Nikon D700 already selling at discount

Amazon has the Nikon D700 12.1MP Digital SLR Camera (Body Only) for 2899.95 (free shipping).
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  • Andrew Koenig

    I just checked the website and that camera is not being sold by but rather by 6th Avenue Photo & Electronics, which has only an 8/10 rating at In contrast, B&H Photo has a 9.6 rating.

  • Avi

    I was about to order it and then saw that 6ave charges tax to ship to NJ so that brings the total to over 3K. But a good deal if you’re in a state where they don’t charge tax.

  • bogus

    Be aware of any place that offers too good to be true prices too early. I suggest you do a search for these types of companies and you will see, as I have, that they are a gamble at best. Often they will call days after an order is placed to “confirm the shipping address” and will try to force you to buy outrageously priced accessories- often accessories that should have been packaged with the item to start with (battery chargers, neck straps, etc.). If you out muscle them and flat out refuse to purchase any overpriced accessories, they will call the next day to inform you that your item is back-ordered with no idea when it may become available. No personal experience, but just passing on what I’ve read and heard elsewhere. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. And don’t confuse satisfied customers with satisfied knowledgeable customers. My grandma may think that saving $20 on a P&S camera and buying a $80 SD card for it means she got a good deal, but she doesn’t know SD cards should be cheaper than $80:)

  • Blog Admin

    I am surprised – will Amazon allow that? Don’t they have certain rules that all those online stores should obey? 

  • bogus

    True, Amazon is pretty good about that. Might just be a great deal then. And I wasn’t speaking of the above mention company directly, as I mentioned I have no experiencing with them, but just as a generalization of discount electronics stores.

  • chris

    first of all, its listed for $2999, not $2899. secondly the list price from 6th Av is $260 above nikon’s RRP so its a bit of a gimick.

    needless to say the d700 should be available for arond the $2.5k mark by xmas if market history is anything to go by.

  • Blog Admin

    I guess they sold out. The price was $2899.

  • ShizzzA

    Guys! Jes’ visited canonrumors… They’re so boooooring ))))) unlike this site.
    When Canon or Nikon is going to release a new DSLR they come to Ken Rockwell. After testing those worse get the label of Canon and those better – the label of nikon ))))

    And what about the price drop… I don’t think it has anythng to do with the rumor of coming d800. Sooner they appointed the first price for pre-orders and now it’s gonna get lower and lower )))) At least I think so )))

  • eyrieowl

    the 3rd party sellers on Amazon have pricing which can vary through the course of the day. when i was buying my last lens, the cheapest seller and price would vary depending on what time of day i looked on Amazon. at first i thought i’d missed out on the good deal i’d seen, but when i looked again the following day, in the morning, i saw that the price was back where i’d seen it originally. and that afternoon, it was different again. moral of the story: don’t assume an Amazon price from these camera sellers until you’ve checked at different times through the day.

  • Ed

    I also noted that they had the bodies for a discount for 1 day only, the next day, Amazon was out of stock until Sept 5, and the prices jumped back up.

  • Johnny C

    D700 is now $1,799.99 @ through

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