Nikon 35mm DX lens now shipping

Update: the lens was officially released in Japan today:


I got a report from a reader that the new Nikon AF-S Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G DX lens is shipping in Finland. The rest of the world should follow in the next few days.


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  • johnny

    hellz yeah! got my pre-ordered 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Good news !

      I’m off to my dealer today to see when he’ll get it. I’ve seen sample images and read a few short reviews and it looks like a bargain lens.

      • Anonymous

        Bad news ! Dealer says call back in a week 🙁

  • Anonymous

    must be a easy lens to grab because when full frame users saw the DX logo on the lens, their hearts sank.

  • low

    sweet! fx shooters shouldve never went fx! this is what you get! lol, i kid i kid! cant wait to see the photos from this lens.

  • Brent


    • exactly

      • oh come on now – many readers have pre-ordered that lens and nobody provides any info on the shipping date. If Nikon had officially announced it (just like Apple for example – they always officially announce the ship. date), we would not have to monitor and report on that.

        • Anonymous

          Admin – I don’t think they are commenting on the thread, they are doing the spolit brat thing that they have been doing in other threads. These guys just want a new 70-200VR and will keep whining to anyone who’ll listen until they get it. They’ve shown how childish and selfish they are in other threads. They have nothing to say here but post a nothing comment anyway. It’s pathetic so don’t worry about what these guys say.

          • Anonymous

            whining is what gearheads do everyday without making a penny from their crappy work.

  • shivas

    amazon hasn’t said anything yet, still waiting for mine!

  • Zoetmb

    I doubt it will be the next few days: B&H and J&R don’t even have the lens up on their sites yet. Adorama and Abe’s of Maine have it up with an expected ship date of “late March”, but Mr. Abe is trying to get an extra $30 for it.

    I’m always a bit shocked when Nikon seems to get their stock to countries with far smaller sales than the sales potential in the U.S. even in spite of the economy. And considering the recent strength of the US dollar against the Yen, you’d think they’d want more sales in the U.S.

    • Ormenean Calin

      don’t forget the target for 35 mm DX prime… D40/D60… maybe they get in stock early because those models were very well sold in those countryes..

    • What recent strength?

  • Ormenean Calin

    1.In Romania is in stoc for a week now..
    2. new DSRL from nikon only to the end of april ( i guess entry level ),in stock in june
    3. D300 replacement only in the second half of 2009 …august

  • yrsued

    I’m getting one, as soon as I can get my hands on one!!

  • A D40 user

    In Japan, some people got this lens at some shops today (May 5, 2009).

  • Tom

    In Hong Kong the shops are still waiting for stock.

  • Alain2x,38610.350.html
    in Paris, one is available, at least.

    But not many pre-orders for this gadget-lens.

  • sam

    i’m in finland and i don’t see it shipping here..

  • Emil

    I’m in sweden and purchased mine OTC today. However, it seems like there’s only a single store here that has had it in stock, and the guy there told me that I got the last one. Appearently, they received their shipment yesterday, and they’ve already sold out. Seems like there’s a solid demand for this one. 🙂

    If anyone’s interested I could upload a few samples later.

  • Anonymous

    I have mine!!! and im definitely not the only one, the amount of images from this lens on flickr is starting to grow exponentially

  • Emil

    How exactly does one make a search on twitter for images taken with a specific lens?

  • plai

    In Germany it also ships. I got a call from my local dealer that the lens has arrived.

  • Jukka

    Im in finland and i just received a notification that my lens is in delivery, the shop where i pre-ordered the lens is located in sweden, so the delivery takes little bit longer.

  • Good news. I pre-ordered mine from Amazon. Typically Amazon is the slowest to ship so the wait may be longer.

    • shivas

      i hope not!!

      I had my 50mm 1.4G pre-ordered on Adorama and never got it, so I cancelled and ordered through JR. . .

      I was hoping AMazon would be better. . .oh well, it’s not like I can afford the $199 in these economic conditions anyhow, so I’ll wait until it ships and hope for a better paying job!!

  • Lance

    Any news on shipments in Canada/US?

    • johnny

      my local dealer said it should be 1 to 2 weeks

  • L

    Hi, I got it in Czech Republic on monday. However it seems to be unavailable again at the time.

    Here are 70+ samples:

    Thanks to Nikon, I love the lens.

    • shivas

      sharp pics, real clean to at 1600!

      Pretty g/f as well. . .can’t WAIT to get my 35mm!!!! ACK!!!

  • S

    Picked it up today in Denmark for DKK 1.599 ~ € 210.

  • BenBen

    Mine has been shipped today.
    I live in Switzerland.

    Price 260 CHF = 225 USD

    Expected delivery on Monday !

  • I am considering between 30mm f/2 and 30mm f1.8. I am using D300. If the quality of this new lens is same as AF Nikkor 35mm F2D, I will buy it. Dose anyone know that?

  • Anonymous

    It’s now the 23rd…I think I just managed to track down the last D80 in the Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan Area and now I’m going to wet myself waiting for this lens to come out.

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