz

Now in stock:

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Graham Watson: “The 70-200mm will be replaced in September by a newer version, the ‘N’ series”

Thank you for that one J.   Graham Watson has been a Nikon shooter for a long time. In the Ask Graham section of his site you will find (scroll down to 07/13/2008):   Bob – 07/13/2008:Graham, your pics of the tour are fantastic as always. On the sunny days do you use fill flash to help fill […]

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