Nikon Rumors @ Amazon blog

Their latest Nikon rumor is from David D. Busch's Amazon Blog:
"Veteran DSLR guidebook writer David Busch is hinting at his Amazon blog of a new Nikon camera (DSLR?) coming soon. He says, quote:
My guidebooks for the D700, D3, and a soon-to-be announced additional camera...
So that seems to suggest that there is at least one more impact Nikon camera coming up. We can't tell for sure whether this refers to a DSLR, an impact compact, or perhaps something else. The text says "camera", not "DSLR", so we cannot jump to conclusions.
And of course there could be more than one coming, but the author is planning a book about one of them."
Source: Amazon
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  • Deep

    These are independent guide books, right? How many independent guide books are written about P&S cameras?
    Also, ASSUMING the camera mentioned is the D90, and it is “soon to be announced”, does that also mean it is soon to be released, or is it usually released a couple months after the date they announce it?

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t the d700 was shipping in less than a month after the announcement. Most guide books for film and dslr.

  • Azem Koleci

    Of course with the digtal age now everything comes fast. I’m not surpised that before a new camera comes proper in market like D700 another one might be introduce in this case maybe D90 or any D4!

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