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Firmware update 1.1 for Nikon Coolpix P340, P530, P600 released

Nikon released Firmware update 1.1 for Nikon Coolpix P340, P530, P600 compact cameras. Here are the download links:

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Canon’s advantages (1080p video in DSLR and G11) will end soon

KameraBild (translated) published a video interview with Johan Kling, the head of Nikon Sweden. Some interesting comments: He think that it is “highly likely” that future Nikon DSLR cameras will have both 720p and 1080p video. He also talked about the gap in the high-end Nikon compacts segment (think Canon G11 or EVIL). The Nikon P5000 and P6000 has not […]

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New Nikon Coolpix cameras on February 2nd

I know many readers here do not care about Coolpix cameras. I expect that Nikon will deliver at least one unique and innovative point and shoot camera – maybe built-in GPS, email, etc. – they have filed multiple patents applications in this area. The interesting part of this announcement will be the high end Coolpix […]

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There will be another camera announced, but not Nikon D700x/D700s

I have no reliable information that Nikon will release a D700s/D700x camera on October 15 (the actual release date may vary +/- one day based on your location). It also doesn’t make sense to release two PRO level cameras at the same time – I know, D3 was announced with the D300 two years ago […]

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Nikon P6000 starting to disappear – is Nikon P7000 coming soon?

Today Canon announced the PowerShot G11 – the surprise: 10MP sensor, lower resolution than the previous G10 model. Maybe the pixel war is over and finally Nikon will get some serious competition 🙂 Back to Nikon Rumors: the top of the line Nikon P6000 p&s camera is starting to disappear from online retailers, even from […]

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D60 replacement in “early August”

Got a report from large camera retailer: in their internal documentation the Nikon D60 was labeled with a replacement due in “early August”. This information match the previously reported Nikon announcements on July 30th and August 4th. Nikon D60 has already been discontinued and a D4000 is expected as a possible replacement (a strip-down version of […]

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Nikon Coolpix P6000 firmware update 1.2

I could not find the latest firmware on Nikon US website, but here is the UK version: Windows Mac The following improvements have been made in version 1.2. – When shooting in a user setting mode at an image quality setting of NRW (RAW) + Fine, NRW (RAW) + Normal, or NRW (RAW) + Basic […]

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Nikon Coolpix P6000 1.1 Firmware update released

What was fixed: When pictures were taken with the wide converter WC-E76 and the Wide angle converter and Distortion control items in the shooting menu set to On, the effects of distortion control were weak. This issue has been resolved. When autofocus mode in the shooting menu was added to My Menu and autofocus mode […]

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