Nikon Coolpix P6000 firmware update 1.2

I could not find the latest firmware on Nikon US website, but here is the UK version:



The following improvements have been made in version 1.2.

- When shooting in a user setting mode at an image quality setting of NRW (RAW) + Fine, NRW (RAW) + Normal, or NRW (RAW) + Basic and Distortion control enabled, some JPEG images were corrupted.  This issue has been resolved.  
- As distortion control cannot be used in conjunction with interval timer shooting, settings have now been modified so that they cannot be enabled simultaneously.
- Electric current consumption has been reduced.
- When shooting in “P”, “S”, “A”, or “M” mode at an image size setting other than 13M 4224 ×3168 and an image quality setting of NRW (RAW) + Fine, NRW (RAW) + Normal, or NRW (RAW) + Basic, the image size setting switched to 13M 4224 ×3168 when the camera was turned off and then turned on again.  This issue has been resolved.

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  • Aaron

    Seems nobody cares about DC…Everyone coming here looks for a new DSLR or a new lens.

  • lblaod


  • Jens

    So, when is the D90 firmware going to pop up?

  • S

    Sounds exactly as when my company releases sw:

    blablablabla. This issue has been resolved.

    A bit like the most used sentence in business. ‘The project is delayed’


  • Bill

    #1 and 4 seem pretty serious. odd that they missed something so noticeable.

  • UF

    I guess if you buy into PMA announcements of Lens mount anniversaries (gimme a break) we’ll buy into anything. Including P&S software updates. Perhaps “Most Profitable New Camera” award for the D3X? PMA is for parties and picture frame announcements, not us gearheads.

    • fxed

      You betcha. Went into the local camera store to look for a 67mm Nikon lens cap. Of course they don’t have any though they stock a Promaster cap for about the same price as the Nikon. Talking to the co-owner because the partner is in Vegas “making deals” for there stock. Sure he probably got a comp from Promaster because that’s what they primarily sell and one of the assisstants would have me believe a Promaster 18-200 is better than the Nikon/Canon versions, sorry off track and run on sentences, oh so I said sure he’s gambling away the profit you made selling digital picture frames at twice the price. They could care less that Nikon introduced squat except for the 35mm which he swares is a pro lens. Wanna buy a promaster?

      Freaking Nikon you are fxed.

  • Edward

    I was able to find the new firmware update 1.2 for the P6000 (Mac) by doing a search on the USA site. It was not otherwise listed.

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